Shell Essence List

These essences add a whole new dimension to vibrational essences. They are very powerful, yet gentle in their action. Using these essences is like turning on a light switch, they so attune us to higher consciousness. These can be used alone or in conjunction with any other Essence. Shell essences in many ways appear to be as impactful on the physical energy systems of the body much the same as Gem Elixers are. Therefore you may want to start with only one or two Shell Essences first before adding on others or gems. All Shell Essences seem to be helpful with any issues of rigidity and the need to step out of the old to make a new way in the world. Shell essences have proven to be more effective in certain cases where other essences such as flower essences have been used but without noted improvement. The Affirmations listed for each essence can be used as they are or feel free to change them to suit your needs best. Affirmations can be extremely helpful in changing one's vibration to one of more positive energy and we hope that you do find the Essences and Affirmations very helpful for you!

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African Olive Shell
Affirmation - I Love and Appreciate My Body! It Is A Wondrous Manifestation Of The Divine In Physical Form.
Taking great delight and joy in one's body, appreciating and loving the physical as a manifestation of the Divine Creativity. Appreciating and honouring one's own unique beauty and releasing the need to compare one's self with others.

Atlantic Triton
Affirmation - I Release All Guilt Knowing That Only Good Is The Divine Plan For My Life.
Clearing anxiety, depression, due to feelings of guilt stemming from this or other lifetimes. Helps to heal intense emotional upheavels and fears. Also eases fears of water and death by drowning. Those who have difficulty breathing deeply should test for this essence. This essence may also be helpful for such illnesses as Bronchitis, pneumonia, asthma, as well as other afflictions of the lungs.

Bear Paw Clam
Affirmation - I Am Always Attracting The Most Delightful People, Things & Situations Into My Life With Ease & Joy!
Amplifies positive energy, draws many positive energies and benefits, people, situations. I have experimented by placing stock bottles of this essence in areas that have been treated with Feng Shui with very good results. This essence also helps a person to get out of their own way so their higher good can manifest.

Black Olive Shell
Affirmation - I Do Only Those Things That Are Right & Good For Me & That Support My Life Goals.
This essence is rather unusual as we have found that it works on two rather different fronts. First, it is for those who feel drained and exhausted because they are attempting to support other people, especially on an emotional level, and find that the demand is too great yet feel they cannot release these people/situations and thus feel trapped. This essence allows the individual to withdraw from those who are demanding too much yet in a gentle and loving fashion. It also supports the individual in looking at who really needs their emotional support and energy (themselves, spouse/partner, children, etc.) if they have been neglecting those closest to them because they have felt compelled to respond to everyone's elses needs and expectations.

This essence is also very helpful for business people who have a tendency to set their own business priorities and needs aside because they feel overwhelmed by demands that take them further and further away from thier business goals. Examples of this are quite common among spiritually oriented business's and people who feel others expect them to be on call 24/7 or make unreasonable demands such as expecting free services or "special favours". Such folks often feel guilty when saying "No" and this essence allows them to say no with greater ease and a sense of peace.

On the second front, it is for better understanding of health issues, finding the right treatments and tools. Also appears to be helpful for issues around prosperity, especially when the person has a difficult time releasing old patterns and thoughts as well as household clutter. This may relate back to the first indication where the person is dealing with a health issue because they have become so drained and exhausted trying to be of emotional support to too many people. The cycle of trying to keep up with demands and yet also feeling overwhelmed, leaves the person little time or energy to care for themselves or their homes properly. This also relates to prosperity issues for if one has a constant feeling of pressure and "no time", then they also do not have the time or energy to actively work on attracting money and prosperity into their lives.

Cherry Snail
Affirmation - Laughter & Playfulness Fill My Life, Uplift Me & Inspire Me. The Universe Responds By Blessing Me Abundantly!
This essence is for fun and lightheartedness, taking on an attitude that life is great fun and one can always find time for play! This essence is wonderful for folks who tend to be on the grumpy side and even when things are going well for them, they still sit about and expect that someone or something will come along to rain on their parade. It helps the person to laugh at themselves and to to better understand how this attitude is holding them back from enjoying all that life has to offer.It can also be very helpful to use this essence before you know you will be dealing with someone who has a tendency to be on a perpetual downer. It can help you to keep from sinking down to match their vibration and because your own vibration stays higher, they must either rise up to meet you where you are at or they will feel the need to limit their contact with you.

