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I decided to create this page due to some very odd Synchronicity involving the last name of my adopted family. Synchronicity has always been prominent in my life and yet I hadn't really thought of researching it as actively before in my life, not until April 2003, even though for years I have toyed with the idea of writing a book on the subject (and one on Ghosts as well!). Yet the events surrounding this particular synchronicity and the synchronicity that these original events led to on the same day convinced me that in some way, synchronicity was insisting on becoming a much larger part of my life. Through this page I hope to explore and share my own experiences with synchronicity, what seems to trigger it, looking at if it can be courted (which I do think it can be!) and what these different experiences might mean for me and others. I also hope that if anyone reading these pages has similar stories they would like to share, that they too can be included on these pages. Who knows, perhaps I shall finally write that book on Synchronicity that I have wanted to write for a good many years now! If you do have a story or stories of synchronicity that you would like to share with me and would not mind having your experiences shared here, please feel free to email me at:

Due to the amount of email I receive each week, I cannot answer emails to explain what I think an event may mean for an individual. Eventually I do hope to have a question and answer page, but for now, please only email me on this topic if you have something you would like to share here. You have my deepest appreciation for your contributions!

This page starts off with an email I sent to a member of my family in response to a parcel he had sent me. The parcel was totally unexpected and as you will see, the chain of events leading up to what occured in the space of less than one hour was most surprising!

"Thank you so very much for everything you sent! The boys have already dived into putting Dino's together and I claimed the star for myself! The incense is fabulous, what a wonderful surprise to have come in the post! You are such a Love! I was expecting a poster in the mail but not for several more days and so when the postie rang up to let me know she had parcels for me, I was very surprised. Fortunately even the phone line was clear, Donald was meditating and Daniel and I were watching Ghosts of Gettysburg on the telly. And here's where it gets a little weird and synchronistic. To begin with, normally I would have been doing something else at the time the program came on so the telly would not even been on. Yesterday out of the blue, the drain suddenly clogged in the bath though it had been running just fine. It was so odd the way it suddenly clogged like that, but anyway there is someone coming round to fix it today. As I was not sure of the time I didn't want to become involved in a project and have it interrupted. So here Daniel and I are watching these ghost stories and having a grand time.

The Postie arrived just as commercials were coming on so I ran downstairs and back up just in time for the program to start again. Well, they started talking about a General John F. Reynolds! He was killed at Gettysburg July 1, (that gave me chills,seeing as today is the third of July, how appropriate for this program to be on now) so I grabbed a notebook and started taking some notes as it really struck me how I received a totally unexpected parcel from you, your last name being Reynolds, right before they started talking about this General. Not to mention that I would have missed it had the postie come even five minutes later than she did! What else is weird, two days ago I popped my neck and it is still sore. The same day that he died all those years ago. That never happens unless I am getting close to my period which has already come and gone, so why did my neck pop the same day as his date of death, over a hundred years later? I wonder, could he be a distant relation? There is also some irony connected with his death that I have included below.

"A native Pennsylvanian, Reynolds was born on September 21, 1820 in Lancaster. He graduated from West Point 26th in a class of 52, on July 1, 1841. Ironically, he was killed exactly twenty-two years to the day."

Theme from the Twilight Zone is now coming up. So your parcel meant even more to me than you would have thought it did! I think this whole series of events is just so incredible, who knows exactly why it happened except maybe I have been wanting to write a book on Synchronistic events such as this and is this ever one for the book!"

After I had sent the first email it occured to me to look to see when he had dispatched the parcel: July 1st. At this point, I was one mass of chills and decided to take the rest of the day and do some research online. I went to one site - and there is mention of synchronicity involving coffee and coffee shops. My expected poster arrived the same day as the parcel, way ahead of the time it was expected, and it is a replica of an vintage poster titled- Cafe Arabica. Hmmm..............! Through this same site I followed another link that led me to a site mentioning Astrologer Liz Greene's book The Astrology of Fate which has a bloody marvelous chapter on fate and synchronicity. Having a copy of this book on hand, I grabbed it to re-read that chapter. Ms. Greene stated in the book and I quote "The most striking transit at work was Jupiter passing through Gemini and making a direct station on my natal Uranus. This is a classic representation of a "fated" (or synchronous) encounter" which brought opportunities in its wake but left my life as quickly as it had come".

