Abstract Art Found in the Orion Nebula
Source: Hubblesite.org

The above picture Is "Abstract Art Found In The Orion Nebula". Click on the source link above to go to the Hubble website

Star Essences

Since I can remember, I have been fascinated by the night sky and that interest has grown rather than waned over the years. I reached the conclusion for myself many years ago that Star light was as important to my own health and well being as sunlight. After tentatively mentioning this to others, I found that many other people felt the same way, there was an energy being transmitted to them through the light of the Stars that was having a major impact on every level of their lives. Looking to the stars allows us to dream and see the infinite potential that exists in the Universe and ourselves. We are indeed of the same stuff that Stars are made of. Attuning ourselves to their energy and light helps us to expand and explore both the unknown and the known in new and creative ways. While we do have indications for each essence, they also need to be chosen through reflection and attunement to one's own inner guidance. Indications while helpful in many cases can also be extremely limiting and the energy of these essences is meant to take us beyond limitations and known boundaries. The Stars have a profound impact on our energy fields and modes of expression.Working with these essences can produce profound shifts in our consciousness.


Affirmation - I Am Now Recognised For All That I Have Rightfully Achieved

Excellent for those seeking honor and status in their lives, be it earthly or spiritual. Being recognised for one's hard work and effort, attaining "expert" status if one has put the effort in to achieving this.


Affirmation - My Life Is Filled With The Beauty & Power Of The Universe

For those seeking to deepen their spirituality, attuning themselves to the Universal mind and flow. Living life from a Higher and much more Spiritual perspective, recognising that life always improves and becomes much grander when we seek to deepen our inner awareness of our True Being as Spirit

AM 1316-241 Galaxies

Affirmation - I Stand Firm In My Own Truth & Yet I Am Still Open To Other Ways Of Thinking & Being

This essence is for those who must work with large groups or organizations whose goals and aims are much different than one's personal goals and aims in life. One of the lessons a Soul may choose to experience in any given lifetime is needed exposure to others whose thoughts, values and beliefs are much different than one's own in order to better understand and feel compassion for a larger segment of humanity. This exposure also serves to help the Soul better understand and define its own needs and values, to stand firm with what one believes to be true for him/herself and yet allowing others the same right to their own beliefs and values.

Antares (Royal Star)

Affirmation - Working With My Shadow Is Powerfully Healing For Me

Accepting and integrating the shadow self so that it becomes a positive expression in one's life. Also excellent for those dealing with issues of poverty or financial loss.

Antenna Galaxies

Affirmation - I Always Have Access To The Information I Need

This essence helps a person to tune into the exact information frequency that they need at any given time. It greatly boosts intuition and psychic abilities in all their forms.


Affirmation - I Navigate Through My Life With Freedom & Ease

The great Navigator and path finder. Canopus helps us to find our way when we feel lost and alone. It is the guiding light that reminds us that we are closer to the manifestation of our goals than we may think and all we need do is continue to move along our life's path for the fulfillment of our goals to be realised.

Comet 4P/Faye

Affirmation - I Laugh My Way To Good Health, Wealth & Happiness

Laughter, laughter and more laughter! Of all the healing tools we have available, laughter is one of the most important. Studies have shown that laughter not only reduces stress, but can also play an important role in recovery from serious illnesses such as cancer.

Comet 10P/Temple2

Affirmation - Scent Inspires, Heals & Empowers Me

Awakening to higher states of consciousness through the sense of smell. Excellent for use with aromatherapy. Our sense of smell can evoke Divine assistance, healing on all levels, including the physical. This essence also makes a person more aware of how negative smells such as car emissions lowers the overall vibratory rate of both the self and the planet.

Comet 21P/Giacobini-Zimmer

Affirmation - I Know I Am Always Safe & Well, Basking In Divine Light & Love

Releases a person from the paradigm of fear. Some fears are reasonable and important for our continuing survival at this time. ( this is in the process of changing however). But the level of fear on the planet at this time is so overwhelming that it is inhibiting too many people from truly living their lives. This essence addresses this issue as well as repelling those whose greed spurs them on to feed of others fears and in the process creates new fears.

