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Due to numerous requests, these Shell/Gem/Flower combinations are now available as regular Essence combinations, Essence Oils & Mysts. Due to the popularity of these blends we shall be continuing to add more to these pages as time goes on. We hope that you benefit from these combinations and find them to be very helpful as you move along your life path!

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Bear Paw Clam /Ajoite / Calanthe Vestita (Orchid)
Bear Paw Clam - Amplifies positive energy, draws many positive energies and benefits, people, situations. I have experimented by placing stock bottles of this essence in areas that have been treated with Feng Shui with very good results. This essence also helps a person to get out of their own way so their higher good can manifest.

Ajoite - Brings peace and harmony to the emotional body. This essence helps to enhance feelings of well-being as it releases feelings of anger, fear and the energy of old inner wounds. Helps one to feel calm and centered.

Calanthe Vestita (Orchid) - Accessing Universal support, allowing the Universe to carry you forward rather than trying to go it alone. Finding your right place in the larger scheme of things, tuning into Universal will to request that what is desired be now brought into form and realization. Learning how to use the right amount energy to create that which is desired. Using too little means the manifestation may not occur until much later or not at all. Using too much pushes the manifestation away.

Black Olive Shell / Black Jade / Sugar Palm

Black Olive Shell - This essence is rather unusual as we have found that it works on two rather different fronts. First, it is for those who feel drained and exhausted because they are attempting to support other people, especially on an emotional level, and find that the demand is too great yet feel they cannot release these people/situations and thus feel trapped. This essence allows the individual to withdraw from those who are demanding too much yet in a gentle and loving fashion. It also supports the individual in looking at who really needs their emotional support and energy (themselves, spouse/partner, children, etc.) if they have been neglecting those closest to them because they have felt compelled to respond to everyone's elses needs and expectations. This essence is also very helpful for business people who have a tendency to set their own business priorities and needs aside because they feel overwhelmed by demands that take them further and further away from thier business goals. Examples of this are quite common among spiritually oriented business's and people who feel others expect them to be on call 24/7 or make unreasonable demands such as expecting free services or "special favours". Such folks often feel guilty when saying "No" and this essence allows them to say no with greater ease and a sense of peace. On the second front, it is for better understanding of health issues, finding the right treatments and tools. Also appears to be helpful for issues around prosperity, especially when the person has a difficult time releasing old patterns and thoughts as well as household clutter. This may relate back to the first indication where the person is dealing with a health issue because they have become so drained and exhausted trying to be of emotional support to too many people. The cycle of trying to keep up with demands and yet also feeling overwhelmed, leaves the person little time or energy to care for themselves or their homes properly. This also relates to prosperity issues for if one has a constant feeling of pressure and "no time", then they also do not have the time or energy to actively work on attracting money and prosperity into their lives.

Black Jade - Excellent for purification and protection from negative energies. It helps to cleanse cordings and connections with others that are not for one's higher good and prevents these energies from returning to your life/space. Helps to repel psychic attack and milder negative thought-forms that might be sent to one from others. For those who need a great deal of protection or are in need of deep inner cleansing. Can be combined with other essences such as Archangel Michael for even greater cleansing and protection/support.

Sugar Palm - For those who tend to attract large numbers of people who are seeking guidance and support. While the person desires to be of service, the sheer numbers or complexity of the issues being presented to them for resolution may leave them feeling overwhelmed and overextended. This essence helps to remind the person that it is Spirit that does the real work and to step back and allow the Universe to provide the needed words or counseling support through one's self. This essence is also very helpful for those who tend to set aside their own important projects and goals in an effort to serve all those who come to them for help. Sometimes the greatest good may be achieved by insuring that one does allow times when ones own goals and desires come first rather than always pushing them into last place.

Harp Shell /Eosphorite / Magenta Paintbrush

Harp Shell - Finding your own Soul Song and expressing that with a greater sense of freedom and joy in the world. Very strong Angelic energies, feeling safe, protected and guided in your life. This is also a very inspirational essence, helping one to attune more readily to the Inner Muse thus enhancing creativity and artistic expression. Also a wonderful essence for musicians and those who find great joy and healing through listening to music.

Eosphorite (Gem Pink) - Universal Support and Blessings, loving one's self

Magenta Paintbrush - Attracting abundance through one's creative efforts. Being recognised and rewarded for the gifts that one has come here to share with the world. Stimulates the ability to attract fame if so desired. Also helpful for those who find they become depressed or suffer through an "energy crash" after the completion of a creative project and also because they fear their creative muse will never return to them.

