Buffalo Medicine

Abundance, prosperity, standing one’s ground and protection of resources are just part of what Buffalo represents on an energy level. In Ted Andrews book Animal Speak he says in reference to Buffalo that “The Lord helps those who help themselves” and that the Lakota Sioux believed that right action combined with right prayer resulted in the manifestation of all that is wanted or needed. How many times has anyone heard that someone wants something, be it money, a new relationship, a new job, etc. and yet the person wants someone else to do it all for them! When Buffalo appears to us, it is at this time that we ourselves need to take action on our own behalf and then and only then can we provide a channel for the manifestation to flow through to us from the Universe.

People who carry strong Buffalo medicine often find themselves called upon to shoulder some very heavy burdens by others. For some, this can be a joy, though even so, many end up feeling drained and exhausted if they find they are trying to do for everyone and leaving little time and energy left over for themselves. All of us need a shoulder to cry on or support now and again yet for Buffalo people too often there are simply too many folks who want the Buffalo energy to shoulder all their problems while they do little to help themselves. The tragedy is not only does the Buffalo person feel drained, but also those that rely on them never learn how to empower themselves through dealing directly with their own issues. Both parties lose in the long run.

It is important that Buffalo people in general learn early on how to teach others to be empowered and to rely on their own abilities and strengths. Buffalo people are outstanding at showing others how to clear doubts and fears out of the way so others can get on with things. Just as during the winter months a Buffalo will use it’s massive head and shoulders to move snow out of the way so it can feed on the plants below, so too do we need to learn how to move those things in our lives that are blocking what we are seeking. Buffalo medicine and people can teach us how to do this, though we must be prepared to shoulder the inner work ourselves if we are to gain maximum benefit.One of the ways that Buffalo people can teach others is by their own lives as examples. They simply get on with needs to be done, day in and day out, they perservere and always they stand their ground. They refuse to give in if they honestly feel that what they are pursuing has merit and possibility.

It is important that those who carry Buffalo medicine remember to use their energy and resources wisely. Often these people have a tendency to be overly generous, they feel so blessed in their own lives that their desire is to share what they have with others! This is a wonderful trait and yet the Buffalo person must also learn whom to share with and to what degree. Sometimes the best gift one can give another is a push to stand on their own two feet and learn from their mistakes. If one is always charging in to "rescue" someone, that person never has the opportunity to learn that they CAN do it on their own! Show support by helping people find ways to help and empower themselves. As the saying goes "Give a man a fish and he will eat for a day. Teach a man to fish and he will eat for a lifetime". Buffalo people do have such a deep, innate sense of trust in the Universe, knowing that they have the power and strength within to manifest so much that is good and beautiful in the world! Affirming that belief to others can do so much more than you may ever know in terms of helping others to manifest more good for themselves.

Buffalo people often have great patience and strength of will as well. I remember years ago watching a small herd of Buffalo and was impressed not only by their size (they are enormous!) but also by the look of confidence and patience in their eyes. Yet behind that look was also a definite warning: Don't taunt Buffalo unless you fancy being smashed to smithereens! Buffalo people because of this may find that they need to learn to express their anger cleanly and cautiously. One may not realize just how awe inspiring one can be when angered, the energy that is coming through is not just your own but that of Buffalo as well! Some of you may err on the side of too much patience, allowing things to build up until you have a good head of steam going so its important to respond more quickly to your anger by examining where the source of it is really coming from instead of just the triggering person/event itself. Yet too, sometimes one needs to get really angry at an injustice or a situation that has simply been borne for too long! Using your heart as well as your head to determine what action is truly needed is the best route to take. If after taking action you find that things have not shifted, well, sometimes there is a need in the world for one to put their head down and charge!

Health issues for Buffalo people can include problems with the head and back. Migraines, muscles spasms in the middle of the back or neck, pinched nerves can be problems. General tightness in the upper shoulders (usualy from trying to carry too many burdens!) can also contribute to severe headaches including migraines. Feeling exhausted or depressed can also indicate that you have been trying to carry too big a load and its time to shake a few things or people off your back! B vitamins are often helpful for Buffalo people as are vegetables and grains of all sorts. Chewing your food thoroughly and slowly will maximize the nutritional benefits. I have also met a surprising number of Buffalo people with stomach ulcers, again an indication too much of a load is being carried coupled with some deep seated resentment. It really is okay to say "NO!" and mean it, though I know full well its not always the easiest thing to do! Many health problems are usually related to stress so it is vital that those who carry Buffalo medicine learn to allow themselves some "down time" at least once a day.

Some folks who carry Buffalo medicine have said to me that they feel they are "slower" than others in that they prefer to take their time when making decisions or have trouble grasping opportunities when they arise. While there may be issues within that are needing to be cleared or an outer circumstance in our lives that we need to take some sort of action on, this does not mean any old action will do. It also requires proper thought and attention to the signs and signals that the Universe is sending us. Again, when we look at the Buffalo’s massive head, it says to us we need to be more aware, paying more attention to what is going on within our own minds. We may have overstuffed our heads with thoughts that life is difficult and a struggle, certainly that will only attract more of what we don’t want. We may be so caught up in the belief that nothing will ever change and we are doomed to staying in the same old same old that our head on an energy level is swollen with these thoughts and thus blocking us from achieving more good in our lives.

