Who Do You Want To Be Today?

Tomorrow morning when you get up and before you have your coffee or tea, before you turn on the news or radio, before you start your day, take a few minutes and ask yourself – What do I want to be today?

This is sure to give a jolt to your own consciousness because so many of us have never stopped to ask ourselves that question. We arise in the morning intent on doing what we have done the day before and the day before that and the day before that. Many of us have never stopped to think to ourselves that we have a brand new day before us that has never been lived by anyone in the entirety of the human race. And if we are wise, we shall figure out how to never live this day again, no matter how good or how negative it appeared to be.

Most folks live in a perpetual Ground Hog Day movie of their own making. I do it. So does my neighbor. So in all likelihood do you and then we wonder why our lives are the way they are. Sure we have some really Good things, people that we Love, things we enjoy doing. Yet for the most part, we feel a sort of “Divine Discontent” coming from within that is always present and urging us on to greater and greater things. We think of ourselves as having a given name, a certain occupation or role in life and that this somehow is all meant to define who we really are. But it doesn’t. None of this speaks to the Glory and Majesty that is within each and every Human Being for each of us is Divine. It speaks to how we spend our time but that is all. It says nothing of the True Potential that awaits within each of us, just waiting to be called forth and expressed in ways we could never dream of in our present state of consciousness.

There is something within us, a Divine something, call it what you will for the name doesn’t matter. What does matter is our own recognition that there is something within us that is far more powerful than we could ever have imagined. This Power can solve all of our problems, bring us every Good thing we desire, fill our lives with more Love, Joy and Peace than we had ever dreamed of. And all we have to do is make the connection within ourselves with it. It’s there, whether you believe it right now or not. And you can find that this is just as True for you as it is anyone else. For other people have recognized and accessed this power and so can you.

How do you do this? You start by asking yourself the above question – Who do I want to be today? Not who have I been told I Am for no one but you can answer that. Others may tell you they see you as this sort of person or another sort of person, that you are “only” capable of this or that, and yet they are speaking from their own bias and perceptions and none of those things has anything to do with you. It is this recognition that others “see through a glass darkly” that has caused the bum on the street to pull himself together and rise to new heights of living and being. Once the person chose to see themselves in another way and disregarded what others thought and believed, he, or she, was able to find the Truth about themselves. And that Truth is there are no limits to what any of us may create and accomplish. It is this same recognition that has caused someone who felt trapped in a dead end job to free themselves and pursue their dreams of being a Teacher, a Writer, an Artist or a Rocket Scientist.

Who do I want to be today? Who would I be if I could see beyond the illusion of the limits I have set for myself? The answer is already within you and no one can answer this for you. It is between you and that which created you, it was whispered into your Heart and Spiritual ears before you ever came to land on this planet we call earth. Spirit said to you “I have created you that I may act through you as ________” and you, with all your Heart and Soul, said YES and were deeply and utterly Grateful to be that which you were created to be. Your deepest and grandest desires, the ones that you feel deep within your Heart and Soul are yours because Spirit gave them to you. Spirit has no hands but ours. He created us that He could express through us all that He knows physical life can be. Life itself is meant to be a glorious, grand, fun filled adventure and yet in our own ignorance, we have created much misery for ourselves and others. When we came here we came in with a sort of “spiritual amnesia” and there is a purpose behind this. It was so we could have the opportunity to find ourselves, to come to our own conclusions about ourselves and our lives, aside from any others opinions, thoughts and beliefs. Otherwise we would be as automatons. And there could not possibly be any Joy in that.

Yet because Spirit is also Love as well as Wisdom, Spirit also insured that there would always be those among us who are truly “Spiritual Giants”. Ralph Waldo Emerson, Phineas Quimby, H. Emilie Cady, Ernest Holmes, Raymond Charles Barker, Joseph Murphy and going further back, much further, those that wrote the Bible – in case you didn’t realize it, the Bible is actually one of the greatest metaphysical textbooks that has ever been written. It is such a shame that so many see the Bible in ways that have caused harm and misery to others, but there have always been those who know the Truth of it. And those people woke themselves up and then set themselves on the path to wake all others up as well. We truly stand on the shoulders of these Spiritual Giants and each of us owes them a debt of Gratitude that can never be repaid. I know I do.

So, what do you want to be today? If you are starting to feel the uprising of that which you desire to be with all your Heart and then push it back down because you can’t seem to think of any way it could be possible think on this – When we look in the mirror, our own Divinity is staring us right back in the face! When we look at another, we are also seeing The Divine in all Spirit’s varied forms. This is what was meant when the Great Teacher said that those who had seen him had also seen the Father or that which created him. And what Created him, you and me and everyone else cannot fail! It lives and moves and has Its being in us as we do in It. Granted, it may not always seem that way and certainly there have been those who have done some very ugly, hateful and destructive things in their lives. Yet that is not the fault of The Creator, but is a result of human ignorance and not understanding the rules of the game – we are all brothers and sisters and what is done to one, is done to all.

You came into physical life so that you could do the things that only you can do, to say the words that only you can say and to build the things that only you can build. And eventually, whether it be on this plane of existence or another, you will end up doing what ever those things are so you may as well get on with it and have the Joy of doing them now. What stops so many of us is that right at the moment, we can’t always see how our goals and dreams could be Manifested. We may think we are too old or too young, not enough money, not smart enough, we don’t know the right people. The Divine cannot be any of these things. Spirit cannot possibly be limited in any way. So again, go look in the mirror and see your own Divinity staring back at you. That which created all things is also within you! Where else could it be? No matter where you go or what you do Spirit is right there within you and around you, there is no where you can go where Spirit is not. And since Spirit cannot fail, neither can you as long as you are willing to keep going, to persevere, to call upon Spirit for Guidance, assistance and support. I have literally stood outside and screamed to the skies “HELP!!” And the help came. The answers came. Yet I also had to be willing to receive the help and to hear the answers.

When you look at yourself squarely and admit that what you desire, deeply desire to be today is ___________ then way will open up. But you have to take the first step towards it. Always there is something you can do today for the seeds of your desires also have all that is needed for their fulfillment within them. Yet you have to take the step after that and the one after that even when they don’t make sense or seems to be Guiding you in the wrong direction! If you are unsure, ask for a sign, a definite lead that what you are hearing from within is what you are to do next. If you are patient and willing to be open, the answer will come and you will know it and you will know it to be true because you will feel compelled from within to act upon it. It will never cause harm to you or anyone else. It may rock your world a bit but that is okay. Because when the dust clears what you will be left with is what is True, Right and Good for you and those are the only things that are going to make you happy anyway. The rest just clutters up your life and slows you down, much the same as clutter in a home or office inhibits the proper functioning of those spaces.

The end result will be that you will find yourself moving more and more rapidly into the person that you want to be today, tomorrow and forever more. And isn’t that what you really want?

This is how you make the contact with the power within you. It will never impose or force itself upon you for you have every right as a free will being to live your life as you see fit. Yet if you are willing to take the first step, to establish the connection, what a Beautiful Present and Future you shall experience! People, circumstances, anything you need will appear in your life as if by magic and even when there are moments when you think you can’t possibly take another step, something wonderful will rise up within you and you will. Because you see, at the end of the day, you are not doing any of this alone. The entire of Creation rises up to assist and support you in ways you can’t possibly envision now. As you move through each step and experience, you will indeed “look in wonder at that which is before you”.

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