Heart Cockle Shell / Pink Fluorite / Iris Prismatica

Heart Cockle Shell - Following your Heart's desires, wherever they may lead you. Valuing the richness of experiences, collecting those that feed your soul. Draws Soul Mates and dear Friends of like mind when so directed. Many who have used this essence have reported back to me that it tends to draw an abundance of good things into their lives.

Pink Fluorite - Helps to attract feelings of joy and bliss, releases felings of heartbreak over the ending of a relationship and keeps the heart chakra open that one may attract the right partner. Strong attractor of Angelic energies, protection and support.

Iris Prismatica - helps one to look at what is going right in one's life and why.This essence allows the person to begin incorporating positive beliefs they have in one area of their lives into other areas that have not been so favourable. As the energy builds and more positive events begin to manifest for the person, it acts as its own fuel; the person begins to believe that just maybe it IS possible for them to have good fortune in more areas of their lives than they had previously believed which begins spilling out into every other aspect of their lives as well.

Lynx Cowrie / Turquoise / White Spruce
Lynx Cowrie - Animal magnetism, attraction, power, clairvoyance.

Turquoise - a master healer and provider of protection. It supports the attraction of success in all endeavours through feelings of empowerment and wise guidance from one's Totems, Guides and other positive beings from the spirit worlds. It dispells negative energy, assists in communication and is powerful for both the throat and thymus chakras. Turquoise can also teach one how to use their own power wisely and for the benefit of all.

White Spruce - Connecting with ancestors/elders who have much guidance and wisdom to share with us. Feeling embraced and supported by those who have long crossed over the Rainbow Bridge, yet who are still very much wanting to be of assistance to you in your own life. This essence helps to insure that only the highest and most loving energies and wisdom be allowed to enter your field of consciousness, especially during times when one may be exploring family history in an effort to better understand current family dynamics.

Money Cowrie / Green Tourmaline / Pineapple Sage

Money Cowrie - Prosperity. Especially for those who need to learn that money is a fair exchange for their talents and energy.

Green Tourmaline - Wonderful for the heart chakra, regulates higher vibrational energy flows so one does not feel spacey or ungrounded when working to open the higher chakras. Also opens and balances the chakras in the hands and feet, providing a deeper connection with Mother Earth. Assists with issues of abundance and prosperity, eliminating negative beliefs about money, opening the heart to receive.

Pineapple Sage - This is an excellent essence for gaining wisdom and clarity around money, how to attract it, keep it, work with it so that it enhances your life and supports your own life's work. It also enhances money intuitiveness, knowing what needs to take top priority in business or career decisions that will assist you in attracting the wealth that is your birthright. If there are blocks within that are keeping you from attracting great prosperity, this essence will not only support the gentle release of these blockages, but will also help you in attracting other tools and resources that will support this process.

Moon Snail / Violet Tourmaline / Mugwort

Moon Snail - Cleanses the subconscious, stimulates problem solving dreams.

Violet Tourmaline - Opens and balances the crown chakra, drawing in very high, Spiritual energy. Helps to enhance higher guide connections, draws magical teachers and helpers. Linking with the Divine mind through which anything is possible.

Mugwort - Psychic development, understand dreams and symbols in greater depth.

Mud Snail / Smokey Quartz / White Copal

Mud Snail - Very grounding, learning to focus your energy towards manifesting your hopes and dreams. Staying dedicated to your goals and not allowing yourself to get sidetracked or to put up obstacles before yourself out of fear. Paying attention to details, not allowing the daily problems of life drag you down. Pulling yourself up out of the "mud", moving forward and tackling what needs to be cleaned up in your life. This essence is also wonderful for clearing murky energies in your home or office.

Smokey Quartz - Very grounding and protective. Helps one to tackle all the steps needed to create a more joyful and abundant foundation in life.

White Copal - White Copal is a powerful essence for clearing negative energies and undesired circumstances in our lives. It is also a very joyful essence, helping one to feel more plugged in to the Universe and is also wonderful for manifesting. It offers clarity, intuition is certainly enhanced as well as feelings of peace and harmony within. This is also a wonderful essence to use anywhere in the home where the energy feels stagnant or of a lower vibration. When I first began working with it, I had also been in the process of wanting to shift some things in my home (this has been a very long term project!) and yet could not quite find the right space for the things that needed to be moved nor could I seem to find the things that I needed to accent what I already had in place. Within 24 hours of working with this essence on its own, everything started to come together which was such a huge relief for me! The home is one of the most important spaces/ tools we have to be able to walk our life paths with greater joy and ease, to be able to keep ourselves feeling healthy, active and vital. The home IS a tool, for when we learn how to make our homes feel sacred and joyful, comfortable and expressive of who we are as Souls, then this allows us to radiate this energy out into the world outside our home. And many more positive experiences and opportunities can thus find their way to us. Even making a few changes can bring such wonderful results!

