Writing A Letter To The Angels


If you have a special desire that you wish to see made Manifest in your life, a problem or challenge to overcome or just to feel Happier and more at Peace as you move through your day, write a letter to the Angels! There are an Infinite number of Angels who stand ready to support and assist you, yet you must ask for their help first as they will never interfere with your free will to handle things on your own.

To begin, sit quietly first and ask that the Angel that can be most helpful for you at this time come forward into your Consciousness. It may take a few minutes but rest assured that the Angels already know your requests before you have even asked so the Right one will be sure to make Herself – Himself known to you!

You can also choose to work with a specific Angel from the Angel Oracle pages or you can ask for a specific Angel for assistance. Some but not all include:

The Angel of Wealth and Prosperity

The Angel of Love

The Angel of Right Relationships

The Angel Of Good Health

The Angel of Divine Wisdom

The Angel Of Spiritual Growth

The Angel of True Place or Right Work

The Angel of Protection

Or any of the Archangels:

Archangel Michael

Archangel Auriel

Archangel Gabriel

Archangel Raphael

The counterparts of these Angels are the Healing Angels so you can call upon The Healing Angel of Wealth and Prosperity, Love, True place and so forth to help you heal and overcome specific challenges. For example, if you find that you make progress for a time in the area of Love and then seem to take a few steps back, then move forward again, then back in a cycle, there is something within you that needs to be Healed so that the cycle can be broken and you can move steadily forward. You can also call upon both Angels at the same time to cover all of your bases and this is something that I like to do myself.

When you write your letter and I strongly recommend that you write it out by hand though typing it is helpful too, especially if you keep it where you can see it frequently, write as though you were writing to a dear and trusted friend because you are! You have known all of these Angels long before you have ever come into physical form and before you did, you made agreements with them that they would fly to your assistance when ever you called upon them. And like Spirit, the Angels always keep their promises!

It is important to use Positive words and expressions when writing your letter, as much as you possibly can. Our words have immense power so choose them wisely! A sample letter could be;

Dear Angel of _______,

I know that you know that I am working on attracting more Good into my life and this is the Good I am requesting your help with _______.

I know that you are here to help me and I Joyfully open my Mind and Heart to receive your help, your Divine Guidance and Wisdom. As I go about my day, I am open to receiving messages from you and will do my best to take the actions that you Guide me to take. I may need help doing this from time to time so please do give me a firm nudge when I need it.

Here is what I envision my life to Be as you pour your Love and Divine Energies into my life ___________________________.

Thank you for all of your help and Love! Blessings Upon You and All of Creation!

Your Name

You can make your letter as long or as short as you like and do not worry if you can’t seem to find the right words. The Angels and Spirit too know what our Hearts and Souls are saying even when we can’t find the words we are searching for. Trusting in the process, truly being open to the Guidance and Support you need, taking action when you feel from within it is appropriate for you to do so will insure a Happy outcome!

The Angels cannot do it all for you however. You must move on your own behalf or in other words, “Put feet under your prayers”. There is always something we can do to help ourselves and when we do, the entire of the Universe moves on our behalf, backing us up and assisting us in Manifesting our Dreams and Goals.

Taking an attitude of Joy, Peace, Playfulness, no matter what the assistance you are asking for will also help to speed up your Manifestation. If you are in pain or discomfort, ask first for relief from these feelings and the Angels will help you move through them more quickly and easily. You may need to take time throughout the day to just sit for a moment and allow their Healing Love to wash over you. Don’t try to force it! Relax as best you can, breathe deeply and know that you are being supported Always and in All Ways.

You can write daily to the Angels you are working with or just once and release it into their Special Care. You can even mail it to your home, with the Angel’s name on the envelope. How ever you choose to do this is perfect! You can even create a small altar to place your letter as well as to Thank the Angels for their assistance. Every time you think of this Angel acknowledge that you are being helped! You may also choose to help someone else who is moving through what you once were after you have achieved your goal and in doing so you will make your own New Good permanent. For this is the way of all things – We receive Divine Assistance and Good from The Universe and we then share it with others. Doing this will always attract more and more Good into your own life!

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