Comet 29P/Schwasmann-Wachman1

Affirmation - I Ask For Help From The Higher & It Always Arrives With Time To Spare

For those that feel that all the responsibility is on them to take care of others or bring about planetary change. Realizing that not only are there many hight beings who stand ready to lend a hand, all one needs to do is ask for help, but there are those who do not desire one's assistance and to those people you simply need to send them love light and let them go.

Comet 37P/Forbes

Affirmation - I Am Divenly Directed To New Healing tools & Innovations

Travelling through many times, dimensions. Accessing healing information not currently available on the planet at this time. Encourages cooperation, a sense of unity and oneness.

Comet 52P/Harrington-Abell

Affirmation - I Am Connected With & Supported By Other Cosmic Travelers & I Am Never Alone

For cosmic travelers who never feel like they belong to any group, area, space or time. These people are actually travelling vortexes of energy that the Universe uses to channel healing and information to others. Eases the sense of loneliness such persons often feel.

Comet 88P/Howell

Affirmation - I Bask In The Flow Of Higher Vibrational Energy & I Am Healed On All Levels

Very high cosmic vibrational energy. Lifts one completely out of the earth plane dimension for support and healing on any level. This energy is then grounded in the body upon one's return so it may be shared with others.

Comet C/1997 J2

Affirmation - I Routinely Allow Myself Time To Leave The "Mundane" World Behind To Go Play Among The Stars

This essence is like going to a cosmic playground. The ultimate take a break, have a holiday essence. Sometimes just having fun with no other purpose in mind can take you further faster than any amount of hard work.

Comet C/1998 M5

Affirmation - The Dross has Been Swept Away & I Am Clear & Focused On My Next Goal

Cleans out the cobwebs, clarity as to what direction to pursue next. Releasing the past in such a way that it can be viewed as positive experience rather than a traumatic episode. Feeling reborn, renewed, rejuvenated.

Comet C/1998 P1

Affirmation - I Trust In The Universe To Provide All That I Need

Courage, faith in the Universe, knowing you can step aside from fear and limitations. Banishes abuse, standing up for yourself and your needs. Self-reliance, released the need for co-dependency. Breaking free from whatever holds you back.

Comet P/1998 U3

Affirmation - I Hear And Clearly Channel Master Guides & Teachers

Stimulates psychic sensitivity, channelling of high energy guides and teachers. Validation of intuition through direct physical experience.

Comet Halebop

Affirmation - My Intellectual, Emotional & Spiritual Energies Are Heightened & Balanced

Activates areas of the brain not currently in use. This not only increases intellectual awareness, but emotional and spiritual sensitivity as well.

Comet Hyakutake

Affirmation - I Clearly See & Embrace Universal Truth & My Life Is Greatly Enhanced As A Result

Attunes one with the Universal truth. What reality is, not what we have been taught to believe. Facing the truth within ourselves, no longer will you be able to convince yourself something is true for you when it isn't.

Corvus (Constellation)

Affirmation - I Am Aware Of Impending Changes In My Life & I Make The Most Of Them

Also known as the Crow, those who feel a strong resonance with Crow energy may find this essence to be very helpful. This essence brings guidance and awareness of major changes before they are about to manifest so that one can better prepare and not feel thrown off balance when the change happens. There is a much greater awareness within of what changes need to be made and the fear of making those changes is greatly lessened. It is excellent for learning to heed and follow one's own Inner Guidance/Intuition.

Delta Cygni

Affirmation - I Easily Understand & Work With The Universal Laws

Attunes one to the laws of karma and understanding of vibrational forms.

30 Doradus Nebula

Affirmation - I Laugh & My Problems Float Gently Away, To Be Replaced With Good & Joy

This essence is very helpful for seeing the funny aspects of life, to lighten up and laugh when things are going pear-shaped and to remind one's self that if one could see the greater picture that one would never fear or worry again.


Affirmation - I Know What Tools & Insights I Need To Heal

Insight and Awareness. This essence is a very important one that can help us to better understand what is needed for us to heal both ourselves and the planet. It helps us to allow healing to happen in our lives through a deep understanding that we are worthy of healing and that healing on any level for us as individuals helps to heal everyone and everything on the entire of the planet.

El Nath

Affirmation - I Am In Perfect Vibrational Alignment With That Which I Desire To Manifest

Attuning to the cosmic vibrations of all things. Learning to manifest through harnessing the vibratory rate of that which is desired.