Orange Moon Shell / Orange Moonstone / Bird Of Paradise

Orange Moon - Loving your body, honoring animal instincts within and working with them to create your highest good. Being open to sexual energies as a source of enlightenment. Releases judgement of self and others. Motivates you to be the best you can be. Helps to release sexual dysfunctions in both males and females.

Orange Moonstone - Supportive and healing of the Second chakra. Helps to stimulate a sense of warmth and passion for life, the body physical and can help to ease fears surrounding the physical body and sexual expression. Helps one to feel more at ease with their own unique sense of sexuality and may also help to attract a partner who is loving and honouring of who you are.

Bird Of Paradise - Allowing your beauty and presence to flourish and expand. Attracts positive attention and support from others. Highly stimulating to second and fifth chakras. Enhances creativity, allowing Universal Mind to inspire and direct it.

Pacific Starfish / Purple Jadeite / Violet Butterfly

Pacific Starfish - Expanding one's range and influence, reaching out to Divine abundance, finding star like qualities within.

Purple Jadeite - The energy of faith and feeling that one is in a state of grace. Helps one to tap into the unlimited thinking of the Divine Mind, perceiving solutions to problems and situations that one has not perceived before. Also helps to attract wealth and abundance through the understanding that it is one's birthright and that it is "spiritually okay" to be abundant and prosperous on all levels, including financially. Helps the spiritual, mental, emotional and physical aspects of the Self operate in more balanced and harmonious ways, all parts of the Self feeling more strongly plugged into the Higher Realms. Attracts good luck through already feeling blessed and supported abundantly by the Universe.

Violet Butterfly - Seeing yourself in a whole new way, radically transforming yourself and your life through the acceptance of new roles and opportunities that you may not have thought yourself capable of embracing in the past.

Pink Murax / Alexandrite / Iris Collettii

Pink Murax - Love, charisma, drawing together Heaven and Earth, embodying one's Higher Self, soul mate attraction, drawing sweetness into one's life.

Alexandrite - Draws good luck, fortunate circumstances, lucky breaks. Very helpful for manifesting that which is desired and bringing completion to that which is ready to leave one's life.

Iris Collettii - Helps one to give voice to the desires of the heart and soul, not being fearful of asking the Universe for what is desired, but speaking out strongly and without hesitation that it may be made manifest in your life. Also very helpful for when needing to speak the truth in a given situation and you are not sure what to say, fearing that what ever is said may make things even worse. This essence helps you to speak from the level of your Higher or Expanded Self so that you are guided in what to say, how to say and most importantly, when to say it!

Pink Scallop Moon / Indigo Sapphire / Viola Evening Star
Pink Scallop Moon - Doing what you love to do for a living, living each day as a miracle maker and receiver of same. Spreading light and joy while receiving it back 10 fold. Creating something wonderful, new and exciting in your life, not holding back but moving ahead as far as you can go. Experiencing each day as a delight!

Indigo Sapphire - To reach for "The Impossible dream" with faith and courage. Excellent for strengthening the third eye, acting upon guidance received, stimulates solution/resolution dreams and seeing the truth even in the most chaotic/confusing situations. It is also helpful for understanding and making the best of difficult Uranus/Neptune transits.Those with Wolf, Crow, Lynx or Bobcat as totem(s) may find this essence to be very helpful.

Viola Evening Star - Draws Universal support for manifesting one's dreams and visions while keeping the passion and faith in the dream alive.

Starry Nautica / Clear Fluorite / White Spruce
Starry Nautica - Excellent for those travelling over or on the water. Helps to provide both protection during travel and also for gaining a wider perspective as to the deeper purpose for the travel, whether it be for business or pleasure. Helps to make one more aware of all the opportunities that are being offered during the time of travel and how to make the most of them. For those who fear travel to unknown places, this essence can help one feel more calm and secure in the knowing that there are always those available where ever we go to be of help and service if needed. This essence can also be very helpful for astral travel and better understanding what one sees and experiences on the Higher planes. UPDATE - We are also finding that this essence is excellent for better understanding one's emotional ups and downs, finding more of a balance with emotions in everyday life.

Clear Fluorite - Helps to clear the channels between the Higher realms and one's self. Helps to attract positive feelings thoughts/feelings and a greater sense of well being.

