Updates For Angel Oracle, Totem Pages and Articles

*Latest Word* - After two computers died which left me unable to post anything to the website, finally, I am rolling again! What a process this has been, and now praying that this computer holds on long enough until I can afford to replace it. So much work ahead, getting things posted to the website as quickly as I can though the formatting takes a very long time. I am also on call to work part time in a totally unrelated field which I also Love which yes, does take time away from this but also helps to pay the bills.

To help insure that I am never in a position again where I can't post to the website, I am thinking of signing up with Google ads. I know many people don't like things like that, but, if it pays for a new computer, software and other expenses related to running this site and to keep everything free for any to use, then frankly I think it is worth it.

I also want to Thank those who have been supporting this site and how deeply Grateful I Am for your Love and Generosity. Truly, I hope that any who have found help and support through the writings here Thank you as well because if it wasn't for folks like you, this site would no longer exist.

That is all for now, lots of work ahead to get everything updated plus getting new articles posted. I am also doing more on my Facebook page now that I have that kinda sorted figured out so do check there too as well. Blessings to you all!

*Update7 - May 9, 2015* Thank you to those who have Subscribed or sent Donations, your support it truly appreciated! There have been updates to a number of pages including the Angel Oracle, 4 more Angels and there will be a total of 55! There is also a Daily Angel Page and once there are enough of those pages up, I will put up a button so you can also randomly select an Angel for the day if you prefer. Again I am going to keep as many pages as I can freely available to everyone whether they subscribe or donate or not, yet it really does depend on how many people are willing to help support these pages. So if you can, please help and / or tell others who might also find these pages helpful about them. The more I receive, the more I can give back to you and everyone else. Also please know that your support means the world to me! I really Love being able to keep all of this available and being able to add to the site is totally Joyful for me as well!

*Update 6* - I want to Thank two people who have made a huge contribution in keeping these pages up and running. One on the East coast and one on the West, to both of you my Deepest Gratitude! Both of you have made such a difference to me and this work, and I cannot express in words how Thankful to you both I am. Because of your Love and Generosity I am starting to see some Light at the end of the tunnel! Thank You, Thank You, Thank You!! And to everyone who has donated, Thank you!! It all means far more to me than any of you shall ever know.

Another Angel page has been uploaded and I have two articles that I shall be working on uploading as well. There are also two other projects in the works that will not be announced until they are nearing completion. All in all, I am so pleased and delighted with the direction things are moving in now and I hope that going forward that the new content will be of even Greater Service to everyone who vsists these pages.

Also, another reminder that as it is now Spring here, from time to time we have some heavy storms move through our area that can knock out power and internet service. Our connection did go down for a short while early this morning though Thankfully it came back up again quickly. So I may be out of contact and unable to do any uploading until things are up and running again which usually does happen rather quickly here.

Thank you again to everyone has supported these pages! I truly am so Grateful!

*Update 5* - The Facebook page is up!

Divine Change - Morningstar

Granted, there is very little content at the moment and yet the page is up earlier than I had expected to get it done so I am happy about that! A new Angel has been added to the Angel Oracle page and another article has been uploaded. I have also been looking into getting a forum uploaded but that will take a while longer. I also hope to be able to start doing some recording for downloads this coming weekend as well. I will be re-designing the entire website and of course with writing and uploading new articles and other content, this is going to be a long term process. I do think however that it will be a big improvement over what was and I am looking forward to it and I hope that all of you are as well!

Thank you to all who have donated! If you haven't donated yet, please do consider it as the more donations I receive, the more I can put into this site. My intent has always been that it be a Blessing to everyone and I truly do appreciate your support in this!

*Update 4* - Thank you all again, your support and Love has meant the world to me! Pages are still up and I am proceeding forward with what needs to happen to insure that they shall remain. I am so Grateful to you all and of course to Spirit! I have a new article posted, and I shall be removing the updates from the page with the list of articles but shall keep the link there for the updates page. Please continue to see the best happening not only for the site but for everyone who has found it helpful! Once the dust has settled a bit I shall be adding a new update so please do check back!

*UPDATE 3 - Saturday April 11th, 2015* Progress IS being made, somewhat slow but steady and yet if that is how it needs to be, that's fine, I will take it! I am continuing to write as an act of Faith as well, knowing that what is done in Faith must surely have a wonderful outcome!

