Morningstar Yarrow Flower Essences

The Yarrow is a very important plant both medicinally as well as for its use in flower essences. It is strongly protective, helping to ward off negative energies of all sorts while also strengthening the Aura. It is wonderful for the chakras, helping to bring them more fully into balance and also protecting them from outside negative sources of energy. Leaves from a Yarrow plant can be used to staunch bleeding and so too can a flower essence made from the flowers of the Yarrow can help stop your life force from being drained away or sucked up by "energy vampires". The stems and flowers of the Yarrow look to be forming an umbrella and here too can the essences help to shield you from being "drenched" by energies that are not for your higher good. Yarrows are also drought resistant and thus can help you more easily weather dry cycles in your own life as well, continuing to blossom no matter what is happening.

While the above will relate to all the Yarrows we have listed here, each also has their own special attributes as well. It is their unique qualities that we shall be listing here though bear in mind the above still does apply to each of the essences as well.

The Affirmations listed for each essence can be used as they are or feel free to change them to suit your needs best. Affirmations can be extremely helpful in changing one's vibration to one of more positive energy and we hope that you do find the Essences and Affirmations very helpful for you!

Golden Yarrow

Affirmation - I Know What Is Truly Coming From Within Me & What Belongs To Someone Else

This essence is for those who tend to withdraw from the world because they feel unsafe and unacceptable. Usually these people are highly empathic and thus they tend to "pick up" on other people's feelings of low self-esteem and low self-worth and think it is actually their own. This essence helps these folks to weed out what is really their own beliefs and feelings and what really belongs to someone else.

Lavender Yarrow

Affirmation - All The Energy That Comes My Way Is Beautiful, Uplifiting & Supportive Of Me

This essence is especially helpful for protection against psychic attack, including negative energy thought forms that may be sent your way from another person. Also helps to balance the flow of psychic/intuitive energy so that it does not feel too overwhelming but can be assimilated and used in a helpful manner.

Pink Yarrow

Affirmation - I Release The People & Things That I Need To With Light & Love. My Heart Is Safe.

This essence is very helpful for shielding from negative or overwhelming emotional energy as well as cutting the cords between one's self and those who are emotionally draining/exhausting because they refuse to take responsibility for their own emotional needs. This essence is extremely helpful for a wounded Heart Chakra, especially when in need of long-term healing. It allows this chakra to remain loving and open while protecting it from outside influences that could be harmful.

Red Yarrow

Affirmation - I Deserve To Be Here & I Deserve Only The Best From Life & Others.

This essence is brilliant for the Root Chakra, helping to dissolve survival related issues as well as fears that one is "unworthy" of being on the planet unless one acts as a martyr for others to continually take advantage of. People who find they have a tendency to set themselves up to be "kicked" over and over again will find this essence to be very helpful in stopping this pattern. This essence is also wonderful for those who fear their anger may be hurtful to others and so tend to suppress it, rather than finding a more positive outlet for it. It is also helpful for those who are or have been on the receiving end of others anger that has been very damaging so this energy may be released and they can move on.

Red-Orange Yarrow

Affirmation - I Release My Past, I Forgive. I Accept That I Am Now & Always Have Been Good.

This Yarrow is for those who have suffered damage to the Second Chakra due to childhood sexual abuse or through other causes. It is also helpful for both Teens and Adults who feel pressured into having sexual relations that they are really not wanting to have. It is also for those who feel they are not worthy of having any long lasting good in their lives, or who feel they must suffer and atone for things they may have done in past lives.

White Yarrow

Affirmation - I Allow Only Those Energies I Desire To Be Present In My Life

Cleansing, helps to ease fears and worries, removes energy cords and ties that are not in your best interests and prevents others from re-hooking into your energy field. This is an excellent essence to combine with our Archangel Michael essence as well. Children find this essence to be especially comforting right before bedtime. Misting it about your child's room can also help to ease fears of the dark and the "monster in the cupboard".

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