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I think I have covered all the bases with that title! I would like to explain what this section is about and what it isnít about or I suppose more along the lines of how I view living this way. First of all, I am NOT an Eco-Nazi. I have no interest in telling other people how they should live their lives nor do I appreciate others doing that to me. We are all different and our lives are each unique to us. What will work for one person may not work for another. What I shall be writing about here is how my family and me choose to live our own lives because it is what works for us. If it works for you too and you learn something new here, wonderful! If not, that is okay too! Go your own way always for you are a Free Will Being and that is how you are meant to live.

What this page IS about is listing a series of articles on ways that if you are so inclined, you can live a more simple life, a less expensive life and a far richer life. For myself and my family there was a definite and conscious decision that we were simply done with trying to run to keep up with everything that society felt we should have, be and do and like many others, found ourselves running just trying to stay in place. No more! We now look more and more to what we really Value and find has meaning for us in Life and have let the rest go. All of us are far Happier, Healthier and more at Peace with ourselves than ever before. This Journey has been so worth it and we are not finished yet!

Originally I was going to have a blog about all of this and then thought why not make further Good use of my website for the time being. I am not saying that eventually these articles wonít get moved to a blog, just for now this is their home.

I hope you enjoy this section of the site and benefit from it!

Upcycling Cans

Harvesting and Using Rain Water

Choosing Glass Over Plastics

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