Shamanic Essences M - Z

The Shamanic Essences can be safely used by anyone seeking to develop and integrate the Shaman within. For those whose life path is that of the Shaman, these essences will help to lighten and sweeten the path as well as activating latent abilities stored from previous Shamanic lifetimes. Since our culture has forgotten how to be supportive of our natural Shamans and Healers, these essences will help those born to this path to find the courage and strength to follow their path and return Shamanism to it's rightful place of honor and respect. Even though these essences are completely safe, they are extremely powerful. Use with common sense, starting with 4 to 8 drops a day at dosage solution ( 4 drops stock to 1oz. spring water ), noticing carefully any reactions you are having with the essences and then increasing the dose as you feel guided to do so. These essences can bring about profound shifts in your levels of consciousness and perceptions of reality, truly the hallmark of the Shamanic path. Use these essences with the highest intent and from the heart and you will be blessed many times over.

Macaroni Penguin

Affirmation - I Now Understand How To Use My E-Motions To Manifest What I Desire In My Life

For using the emotions as a propellant to bring about desired changes. E-motions are extremely powerful vibratory waves of energy that can be harnessed through the use of this essence. Excellent for those who feel "dead" inside due to having repressed their emotional bodies, eases fears of intense emotions. Very helpful during transits of Neptune, and for those born with their Moon in a water sign (Cancer, Scorpio, Pisces).

Madagascar Blue Pigeon

Affirmation - I Support Myself In Positive Ways & As I Do, I Attract Others Who Are Also Supportive Of Me

Learning how to express your needs and desires in ways that other people can better understand and accept. Also recognising that you yourself are the only one who can truly fulfill all your needs and how you may best go back doing this through hearing and following your own Inner Guidance.


Affirmation - I Choose To See The Good In Life

Positive growth, awakening potentials, dispels doom and gloom attitudes. Excellent for journeying within.

Medicine Wheel

Affirmation - My Totems Are A Blessing Of Healing, Strength & Wisdom For Me

The essence of strength and healing, Medicine Wheel provides courage, protection, and guidance from our allies and totem animals. When beginning work with a new ally or totem, this essence helps to insure that we contact only the highest aspect of the energies involved.

Merlin (Pigeon Hawk)

Affirmation - I Am A Powerful Shapeshifter Whose Life Is Filled With Mystery & Magic

Merlin represents the ability to shapeshift, and can be a very helpful teacher in learning how to shapeshift your reality into the one you are truly wanting. Merlin is also associated with the Magician Merlin and here too can teach us much about magic and mysticism. Merlin was also a master of disguise so when you work with this Falcon, you are also calling upon the energy of Merlin to help you with what ever you are seeking to create, including being able to keep what you are creating hidden from others until the time is appropriate to bring it out into the open.

Milk Snake

Affirmation - I Am Joyful & At Peace Within As I Allow The World to Go Its Own Way As I Go Mine

Elimination of toxins, not being affected by other people's negativity, but allowing it to roll off your back with grace and ease. Especially helpful when you need to be in a group of people where there is much hostility and judgment happening among the members, whether it is openly expressed or more covert. Being much more aware of how other's energies do in fact impact you and then taking the steps you are guided to take to prevent those energies from further disrupting your life if they are in fact negative or empowering your life if they are positive.


Affirmation - Abundant Joy Fills Me & I Am Blessed Beyond Measure As I Live & Express My Divine Life Purpose

Finding your Inner Voice, Gifts and Talents and choosing to express them as part of your Divine Life Purpose. Knowing yourself as an Individual that does not have to "follow the herd " mentality. This essence is especially helpful for those ho were "mocked" when they expressed the Truth of themselves. You can now heal this part of your past and move forward!


Affirmation - I Always Know What Is Needed for My Own Healing As Well As For Others

For knowing without having to rely on what only can be seen through physical sight. Excellent essence for body workers, massage therapists, Reiki Practitioners, and herbalists as it assists in getting to the core issue needed for healing, and then makes the practitioner aware of what modality is then needed.

Morning Singer Kachina

Affirmation - The Past Is Behind Me, A New Day Has Dawned & I Embrace It Eagerly!