Conus Virgo
Affirmation - I Am At One With My Higher Self. This Oneness Blesses Me & All Who I Interact With On Every Level.
Linking with the Higher self. Attracting others of like mind for a common purpose.

Elk Horn Coral
Affirmation - I Now Allow & Accept The Support Into My Life That Is Perfect For Me Joyfully & Easily.
Opening to new emotional experiences, asking for help when needing it without feeling shamed. Helps to release crippling fears and insecurities. Knowing that wherever you go, God is also there and all is well.

English Sea Urchin
Affirmation - I Always Know What The Right Thing Is For Me To Do & I Do It With Ease.
Following through on what you feel is the right and ethical thing to do. Helps to release the combative nature of Aries, learning the art of diplomacy and considering the feelings and needs of others. Also very helpful for those who feel bound by tradition be it family or societal and therefore are unable to establish new traditions and beliefs that are more beneficial to them personally.

Golden Olive Shell
Affirmation - I Use My Connection With The Earth In Ways That Heal & Bless All Of Life
This is an excellent essence for working with the Devic Realms of both the Plant and Stone/Crystal Kingdoms. It helps one to better tap into the storehouse of wisdom and knowledge that they have to offer and also helps to support the healing process of Mother Earth as a whole. This is a wonderful essence to use in the garden to help establish greater balance and flow for all of life in the garden.

Graceful Fig Shell
Affirmation - I Easily Allow Money To Flow Into My Life In Ways That Are Perfect For Me. I Prosper In Abundance!
This essence is for allowing the flow of Prosperity and Abundance to happen easily and naturally in your life. Too often people feel a sense of lack round money and abundance and they then try and force the issue by desperately seeking ways to attract more money into their lives. This in fact pushes the prosperity they are seeking away from them. Prosperity and Abundance in all forms comes through a feeling of ALLOWING the energy to flow into your life, easily, naturally and without fear or worry. This essence helps one to feel the flow of Prosperity and Abundance stirring powerfully within that it may flow much more freely in the physical world for them. It also helps to cleanse the mind of limiting and negative beliefs about Money and Abundance.

Greenish Blue Mexican Abalone
Affirmation - My Imagination & Creativity Is Boundless and I Delight In The Expression Of Both In My Life
This essence helps to stimulate the imagination and creative expression. It is excellent for writers and artists who seek to further strengthen the bond between themselves and their Muses as well as helping to stimulate solutions to creative problems. It is wonderful for the release of creative blocks of all sorts and helps one to feel inspired and passionate again.

Hairy Triton
Affirmation - I Assimilate New Knowledge Easily & Effortlessly. Learning New Things Is Such A Joy For Me!
Pursuing new fields of study, especially those that need to a new way of life. Very helpful for struggling college students who must juggle their studies, a job and other responsibilities and feel burned out and ready to give up. Promotes patience and endurance by drawing in higher vibrational energies.

Harp Shell
Affirmation - The Song Of My Life Is In Perfect Harmony With The One-Song Of The Universe
Finding your own Soul Song and expressing that with a greater sense of freedom and joy in the world. Very strong Angelic energies, feeling safe, protected and guided in your life. This is also a very inspirational essence, helping one to attune more readily to the Inner Muse thus enhancing creativity and artistic expression. Also a wonderful essence for musicians and those who find great joy and healing through listening to music.

Heart Cockle Shell
Affirmation - As I Follow That Which Fills My Heart With Joy, Life & The Universe Bless Me In Abundance
Following your Heart's desires, wherever they may lead you. Valuing the richness of experiences, collecting those that feed your soul. Draws Soul Mates and dear Friends of like mind when so directed. Many who have used this essence have reported back to me that it tends to draw an abundance of good things into their lives.

Horse Conch
Affirmation - I Am Carried Along In Bliss & Joy By The Flow Of The Universe To All Perfect Things For Me
This essence is for speeding things up, manifesting new forms more easily and gracefully. It helps one to relax and allow what is desired to manifest through greater intuitive insights and awareness, as though one is being carried along swiftly and surely with less effort and stress. Those who have Horse as a Totem or who desire to work with Horse as a totem on a specific goal or project will find this essence to be of great benefit.