I am doing my best to have a Facebook page up by next Friday / Saturday and when that does happen, I will let everyone know on this page here. One of the messages that has come through is that the Angels and really all of the writing would like to reach a wider audience. So if what has been happening helps to create that, then only Good can come of it. A number of people now and in the past have asked if the Angel Oracle could ever be in Book / Card form and I would LOVE to see this happen! I totally understand that at times folks don't have computer or Internet access, sometimes due to the severe Thunderstorms we have here we have to limit our computer access as well. So that has been on my mind for a very long time and while most of the writing IS complete, there is of course artwork that would need to be done as well and that has been a bit challenging as an artist I'm not. However, I am also certain that shall get sorted out too and in the best and Highest way!

For the Angel Oracle there will be a total of 55 Angels. As I say most of the writing for that is complete but I still have more to do. Some other things that have been suggested that I am also in agreement with is of course subscriptions as this will help to insure that the pages can continue and expand and grow, The Facebook page which is coming, and also the following: Monthly Newsletter

Weekly Podcast - I have been wanting to do this for about 3 years now so I think the time has come

Downloads - There are recordings I have been wanting to do and make available for download, free for subscribers and a small fee for non-subscribers. I would also like to make the Angel Oracle available as a download with artwork and all the rest, so it would be exactly like the book/ cards.

There are other things I am considering such as offering a free Angel Oracle or Totem "Birthday Reading" for top level subscribers. It wouldn't be a long reading, up to 20 minutes or a half hour or so, yet I think this is something that people might really enjoy and find helpful.

Forum - again for subscribers only, this is something I have also wanted to create for a long time as people can find it very helpful to bounce ideas off one another or to ask for Positive Thoughts/Energy/Prayers to be sent their way (though I will have some rules for this that must be adhered to so that it will make this a Joyful exeperience for everyone.)

Affirmation cards from the Angel Oracle and other pages - again, this is something I have been wanting to do for a very long time and one time someone suggested I create coffee mugs as well! The latter would be a bit of a ways down the road but if folks are interested, I am game!

These are just a few of the things I have been pondering yet I would like to know what else all of you would like to see me offer or include? There are a number of ways I have been wanting to expand upon some of the pages and create still others, so this is a long term process and yet it is so what I Love to do and truly feel is worth my doing. I learn so much myself each and everytime I sit down to write, everything builds upon everything else and it is wonderful!

I am also still pondering how to make everything financially as fair for everyone as I can, including me. Originally I really did want to be able to keep everything available for free and did my best with this for many years, but obviously that just isn't going to work anymore. I will have more updates on this later as things become a bit clearer. What I do NOT want to do is have to limit much of what folks can access for free, and yet I also have to insure that the people who donate or subscribe are also being served as best as I possibly can because these people are doing both me, and everyone else, a tremendous service! It is a fine line to walk so again, please have patience with me as I sort all of this out. I know the Right Answers shall come. Right now I am thinking that a mix of offerings, some free, some or all free for subscribers depending on their sunscription level, something for people that just want to donate once in a while, some things for sale, etc, a mix of things might work best for the long term.

If any of you have suggestions or ideas of things you would like to see me include, please do email me at morningstaressence@sbcglobal.net I may not be able to get back to you for a few days as I am still catching previous emails up and plan to to a lot of writing this weekend yet please know I so appreciate everyones sugestions!

And to all of those who have been donating and sending Positive Energy and Support in other ways,


All of the Love and Support that has come my way has touched me beyond words. I am so very Grateful to each and every one of you!!

*UPDATE 2* Again, a BIG THANK YOU to everyone who has sent a donation! Right now it is looking like I will be able to keep the pages up a short while longer at least and yet I still have a long way to go. Several people have suggested some wonderful ideas including a subscription button which I am currently looking into. Folks could subscribe at different levels if they choose and receive increasing content the greater the subscription level. And of course they can cancel that any time they choose. I know that there are those who will not want this option and would prefer to just donate now and again or once only and that is totally fine too! So I am looking at what ultimately will be the best way to go for all of us.

In the meantime, if you want to make a donation you can do this one of two ways. You can send a donation through Paypal by emailing it to morningstaressence@sbcglobal.net or you can send it via post to Morningstar 209A Hill St, Wilson, NC 27893 There is a second address listed below (which I have just changed to the one listed above) and we do receive mail through both addresses so that is no problem. No donation is too small and I truly appreciate each and every one though as Paypal does take a fee for each donation sent through them, donations less than say $5.00 are best sent via post. I don't begrudge Paypal their fee, not at all, for they are a business and provide a service and so of course need to make a profit so they can continue to offer their services. Yet I want to insure that each and every dollar is used to keep these pages going.

Also, if you think that there are others who would appreciate these pages and might also like to help keep them going, please spread the word!