Ushering in a new life and reality. Be sure when using this essence that you are ready to release anything in your life that needs to be released, because it will go! This essence can also be used when starting anything new to help insure that all shall go well and this new beginning will thrive and grow with Joy and Abundance.


Affirmation - I Know I Am The Only Person Who Can think In My Own Mind & Create In My Own Life

The Shaman's stone, Morganite encourages us to take full responsibility for our personal reality and life experiences. This essence centers us in the heart so that we may make choices based on what we LOVE and KNOW is right for us rather than following the dictates of another. Morganite calls in the presence of our allies and totem energies for manifestation and healing. Use this essence while in a medicine wheel to align positive forces to manifest your intent. Morganite also helps to lighten the Shamanic path for those who find it dark and heavy. It reinforces the true power of the Shaman, which is to be a channel of healing for his/her community.


Affirmation - A Wonderful New Day Is Dawning For Me

No matter what may be happening in our lives, Nightingale teaches us that a New and Beautiul day is dawning for us now. She teaches us how to open up more fully to our soul song, much like Orca, but her ways of doing so are more gentle which can be so helpful for more sensitive souls. Nightingale also teaches us that to heal sometimes we need to move into the apparant "darkness" for a time, but this does not mean that much that is Good and Positive is not also happening in other areas of our lives. She is really asking us to withdraw from the world for a short time that we may regain our balance and footing in life through a time of quiet renewal. The more we are willing to do this from time to time, the less we shall have it thrust upon us! Nightingale also teaches that we all have something beautiful and wonderful to share with the world, yet it is up to us to discover this within ourselves and bring it forth.


Affirmation - I Am Powerfully Connected to Spirit Through Whom All Of My Good Flows

Connection to the Spiritual realms, ability to use one's emotions constructively and positively to reach one's life goals. Relying on The Universe instead of other people as the Source of all that you need and desire. Standing firm in the centre of your own being and not allowing others to push or persuade you from your chosen path. You know what is Right and Good for you, and it is your Destiny to pursue it! Ocelot can also help you to adapt more easily to new environments, Staking a claim for your own space and finding your True Place in life.

Orange - Fronted Fruit Dove

Affirmation - My Sexuality Is Beautiful, Divine & Perfect For Me

Feeling at peace with your own sexuality. Understanding that sexual energy can also be channeled into many creative expressions including art and writing. For those who feel that sexual energy is somehow incompatable with the Spiritual, this essence can be very helpful in learning how to unite the two so that one's sexual energy can also be used to help one evolve more spiritually.


Affirmation - I Am Now Uncovering The Power & Beauty Of The Song & Destiny Of My Soul

Orca helps us to go deep within to connect with and bring forth the beauty and majesty of our Soul energy and song. Orca is the energy of Destiny, adaptation to what ever environment we find ourselves in and making the very best of it. If we need to move on from a person, place or thing, Orca can help us do this and will guide us to that which serves us in greater and more joyful ways. Orca can also help us to unleash our Creativity in powerful ways that uplift and transform us and all of Humanity.


Affirmation - I Travel Lightly So I Am Better Able To Grasp Opportunities As They Appear

The Osprey or Fish Hawk is a powerful bird that teaches us how to let go of the baggage we may have been carrying so we can grasp hold of better opportunities for our lives when they appear. Fearless by nature, The Osprey supports us in taking risks for it knows that in order to go beyond where we have been in life we must let go of the safe and known. Yet we are never along during this process for like the North Star, The Osprey will also guide us to safe harbour when the time is right where our dreams and goals are waiting to be made manifest. It is then that we find that the greatest risk of all was trying to hold on to all we have known from the past. For it is in the letting go of what has been that we are able to go for that which we really desire to be, do and have in life. This is a powerful essence to work with when you need to find a new path in life or are ready for radical changes.


Affirmation - I Always See My Path Clearly, No Matter What Is Happening Around Me

Owl sees and knows the truth. It's ability to navigate through the darkest night and bring back nourishment for itself and others is the foundation of this essence. When you have lost your way, owl essence will guide you back to your proper path and wisdom.