Out comes my ephemeris and what do I see but Jupiter having just crossed over my natal Uranus in the tenth house. And that's not all. Jupiter was also making an exact quincunx to my natal Saturn in the third house of communication and siblings. My natal Saturn is in Capricorn. My adopted dad is a Capricorn and was a military man himself. He is also an Irishman, Reynolds being an Irish name. The asteroid Ireland sits in exact conjunction to my natal Saturn so of course transitingJupiter was also making an exact quincunx to it as does Uranus in my natal chart. I should have known that somehow at some time, some weird, synchronistic event (Uranus) was going to play a big role in my life. I felt as though this General Reynolds had reached across over a 150 year span of time and touched me. I know so little of American History, though a history buff, my interest is primarily British and European History. I had heard of Gettysburg of course, yet honestly I had no idea what state it was even in, let alone that was a General Reynolds who died there. When I looked back at the sequence of events that led up to my even noticing the Ghost of Gettysburg was on the history channel, a channel that interestingly enough, I rarely ever watch, my own lifelong passionate interest in Ghosts and ghost stories (I have lived in many a haunted house and cleared many more!) well it just seemed that the Universe "winked" at me so to speak and offered me a glimpse into some pretty interesting dimensions indeed! Where it will all lead exactly, well that I cannot say. Yet I am ever so grateful for the added joy and passion I am feeling in my life, as though I was finally able to give myself permission to pursue a lifelong desire to immerse myself in the study of Synchronicity in an effort to better understand its purpose and guidance in my own and hopefully other's lives through these webpages.

The following is from my July 2003 Morningstar Newsletter.

'When we are in a state of commitment and surrender, we begin to experience what is sometimes called synchronicity. This attractiveness, the field that starts to develop around people who have experienced these shifts of mind, creates a phenomenon that Joe (Jaworski) calls predictable miracles."
-- From the introduction to _Synchronicity_ by Joseph Jaworski

Have you even been walking or driving down the street and seen a sign with a person's name on it and then later that day, meet someone whose name is the same as the one you saw on the sign? Or asked what career you should pursue and then suddenly begin meeting a number of people who all work in the same field? Or think a sentence quietly to yourself or ask a silent question and then have someone near you suddenly voice what you had been thinking? These are all examples of synchronicity. Many people shrug such occurrences off as random events that while interesting and somewhat curious, have no real meaning. I believe that synchronicity is in fact Spirit's way of speaking to use about everything, from the most trivial and mundane to the most important aspects of our lives. And yes, even those things that seem the most trivial can be of great importance to the structure of our lives, for these are the bedrock on which the major events and manifestations can occur. A chance meeting or overheard conversation in a queue, while on the surface appearing to be a very minor event, has been known to change the course of more than one person's life. Synchronicity occurs when we are searching for a sign post for our lives, a nudge as to which direction we need to begin moving in. It also occurs when we are on the right track and just need a little (or a lot!) validation that we are headed in the right direction!