Eskimo Nebula

Affirmation - I Am Able To Grasp & Use Complex Information & Guidance

This Nebula had produced gas clouds that appear to be so complex that they are not fully understood yet. So too does the essence helps us to connect with information of great complexity that others may not even be aware of yet, but is still filtering through to those who are open to receiving it from Divine Mind. This essence can help us to better understand the new waves of information and energy that are flowing to us now so that we may better usher in the New Age of Enlightenment.

Galactic Center

Affirmation - I Am United With The Power Of The Universe

Wholeness within one's self. Uniting with higher vibrational beings for a common cause.

Galactic Center Essence

Galaxy Abell 2218

Affirmation - I Easily Release All Of My Self-imposed Limitations & I Joyfully Create A New Life

Releasing self-imposed roles and expectations of yourself that are not creating a more joyful life for you. Seeing yourself in a whole new way and feeling really good as you move through the process of expressing more and more of the "new you".

Galaxy Pair NGC 3314

Affirmation - My Relationship With My Soul Mate is Beautiful, Harmonious & Absolutely Wonderful!

This essence is for those who are involved in Soul Mate relationships and have found that there is much that they as a couple are needing to sort through and heal. Contrary to popular belief, Soul Mate relationships do not always run more smoothly than any other relationship and at times can feel more intense because both Souls are seeking to help the other as well as themselves to grow and evolve more quickly.

Globular Cluster M80

Affirmation - I Fully Understand & Integrate My Life Lessons So I Can Release Them & Move Forward

This essence is very helpful for being better able to integrate lessons and experiences from both the past and present. It allows us to get to the core of the lesson so that we need not be as apt to repeat it in the future but can move on to the next evolutionary phase of one's life.

Gravitational Lens

Affirmation - I Know How To Harness Positive Thoughts & Feelings To Manifest A wonderful Life

A nearby Galaxy that bends light from a Galaxy much further away. This in turn creates several images of the other Galaxy. This essence is extremely helpful for multiplying things and experiences that one seeks to experience more of through positive focus and appreciation of same. It also helps one to remove one's attention from that which is not wanted.

Halley's Comet

Affirmation - I Am Honoured & Appreciated For All Of The Valuable Contributions I Make

Activates one's rise to fame in any chosen area. This is not ego centered, but an expression of the gifts that you came to share with others.

Helix Nebula

Affirmation - I Travel Through The Illusion Of Time & Space To Heal & Positively Shift My Life's Experiences

Understanding that all of life is a spiral, every energy is equal in it's neutrality, but it is how the energy is used that determines it's positive or negative impact. Allows one to travel backwards and forwards through time to clean up old karma and plant the seeds for a new, more positive future.

HEN 1357 Stingray Nebula

Affirmation - I Find My Way Through With Ease & Grace

Experiencing other levels of reality, trusting in your own personal power. Finding a way through when the proper path seems blocked or forbidding.

Hourglass Nebula

Affirmation - What I Need Is Available To Me Right Now

This essence helps us to understand that time is but an illusion and thus we need not wait for our joy, our healing, our abundance, our peace or anything else to manifest for it is already manifested in Divine Mind. What appears to slow our experience of what we have asked The Universe for is our belief in Time or that "all things take time". As we begin to step away from this belief we find that we can use the illusion of time to our benefit, slowing it down when we know intuitively we need a "buffer" in order to become clearer about what we truly desire and speeding it up when we have made a firm decision that truly feels right to us and we are seeking to experience it sooner.

Keyhole Nebula

Affirmation - I Am Free Of What Has Held Me Back


Affirmation - I Choose The Highest Destiny I Can Envision

Finding one's destiny by learning that earthly destiny is what one chooses to create.

Magellenic Cloud Star Field

Affirmation - I Am Now Being Re-birthed Into A wonderful New Life

The essence of birth and new beginnings, sailing forth fearlessly to explore new territory and to bring back great riches from your explorations.

M8 Lagoon Nebula

Affirmation - I Am Cleansed Of All Negativity, Healed & Uplifted

For those with a strong water element in their natal horoscope, or those especially drawn to bodies of water. Helps to keep the emotional body clear and free flowing. Very rejuvenating.