Affirmation - I Count My Blessings Each Day & More Is Added Unto Me

Peacock reminds us that the way to attract more Good into our lives is to note what we have already been given by Spirit and to give Thanks for it as well as to make good use of it. When we are willing to take hold of the resources we already have and put them to work in our lives, and this can be our creativity or a special gift or talent we may have, its not just about the material, we shall indeed find that more finds its way to us. Peacock can also help us display our talents and gifts in ways that will bring happiness to others as well as thei admiration to us. For those who feel shy in regards to sharing what they have to offer, Peacock is a tremendous teacher of how to feel more confident. For those whose ego tends to be more overblown, Peacock can help show one how to bring more balance to one's expression as well.


Affirmation - More Is Always Given Me As I Use What I Already Have

Using the energy and resources that one has available properly, disgesting life's lessons so they become food for the soul. Allowing your energy to become more fluid and buoyant, helps to keep the emotional body in greater balance. Releasing of grudges and old anger/bitterness.

Peregrine Falcon

Affirmation - When I Ask For More Good To Come Into My Life From All That Is, It Manifests Quickly & Easily

For issues of right timing, major accomplishments, speed and accuracy. Very helpful for speeding up the manifestation of what is desired or needed.

Phillipine Eagle

Affirmation - I Am Now Willing To Move On To A Higher, More Expanded Way Of Living & Being In My Life

Also known as "The King of Birds" and "The Monkey-eating Bird", this one of the two largest of all Eagles can help us with both ridding ourselves of those things that appear to be "Monkeying around" with our lives as well as being better able to claim our rightful space through the creation of stronger self-esteem and taking pride in one's self and abilities. This bird needs a great deal of space in which to live and raise its young, so too those who are in resonance with this essence will find that they are now better able to expand their own "territory", to branch out into new areas that will be of greater support for them. Though this Eagle is extremely large, it is also extremely agile, able to easily navigate through dense vegetation in order to capture its prey. So too can this essence help teach us how to navigate successfully through tight spots and emerge victorious!

Pilot Whale

Affirmation - Synchronicity Helps Me To Navigate Through My Life With Ease

Synchronicity and right timing. Navigating one's higher path with clarity and light. Knowing the right actions to take and taking them, not allowing any obstacles to stand in your way.

Pink Flamingo

Affirmation - I Now See What Needs To Be Healed Within Me & I Know How To Heal It

The Pink Flamingo helps one to work with colour for healing on all levels. Their energy is also very supportive of digging through one's own cloudy or murky emotional waters in order to better understand what is truly happening within. People who find that they appear to be making little progress with different tools for healing may find this essence to be very helpful as it filters out what the true,underlying problem may be and brings it forth into conscious awareness. This essence also helps one to better understand symbols and messages coming from one's dreams.

Pink Quill

Affirmation - I Shift The Energies within Me Easily, I Am Free To Be Who & What I Desire To Be!

Originally, this research essence was to be included with our flower essences. Since then, it has proven itself to be quite a shape shifter! It adapts itself to the need of the person using it, so there is no one single definition or characteristic of this essence. If you need it, you'll know it, because it will call to you loudly and persistently!


Affirmation - I Love & Appreciate Every Aspect Of Myself, It All Makes Up The Wonder & Beauty That Is Me!

Embracing all aspects of one's self, especially those that don't seem to fit. The ability to adapt to any change in one's environment. This essence also gives the courage to discover and be your true self.

Polar Bear

Affirmation - I Embrace Spiritual Transformation & Re-Birth for I Know it Is Through My Consciousness Of Spirit That All Good Manifests In My Life

Navigational skills, getting to where you want to be in life with greater ease and Joy through your connection to Spirit and placing your focus upon it. Mysticism, Spiritual Transformation and Re-Birth. Fearless in the face of challenges and opposition because you know Spirit will make the way clear for you.


Affirmation - I Have Faith That I Am Safe, Loved & Guided In Every Aspect of My Life

For accessing energy from The Source through faith, trust and innocence. Feeling safe in order to explore any area of life that one desires to. Releases sarcasm and the urge to "stick it" to others. Also very protective, if someone is trying to "stick it" to you, this essence can be used to deflect their attacks. This makes this essence excellent for psychic protection and to deter psychic attacks.

Prairie Dog

Affirmation - I Appreciate & Enjoy being able To Give & Receive Physical Affection. It Is The Glue That Helps to Keep The Bond of Love Alive

Prairie Dogs are extremely sociable and affectionate creatures, and thus can teach how us to connect more fully with the expression of physical touch and expressions of love. For those who have trouble touching others or being touched, the Prairie Dog can help these people feel more relaxed and able to give and receive affection. Many Massage therapists would do well to call upon Prairie Dog as a totem to help them know how best to use their healing gift of touch to best help and support each of the people that they serve.