Synchronicity can also help us to become clear when we are seeking something new in our lives. On June 6th, I was preparing to take a parcel to the post office when I got the nudge to wait until a later time in the day. Having committed myself to do my level best to follow my intuition from moment to moment, I busied myself with other things until I felt the nudge that it was time to go. There was a woman at the counter and so I stood back, and a queue began to form behind me. Suddenly I overheard a woman saying to her partner "I don't know if the house is for sale or lease". Since I had been going back and forth in my own mind as to whether to lease a house or seriously consider buying a house at this time, my ears really perked up! 2 hours later, my flatmate rings me up and says " I found an ad for a house, not sure if its for sale or lease, I think itís a lease though." Needless to say, I was having more than a few chills running up my spine! While it wasn't the house we were seeking, it did make it abundantly clear to me that I needed to make up my mind one way or another, I was giving the Universe two different directions to move in! So I sat quietly for a time and asked the GF's, is this a sign I need to be looking for a house to lease instead of buy? They replied "It is easier for you to believe that you can find a house for lease in an expensive housing market that is affordable for you. You have faith that you can find a house that is ideal for your current needs at a rent that is acceptable to you. And in fact you have been seeing more and more ads for houses that are indeed closer and closer to that which you are seeking at the rent that you have decided is easy for you afford. When you make the leap to believing that you can find a house to purchase that not only meets your desires and that of your family, yet also is at a price that you can easily afford, then you shall find an abundance of houses to buy. Neither we nor the Universe is "telling" you to lease or buy, we are "telling" you to become more clear about what you believe and then to begin acting of those beliefs as you feel guided. If you choose to desire new beliefs around this situation, all you need to do is ask and we and the Universe shall respond to help you. Grandfathers, over and out". I know that when any of us makes a clear decision to be, do or have something, the Universe does respond.

That same day Ken comes home from work and says I have something to share with you. A house? Nope, a Mattress set! Well, a few weeks ago I was thinking how I really would fancy a new mattress/box spring that is of higher quality than what I have now. I have created a lovely sanctuary in my room, which is where I do much of my meditations and spiritual "homework" as well as to simply relax. At first I started off complaining a bit about the condition o my current mattress. Grandfathers stepping in and saying, "Grasshopper, what are you creating right now?" Right! Focus off that and onto how grateful I am to have a bed at all not to mention a home to have it in! Grandfathers - what do you desire? A high quality mattress and box spring, maybe a queen size actually as I do so love to spread out and it does make me feel like a Queen! Jump ahead to June 6th. I am sitting on the bed and thinking how good the linens feel and how much I enjoy their colour and texture. How good it feels to simply sit there, listening to music, talking with the Grandfathers, feeling the flow of the Universe and knowing all is well. Ken arrives home and launches into how a co-worker is moving back to Hawaii and needs to be out of her flat by the following Tuesday. She has for sale an almost brand new ( less than a few months old) Simmons box spring, mattress and frame, a $700.00 value, she is selling for $250.00 or best offer. She would be willing to take $200.00. Bed linens included if I want them. That didn't take long and frankly I hadnít really realised that I had even placed a "cosmic order" at the time I became clear about what it was I really desired. Yet the Universe did receive and act upon what I had requested. It came easily, effortlessly and at a moment when both her and I would benefit. I also received the message that by my allowing myself to have a higher quality mattress, I was also saying to the Universe Yes, I do deserve to have more good in my life! Yes I do deserve to have wonderful things come to me easily and quickly that enhance my joy and pleasure in life! It also helps me to feel more prosperous and abundant (YES, I can afford to purchase the things I desire!). And of course, this also goes a long ways in helping me to believe that even greater things are possible, including buying the ideal home for my family and myself at a price that I can easily afford. No matter what the housing market is like where I live! Thank you Grandfathers! Thank you Universe! All is indeed well!

