The Path Of Adaptability

One of the greatest lessons we can learn in life is to be adaptable, to move with the flow of what is without resisting it, yet also not giving into it. We don’t affirm that the things we don’t like in our lives are the way things are meant to be, far from it. But we don’t resist these things either. Instead, we go within to ask what is the best way for us to handle anything and then we follow our Inner Guidance which is always seeking to move us up to “Higher Ground”.

Being adaptable means that we are non-resistant to life. We allow Life to flow through us by accepting that our own Consciousness is always in the process of changing and that even though from time to time we may bump up against the past fruits of our thinking and behaviors that are not to our liking, they are not permanent. And we can choose at any time to work with the Life Flow to dissolve those things and rid ourselves of them for all time. This isn’t always an easy process and it does take some soul searching on our part. Yet when we understand that these things happen because something within us is seeking to be healed and released, it makes the process that much easier and we move through it more rapidly as well.

When I get up in the morning I normally have a list of things that I plan to accomplish during the day. First are my own personal spiritual practices. I make sure to schedule time to meditate, pray, journal, work with affirmations and so forth. Working on the website, filling essence orders and writing also take up a good portion of my morning. Running errands on foot as we do not currently own a car is another. Then there are the basic cleaning activities, cooking, baking and all the rest that I also need to do to insure my family’s home life runs smoothly. It’s a full day most days and while I do my best to accomplish all that I need to, there are days when things happen that are outside of my control and I have to let go of what I think I should be doing and attend to what is right in front of me at that moment.

In the past I would become very anxious, upset and worried when things seemed to be spiraling out of my control and I couldn’t accomplish all the tasks that I had set as mine to do. Somebody would be running late and needed my assistance so they could get out the door. Or they were ill, or a neighbor had an emergency. Someone else neglected to tell me until the last minute that after I had checked to make sure that we had enough groceries on hand for lunches for the next day that they had gone ahead and eaten what I had planned to use requiring me to make a quick run to what ever store was still open early or late in order not to have someone else in the household go without or be in a bind. Sometimes I had no warning at all and it was what I call “3 in the morning surprise wake up call”. Nothing is open that hour of the morning where we live now which has taught me to wake up quickly and engage my brain so that I can create a lunch for my husband to take with him. Normally I am up at that hour but fully functional I am not. Still this sort of thing taught me how to just let go and Trust that what ever is happening, it really is okay.

And it has to be because there is nothing, absolutely nothing I personally can do about any of those things that seem determined to throw my day completely out of whack from time to time. But I can choose how I respond to those things and how I choose to respond now is to ask Divine Guidance to show me how to adapt to that moment. That relieved much of the stress I had been experiencing in my life and I have had many lessons around how true it really is that when one door closes another one opens. I don’t worry so much or fret over things the way I used to. Because when I was truly willing and open to saying “Okay Spirit, I have no idea what to do right now yet I know YOU do! Lead and I shall follow” it always worked. I would have an idea pop into my mind and I would know it was the Right one, or I would just feel a sense of Peace come over me and someone else would suddenly suggest something that made perfect sense and solved the problem. And my ability to live my life far more creatively in all ways absolutely soared.

It is the sense of resistance that we all feel when challenges arise in our lives that keeps the problems firmly in place. I thought about all the people I have known who go through life insisting that there is only one way to do things and are completely closed to any ideas to the contrary. Many are very unhappy, highly stressed, downright miserable folks. And it seems to get worse the older they get. I decided I didn’t desire that as my own future. I could see it didn’t work for them and that it didn’t work for me, and that there had to be a better way. And while I still bump against my own resistance from time to time, I am finding that it is there less and less. What a relief.

To be adaptable means that we don’t whine or complain when things go cattywampus on us though at times I admit I still do. Then I sigh and take a deep breath and remind myself that if I am willing to adapt to the moment, the problem is over. It’s done with. And it is because I am no longer hanging onto how I think something is supposed to be. Once the resistance stops, then what we are really saying is we are willing to take another route to where we want to go. Resistance is like insisting on driving a certain route even though the route is currently closed due to construction. We won’t get very far and we may very well damage ourselves or our vehicles if we insist on charging ahead anyway. If we are willing to take another route, we may well find that it turns out to be a wonderful shortcut that we would never have found out about otherwise. It was really our own unwillingness to be open to what the day brings that has kept us from seeing it before.

Everything in Life is really for us and it took me a very long time to really understand what those words mean. It doesn’t always seem that way and no, things are not always comfortable or easy for me to handle either. Yet running out of the items that my husband needed for his lunch the next day taught me that I needed to let go of my own need to try and make sure everything runs perfectly for everyone in our household 24/7. I can have a back up plan for such occasions and now I do. The solution was easy enough and in fact was one I was able to implement for other things which greatly eased my stress load. I don’t have to worry because it is all taken care of already. I have also had to deal with and begin to release my own sense of perfectionism which had been driving my life for longer than I cared to admit. And that meant dealing with the issues from childhood that I had buried and that led to my drive to have and do all things as perfect as possible as well as feeling that what ever anyone wanted or needed from me I was required to give to them. I am much kinder towards myself now and I find it far easier to stand up for myself as well. Does it upset some folks? Absolutely! Do I care? Well, no, I really don’t. And the reason I don’t is because I have found the only people it does upset are the ones who feel that they are entitled to treat others as doormats.

To be adaptable is to be willing to look at all the different things in our lives in new ways. Many people seem to fear it means that we will just have to “suck it up”, what ever it is that is making them unhappy but that is never the case. It is asking “what can I do to work with this situation as it is? What changes do I need to make both within and around me so this doesn’t grow and expand into more of what I really don’t want? How can I learn to adapt to what is while keeping my focus on what I desire to have manifest?” Because there are always answers and there are always solutions. Always. One seemingly small solution can actually be the door that swings open to more solutions to different things in your life that leads you directly to where you really desire to go. Had the one thing not come up to be healed and released of course you still would have gotten to where you wanted to be but it would have taken you much longer and more than likely, with a lot of other stuff that you didn't really want to experience along the way. Challenges can really be a way The Universe has of saying “there is a faster, better way for you to go and if you will but ask what that is, you will have the answer”.

To be adaptable also means that we do examine where we are going and where have been from time to time to see if how we have been managing our lives or what we have been pursuing in our lives is really working for us or no. It may be that we think we want one thing but we really don’t. It may be that someone else thought it was Good for us or that we thought it was what was expected of us by others and true, it may be right. For someone else. If it isn't really for you, if it isn't floating your boat, trying to sail forth in that boat you may find that along the way you start bailing water because of all the holes in the bottom that you didn't notice before you set forth. Spirit will send a rescue squad, of course! Yet how much better not to have to go through that to begin with.

Being adaptable takes practice and it takes time. It can be a little frightening to admit to ourselves that we don’t always have all the answers and that we can’t control all that happens, how things happen or when they happens. Yet we can relax and know that there is something Greater than all of us that does know what to do, when to do it, how to do it and will move on our behalf when we are willing to just let go and ask to be shown the way. We are never left to our own devices unless we insist that this be so. It is said that “God is a Gentleman” and will never push His/Her way into our lives uninvited and I do believe this is so. Yet when we ask with an open mind and heart, we will be shown the ways in which we can learn to be adaptable in our own lives. Then the right boat will appear at the dock and we shall set sail with the winds of Divine Love insuring that we reach our desired shore.

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