Praying Mantis

Affirmation - I Take The Time I Need Each Day To Go Within To Connect With The Deeper Wiser Part Of Me. This Empowers Me To Reach My Goals Much More Quickly & Easily!

Maintaining balance in your life by retreating from time to time to reflect and take stock, then advancing forward again with speed and agility. Changing your perspective of life, being willing to do something radically different in order to expand your horizons.


Affirmation - I Am Now Aware Of How All Of My Thoughts & Feelings Help To Create The Life That I Experience

Puffins can teach us how to gently laugh at ourselves and life in general that we don't become bogged down in heaviness but remember that the best way to resolve any difficult situation in life is to lighten up and find the humour behind it all. Puffins also represent the need to use prayer to manifest what is desired in life and to be mindful that all of our thoughts are indeed prayers and affirmations that we are sedning forth into the Universe. They are a reminder that we are always communicating with The Universe so we need to be aware of what we are communicating! Puffins are sea birds and as such they can teach us how to dive into the ocean of life to gain abundance.

Pussy Willow Kachina

Affirmation - I Freely Claim The Good That Belongs To Me By Divine Right.

For allowing the Universe to give us what we need and desire without feeling we have to earn it first. Allowing the river of life to flow, carrying us to our greatest joy and happiness.


Affirmation - I Am Now Able To Shift From One State Of Consciousness To Another With Ease

Raccoon can help us to take new risks and explore the unknown, even when it seems rather frightening and we would prefer to hang back. They are extremely curious animals and seem to have very little fear of humans, at least all the ones I have connected with over the years have shown more curiosity than fear of me! The mask a Raccoon wears is very symbolic of altered states of consciousness and respresents the ability to shift from one level of consciousness to another with great ease. Working with Masks in our own life can help us to transform different aspects of ourselves more easily and effectively. A Mask can take us out of who we think we are and allow us to explore a new aspect of ourselves or even one that we may wish to acquire. Raccoons are also quite capable of defending themselves and their territory, even those that I have been very close to I have watched carefully to be certain it did not feel threatened by my presence and thus attack. Here too they can teach us how to defend our own space and ourselves if needed.

Rainbow Serpent

Affirmation - I Travel Through The Shamanic Realms Freely & Easily, Under Divine Protection & Grace.

This essence is for shamanic awakening, and can also be used to support the process of a Soul Retrieval as well as for Shamanic Journeying and Vision Quests.


Affirmation - My Ability To Adapt & Be Flexible Insures My Success!

Ability to adapt to almost any environment, to thrive and prosper more easily and effectively. Rat essence helps us to become more prudent and wise, listening to and heeding our Inner Guidance. Fresh new opportunities manifest and we have the flexibility and wisdom to grasp hold of them and use them to the fullest. Rats also symbolise the ability to attract wealth and prosperity as they are ever attuned to opportunities to attract all that they need to thrive.


Affirmation - I Am Now Moving From The Shadows Into The Light

An amazingly powerful essence for inducing altered states of consciousness safely and gently, to access healing for self or another. For those who know they are journeying, but are unable to retain conscious knowledge of what occurred, or who seek greater detail of their journey, this essence is invaluable.

Red Kangaroo

Affirmation - I Always Know What Direction To Move In To Insure The Best Outcomes

This essence helps us to work with other people for a common goal even though we may not feel strongly connected to the group outside of the goal itself. It promotes group harmony for the well being of all and for the successful completion of the goal. This essence also helps us to move in a safe direction when trouble arises, knowing when to flee rather than to stand one's ground and fight it out. Red Kangaroo's can also teach us how to manage our feelings of anger, even rage, so that it does not spill out and create problems in our lives but can instead be channeled into constructive actions.

Red Tailed Hawk

Affirmation - I Connect My Will With Divine Will & Use My Ability To Perservere To Attain The Goals I Desire. I Can Do This!

An intensified Life force, often those who carry this Hawk medicine have Pluto and Mars strong in the horoscope. These folks are able to achieve great things through persistence and sheer strength of will. This Hawk essence can also help a person understand and overcome obstacles to prosperity and abundance.