M16 Eagle Nebula

Affirmation - Like The Phoenix I Rise Again, Re-birthed Into An Ever Greater Version Of My True Self

Rising above trying circumstances, blossoming wherever you find yourself. Birthing something magnificent, new creative potential and insight. Witnessing the splendor that is you and that of the universe.

M 27

Affirmation - I Am Aligned With My Soul's Higher Intentions & Evolutions

Attuning to the evolutionary purpose of the soul.

M42 Orion Nebula

Affirmation - I Have All The Courage Within Me That I Need To Go For What I really Want

Strength and courage to create whatever you desire to create. Going the distance, not taking no for an answer, but finding a win-win situation for all involved. Becoming more than you ever dreamed of being.

Meteor Shower - Geminids

Affirmation - My Every Thought & Word Is A Prayer

Understanding that everything we think and say is actually a form of prayer that does go out into the world and Universe and returns to us as manifested energy. To create a better life, focus on what you are saying and thinking, especially what you say to others, for they too are holding thought forms on your behalf that either are supportive of you or are a hindrance.

Milky Way

Affirmation - I Am Supported & Nurtured By Others Even As I Support & Nurture Them

Receiving support from society as a whole as well as from the Goddess energy.


Affirmation - Miracles Are A Natural Part Of My Everyday Life

Accepting and creating miracles in one's life. When we accept the possibility that a miracle can occur in any area of life, we find that we attract them with greater ease. Nothing is too big for Spirit/Source to set right in our lives.

NGC 4414

Affirmation - I Easily Understand & Work With The Energy Of My Dreams

This essence is an important one for dream recall and better understanding of same. It helps one to grasp dream symbols more easily and use them more effectively in one's day to day life as well as helping to determine which dreams a person needs to pay the most attention to. Those who keep a dream journal to study thier dreams over time will find this essence to be extremely helpful for them.

Nebula MZ 3

Affirmation - My Creativity Is Infused With The Creativity Of The Divine

The energy of Bliss and profound awakening of a spiritual nature. This essence enahnces inspiration and creativity, helping the person to take materials that are easily to hand and turning them into the most extraordinary images and shapes. This may take place within the mind as well where more mundane subjects are grasped from an entirely new perspective and thus are transformed into higher and more complex patterns of thinking and reflecting.

Nebula NGC 1999

Affirmation - Angels Are All Round me, Uplifting Me & Bringing More Joy Into My Life

This essence is a very powerful reflector of Angelic energies that are already present here on earth and are only awaiting for more of us to recognise them so that we shall all have more peace, joy, happiness and abundance in our lives. In truth Angels do walk among us unnoticed and as we recognise their presence we help them to bring ever more peace and joy onto the planet. What we give attention and focus too must grow!

Nebula NGC 3603

Affirmation - I Am In Perfect & Harmonious Alignment With My Natural Cycles & Rhythms

This essence is for working with one's own personal life cycles and rhythms. It helps one to better align themselves with their Soul cycles as well for the Soul too has cycles of growth and rest that if is attentive to, one will find that life flows much more easily and smoothly.

Nebula NGC 604

Affirmation - I Step Aside & Allow The Universe To Do Its Magic On My Behalf

Knowing when to act, when to do nothing other than allowing the universe to work things out for you. Remembering to ask Spirit to manifest things for you and trusting / knowing it will happen.

Nebula NGC 2366

Affirmation - My Vibrational Awareness & Positive Influence Grows Stronger Each Day

Allowing for vibrational expansion while protecting any spaces so created from negative energy. Helps to keep the expansion process flowing smoothly so one does not retreat into fear or self-doubt. Opens up new horizons, new ways of thinking and experiencing life. Like the energizer bunny, we can just keep going, and going and going...

Northern Bull's Eye

Affirmation - I Am A winner & I Win Big!

Hitting the mark, achieving goals. Draws good luck. Also helpful for anyone involved in the arts.

North Scale

Affirmation - My Mind Is Filled With The Wisdom Of The Divine

Universal intelligence. Excellent for those involved in sports, writing, religion or law.


Affirmation - I Gladly Go My Own Way In Life

Non-conformity. This essence is for people who are Mavericks, Pioneers, who think and walk outside the box as well as for people who are seeking to allow their own Inner Pioneer to have greater expression in their lives. It helps one to revel in one's uniqueness and individuality yet channeling that energy into positive creations rather than simply rebelling for its own sake.