Inscriptus Cone Shell (White)
Affirmation - I Know And Happily Allow The Divine Plan For My Life To Unfold In Perfect Ways
Helpful for accessing the Akashic record, tuning into your own Soul Blueprint/Pattern for this lifetime.

Left Handed Whelk
Affirmation - I Am A Very Lucky Person Indeed! Good Fortune Seeks Me Out Everywhere I Go & In Everything That I Do
This Shell is often used as a good luck charm. Of course, we all make our own luck by our thoughts, words and deeds, but feeling the sensation of being fortunate or lucky goes far in helping a person do that which draws good fortune to them! This essence can and should be sprayed around the home, office or car, especially when travelling and used when one has laid the proper foundations, but just needs a little nudge to manifest more good for themselves.

Lettered Cone Shell
Affirmation - My Talents As A Writer Are Recognised & Honoured By All. People Love & Appreciate What I have To Say!
This is a wonderful essence for writers, especially those who need extra support to finish a long term writing project as well as those who feel their creative energy has dried up. Swimming in a sea of creative possibilities, finding new inspiration in the most unlikely of places. This essence also helps one to stay focused and committed to a long term writing project and can be really helpful when one is facing a deadline.

Little Bear Conch
Affirmation - I Honour My Need To Withdraw From The World That I may Replenish & Renew Myself
This is a very valuable essence for those who feel they need time to withdraw from the world in order to cleanse and balance their own personal vibrational energy and yet find it difficult to do so as they feel they have too many committments and responsibilities in the outside world that is preventing them from doing so. This essence helps the person to honour what they know is for their Higher Good and also helps to create a protective barrier round the person so that others are less inclined to try and pulol the person back into the world before they are ready to re-emerge. It is important for people like this to realise that as they honour their Higher Guidance, when they do re-emerge more fully into the world again they are transmitting a much higher vibration that makes it easier for all they come into contact with to begin vibrating at a higher level as well.

Lucky Sea Bean
Affirmation - I Take Risks That Are Appropriate For Me To Take & My Life Is Greatly Enhanced As A Result
Excellent for gamblers and those who enjoy taking risks, pushing the limits. Increases luck through taking into account all the pertinent data on a given situation, combining both the rational and intuitive and then making the appropriate decision. Also draws others to us who can help us increase our good luck and good fortune.

Lynx Cowrie
Affirmation - I Am A Powerful Magnet For All Good & I Use This Power Wisely & Well
Animal magnetism, attraction, power, clairvoyance.

Map Cowrie
Affirmation - As I Relax & Let Go, The Universe Gently Guides Me Back To The Perfect Path For Me
Finding one's way forward during times of stress, confusion and feeling disheartened. Finding your way back to the proper path of your Soul, following your Bliss and knowing that the current life expression is only temporary and you are about to launch your life in a new and wonderful direction.

Mexican Red Abalone
Affirmation - I Honour & Respect All Of Life & Find That All Of Life Honours & Respects Me In Return
This essence is for people who are extremely self-centered, unable to take other people's needs into consideration, usually because they are not wanting to take responsibility for their lives and problems. It helps these people to stop and think how their requests or behaviour may really be impacting someone else and then choose to accept the responsibility for handling their own lives. This essence is also for people on the opposite side of the coin who find that they are magnets for self-centered folks. It helps these people understand why they are attracting these people to begin with and what they need to change within to attract much more positive interactions with others.

Money Cowrie
Affirmation - I Love & Enjoy The Abundant Flow Of Money Energy That Is In My Life Right Now
Prosperity. Especially for those who need to learn that money is a fair exchange for their talents and energy.

Moon Snail
Affirmation - My Mind Is Cleansed & Pure. Solutions & Answers Flow To Me Through My Dreams & In My Waking Hours.
Cleanses the subconscious, stimulates problem solving dreams.

Mud Snail
Affirmation - My Energy Is Grounded & Focused In The Present Moment So That I May Manifest That Which I Desire
Very grounding, learning to focus your energy towards manifesting your hopes and dreams. Staying dedicated to your goals and not allowing yourself to get sidetracked or to put up obstacles before yourself out of fear. Paying attention to details, not allowing the daily problems of life drag you down. Pulling yourself up out of the "mud", moving forward and tackling what needs to be cleaned up in your life. This essence is also wonderful for clearing murky energies in your home or office.

