Soul Energy Essence

This is a very special group of essences that we feel very blessed to have had a part in creating. While in a trance/dream state, Lynx was taught how to channel the vibrational patterns of any soul on the planet and suspend it in the spring water medium. These essences are co-produced with a highly evolved group of beings known as " The council". The purpose of these essences as stated by The Council is; "To draw to each individual who desires that it be so, the opportunity to know and express themselves as the most high in physical form. This group of essences recalibrates the individuals entire energy system so that they vibrate in alignment with their true self and full potential. We know of no greater gift we can offer. Use these essences with the intent to resonate with your highest consciousness and in so doing, draw greater light, peace, joy and love to the earth plane. And for Heavens sake, lighten up all of you and allow more fun into your lives!"

Since we began producing these essences in 1995 the response has been tremendous! People have reported everything from relief from insomnia to more productivity in their lives and business. It makes sense that when we resonate with the highest aspects of our being, we must draw greater things into our lives. These essences are produced solely on a request basis. All that is required is the name of the person the essence is to be produced for. They truly are a miracle of the love the universe has for each of us. Many people who have received their own Soul's Energy Essence report that when they use it on a daily basis, their lives simply work better. The wonderful thing is this; your Soul's Energy Essence is produced for you, and you alone. It is the unique imprint of your Soul's highest vibration. These are truly a joy for me to produce and I always feel incredibly honoured by people's requests for these essences. Because of the unique nature of these essences, we offer them by special order only.The cost of these essences is higher than our other essences, but a stock bottle should last you a considerable time when 4-8 drops are diluted in a 1 oz. dosage bottle. One colleague was so impressed with this essence, he demanded that Lynx Channel an entire quart bottle of it for him, so he'd be sure to have a supply!

Please be sure to allow 24 - 48 hours for your own Soul Energy Essence to be produced.

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Soul's Energy Essence

The vibrational essence of your Highest Self and potential. This is the energy of your Soul, your unique vibratory rate. This essence can be used alone or in conjunction with other essences.

1/2 oz - $29.00

1 oz - $36.00

2 oz - $55.00

"I cannot thank you enough for making for me my own Soul Energy essence. It has had a deep and lasting impact on my life, changing it for the better in so many ways. Thank you Lynx!"

K.L. - CT

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