Ring Tailed Lemur

Affirmation - I Open My Mind To Experience Greater Dimensions Of Reality

Dimensional shifts, choosing new paradigms. Those that love essences that take them "Way out there" will delight in this one. Do not drive or operate heavy machinery while using this essence.


Affirmation - My Mind Is Quick & Agile, I Always Know What To Do In Any Situation

Quick action, quick thinking, grasping hold of new opportunities or being able to rapidly "flee" from danger, are all part of what this essence is for. Roadrunners often favour Rattlesnakes as food and thus this essence can be helpful for those who must work around harmful chemicals or other toxic substances. For those who find they are facing much negativity in their lives, of their own or from others, this essence can also be very helpful in integrating the lessons behind the situations that they may then be resolved and you can move on.

Ruby Topaz Hummingbird

Affirmation - My Life Is Filled With Joyous, Light - Filled, Quality People, Experiences & Things

Attracts brightness and clarity to the Aura, thus drawing higher quality things and experiences. A bright beacon of hope when we have been down in the darkness for too long. I highly recommend using this essence after using a cathartic or deep cleansing essence.


Affirmation - I Make Light Filled Choices In My Life Now because I Love Myself Enough To Do So

For deep seated anger, hatred and mistrust that arises up from within and from others to sting you over and over again. Releases fear of the darkness in one's self or another, using the energy to purify and transform. For those who are heavy on the art of self sabotage - if there are three choices, one absolutely positive, one alright and one bloody awful, they are apt to choose the absolute most damaging one every time! An excellent essence for those with Scorpio/Pluto or Mars/Aries strong in the natal chart or those who are undergoing a difficult transit of Pluto or Mars. This essence also provides a cosmic kick in the pants when one needs it most! This essence can also be used to help deflect people who do not have your best interests at heart, are manipulative or whose words always seem to have a "sting in the tail". It also helps to release these traits within one's self.

Sea Gull

Affirmation - I Have Always Been Worthy Of Every Good Thing I Desire

Attracting resources, being better able to accept what you need and desire with ease and through Grace because you now understand that you are completely worthy of all Good as a beloved child of The Divine. This essence also helps one to work cooperatively with others towards a Positive goal. Finding calm seas to sail on through life by creating a sense of Peace and Harmony within.

Sea Horse

Affirmation - The In & Out Flow Of Energy In My Life Is In Balance & Beneficial For Me

This essence is very helpful for those who tend to take on the problems of others and then find that the other person turns tail and runs, leaving you holding the bag. When attempting to help others, it is also important to remember that there must be mutual benefit involved. The male Seahorse gladly accepts the fertilised eggs from the female into his pouch that he may incubate and release the young, yet he also knows that his genetic material is being passed on through his actions and thus he too benefits. The same needs to be true for us as well, that in all we do we must recognise that there is an in and out flow of energy, that which is released must be replaced by something that is of benefit.

Sea Turtle

Affirmation - I Navigate Through Life Easily and Joyfully

New opportunities, endings and new beginnings, navigating through the emotional waters of life. Assists in utilizing Creative Visualization. This essence also helps one to move through the "seas of life" when they are stormy and turbulent with peace and a deep inner knowing that all is truly well. One just needs to turn their attention to moving with the flow rather than fighting the tide.


Affirmation - I Listen To My Inner Guidance & Heed Its Wisdom. It Always Knows What Is Perfect For Me & I Hear It Clearly

Listening to and following your own Inner Guidance rather than allowing other people to try and tell you what is right and true for you. Being able to move between the Spiritual and Physical realms with greater ease and flexibility, embracing both equally.

Secretary Bird

Affirmation - I Know What To Do & I Have Fun Doing It! I Am Motivated & Focused.

Reaching one's goals through motivated, active pursuit. Rising above problems and issues, thriving rather than just surviving.

Sharp Shinned Hawk

Affirmation - I "Catch" All The Messages & Guidance That Comes To Me From The Universe

This Hawk preys primarily on other birds, catching them in mid-flight. All birds are symbolic of messages coming to us from the Universe and thus this essence helps us to "catch" those messages we most need to hear and understand, helping us to digest the information that we may put it to good use. This essence is very helpful for those who are seeking a better understanding of all totem messages and behaviours.