Murax Endiva
Affirmation - I Love My Business & The More Love I Put Into It, The More Others Love Doing Business With Me
Connecting the soul into the body, Earth connection and power, business success.

Orange Moon Shell
Affirmation - I Love My Body & I Love My Sexuality. It Is Right & Perfect For Me
Loving your body, honoring animal instincts within and working with them to create your highest good. Being open to sexual energies as a source of enlightenment. Releases judgement of self and others. Motivates you to be the best you can be. Helps to release sexual dysfunctions in both males and females.

Orange Olive Shell
Affirmation - I Am Blessed In Abundance With All Material & Spiritual Good
Opening to receive the gifts of Heaven and Earth, those of the earth being just as dear as those of Heaven. How much can you allow others to give you? Ask for what you need and want and then being open to having it handed to you on a silver platter. Remember, when you allow others to give to you, it increases their positive Karma.

Orange Rock Shell
Affirmation - I Am Abundantly Provided For In All That I Do As I Move With Joy Through My Life
This essence helps one to feel more Abundant on all levels; I have an abundance, of time, energy, love, money, success, fun, joy, friends, creativity, guidance, wisdom, etc. It is a powerful balancer of the Second Chakra and helps to strengthen one's feelings of Well-Being. One feels a greater sense of support from life and the world, and a deep inner knowing that one has the right to exist and experience the very best that life has to offer.

Ovula Ovum Shell
Affirmation - I Am Now Being Rebirthed Into A New Life Filled With An Abundance Of Happiness & Bliss
Goddess energy, rebirthing, deep transformation, assistance, awakening to the Universal energies.

Pacific Deer Cowry
Affirmation - I Love & Honour My Totem Animals. They Are A Powerful Healing Influence In My Life
Healing energy for the inner Totem animal. Communicating with it's energy and drawing it's assistance into one's life.

Pacific Starfish
Affirmation - I Am A Beautiful, Radiant Star Whose Energy Blesses Everyone I Meet
Expanding one's range and influence, reaching out to Divine abundance, finding star like qualities within.

Paua Abalone
Affirmation - I Find It Easy To Think In Positive Ways For Positivity & Love are The Truth Of Me
This essence is for those who find it very challenging to shift their beliefs from negative to more positive ones, even when they have been working with other essences and tools to do so. The person often finds that they seem to have a "one track mind" and the track is all on one of negativity and fearing that only the worst will happen in any given situation. Instead of trying to cleanse or remove the beliefs, this essence helps the person to see where these beliefs spring from so that the person may more fully examine them which is what they are really needing in order to finally be free of them. The negative beliefs have become such a deeply ingrained habit that it is only when the person can look at them objectively and see the roots of them can he or she see them for what they really are. This essence is also very soothing and relaxing so that the person can examine their beliefs with much less fear and worry.

Pear Triton
Affirmation - Divine Love And Prosperity Surrounds Me & Uplifts Me Into Greater Prosperity Than I Have Ever Known Before
For financial difficulties and emergencies, when you can't seem to find a way out. Helps you to take focused, positive actions to resolve the situation while easing the mind set that created the difficulty to begin with. This essence is also excellent for emergency situations of all kinds and can be combined with other emergency essences to help ease trauma.

Pink Murax
Affirmation - I Am Highly Attractive & Magnetic To My Beloved One. Goodness & Sweetness Fill My Life In All Ways
Love, charisma, drawing together Heaven and Earth, embodying one's Higher Self, soul mate attraction, drawing sweetness into one's life.

Pink Scallop Moon
Affirmation - I Radiate Divine Love To Everything & Everyone That I Connect With Each Day. This Love Attracts Only Good Into My Life
Doing what you love to do for a living, living each day as a miracle maker and receiver of same. Spreading light and joy while receiving it back 10 fold. Creating something wonderful, new and exciting in your life, not holding back but moving ahead as far as you can go. Experiencing each day as a delight!

Pink Urchin
Affirmation - I Am Totally Safe and Secure. All Is Well In My World.
Safety, protection, inner child work, Living in a state of grace.

Purple Drupa
I Am Safe & Supported By Divine Love. This Love Helps Me To Honour & Respect The Truth Of Me
For maintaining control during difficult or traumatic times, provides protection both for your self and your home. Defending your right to be who you are, to believe and follow what you feel called towards.

