Sometimes, You Just Have To Laugh

Sometimes Spirit does something that makes me say "How can any message be more perfect than this for me now". And I don't know whether to laugh or cry and usually end up doing both because it touches something so deeply inside of me.

Really, Truly, there IS Something, a Divine Something, call it what you will, that hears and knows and is always at the ready to let us all know that The Power, Love & Compassion of Spirit is always with us, always has our backs and can never be separated from us though because of own errors in thinking, it sometimes feels that way.

And admittedly, there are more moments than I care to say that my Faith is not pointed in the direction it should be. In those moments in my Heart of Hearts I hear my soul calling out "Father, are you really there? Or have all of my Prayers been in vain? I so need to know right now......."

Always and within a short time, an answer comes. Sometimes it is a passage from the 46th Psalm that comes strongly into my mind and I find myself repeating it over and over - "God is in the midst of her. She shall not be moved. God shall help her and that right early" or "Be still and know that I Am God". Other times there is a sense of comfort and Peace that washes over me. And then there are the times when it appears Spirit has pulled out all the stops and leaves me with this feeling of "wow". Just "wow". (Which you know of course means World of Wonders)

Well, I had one of those "Just wow" experiences today. I had been deleting some old pages from my computer, pages that had been a part of the website for years and it was time. they. went. away.

One of those pages was one on Red Lily and for some reason, that one really stuck in my mind, so much so that when I decided to begin work on re-formatting another page so I could re-upload it, the Lily Flower Essence page is the one I felt "ahem" compelled to begin work on.

So I am going along when I suddenly notice:

L. Wilsonii

Okay sure, name of a Lily and isn't it funny that the name is close to the name of the town I live in currently which is Wilson. Yes, the place I am really wanting to "escape" from.

And then I read the affirmation that goes with it.

Affirmation - No Matter What, I Am Still A Beloved Child Of The Universe & Thus Spirit only Wants Good For Me

And then:

For those who feel because of mistakes they have made they are afraid of asking the Universe to help them with a problem or challenge because they feel unworthy or undeserving of Universal support and assistance because they have "brought it on themselves" and thus must tackle resolving the situation on their own without outside help or assistance. This essence helps the individual to understand that the Universe does not judge what "mistakes" they may have made in the past or present, it only seeks to bring each person up to a higher level of joy and happiness. All are worthy of Universal love and support.

Oh My Word. You see, I had been feeling terribly guilty about moving here in the first place because I had a strong feeling it wasn't right, and I was trying to make someone else happy by doing it anyway and of course that never works, and it's all my stupid fault for not listening to my Inner Guidance. So on and so forth, because I have been the Queen of beating myself up over every idiotic thing I have ever done. Something I tell others NEVER to do because we all do the best we know at the time. And I guess I need to include me in that as well.

So, an answer came and I get it. I know now my prayers need to center around Spirit helping me to ALLOW myself to receive help in regards to this situation. Because I know this is so not what Spirit ever intended for me or my family, and Spirit has been at work to help me but I need to Forgive myself or at least be willing to, so I can allow Spirit to do His - Her Perfect Work.

Spirit, help me to allow You to help me.

Maybe whom ever is reading this is in a situation where they too feel they need to "punish" themselves for some mistake they made. I hope and pray that you can let that go now even as I am working on doing and that through the Energy of Divine Love and Connection, on some level, we are doing this together.

Because you see, this message came to me so I could pass it along to you too and then more of us can Heal and that is what we are meant to do. We are all the Beloved of Spirit, no matter who we are, what we have done or haven't done. Spirit always stands ready to Help and Heal us if we will but allow it. Nothing is impossible with Spirit and no matter the circumstances or how bleak things may seem, know this:

"Spirit is in the midst of you. You shall not be moved. Spirit shall help you, and that right early. "

And that's a promise you really can take to the bank.

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