This is the sort of thing that occurs when one becomes more aware of the synchronicity already present in one's life. The Universe uses any and all avenues to "reach out and touch someone" as the old ad used to say, yet we also have to be present enough to pick up the Universal phone when the call comes through and respond to it. When we begin to understand that all these events that many would put down to chance, random occurrence are actually guiding us to the life we dream of living, then we are able to draw upon this vast network of wisdom and intelligence that will send us validations when we are moving along the right road or and perhaps even more importantly, warn us of potential danger when we start to stray off course. A good example of this is making a decision to pursue the completion of a business deal, buying a house or embarking on a new relationship. Suddenly one finds that one is hearing of all sorts of people who are involved in similar situations and the outcomes have been anything but wonderful. Often the names and circumstances of the individuals involved are eerily similar. Two things may be happening here: the first is synchronicity. The Universe is saying not right time, not right place, not right person, steer clear! The second possibility is that the Universe is mirroring back to the person there own doubts and fears about their plan of action. Or both! How to tell what is really happening? Usually when a person steps back, releases the need for a given outcome, one does know the truth of what is happening and even though there may be some regret at having to release what one has been pursuing, I have also found that this is also most often accompanied by a great sense of relief! One DID know it wasn't the best option to begin with, and releasing that option, allows for a better one to make itself known. Yes some time may need to pass before the right action/place/person becomes known and yet the Universe also has a way of softening the edges of such a wait if one will but give it a chance to do so and be grateful for what IS right and good in one's life.

If someone is unsure if its doubts and fears or actual warning signs that are wanting to be heeded, asking for clarity and even more synchronicity will yield good results. The person may start to hear that some folks felt so fearful that they were creating obstacles that didn't need to be there. Once they had sorted through their fears and began the process of releasing them, the obstacles began to dissolve. Or the person may hear that the situations had they not gone awry, would have caused even greater grief in the long run or the people involved would have missed a true golden opportunity (such as the couple that found that had they been able to buy their "dream house" as planned, they would have missed out on an opportunity to find not only an even better house, but in a whole new area of the world that also brought them both brand new and more fulfilling careers!) Sometimes these new opportunities are so big, so huge in scope, that many events need to occur and many pieces need to fall into place before one sees where one was really being led. Synchronicity helps to make this process not only much more enjoyable, but faster and easier as well.

Synchronicity as long term guidance

Synchronicity I believe is all around us, happening time and again throughout our days and yet much of the time we miss both the occurrence of it and its far reaching implications. A good example of this happened to me several years ago. I had gone absolutely mad over Mariposa Lilies thanks to an essence another producer had available that I had read about and was doing substantial research into cultivating them. I wasn't attracted initially to working with the actual essences that were currently available which really surprised me as I was becoming so enthralled with the plants themselves. I even subscribed to a horticultural newsletter dedicated to these beautiful flowers. Mariposa Lily essence kept popping up repeatedly as people would request the essence from one producer or another. I started to see Mariposa Lilies blooming in people's gardens near where I lived in Portland. (This was unusual as Portland is too wet for the little darlings, normally they have to be potted up and then after blooming, require strict water withholding as otherwise the bulbs will rot easily.) I knew that they were important to me in my life in some way and yet other than creating essences with the Devas of them, I honestly couldn't see any possible connection with my life in the future. I learned that Mariposa is Spanish for Butterfly and as I already had been producing numerous Butterfly essences, for a long while I assumed that it had something to do with those essences and eventually it would all make sense. I didn't dream that I would eventually move to Mariposa Ave in Los Angeles. Nor that in taking a short break at a cafť after coming over the Grapevine with all my worldly possessions and right before heading down into the basin of LA to stay, I would see a Butterfly flitting about the flowers as I stood waiting outside. Mind you, this was in November. Not the usual season for Butterflies, VBG! Synchronicity was operating in my life and actually telling me the name of the street I would eventually live in, even before I knew I wanted to move to this part of the country.

Attracting Synchronicity

Synchronicity has most likely played a role in similar ways in your own life. Stop right now and think, has there been anything that keeps coming up for you in your own life? A word, phrase, name? Maybe itís a symbol or a scent. Maybe a colour. Synchronicity is limitless so don't try to box in the ways and means it can express itself! What ever this thing or word may be, write it down and keep it where you will see it often. Buy a journal or notebook, and write it down there as well. Now, ask the Universe to begin bringing to you synchronicity involving this word, name, symbol, etc. Pay attention as you go on throughout your day! Synchronicity can at times be quite subtle so its important to be awake and aware, no doddling along on auto pilot! When you wake up in the morning, think of what you have written and affirm that you are open to receiving guidance as to what it means for you in your life. Don't worry if the answers come slowly. As I stated before, sometimes things take many different elements to come together, yet if this does have importance for you, the synchronicity around it will continue, I guarantee it!