Purple Mouth Olive Shell
Affirmation - I Allow Myself To Grieve For What Has Passed & Then Look Forward With Hope To The Future
For transits of Pluto that leave a person feeling like a death has occurred. Helps you to move through the grieving process so that a new cycle in your life can begin. Excellent for those who feel their lives are stagnating, that something needs to die but feels attached to a "permanent life support system". This essence pulls the cord on those situations.

Purple Top Gold Ring Cowrie
Affirmation - I Am Open & Receptive To The Flow Of Divine Wisdom In My Life
Opening to the flow of Universal Guidance and wisdom, quiets the mind so one finds it much easier to turn within and find the answers that one is seeking. This essence also firs up one's courage that one may follow one's highest path in life, knowing that one is totally supported in doing so by The Universe.

Purple Top Snake Head
Affirmation - I Easily Stand Up For Myself. I Know It Is Okay For Me To Say No When I Need To
Not allowing yourself to be taken for granted or used by others due to your having an extremely good nature, heart and soul. Recognizing that who and what you came to contribute is worthy of honor and respect. Leaving those situations that do not honor your individuality and purpose for being as a child of the Universe.

Rams Murex
Affirmation - I Am A Divinely Powerful Being Who Flows Through Changes With Ease & Peace
The ability to be strong and thrive under stressful circumstances and major changes. Eases difficult transits of Mars and helps those who feel unbalanced while Mars is retrograde.

Rose Petal Tellin
Affirmation - My Heart Is Filled With Love, Joy & Gratitude. This Attracts & Increases Other People's Love For Me
This is a very gently and soothing healer for the Heart Chakra as well as being a wonderful essence for increasing romance in one's life. It helps to open heart to heart communication between couples, increasing trust and for both people to truly be willing to honour noth only their own, but the other person's needs too. It can help couples who feel that compromises have become almost impossible to find higher compromises that truly serve the needs of both people. This essence is also wonderful for developing a more loving and romantic relationship with your own beautiful self which is the basis for any wonderful relationship as part of a couple as well.

Royal Cloak Shell
Affirmation - As A Divine Child Of The Universe, I Accept That I Am A Royal Being Worthy Of All Good
10th house issues, Perceiving one's own royalty, opening to expect and receive more from the Universe.

Sand Dollar
Affirmation - Divine Truth Fills Me & Touches Every Aspect Of My Life & Being
Dispels illusions, clear knowing, seeing the truth.

Starry Nautica
Affirmation - Divine Protection Surrounds Me As I Travel. All Of My Travels Bless Me & Others
Excellent for those travelling over or on the water. Helps to provide both protection during travel and also for gaining a wider perspective as to the deeper purpose for the travel, whether it be for business or pleasure. Helps to make one more aware of all the opportunities that are being offered during the time of travel and how to make the most of them. For those who fear travel to unknown places, this essence can help one feel more calm and secure in the knowing that there are always those available where ever we go to be of help and service if needed. This essence can also be very helpful for astral travel and better understanding what one sees and experiences on the Higher planes. UPDATE - We are also finding that this essence is excellent for better understanding one's emotional ups and downs, finding more of a balance with emotions in everyday life.

Stromb Canarium
Affirmation - I Grow With Ease & Joy In Every Area Of My Life
Growing through joy rather than pain, speeding up one's evolutionary vibration, releases negative karma.

Sunburst Star Turban
Affirmation - I Am Filled With An Abundance Of Joy & Hope For Both The Present Moment & The Future
Feeling an abundance of optimisim, hope and joy for the present and future. Vibrating in closer harmony with your Higher or Expanded Self, sensing greater attunement to cosmic consciousness and wisdom. Especially helpful too for those who hold back expressing their gifts and talents in the world out of fear that others will not approve or find them worthwhile.

Sundial Shell
Affirmation - My Inner Will Is The Will Of The Divine. I Am Totally Supported As I Walk My Chosen Path To Success
Supports the Solar Plexus chakra, developing a strong will that helps us to hang in there for the long haul so success can be manifested. Helps to link the personal will with the Divine will so that one's path becomes filled with Light and energy. Eases depression, helps to eliminate fear of failure.

