Spiritual Treatments

Working with Spiritual Treatments

A Spiritual Treatment, also called a Prayer Treatment or Affirmative Prayer, aligns the user with Spiritual Truth and Universal Law. The purpose is to deeply instill within both the conscious and subconscious minds that there is only One Power, One Presence and this Presence is for us. This Presence desires only that each of us lead Happy, Fulfilled, Peaceful and Prosperous lives.

When we use a Spiritual Treatment for ourselves or another (with their permission of course) what we are really doing is acknowledging that The Universe Is Good and we are now accepting this Wonderful Good into our lives now. We are open to how it shall present itself to us, all the while keeping our minds off as best we can outer conditions. In fact, as Dr. Joseph Murphy said We do not need to work on changing outer conditions we need only work on changing ourselves.

When we change what is within us, then the outer world will also change to align with our new thoughts and beliefs. Given time and practice, the outer world will change for the better for you if you are persistent and willing to change.

You can work with any Spiritual Treatment in the following way: Take a few moments to quiet your body and mind, and then silently or out loud, repeat the words slowly, knowing they are sinking down into your subconscious mind and writing a new pattern of Good there for you. You can use a Treatment as often as you wish, but do not try to force it. This will only set up resistance within you. Simply gently and quietly affirm that what you are doing is working for you and let it go. Turn your mind to something else that you need or preferably, really enjoy doing. This will help your subconscious mind to better understand that you really are seeking to change and to enjoy a Happier life. It will respond in kind.

I hope that these Treatments Inspire You, Bless you, and Prosper you. Many will be those that I write myself but there are others that I will include here that have come down through the ages from several amazing Teachers. Choose only those that really call to you and know that they are indeed changing your life to one of Happiness, Prosperity and All Good.

And so it is.


DIVINE RIGHT Action is taking place in my world right now because 1 am immersed in the activity of God. The divine ideas that unfold within my consciousness lead me into correct action. Today's activities are the logical and orderly sequence of action leading to the fulfillment of my good. 1 enjoy the activities of my business world, my home and my social environment.

I do not shirk or withdraw from the tasks that present themselves for my accomplishment. I act with enthusiasm as I reveal the good in every situation. No seeming obstacle can block my path. I allow the Infinite Intelligence to guide me toward the solution to any problem. With confidence, I act to express Truth in all my affairs.

Everything I say and do is centered in Truth. My actions and activities benefit me and all who contact me in any way. I am a dynamic, energetic person who rejoices in the activities of Life. I act with conviction bccause 1 know that rigbt now 1 am in Divine Right Action.

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