As you notice synchronicity occurring, write it down in your journal or notebook. See what the common threads are, where did the synchronicity spring from, was it from something you overheard while in a cafť or at the health club? Was it from a book, the radio, the telly? Were you in a queue at the post office? (I tend to experience a lot of synchronicity while standing in a queue, sometimes I think if I need answers on something, I should go out, find a queue and join it, LOL!) Knowing where you tend to attract the most synchronicity will also help you to seek it out when you need it. If it's from books, then randomly opening a book that you feel drawn to can be helpful. Sometimes I will type or write a passage from a book into my Synchronicity Journal and see where it leads as time goes on. Writing it down is so important as it gives you a written record that you can reflect back on, think of it as different pieces of a jig saw puzzle. Are there names that are coming up frequently? Areas of the country you live in or of the world? What are the common threads? If from books, are the authors primarily male or female? This can indicate whether the people involved will be primarily male or female, even possibly indicating a new partner! Donít try to analyze it all into the ground however, just keep watching for those common threads and jot them down! Eventually they are going to make a whole lot of sense!

Synchronicity can also be attracted through meditating on a word or phrase. For example, you may feel you want to better understand what may be blocking the flow of love in your life so you begin to meditate on the word love. Later that day a friend rings you and mentions that the author of some book you have never heard of is going to be in town to give a lecture on attracting and keeping love. Then you turn on the radio and hear almost at once that the first five callers to the station will receive free tickets to attend this Author's lecture! So feeling a little interested in this weird series of events, you ring up the station and lo and behold, you win a pair of tickets! (This actually happened to someone I knew many years ago). But it doesn't stop there. You attend the lecture with your friend and meet the love of your life or at least have a jolly good time with someone who turns out to be a wonderful new friend! The important thing to bear in mind here is not to attend to the outcome. In other words, you meditate on your chosen word, you let it go and move on with the rest of your day. Maybe the synchronicity won't happen today and you need to be okay with that. Maybe it will happen tomorrow or even next week because at the time you were asking for guidance, you didn't really want to hear the answer. Hey, we all do it! Yet when you least expect it, here it comes!

Noticing it when synchronicity occurs is the easiest way to attract more of it. What you pay attention to in your life expands. This is how your journal can serve double duty: it allows you to both track it and to become more aware of it. Also note that how what you focus on during your day, for better or worse, also tends to attract the sort of synchronicity you experience. For example, if your thinking is normally fairly upbeat and positive, you will tend to attract synchronicity that reflects this back to you. If you are focusing more on problems and worry, thatís what you will attract via synchronicity. So synchronicity can also serve to alert us to what we are thinking! What a wonderful Universe that has given us so many ways of tuning in to what we are really thinking and feeling so that we may change it if we choose not to go down one path or another or boost it even more if we do!

Spending time being reflective, allowing the thoughts and energies of the day to simply flow through you is another wonderful way of attracting more synchronicity. When we are in a quiet, reflective state of mind, it allows the Universe to more powerfully communicate with us. Think of a lazy day when you are simply floating along, not trying to grab onto anything or being too busy, just float. You get the intuitive hit to pick up a book, go for a walk, turn on the radio or the telly, ring a friend just to chat. Then the Universe can move on your behalf by inserting synchronicity in such a way that you are bound to notice and reflect upon it.