Skeleton Woman

Affirmation - As I Turn To Face My Fears They Dissolve Back Into The Nothingness From Which They Came

Those who have read Dr.Estes "Women who run with the wolves" will really appreciate this essence! It is for turning and facing one's fears, reacting with love and compassion so that what we fear may be transformed into our greatest Ally.


Affirmation - My True Power And Strength Is Honoured & Respected By Others

Attracting great respect for who and what you are in life. Recognising and using your special talents and abilities to their fullest. Skunks are very peaceful animals, not prone to spraying unless heavily provoked and then, only if they feel they are backed into a corner. Skunks need time to rebuild their spray so they use it sparingly, and too, they know through instinct that their appearance is enough to warn most "foes" to steer clear! Thus this essence can also help to repel those who do not have your best interests at heart and yet will also attract those who do. Fpr those who tend to attack others without provocation, this essence can be very helpful in teaching one how to walk through life far more peacefully and with greater respect for the needs, feelings and rights of others.


Affirmation - The Size Of An Opportunity Is Dependent Only Upon My Willingness To Work With It To The Fullest

Awareness that opportunities that seem small on the surface have the potential for great growth and expansion over time. This Hawk essence helps us to see through to the heart of events and synchronicities that are trying to lead us to our greater goals and higher good. So often we ignore the smaller things in life because we can't see how they could possibly be of much use to us or help us to resolve a problem. Yet when we soar high above to see where they fit in the larger scheme of things, we see how they are a jumping off point that if it were not presented to us and pursued, we could not reach that we are truly seeking.

Spirit Rattle

Affirmation - The More Clearly I Can See What Is Really Within Me, The Easier I Can Make Positive Changes

This is a wonderful essence for turning up old, limiting energies in the mind, body, and soul. It assists in opening you to be a clear channel for the universe so that all of your journeys, be they on the physical plane, or other levels of reality, are safe and abundant. This is also an excellent essence for those who are in the process of releasing negative thought patterns in favor of positive ones.


Affirmation - Good Luck & Good Fortune Favours The Prepared. When I Prepare As I Am Guided To, All Good Flows To Me

Being more aware of your own needs in terms of resources for the future and planning accordingly. Paying close attention to what is around you, recognising signals through body language as well as through the spoken word. Those who wish to be more sociable will find this essence to also be very helpful.


Affirmation - I Now Recognise What Has Been Holding Me Back & I Easily Release It So My Good Can Flow In

Clearing clutter and debris both from within and in one's home environment that one may move with ease and grace through life. This essence in general helps us to become more aware of our surroundings so we may initiate positive changes. It also helps us to recognise what we have in our homes that may be holding old, stagnant energies in place. Once we release these things, The Universe can help us to forge more ahead much more rapidly and to attract that which is really desired.

Sunface Kachina

Affirmation - I Am Open To Having New Exciting, Fun-Filled Adventures & Opening My Mind To Wonderful New Possibilties

Exploring, having adventures, pushing beyond one's comfort zones. Meeting interesting new people who have much to teach and share with us.

Sunface Kachina Essence

Sugar Glider

Affirmation - I Take A Quantum Leap Forward, Knowing That I Cannot Fail

Trusting that if you choose to take a quantum leap forward that you will land safely or a net will be provided by the Universe to catch you. Knowing when it is right to make a move or whether you still need to do a little more work to insure a good outcome. This is a wonderful essence for when you really do what to make a major leap but fear holds you back, even when you know your fears really are groundless. Focus on what you are desiring to achieve and go for it!

Superb Lyrebird

Affirmation - Everything I Say Returns to Me In Manifest Form Through The Power Of My Spoken Word. "It Shall Not Return Unto Me Void"

For calling things into form through chanting, spoken prayer, affirmations etc. This essence also helps one to connect with a wide range of musical vibrations for healing on all levels. This essence also makes one more aware of how one's spoken word for better or worse does bring into form that which is being spoken of and focused upon. Thus, those who speak frequently of Good, Positive, Joyful things atract these energies into their lives. Those whose words are often negative or complaining attract more of what they do not want. It pays to pay close attention to not only your thoughts but what words you use day in and day out. When you use your words in conversation to Uplift others, the Universe will insure that you have much to feel Uplifted about. When your words bring unhappy energies of any sort to others, this too shall attract more of this to you. We all always have a choice what we desire to focus upon and speak of.

