Spirit The Banker

As I Turn To Spirit The Banker, Spirit The Banker Is There To Meet Me & My Every Demand - Emmet Fox

Most people probably don’t think of Spirit, God, The Universe as being the Great Banker. If anything many tend to equate Spirituality with piety and poverty, that to be poor is somehow more virtuous than to be rolling in wealth. Or that those that “have” must have received their gains through corrupt, nefarious dealings. True, some have and yet for many, nothing could be further from the truth. Just recently I was having a conversation with someone at the Post Office and he mentioned his own belief that those who have a lot of money probably came by it dishonestly. I said, "well,...." and that was all I had to say. He then responded with "I guess thats true, we don't really know now do we." No. we don't and yet it is the attitude that someone has done something "nefarious" to obtain Wealth is just the sort of attitude that keeps it away from the rest of us.

After all, who wants to go around being thought of as being "dishonest" because they have a lot of Money? And for those who work in the Humanitarian fields doing all that they can to Uplift and Assist Humanity, look what happens to them if any DO manage to work past their own limiting beliefs and thoughts of lack and really begin to Prosper. They are villified when in Truth those who seek to help others SHOULD be Prospering in unlimited ways. Labors of Love are wonderful and I whole heartedly support that! Yet Labors of Love deserve to be Richly Compensated as well so if you are doing work yourself that is a Labor of Love, that is in Service to others in any way, attune your mind now to expecting to be Divinely Compensated Financially in wonderful ways now for it is through people like you that Humanity makes any forward progress at all and that is a fact. In Truth, the more the Spiritually Minded Prosper, the better it will be for all others.

Here is the Truth - Spirit the Ultimate Banker created an Abundant, Lavish Universe. A single Pine Cone can generate an entire forest. A single Sunflower can generate enough seeds to not only feed dozens of birds, but to reproduce more of its own kind until a field or garden is covered with them. There are insects that can multiply into the millions from just one pair. And has been said many times before, there is enough fruit that rots in the tropics to feed the entire of Humanity. It certainly isn't that there isn't enough of everything. There is. It is our attitude and the way that we use what we have that generates Prosperity or poverty and lack.

Catherine Ponder once stated that if humans had to pay to feed all the birds of the air we couldn’t possibly do it. And yet Spirit does this easily, without effort and without subtracting anything of itself from anyone or anything else. It freely gives as the demand is made upon it through the consciousness of the one making the demand. It is not that Spirit will not produce a lavish supply of Money, food, a better home or anything else, Spirit has already given Abundantly of Itself and all is ours for the taking from The Universe. The problem is not with Spirit but is within ourselves in that we look everywhere but to Spirit for what we need and want.

Spirit gives to us through an Infinite number of channels and that is what we all are. Sometimes the birds are given an extra lavish supply because humans who love and treasure them choose to share some of their Good with the birds. This is Spirit moving through those people as supply. Sometimes plants in a given area will produce a super abundance of food and that is also Spirit moving through those plants as supply. The person who donates food to their local food bank is also Spirit supplying for the needs of others. We never know through what channels our Good and Money shall come, that is for Spirit in all It’s Divine Wisdom to decide. Yet we can know that when we are open to a super abundance of Money or any other Good thing it shall come to us for it must come. It may not come through the avenues we had hoped, yet come it will if we keep our minds focused on the True Source of all our Good. It will come even faster when we decide we are going to Give something first.And never say you have "nothing to Give" or that you will Give something later, when you have more. You may well ending up waiting a very long time for that "more" to come in unless you Give something first.

The thing is, Spirit the Banker will never ask you to fill out forms, will never enquire as to your “credit worthiness”, will never ask if what you want the Money for is Wise. Spirit will give and then you have to decide what is Wise, Right and Good for you. If you act unwisely with the Money or other Good, well, then you have learned something, a valuable lesson that is priceless if you will but look at it in the right way. Spirit will not judge or condemn you for it, and will never say “no more”. Instead, you pick yourself up, go right back to Spirit and say “I would like to try again please. And this time, I will take an Abundance of Divine Wisdom along with it. You know what Spirit will say?


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