Totem Animal Medicines

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On this page I will be having information on as many different totem energies as I can. This has been a long term project that will have additional pages added as time and energy allows. Also please note that I cannot answer questions as to what a particular event with a given Totem animal may mean to you personally due to the time and energy involved. While I have noted this on each of the Totem pages that follows people are not seeing it so I am putting it here as well. This will be something I can offer on a limited basis to subscribers via podcasts and will have more details on this when the time comes.

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Totem Guidance Page

Badger Medicine

Bear Medicine

Bee Medicine

Buffalo Medicine

Cougar Medicine

Coyote Medicine

Crows and Ravens as Totems

Crows and Ravens Carry very similar medicine

Dog Medicine

Dolphin Medicine

Dove Medicine

Dragonfly Medicine

Elk Medicine

Fox Medicine

Goose Medicine

Hawk Totem

Hummingbird Medicine

Jaguar Medicine

Ladybird (Beetle) Medicine

Lynx Medicine

Otter Medicine

Owl as Totem

Squirrel Medicine

Swan Medicine

Turkey Vulture Medicine

Turtle Medicine

Wasp Medicine

Woodpecker Medicine

Hummingbird Hawk Moth Medicine - Coming Soon!

Snake Medicine - Coming Soon!

Grasshopper Medicine - Coming Soon!

Whale Medicine - Coming Soon!

Horse Medicine - Coming Soon!

Totem Animals FAQ

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