The Genius of "The Strangest Secret" by Earl Nightingale

As a forward to this article, I want to strongly encourage any who have not listened to the Strangest Secret by Earl Nightingale to do so. He covers so much more ground than I am going to cover in this article and all of it is food for thought. He truly was a remarkable man and thankfully his work lives on though he himself made his transition many years ago.

I have been wanting to write about Earl Nightingale's "The Strangest Secret" for some time now. Then other things always seemed to take precedence. I don't know how it is for other writers but for me, it seems that I get a number of ideas at once and the pull to write one thing over another can be exceedingly strong. Something takes over when I write and seems to determine the order in which things will get written. And if I try to buck that trend, nothing happens.

I simply cannot write a word.

So I kept putting this off and putting this off as I suppose the time wasn't really right for it.

Recently I was listening to some music on Youtube while I was writing and in the sidebar, there was "The Strangest Secret". I hadn't listened to it for a while and feeling the need to take a breather from what I was writing, I decided to stop and listen to it yet again.

Only this time, it had an effect on me that it hadn't had before.

I could not get it out of my mind. I kept turning it over and turning it over, it even caused me to have a dream one night that at the time I didn't associate with what I had been listening to. Until yesterday when I looked down at my shoes as I was walking along the street and I got it. I really, truly got it. I got the dream and I got what Mr. Nightingale was really saying all those years ago.

I wonder if he himself even really knew.

Certainly he understood from a Success point of view as that is what he had been seeking to understand for so many years; why is it that one person becomes a success when so many others don't.

Yet the full implications of what he said are absolutely staggering.

"We become what we think about"

Earl Nightingale was not the first to say these words. As he talks about in The Strangest Secret, every great Spiritual Teacher and Philosopher down through the ages has said these same words in one form or another. Yet if you will start to really turn these words over and over in your mind you will come to the same conclusion that I did if you haven't already. It may well be that you are way ahead of me on this.

This isn't just about succeeding in terms of getting ahead in life. These words cover every possible event that can ever happen to any of us in life. For Good or "evil", we do indeed become what we think about. Day in and day out. Put another way - we experience what we think about and we think about that which we allow ourselves to be exposed to. Day in and day out. And this is why in the Bible it says to "turn away from evil". It isn't speaking about what a lot of people seem to think it is. It IS saying - do not dwell upon those things that you do not wish to experience in your world. Do not expose yourself to those things or people that seek to control or manipulate you through fear. For if someone can get you to fear something, they can control your thinking. And if they can control your thinking, they are in control of what you experience in your world.


Because thought, coupled with a strong emotion such as fear, attracts and creates what one experiences in life. This is a mental world and thoughts are things.

Most of us are constantly bombarded by the thoughts, beliefs and fears of others and the kicker is, most of us willingly expose ourselves to these things! We don't expose ourselves because we want to attract these things, but because we are taught "that is just the way things are". We are bombarded with everything from what products we should use, what politics we should endorse (personally, I Am a political atheist), what careers we should pursue and what sorts of homes we should all strive to live in. We are bombarded with images and thoughts of all the negative things that can happen to any one of us, but wait, there is a product of some sort or another "guaranteed" to see us through. Yet, how much of that could be avoided if we were not exposed to that way of thinking for so much of our day?

We become what we think about.

There are people out there through either their own ignorance or because they really do understand the staggering implications of these words, that seek to benefit and enrich themselves by bombarding the rest of us with things to fear, things to feel bad about. I doubt that most of us really realize what is happening when we turn on the news, pick up a magazine or listen to a conversation while standing in line at the corner store. We are literally taking in mental "nourishment" of one form or another without realizing what we are taking on board. And if we give these things enough thought day in and day out, eventually we will become those things in one form or another. For we "digest" the thoughts and beliefs we ourselves take in, which too often come from others instead of thinking for ourselves, in much the same way as our bodies digest food.

And then we become what we think about.

If we think about problems, our own or another's, eventually we become that problem ourselves if we continue to dwell upon it and dwell upon it some more. However, if we think in terms of Solutions and Divine Solutions at that, then here too, we become what we think about. We OURSELVES can BECOME Divine Solutions for any and all circumstances in life.

I think that is something to ponder upon! Because then that is what we shall become. Literally, we can, each of us, become an answer to someone else's prayer.

So how do we limit our exposure to those things and people that seek to control and manipulate the rest of us? Mr. Nightingale had the answer to that as well - Stop conforming! How many people do things just because that is what everyone else is doing? Most of us. The Divine Architect of The Universe did not create us to all be the same. We can choose to just not go where someone else is going if it doesn't bring Joy, Peace and Happiness to ourselves or others. Because otherwise we end up like the story of the blind leading the blind. We all fall into the ditch.

I don't know about you, but I know I Am done with falling into ditches!

We can choose to focus on Divine Solutions. We can choose to think about who and what we spend our time with and whether it is truly bringing about more Positive Changes in the world. Or we can stay mired in the muck in an effort to conform. The choice is always ours. It takes a lot of effort as I well know to change one's thinking, to deliberately set about choosing what things one desires to dwell upon and to keep the mind anchored there. For me, there are days when it is a real uphill battle. Yet persistence, practice and patience with one's on process is key. Certainly there is much Positive, Motivating and Inspiring material out there in the world, now more than ever, that we can choose to take in when we could use a Positive mental boost.

And then we become what we think about.

There is always a Solution, there is always an answer. But if we choose to stay focused on what is "wrong" rather than seeking to rise up in Consciousness, we will never find the Solution, the Answer. Einstein once said that a problem cannot be solved at the same level that it was created at and yet that is exactly what we all continue to try and do. Until we don't anymore. And I believe that day is coming and sooner than many may think.

The best thing you can do for this world is to be yourself. The best thing you can do for this world is think for yourself. The best thing you can do for this world is to decide what you want to become and then think about that all day long, no matter what.

Because then that is what you will become and the rest of us will be the better for it.

Try the following for a few days, a week, a month and see what happens. Take any positive idea, doesn't matter what it is as long as it really appeals to you and then use that as your touchstone for the day. Turn it over slowly in your mind, over and over again. Don't just think you really understand the meaning of it already, just allow it to filter through your Consciousness as it will. Whenever your mind is running on autopilot, gently Guide it back to your thought for the day. See what happens over time. See what other New Thoughts begin to filter into your Consciousness. They will come. Know that any one of those New Thoughts can so change your thinking as to completely alter your world for the better in ways that you cannot possibly begin to imagine now.

For it really is True that we become what we think about.

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