You Are Divine


The most important thing you can ever know is that You are Divine. No matter who you are, what you have or think you don’t have, no matter what you have done or haven’t done that you wish you had, You are Divine. You have always been thus and will always be for there is nothing else that you can be. You probably don’t think of yourself in this way yet this doesn’t change the fact that you are Divine and you are Divine for all of Eternity because that which Created you is Divine. You have inherent within you all the Power and Mystery and Wonder that the Universe is. It is your very nature and there is nothing that can ever change that. Your word is the Law in your own life and this applies whether you speak it audibly or within the silence of your mind. The Creative Power within you Manifests worlds that you are not even Consciously aware of yet but you will be. Because you are Divine.

Perhaps you are saying to yourself “well, if I am divine then why is my life the way it is? Why don’t I have more of what I want and less of what I don’t? Why does it take so long for something Good to happen for me?”

We all say that from time to time except for the Wisest among us who truly know and understand that what we have and do and experience and are all starts within our own minds. And if we want things to change, that is the place where we need to start making the changes first for that is the only place where change that Manifests as real in our experience can begin to occur. Whether we are consciously aware of it or not, when we think a thought over and over again it begins to impress itself on Divine Substance which is everywhere present. There is no place where we can go and think what ever we want and not have Divine Substance right within us and all around us allowing Itself to be molded into that which we think. That is the Nature of Divine Substance and it can only be what it has been designed by Spirit to be. Because you and me and everyone else IS Divine, Substance automatically responds to our thoughts and feelings about anything and everything. It can’t stop us when we are thinking negatively and remind us that what we are focused upon is not going to make us very happy. It can only take in what we choose to impress upon it though Thankfully it is actually much harder to manifest negatives than Positives.

When we think of how we desire our lives to be and can begin to feel this as being true for us, it begins to Manifest automatically. Granted it may take some time for any one of us to bring our minds to the point through repetition and consistency along a certain line of thought before we do begin to feel and think of it as real and yet if we are persistent, we shall see the Truth of this. It will be made Manifest and we have our actual physical proof that this is how it all works. Then there is no turning back for we know now that it isn’t that which is outside of ourselves that brings us Happiness or no, it is what is within our own minds and what we choose to accept and believe as being true for ourselves.

There is an organization I was made aware of a number of years ago, I believe it is based in New York city, where they have a program that helps young people who would be at risk develop the skills required for them to obtain entry level jobs. One of their mandates is that each participant goes out and purchases a suit that would be appropriate for wear to work in a business setting. It can be second hand, that doesn’t matter, what IS important is that they want each person to begin dressing, acting and speaking as though they had an important position within a successful business even though they are going to start work at “the bottom rung of the ladder”. What they have found is that by doing this is that people succeed and they do start to obtain better and better positions. I don’t know if the people heading this organization understand that what is really happening is that they have caught hold of Spiritual Principles and are working with them so of course their participants will do well if they adhere to the training and work it. That doesn’t matter either for the point is Spiritual Principles remain the same and are unchanging whether any are aware they are working with them or not. We can proceed more rapidly in our development along all lines if we choose to become more Conscious of the Principles and work with them instead of trying to fight them, yet they shall remain as they are eternally. It is up to us to make ourselves aware of them and there are always opportunities for us to do so if we are willing and receptive to learn and grow.

You are Divine. And you have been Divinely Designed to Create what ever it is you desire to Create in your life and you can do it in ways that bring harm to none and Good to All. You Create through your thought first and then you wait upon the Inner Guidance that is within you to show you what to do next. You begin to think, act, speak and be as that which you desire to be right here and right now. If you want to be a great singer, then you practice the way a great singer practices. If you want to be a great architect then you find ways to express that in your daily life. You don’t sit about and wait for these things to happen, you actively engage the energy right where you are in this moment and you do this first and foremost within your own mind. Blindly rushing about trying to make things happen never works and I can attest to that from my own personal experience. It is simply that we must become clear about what it is we really desire to Create before we can bring forth the resources needed for that Creation to be made Manifest in its most perfect form.

You don’t need to know how to bring something about and as has been said many, many times by many, many Metaphysicians that is really none of your business. Thomas Troward wrote “There is something within me that knows what to do and it compels me to act upon what it knows”. He knew that he didn’t have to know how something could Manifest for him or someone else. He knew that the “something” that is within all people is our own Divinity and It DOES know what It is about. Yet it is up to us to give it direction, to make Conscious choices as to what we desire to be, have and do. No one else can do this for us just the same as no one else can breathe for us. We can however work with this energy just the same as we might work with any other energy and there is an easy way to do this.

Think of something that you really desire to Create, doesn’t matter what it is as long as you truly Desire it and it feels Right and Good to you and is not an attempt to take something away from someone else. Next, spend some time each day thinking about what ever this is, journal about, make a treasure map of it, what ever you feel Guided to do, that is what you do. And then begin to repeat to yourself throughout the day “There is something within me that knows what to do and It compels me to act on what It knows.” I have written this statement out many times to Manifest something that I desired and it does get things moving IF you are responsive and willing to act upon the Guidance you receive. You will feel compelled to act or in some cases, not act if that is what is appropriate for your given situation. I certainly have experienced the feeling of being compelled from within and still do for what I am Manifesting is a long term project. And It is always absolutely correct and perfect in what it compels me to do. It will prove to be the same for you if you give it an honest effort.

The more you work with Spiritual Principles the more you will really come to understand that you are indeed Divine. That the Power and Presence and Love that Created you also Gave unto you all of Its own inherent capabilities. It Created you to be Divine in physical form so you could give expression to all that you are. You are not here to experience sorrow or misery but Joy and Happiness in all that you do. The Material is no less of Value to Spirit than the Spiritual and it is time that we stopped putting the Material down as somehow being “bad, evil or wrong”. No wonder so many say they experience physical life as a hardship instead of a Joy! We have taken our own Divinity and used it to work against ourselves. We can stop doing that right here and right now and we can open the door for all others to do the same. Yet first we have to recognize that we are Divine. We need to be open and receptive to the Universe that it may teach us the way we should go. It will if we allow it the opportunity. We just need to open our minds and ask for the Truth so that the Truth will set us free. For the Truth is, You are Divine.

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