Be grateful! Being grateful for all the good you already have is a powerful way of attracting synchronicity. Moving into a state of Gratefulness is moving into a state of Divine Grace. People who are grateful for all the good in life tend to attract all sorts of wonderful things into their lives, including very powerful examples of synchronicity. Being grateful means our hearts and minds are open, and like parachutes, thatís when they both function best! I keep a gratitude journal and each evening (well, okay, sometimes I don't, VBG!) I write down between 5 and 20 things that I am most grateful for. When I do this consistently, everything in my life blooms. When I don't, well, lets say it doesn't take me too long anymore to realise that I have forgotten to say "Thank You Universe!"

Reading books on attracting synchronicity can also help one to better understand the significance of synchronicity and therefore attract more of it to you. The following are some of the ones I have found most helpful:

Manifesting your Heart's Desire Book 1 - Fred Fengler and Todd Varnum

Synchronicity Signs and Symbols - Patricia Rose Upczak

Synchronicity - Deike Begg (this one for me personally felt as though it had been written for me!)

And of course our old friend Dr. Jung wrote extensively on Synchronicity: (In fact, he coined the word to express what he saw as "meaningful coincidences" that often brought about healing or guidance.) Synchronicity: An Acausal Connecting Principle is a good place to start.

Even as I was working on creating and pulling together the different elements of this month's Unlimited Edition Essence, Synchronicity / July, I was struck by synchronicity. I had actually began by asking for the essential oils that I would need so I could order them early and have them on hand. One month before I had found a new essential oil supplier that I have been very pleased with and so I went back to that site to begin the process of allowing the EO's needed to begin speaking to me. On their index page there was a group of new EO's that they were stocking in smaller vials as they are extremely expensive. Intrigued, I clicked on the one for Helichrysum. I knew that was one of the EO's needed and so I purchased two bottles. Shortly thereafter, I received by post a catalog from a beauty company, L'Occitane. They listed some new products that were really jumping out at me containing the essential oil of the Immortelle flower and though I was a little put off by the price, I decided to run a search to see what I could find out about them. What I didn't know was the Immortelle and Helichrysum are one and the same! I knew then that the Helichrysum was an important component indeed as both an EO and an essence. And while I donít really understand where it goes beyond this, I know that it does. It has simply been too big a "coincidence" to be anything but important guidance for me. So I am watching and waiting to see where it leads. Everything is Guidance when we open our minds to seeing its true face.

There is another rather interesting bit of Synchronicity I must mention here in regards to my moving to sunny southern California. One rather cool and wet evening, I was walking along a street in Northeast Portland with a friend. We "happened" to be discussing my possible move to LA and I was frankly wondering if in fact I had gone off my trolley track and it was not meant to be after all. Just at the moment when I said to my friend "I just don't know if its going to happen" she gave a shriek and said "Lynx, look, over there!" A small marquee, the type you see announcing what movies are playing at the cinema, was lit up and there was one thing on it: my name. Lynx. I had never noticed that Marquee before, certainly I had been down that street many times at night and nothing on that corner was ever lit. Both of us stood there with our jaws hanging down to the ground, and then we started laughing. She commented at the time that it was a sure sign I was "destined" to become famous. The important thing to me at the time was that I knew in my heart and soul that the Universe had given me an answer and that answer would sustain me in the long months to come and also during these past two and a half years, actually almost three years now, when I have wondered I am living here. I know I was led here for a reason. It may have been a crossroads for me in many ways to live here, yet knowing there is a purpose, a higher purpose behind it all, makes those moments when I long for rain and fog that much easier to bear. Maybe this is part of the purpose behind synchronicity. A Loving Source/Creator/God/Universe that knows what we planned to be and do when we come into these physical bodies and knowing that we ourselves WOULD forget, out of love, He/She made sure to scatter signs known as synchronicity along the way. Thank You, Spirit. Truly we are blessed and loved!

I know over the weeks and months to come there will be much more to share on these pages. I hope that my journey and the journey of others along the path of Synchronicity are helpful and beneficial to all those who find their way to these pages. Spirit Bless!

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