White Spruce - Connecting with ancestors/elders who have much guidance and wisdom to share with us. Feeling embraced and supported by those who have long crossed over the Rainbow Bridge, yet who are still very much wanting to be of assistance to you in your own life. This essence helps to insure that only the highest and most loving energies and wisdom be allowed to enter your field of consciousness, especially during times when one may be exploring family history in an effort to better understand current family dynamics.

Stromb Canarium / Ametrine / Iberian Starthistle
Stromb Canarium - Growing through joy rather than pain, speeding up one's evolutionary vibration, releases negative karma.

Ametrine - This essence clears negativity from the aura and the mental body. It is the essence for attaining "Heaven on Earth".

Iberian Starthistle - Ability to move forward in life through having the courage to change one's beliefs, behaviour patterns and attitudes towards life. Becoming more aware of your own personal vibration and what it is attracting into your life. Fine tuning your personal vibration to a more expanded, higher level of conscious awareness.

Sunburst Star Turban / Citrine / Cocoa Tree
Sunburst Star Turban - Feeling an abundance of optimisim, hope and joy for the present and future. Vibrating in closer harmony with your Higher or Expanded Self, sensing greater attunement to cosmic consciousness and wisdom. Especially helpful too for those who hold back expressing their gifts and talents in the world out of fear that others will not approve or find them worthwhile.

Citrine - An excellent essence for those who never felt worthy of having anything better in life and who feel they only deserve the dregs. Its a powerful healer and enhancer for the Solar Plexus Chakra, helps one to feel more confident as well as worthy and able to receive more goodness in their lives. This is also an excellent essence for overcoming strongly negative thinking and feelings.

Cocoa Tree - Accepting that a spiritual path can be easy and joyful, that the Universe is always seeking to bestow blessings and gifts upon us, all we need do is to be open to receive. While first working with this essence I was given a technique to use that is very simple and a lot of fun. I think of something I desire and open my heart to flood it with love and then feel it moving out into the Universe. A more complex technique is to visualize a tunnel or cord of light going from your crown chakra up to Divine Mind while opening the heart and sending love to your wish/desire. It can take a bit of practice to feel in synch with this but this technique produces fabulous results! I feel that people who work with this essence may also find themselves developing many new techniques and concepts that will further the evolution and joy of the planet.

Sundial / Bustamite / Spiral Ginger
Sundial - Supports the Solar Plexus chakra, developing a strong will that helps us to hang in there for the long haul so success can be manifested. Helps to link the personal will with the Divine will so that one's path becomes filled with Light and energy. Eases depression, helps to eliminate fear of failure.

Bustamite - An extremely powerful essence for energy work and light workers. This essence gets energy moving, especially through the activation of the kundalini. Creates sacred space, energy, situations wherever it is used. Can also be used to bring things into manifestation, use the essence while focusing on what is desired and seeing it come into being.

Spiral Ginger - Helps with the Kundalini rising process so one is not thrown off balance but may integrate the influx of spiritual power and energy safely and more easily. Helps to channel fear, anger or worry into constructive, practical pursuits. Excellent for clearing tendencies towards procrastination due to thoughts that one is not really capable or talented enough to successfully reach their goals.

Tiger Cowrie / Champagne Topaz / Mountain Pride
Tiger Cowrie -Cleanses the Aura, reclaiming soul fragments, Higher destiny. This essence is also excellent for women who need to claim their own power and vitality in life.

Champagne Topaz - Destiny.

Mountain Pride - Facing challenges head-on rather than backing down from them. A strong sense of spiritual purpose and dedication, activating the Spiritual Warrior within. Helps to release feelings of aggression and the need to control others. For those who are on the receiving end of these expressions, it supports the process of "standing your ground" with compassion and yet with firmness.

White Cerith / Merkabite Calcite / Amethyst Shooting Star
White Cerith - Accepting that a new day is dawning in your life and you have the power and capability of moving in any direction that you wish to at this time. It helps to alleviate the feeling of having to have control over life in order to manifest that which is sought, but instead accepting that a greater flow is occuring and that by moving securely within that flow, you can more easily reach your desired destination.

Merkabite Calcite- This essence helps to activate the Light Body known as the Merkabah Vehicle of Light or Rainbow Body.

Amethyst Shooting Star - A wonderful essence for developing cosmic consciousness and conmnecting with one's Guides and Angelic Beings. This essence is an especially potent reminder to turn challenges and problems over to the Higher so that they may be resolved in the best possible way. I often find that when facing something difficult or frightening, taking this essence and asking my own Guides to please handle and resolve the situation for me brings almost immediate results that are far better than I could have hoped for!

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