The Shaman's Crystal

Affirmation - My Intentions Both Consciously & Subconsciously Are Clear, Positive & Joyful

This essence was produced from a extremely powerful double terminated Quartz Crystal. When using this essence, it is very important to set an intention, visualizing the energy of what you desire to manifest shooting out from your solar plexus chakra, connecting with spirit and then returned to you amplified and manifested. Be sure you really desire what you are asking for you will get it. It is best not to use this essence more than 4 times per day. Putting faith and knowing into the process greatly speeds up the results of manifestation. Be grateful for the result before it manifests physically.

Tibetan Wolf

Affirmation - Mysticism & Magic Fill My Life

The Tibetan Wolf is a very dark coloured, almost Black Wolf that migrates through the cold regions of Tibet and China and is one of the top predators in these areas. This essence helps one to move on from situations that have "grown cold" or no longer provide the nourishment that is needed for optimal life force. It is also a strongly mystical essence, helping one to travel through the Void of the Universe, the place where all things are birthed so that one may plant seeds for a better present and future.

Tree Frog

Affirmation - My Vision Is Broad & Expansive. I See The Good That Lies Ahead & I Go Forth To Meet It Joyfully

This essence helps us to climb above life that we may see the bigger picture and also helps us to hang on to those things that truly have meaning and value for us in our lives and not fear they will be swept away by the winds of time. This essence also helps us to find the right place to sow the seeds of joy and happiness in our lives so that they may "drop" into the abundant sea of the Universe where they may swim and grow into the manifestations we are praying for.

Tufted Duck

Affirmation - All That I Need To Know Comes Into My Conscious Awareness Now

Linking with the Universal intelligence, psychic radar, the ability to pull needed information at will. Helps to rid both the Aura and physical areas of one's home of psychic pollution and debris. Drawing others of like mind to you.


Affirmation - What I Give To Others With Love & Appreciation Always Returns To Me Multiplied

Turkey is for "Give Away" medicine. Giving to others attracts your Good to you and in Truth, we must first Give before we can create the space to receive. Often times people want things, more Money, Time, Love, yet we must first give of these things to others before we shall find that we have much more ourselves. And yes this includes Time too for how often have any of us taken up another's time with complaints and worries that we really had no intention of doing anything about, thus wasting our own and the other person's time and energy. It is one thing to ask for help and then to follow through to resolve the problem as best one can, it is another to continually complain and then come up with excuses as to why things cannot be changed. Or someone wants more Love yet they are unwilling to extend the Love they are seeking to others first. Behaving in ways that are kind and loving always attracts the same back to us without fail! If you want more Success, help someone else to become more Successful too. What ever you Desire for yourself, help someone else find a way to attract the same to them and all that you Desire shall also find its way to you! Turkey essence also helps us to give away that which no longer serves us to TThe Higher that we may more fully grow into our Highest Potential.

Turkey Vulture

Affirmation - My Life Is Purified On Every Level. I Stand Tall In The Truth & Power Of My Being

This is an extremely powerful essence for transmuting toxins and negativity in a person's life. Turkey Vultures are very particular about whom they allow into their Sacred Space and thus this essence also supports the process of clearing anyone or anything that is only contributing negativity and stress into one's life. It is a very important essence to use for clearing one's home or business after an extremely stressful or traumatic event/situation. Use a minimum of 44 drops to a 2 oz misting bottle filled with spring water and thoroughly mist any areas that need it along with yourself. Do this for nine days in succession, take a break for three days, and then check in with your inner guidance to see if a repeat misting for a further nine days is required. If the negative situation has been a long term one, this may be needed to completely eradicate all traces of the old energy. One person shared with me some very apt words in describing the usefullness of Turkey Vulture Medicine: "Often we don't see what is actually rotting around us in our lives, and sometimes it takes Turkey Vulture to point out that we are pretending not to see the rot and that we need his help to clear it out of our lives and get ourselves, our lives and our energy clean again. Good medicine."