Thank you all again! All the emails of Love and Support I have received have touched me beyond words. I truly had no idea that people cared as much as they do about many of the things I have written. That these pages have been helpful for you, that means the world to me and has been my intent all along. And for those of you who have offered ideas and suggestions, again Thank you! I am taking all under consideration and while some of it may take me a while, writing and earning a living both take up much of my time as does caring for my family, I am so on board with what many of you have suggested and am doing the best I can to get things moving in ways that I hope will work better for all! So please have patience with me and Thank You Thank You Thank You to all again! ( I can't say this enough!)

I Truly regret that by April 12, 2015 all of the articles and the Angel Oracle pages will be taken down due to lack of donations. As much as I dislike having to do this, I have kept them up as long as I can and after praying and doing much thinking over this, I realized that spiritually as well as financially this cannot continue.

To all those who have made donations, you have my deepest Gratitude and please do contact me if you have donated within the past 6 months. As there have been so few donations, I know who you are and yet I may not have contact information for you.

Update 1 - Due to the outpouring of support, and each and every one of you has my deepest Gratitude, I have created the following to explain what has been happening. Thankfully some folks have started to send donations THANK YOU!! I am praying that enough will come in to keep these pages up and running for a while longer at least and that I can add to them. Believe me when I say I love writing and sharing what I have learned over many, many years of study, prayer and pondering and always I have prayed and hoped that what I have learned would help someone else.


And THANK YOU for your kind words and support! Please forgive the "form" email but I have had so many emails that this is the only way I can answer them all in a timely manner.

This morning when I opened my email I was stunned at how many people have been emailing and all of your emails have left me with tears rolling down my face, I had no idea that so many of you deeply appreciate all the work I have put into the Angel Oracle and all of the pages I have posted to the site. Believe me, it isn't that I want to have to take these pages down but having had so little financial support over the years and it has been many, many years that I have been writing for the site, I just can't do it anymore.

I started writing these pages in an effort to help and reach as many people as I can and always believed that The Universe/God would keep me, my family and the site going. And for many years that was indeed the case! The past two years though things have been getting more and more challenging until finally I had to face what I had been hearing for a long while now from my own Guidance. I had to find a way to make these pages self-supporting or they would have to come down. I didn't want to hear this, and I continued to pray and to ponder over it, but always received the same answer.

I think part of the problem has been that many folks think that they have to send a large sum of money and that isn't so! If folks had sent a dollar or two that would have helped and would in fact, under Spiritual Law, helped to insure that more money would come through other avenues. When I finally faced up to what I had been hearing from within, I realized just how much time (literally years), energy and money I have poured into the work that I do. I have purchased books, taken courses, donated to other sites and organizations because I so strongly believe that the Spiritual way of Life IS the answer to the worlds problems. Yet I have given far more than was wise for me to do and that is my own fault. Truly, I have no one to blame but myself.

I did know better, I once offered a prayer service for folks and again, only asked for donations to help cover the time and energy it would take for me to perform this service. I love prayer and again wanted to help other people if I could. I received literally several thousand emails the entire time that page was up and not one person ever sent a donation. Obviously I could not continue for I still needed to support myself and my family and I still do.

There are so many articles I have been wanting to write, to add to the Angel Oracle, and all the other pages. But trying to put more and more energy into it with so few donations coming back just won't work anymore.

Many people are asking how much it would take to keep the pages up and running and for me to do this I would need to raise $3,000 to keep it going through August. More would help me to have the time to write, do some recordings both free and for sale through the site, and do the other things that I would dearly love to do. And like everyone else, I have bills to pay, groceries, and all the rest to provide for my family.

I am continuing to pray over this, listening for my Guidance and asking what else I might be able to do. Yet it really is like anything else, a Spiritual organization, a business, a cafe. If nothing comes in, then it has to close. And I will have to find another way to serve or to provide a different platform for what I am doing where I can insure that I can be financially compensated. Money is Spiritual and Spiritually Prospers, it really truly does! Yet when things have become so out of balance, as this situation has, then the flow is impeded until balance is restored somehow. And how well do I know this Spiritual Law!

I shall be posting this to my website and hope that it does help to better explain what is happening. Above all, I want everyone to know how truly grateful I am for all your Love and Support! This has been very painful for me and was such a difficult decision to make. Yet I can no more buck the Laws of The Universe than anyone else can. I have learned so much though and I know that at some point I will be able to help others through what I have learned from this experience. There is Good in all things and during some of the darkest times in my own life, well, that is where some of my biggest Blessings have come forth. And I am Trusting in The Higher that this too shall be one of those times.

With Heart Felt Gratitude!