We all tend to wake up each day expecting the new day to be as the past days were. We expect we shall get up, go to work if we work outside the home or for me, that I shall get up, have the usual round of emails to answer, the same housework to tend to, orders to fill, the same errands to run, children in need of what ever it is they need in the moment . Business as usual! Yet when I was asking Buffalo what message he may have for us I heard quite clearly “why not recognize that this moment right now is unlike any other that has ever been or ever will be? There are all sorts of possibilities and potentials right now that cannot manifest if you insist that today is like every other day you have ever had.

What would it feel like to just stop for a moment and allow it to sink in that right now, this day, is unlike any other? How does that feel to you?” It really struck me then that right at that moment anything could happen. There was a deep sense of a door opening and of looking into the very heart of the Universe and seeing all the possibilities, any one of which I could start attracting to myself right now. Such a simple, quick meditation, what would it feel like to really get it that everything is open to you right now? And how often can you do it throughout your day, just be open, ask for something new, anything that makes you feel excited or gives you a feeling of aliveness. Or do as I do, I ask the Universe to surprise me with something good from time to time, something that I might never have thought of before but would make me very happy. And then it comes right back to what am I going to do to help bring this about? Am I listening to my inner guidance, am I acting on information I have already received, have I really been doing all that I can to manifest something I desire or am I sitting here hoping someone else will come along and do it for me? Buffalo says we have the inner strength and will to achieve our goals if we are willing to keep pushing the “snow” in our own lives aside. It may not always be easy and at times we may believe we can’t do any more, but that’s when we need to stop and really listen, ask ourselves if what we are trying to manifest is what we really want or if it’s something we have led ourselves to believe we want. If we really truly want something, we can always find a way to achieve it. Yes it may take time, sometimes a very long time, yes we may have to work on fears or doubts or feelings of unworthiness, yes it may take some bloody hard graft to achieve. But if we truly want it we will find a way.

Buffalo brings many positive messages when it appears in our lives and for those who carry its medicine, these are a few of the things that can be focused on the bring greater abundance and joy into one's life:

New financial opportunities

Health changing for the better

Possible windfalls such as winning money from a lotto

Success and recognition coming after months or even years of hard work

Career changes such as a new job, promotion, Kudos for work well done

Graduations, achievements of a tangible material level are highlighted

No wonder people love Buffalo energy so much! It carries so much power and energy that can bring such positive things into our lives! And yet here again, we must take action on our own behalf. If we want a better job, then perhaps more schooling or training is in order. A better relationship, maybe we need to examine what we feel we deserve and even whom we have been hanging out with! Doing the same old things is only going to bring you more of, yep you guessed it, the same old things! Following Buffalo's example, its time to start exploring some new ground, pushing out of the way the old routine and seeing what else is out there in the world.

Also, make sure your channels are clear and open, have you done everything you can to insure that the Universe can flow it’s blessings to you? Have you asked for help when you truly needed it or have you instead needed to do more on your own? If you are the type of person who tends to always go to others for answersthen it’s time to start figuring those answers out for yourself in order for the Universe to bring you what you want. If you are always going it alone, now is the time to learn to reach out to others. Remember, the Universe can only give you that which you are willing to give and do for yourself! Wait for someone else to come along and do it for you and you may have a mighty long wait!

There are many ways that one can tap into the energy of Buffalo. Keeping a figurine or a picture of a Buffalo on one's altar with an affirmation pertaining to the area that you are asking help from Buffalo for is an excellent way to invite more of Buffalo's energy into your life. There is a Candle company,Yankee Candles, that makes a Grass scented tea light that would be most appropriate to burn for this totem! Green candles of all sorts would also be appropriate, as would standing the figurine or picture on yet another picture of meadow grasses. I also like to include a small bowl of water, usually with essences added, as a way of thanking the Totem for sharing its energy with me. Those tea light candle holders are often the perfect size for this though do keep the water topped up, especially in warm weather. We do have a Meadow Grass essence that would be excellent to add to the water.

Essential oils relating to prosperity and abundance can also be incorporated via candles, oil dressings for candles or by adding a few drops of a selected EO to an aromatherapy diffuser. Some of my personal faves for this are Patchouli, Ginger (which also helps to speed up the attraction process) Black Pepper - I have no idea why it works so well for money issues but it does! Also, Vetiver and Oakmoss. Airs makes an incense that has Vetiver, Oakmoss and Sandalwood which is also excellent for attracting prosperity and abundance. Bottom line though if an EO such as Rose or Tangerine makes you think of wealth, by all means use that! Highly scented candles such as those made by Archipelago Botanicals or Pacifica are also wonderful to use and come in such a wide range of scents and colours, these can be found at In other words, don't scrimp when it comes to honouring this totem! Use the best you can afford, even if it is just one or two items to be going on with. Doing so will help Buffalo to help you to begin re-programming your own prosperity and abundance consciousness. Create a space to welcome the energy of Buffalo into your life as best you can and focus on following what your own intuition guides you to do to help unblock the flow in your own life.

Working with Earthy colours along with all shades of Greens through wearing jewelry, clothing, an altar cloth or home accents of these colours can also help you to focus more on the energy of Buffalo. Use only those colours you feel drawn to however, if you really dislike most shades of browns and tans for example, think of another colour that you could personally associate with Buffalo and work from there. Never use anything that doesn't resonate for you! It will never work as well as choosing something else that suits you best! Crystals such as Smokey Quartz which is heavy in Buffalo energy, Green Tourmaline or Green Garnet are also excellent. If you need an even bigger boost, search for a Green Diamond. Of course there is also the option of working with these energies as essences as well.

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