Yes You Can!


Many years ago a New Thought Minister named Eric Butterworth stated that what ever one has a desire to do, the person can do it no matter what it may be “Because you couldn’t desire it if you couldn’t do it”.

Strong statement to make? Not really for it is only the Truth. For if one is willing to nurture their dreams, to desire it strongly enough, all of Heaven and Earth will move to insure that the Dream comes to fruition. All one has to do is be willing to allow their own imagination to soar and tap into the flow of Divine Ideas that are always around one for there are indeed many that are ours to do and each one has the potential to be extraordinary if we are willing to open our minds to catch them and believe in them and ourselves.

Every Good thing we see in our world today exists because one day someone caught a Divine Idea that was their own to do and ran with it. Perhaps at the time they were pondering a challenge or problem humanity was facing and as they thought about it long enough and were willing to receive the solution, it came. When they decided to act upon it, to test their ideas, they found what worked and what didn’t. Edison often said that each of his so called failures brought him closer to the success he sought because they showed him what wouldn’t work. Once he had cleared enough of what wouldn’t work out of the way he found what did.

Catherine Ponder a very well known New Thought Minister and Author started with a dream in a one room church manse in Alabama. The church she was ministering didn’t have much Money and the one room was all they thought they could provide for her and her young son at the time. Then someone asked her to start teaching Prosperity Principles to a group of church members and her initial though was “who am I to do this, a minister living in one room!” Yet the idea caught hold of her and the class was so successful, someone suggested she write a book. She has gone on to write 15 that I am aware of and has reached millions of people around the world with her messages of Divine Love and the Prosperity that Spirit intends for all.

Dr Joseph Murphy is another who “started with nothing”, coming from Ireland to America with a few dollars in his pocket and a will to succeed. Eventually he too became a well known, much Beloved and highly respected New Thought Minister and Author. There is no doubt his work has changed my own life for the better.

All the products, services and businesses we see today are because someone was willing to be open to Dream Big, to catch the Divine Ideas as they appeared and said YES I CAN! Great Art, Music and Literature, all Divine Ideas that the recipient said YES to and refused to let them go until they Blessed that person and all of Humanity. And for the most part, many of those people started with very little except for the ideas within their own minds and found that those ideas contrary to what others may have thought and said were enough. For within those ideas were the power of the entire of The Universe backing them up so of course there was now way these people could fail. As long as they believed, as long as they continue to carry on no matter what challenges or obstacles rose up to face them, they overcame them, they succeeded and so can we.

Electricity, running water, planes, trains and automobiles were all ideas that were available to people back in the days of Moses. Because most people in those days were unable to stretch their minds enough to catch a glimpse of the possibilities, those things had to wait until Humanity could catch up with those ideas. Yet we don’t have to wait. We can begin to stretch and open our minds now and ask “what Good things, what Divine Idea may be obvious and commonplace a 100 or 500 years from now and how can I elevate my own consciousness enough that I can begin to catch a glimpse of them now and help in their birthing”? For this is what the Great Teacher did 2,000 years ago. His own Consciousness became so elevated and expanded that he did things that appeared to be miraculous in those days and yet can be commonplace now. Medical science for example has literally brought people back from the dead. Certainly it has healed people of all sorts of ailments that once plagued the earth. Small pox has been eradicated and yet at one time, it was a scourge that killed millions.

We can easily grow enough food to feed every man, woman and child on the face of the earth with no stress or strain and we can do it in such a way that it benefits the planet as a whole. As has been said, “we don’t have a supply problem, we have a distribution problem” and that problem could be solved tomorrow if more people chose to see their neighbors as fellow brothers and sisters for we are all Beloved Children of The One. Yet even here there is a village in England that has come up with a remarkable way of dealing with the production of food that is healthy, viable and easy enough for almost any area of the world to emulate. If the will is there. Don’t believe me? Google the following website -

Incredible-Edible-Todmorden -

Two women caught a Divine Idea and decided to move on it and because it was so powerful, as Divine Ideas always are, others caught the idea as well and got involved. It has grown into something absolutely remarkable and not only does it feed local residents, it has also reduced crime and encouraged greater civic participation. What if everyone decided that instead of grass lawns we should have gardens instead? Just imagine how many people one town of a decent sized population could feed! And not only people, animals, bird and insects would also greatly benefit as would the earth itself. This is completely and totally doable! (And as someone who Loves gardening in general, is also dear to my own heart)

We have Airplanes because the Wright Brothers caught the Divine Idea that people could indeed fly and even though they were mocked and thought to be insane, they achieved their goal. They encouraged one another after each so called “failure” by saying “Its okay brother. I can see myself flying in the machine and it is stable and steady”. They succeeded!

So what is your Dream, what is your Divine Idea? For we all come in with them and there are many for each of us! For each one builds upon itself so you start with a Divine Idea and think, “wow, what a wonderful idea” and if you don’t shut it down by saying “well, I couldn’t do that” another will be close behind it. And then another and another and as you continue to accept them, ponder them, pray about them or do what ever works for you, they will grow. Your job is not to show care or concern for how they will grow, that is the job of Spirit who will tend to this far better than you or I can. Your job is to show up day after day, week after week and year after year if need be. And if it is yours to do, you will show up for however long it takes with Joy, Happiness and Ease because you will feel compelled to do it from within. And this is a sure sign that this is what Spirit Intends for you to do.

Sure it may seem small. Many Great things start as a small seed. Have you ever seen a Sequoia tree? Have you ever seen the seed it starts from? They are tiny things and yet from that small seed something truly magnificent grows! Spirit didn’t get the idea of a Sequoia and then think “well, it is going to take a mighty long time to grow so why bother”. No! Spirit got the idea and gave it to all of us as an example as to what is possible! Spirit says “Take this seed, this Divine Idea and make it grow.” It doesn’t matter if you have great Wealth or $5.00 in your pocket because the reality is we are all Children on The One who owns everything and is always more than willing to share with any of us if we are but willing to receive it. It doesn’t matter if you “don’t know the right people”. You know Spirit. You know The Universe. And if “Spirit be for you, who can be against you?” Who else do you need to be aware of and know other than the Only Power that exists and is always and forever on your side?

What ever you can Dream you can do. If you want it with enough intensity, if you are willing to wrestle with “the Angel” of your Divine Idea until it Blesses you, you can do it. I have Faith in you and at least one other person, if not more, will have Faith in you too. Certainly be very careful who you share your dreams with for more have been killed in their infancy by well meaning or not so well meaning criticism or mockery. Keep your Divine Idea close to your Heart at first and simply Love it. For Love makes all Good things grow. As you accept the Divine Ideas you are given you will be shown how to bring them forth into Manifestation for just as the Sequoia seed contains all that is required to grow into a mighty tree, your Desires, which are really Divine Ideas, also have inherent within them all that is required for them and you to Prosper and Thrive.

You need to get up in the morning saying “Yes, I can”. You get up the next morning and say “Yes, I can.” And the next. You intentionally look for the reasons for why you can and if you look for them, you will find them and they too shall grow. We humans tend to do things backwards to our own detriment it seems. We do the opposite, we look for the reasons we think we can’t. But you don’t have to do that. You don’t have to think like the crowd does and in Truth anyone who has ever accomplished any Great and Wonderful thing left the thoughts of “the crowd” alone and just got on with their own. So can you.

You yourself are a Divine Idea, yes you are! Spirit created you and you have within you all the Divine Qualities of Spirit and if you will only believe this, what you can do shall start like the seeds at the top of this page and will end like this –


Yes You Can!

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