This essence also bring clarity and supports one's ability to stand strong in their own truth and walk their own higher path, no matter how this may appear to others. Also see Badger to combine with Turkey Vulture if you are also feeling "badgered" by others to ignore your own inner guidance and truth.

Violet Dolphin

Affirmation - Everything I need To Do What I Love & Fufill My Destiny Comes To Me Now In Great Abundance

For those who need tangible support and usable energy in order to do what they love for a living, whatever that might be.

Wandering Albatross

Affirmation - When I Relax Into, Trust In & Follow My Inner Guidance, It Always Leads Me To Something Wonderful!

For following the higher flow of the Universe, trusting where one is being led. Using all resources at your disposal rather than bemoaning over what you think you don't have.

Western Diamond Back Rattlesnake

Affirmation - When I Am Willing To Release It All, I Gain It All

Willingness to let go of everything in one's life so that you can be blessed and renewed by the Universe. In one's willingness to shed it all, one gains it all.

Whistling Green Pigeon

Affirmation - I Expect Good News Today! I Know That Something Absolutely Wonderful Is Manifesting In My Life Now!

Pay Attention! The Universe is sending you a message of hope and good cheer (maybe even a warning that something or someone does not have your best interests at heart) and now is the time to be very aware of what is going on around you. Sensing new opportunities as well as pitfalls before they begin appearing in your physical reality and knowing what steps to take to embrace or avoid what you need to.

White Lynx

Affirmation - My Guides, Totems & Angels Are Always With Me, Guiding Me, Loving Me & Helping Me In What Ever Way I May Need.

I heard some interesting comments about the White Lynx essence from a customer who has been working with Morningstar for several years now. While putting together a dose bottle for a friend, it was noticed by the friend that several Spirit beings were around and wanted some attention! Fortunately it was very obvious that these spirits were guides of this customer but it did remind of other comments I have heard along the same lines about this essence. Originally I had felt it would be helpful for uncovering deeply buried information as Lynxs are well known for knowing where treasure and valuables are hidden, and while this has held to be true, there is also this element of opening the third eye and the psychic senses which I find very interesting. This essence is extremely helpful for those times when someone feels the need for a lot of extra support from their Guides and the Spirit World.

White River Dolphins

Affirmation - I Am Unique & What I Have To Offer The World Cannot Be Accomplished By Anyone Else

(Highly endangered, on the brink of extinction. ) On a broad level, this essence is for planetary consciousness and healing. On more personal levels, this essence is for finding that which is rare and precious within the hidden depths of the self and bringing it forward into the light of day. Also for good luck and expansion of resources.


Affirmation - I Am Surrounded By Wonderful, Positive Teachers Who Uplift & Inspire Me To Create Even More Good in My Life

A powerful essence for those who are ready to be the leaders of the new age that is now manifesting. Wolf essence is highly protective of those who are realizing their strengths and abilities to bring about higher changes in the world. Use this essence when you need to move ahead of your "pack", to scout the safe path and bring knowing back from your journey to share for the highest good of all.

Wolf Spider

Affirmation - When I Follow My Inner Guidance, Everything Always Turns Out Perfectly For Me

An essence for learning the ancient Shamanic art of "stalking". Following one's inner guidance, even when it flies in the face of "logic".


Affirmation - I Can Never Lose What Belongs To Me By Divine Right

Excellent for psychic attack, setting boundries and claiming what is yours. Facing the dark side of power with grace.


Affirmation - As I Honour & Appreciate The Cycles In My Life I Find That I Move Forward With Ease, Grace & Joy

Excellent for journeying, becoming more attuned to the rythms of mother earth and your own life cycles. Being better able to respond when "opporunity knocks"! Also helps to formulate new rhythms that may help one to achieve long term goals through a focusing of one's power and intent for as long as required.


Affirmation - As I Honour & Appreciate Who I Am, The World & the Universe Reflects Back To Me Its Love and Appreciation Of Me

Knowing when to blend in with the crowd but also when to allow your individuality to shine forth. Honouring and appreciating who you are as an individual which is so important for Manifesting Good in one's life. Speed and agility, moving quickly from negative people, places and things to the Light and Positive expressions of Life. Zebra also helps us to move quickly when opportunities are presented, even when we feel we may not be ready. We know that no matter what, The Universe shall help and guide us when we choose to take a Quantum Leap forward.

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