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On this page I will be having information on as many different totem energies as I can. This has been a long term project that will have additional pages added as time and energy allows. Also please note that I cannot answer questions as to what a particular event with a given Totem animal may mean to you personally due to the time and energy involved. While I have noted this on each of the Totem pages that follows people are not seeing it so I am putting it here as well. This will be something I can offer on a limited basis to subscribers via podcasts and will have more details on this when the time comes.

Jumping Ravens courtesy of Lisa Konrad

For as many years as I have had the Totem pages up on my website I have had a notice posted on all of the pages that I cannot answer questions because of the time and energy it takes which can be extensive and yet I still receive a lot of email from people asking questions. So after doing more thinking on this and because I receive far fewer donations for these pages than any others I have decided to try the following in hopes this will work for everyone and do more to support these pages;

I can answer questions for a fee and depending on how much time and effort you want for me to put into the following charges will apply. All questions will be answered via email only! For a very basic, you just want a quick answer, it is $35.00 and is payable through Paypal by sending it to morningstaressence@sbcglobal.net If you prefer to have me spend considerable time on this, then please email for the fee. If your question is extensive, then this is the better route to go. Once I have received your payment and of course your question I will respond as soon as I can, usually within 24 hours. Saturdays and Sundays I am NOT available. Any questions not answered by Friday evening will be answered by the following Tuesday. Also be aware that at the lower fee the answer will not be extensive. The fee is both to cover the time I need to meditate to receive any Guidance and Information that I can then pass on to you and also for the time it will take me to actually type the information and email it to you.

If you email me a question, in the subject line please include "Fee based question". That way I will know you have read this and understand that this is a service I am providing.

Please understand that I cannot and will not answer any questions unless the fee is paid first. As much as I have loved writing these pages (and there is more to come) and as much as I love helping people, asking me to do more without paying a fee first is really asking me to work for free by asking for a service above and beyond the work I have already done for these pages. I also receive far fewer donations for these pages than any of the others and so to answer questions without charging something for the time and energy it would take me to do it does violate Spiritual Law as well.

I cannot promise that you will like the answer you receive. I don’t like some of the answers I have received in regards to my own life and yet I know that if I ponder and reflect and pray, that I will gain greater Spiritual Wisdom and Understanding as well. I cannot possibly give you an easy, one size fits all answer, it just doesn’t work that way. What I can do is my best to point you in the direction you need to move in and what you do with that is of course up to you. You will also need to spend some time reflecting upon the answer you receive and the more you are willing to spend the time to do this, the more you will get out of the answer itself.

Thank you for your understanding!

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