Affirmation - My Intuition Is Powerful & All Knowing

Prima Hyadum

Affirmation - I Am An Enlightened Being Living An Enlightened Life

Acceleration of Enlightenment. We are rapidly reaching a time in our evolution where it is imperative that we grasp and better understand the Laws of The Universe so that we may accelerate the pace of enlightenment for all of humanity. It is through the understanding and application of these laws that we shall usher in all the quicker The New Age of Enlightenment. This essence helps to greatly increase the pace in which one can accept, understand and apply Universal Law and Wisdom.


Affirmation - I Make The Most Of All Opportunities In My Life

Acting on opportunities as they are presented. This essence helps to filter out opportunities that are not truly in one's best interests while attracting a greater number of ones that are. It is also very helpful for those who tend to allow opportunities to slip through their fingers due to fear or procrastination caused by laziness.

Quasar 0237-233

Affirmation - Manifestation Of Good In My Life Happens At Warp Speed

Powerfully amplifies thought forms, speeding up manifestation of what is desired. Use to transmit intentions for self, others, planetary, universal. A definite awareness of thought-intention taking form and coming into being. Greatly raises vibrational patterns in the etheric bodies.

Quasar 0420-388

Affirmation - I Am A Radiant Light Being

Transmitter of light, automatically raises the vibration of everyone and everything around you. Use sparingly, this is a very powerful essence for light workers and those being initiated into working with the light.

Quasar 3 C 273

Affirmation - I Am Completely Free From The Chains Of The Past

Releasing who and what you once were, refusing to allow others to pull you back into old patterns or situations. Especially helpful when you find yourself reverting back to old behahur patterns around your parents or other family members.

Quasar PKS 2349

Affirmation - I Raise The Vibration Of Everyone & Everything Around Me

Very uplifting, feelings of serenity and peace. Broadcasting a higher frequency for others to be elevated by. Raises the vibration of the cellular structure. Very helpful for use when traveling through negative areas of a city, helps to repel unwanted confrontations.

Quasar GRS J1655-40

Affirmation - I Am A Powerful Transmitter Of Healing Energy

Enhances a person's ability to transmit healing to another through Reiki, hands on healing or telepathy. Excellent for use in massage oils or aromatherapy.

Quasar GRS 1915+105

Affirmation - I Receive All That I Need From The Universal Flow Of All Good

Receiving what is needed from the Universal flow. Encourages acceptance and being worthy of the best life has to offer. Opens the door for many high beings to transmit much needed information for personal and planetary healing.

Ring Nebula

Affirmation - I Am At Peace With My Past

This essence is for making peace with one's past, understanding and forgiving one's self for mistakes because one can now recognise that all experience and choice adds to the over-all knowledge and awareness of the entire of The Universe.

Saturn's Aurora

Affirmation - I Am Building A wonderful New Structure In My Life

Better able to create more positive and fulfilling structures for yourself as they relate to both career and home matters. Becoming clearer as to the details of how you would really like your life to be in those areas so that you may begin to attract those things in greater abundance to yourself.

Saturn Nebula

Affirmation - I Am Free To Move Forward Now

Eases restrictions, roadblocks and delays. Draws spiritual light into one's life and teaches one how to harness that power.

Spirograph Nebula

Affirmation - My Subconscious Mind Is Now Attracting What I Truly Desire In Life

This essence is for those who keep attracting similar experiences that they do not want to themselves over and over again and can't seem to break free. It helps the person to reach down to the core beliefs that are attracting the unwanted experiences and helps them to release them once and for all.

Supernova 1987A

Affirmation - I Choose To Focus On Experiencing All Good In My Lfe

When I began to worry I found it so much easier to move into a space of trust and knowing that no matter what is happening in the world around me, I have control over what I experience by what I think and choose to feel. I choose to feel peace and joy. I choose to feel abundant so that I may continue to give to others. I choose to feel safe because I know that the Universe is always watching over my children and me. It has also opened some doors and opportunities that I certainly did not expect but that I am indeed most grateful for! Since this essence was first produced almost 5 years ago now, many people have shared with us that they have had similar experiences with this essence.

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