Telescopium Auger
Affirmation - I Totally Release The Energy Of The Past So That I May Move Forward In Joy In The Present
For Karma held deeply within the energetic vibration of the body. It also supports the ability to understand the root causes of dysfunction within one's life and how one may be contributing to one's own problems on a subconscious level. This essence is very helpfuol for those who have a tendency to want to blame everyone else for their problems and are unable to accept responsibility for what has occured.

Tiger Cowrie
Affirmation - As I Reclaim All The Parts Of Myself I Move Forward In My Life In Wholeness & Beauty
Cleanses the Aura, reclaiming soul fragments, Higher destiny.

Trap Door Murex
Affirmation - I Release That Which Limits me & Accept Only The Boundless Nature Of My Being
Breaking free from pain that has kept a person trapped in the past. Heals the Heart chakra and the Third Eye chakra. Prevents a person from sabotaging new relationships, beginnings in any area, especially because the person feel if they succeed, something they would rather not have known will be exposed. Also for setting appropriate boundaries so that a person does not draw negative repeating circumstances over and over again.

Trocus Maculata
Affirmation - I Recognise My Divine Intuitive Ability. It Always Leads Me To The Most Joyful People & Experiences For Me
Spiraling deeper within, recognizing underlying patterns that have created pain. Dream recall and psychic sensitivity.

Trumpet Triton
Affirmation - I Now Know The Perfect Journey For Me To Embark Upon At This Time. This Knowing Fills Me With Joy & Excitement!
For when we feel the need for something new in life but cannot pinpoint what that might be. Restlessness is eased, clarity is attained and a stronger sense of purpose is noticed. Helpful for those with speech impediments and others who have trouble getting their message across to others. May help to ease writers block, opens the Third Eye chakra and enhances one's ability to Channel.

Umbilical Egg Cowrie
Affirmation - The Birthing Process For Me & My Baby Is Filled With Joy And Ease
This is a wonderful essence to use during pregnancy and after the birth of the baby to help insure a strong and loving bond between both of the parents and the child. This essence also helps both parents to feel nurtured and supported during a pregnancy and is also very helpful for easing stresses that new parents often experience.

Vanilla Cockle
Affirmation - I feel Perfectly At Ease Knowing The Universe Is Filling And Directing My Life With Blessings & Joy
This essence is for knowing deep within that everything is okay, you can let go, relax, allow your Guides and The Universe to gently steer you in the direction you need to move in. Slow down, no hurry no rush, deep breaths and sink into the loving arms of The Universe. This essence also has a gentle cleansing quality and is wonderful to use at the end of the day to help cleanse your energy field and restore balance.

Violet Spider Conch
Affirmation - I Always Hear My Inner Guidance Easily & Effortlessly
This essence helps to develop the skill of clairaudience, psychic hearing, that one may be better able to connect with one's Higher Guidance and Understanding of their current life focus and expression. It helps the individual to better understand why they may be experiencing different situations and circumstances in their lives and what changes they need to make within to manifest more positive life experiences. Those who work in any of the healing fields will also find this essence to be very helpful for being able to see more clearly what a client's overall focus and vibration is that may be attracting their problems and also to be able to communicate this to the client in a way that he or she can accept andunderstand. It can also help the healer know what tools may be the most useful for the client at the present time and can also be used by the client to help them make the most of the tools they choose to work with.

White Cerith
Affirmation - This Is Such A Wonderful Time In My Life! I Am Moving Forward In New & Exciting Directions
Accepting that a new day is dawning in your life and you have the power and capability of moving in any direction that you wish to at this time. It helps to alleviate the feeling of having to have control over life in order to manifest that which is sought, but instead accepting that a greater flow is occuring and that by moving securely within that flow, you can more easily reach your desired destination.

Yellow Helmet
Affirmation - My Will Is Strengthend & Supported By Divine Will. I Make The Choices That Are Best For Me
Protects the Solar Plexus chakra, for those who feel their will is weak, being taken over by stronger personalities. Standing up for yourself, helps a person to take the "bull by the horns" and get on with one's life.

Yellow Land Snail
Affirmation - I Am Totally Confident In Everything I Do. I know I have So Much To Offer Others & Other People Love & Honour My Talents & Gifts!
Boosts self-confidence and self-esteem, the "late bloomers" essence. Feeling secure in your abilities, expressing your gifts and talents in the world with ease and poise. Making a commitment to honoring your talents by giving them our time and energy.

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