Shamanic Essences A - L

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The Shamanic Essences can be safely used by anyone seeking to develop and integrate the Shaman within. For those whose life path is that of the Shaman, these essences will help to lighten and sweeten the path as well as activating latent abilities stored from previous Shamanic lifetimes. Since our culture has forgotten how to be supportive of our natural Shamans and Healers, these essences will help those born to this path to find the courage and strength to follow their path and return Shamanism to it's rightful place of honor and respect. Even though these essences are completely safe, they are extremely powerful. Use with common sense, starting with 4 to 8 drops a day at dosage solution ( 4 drops stock to 1oz. spring water ), noticing carefully any reactions you are having with the essences and then increasing the dose as you feel guided to do so. These essences can bring about profound shifts in your levels of consciousness and perceptions of reality, truly the hallmark of the Shamanic path. Use these essences with the highest intent and from the heart and you will be blessed many times over.

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African Fish Eagle

Affirmation - I Know How To Use My Spiritual Power To Manifest All Good Into My Life

Extreme efficiency, conserving and focusing energy. This Eagle teaches us how to become more conscious of our ability to harness and direct the Spiritual Power within each of us to attract and multiply the resources that we may need on any level, the physical, mental, emotional or spiritual. To soar high above the mundane illusions of life and see the true abundance that is already ours. Learning how to fish in the waters where our true prosperity and abundance lies waiting for us rather than depending on any person or situation to be the source of our supply of abundance.

African Green Pigeon

Affirmation - I Am Able To Easily Digest & Work With All That I Have Learned & This Is Helping Me To Create The Life I Desire.

Becoming more flexible and light hearted, able to digest the "seeds" of new ideas and wisdom so that these things may take greater root and fluorish in your life. This essence helps one to be better able to assimilate and use what one is learning, it becomes a more integral part of our inner knowing thus one is better able to put into practice that which is being learned.


Affirmation - I Work In Harmony With Others To Build My Dreams & Achieve My Goals

Group harmony and unity, working with patience and persistence to build your dreams over time. Teaches discipline, being willing to work with others to achieve a common goal. This essence is very helpful for working with Agencies of all sorts when you need the cooperation of others to help you attain that which is needed/desired. It helps you to smooth over differences, to help everyone involved (even if it is only you working with this essence) to see options and ways to cut through the "red tape" without being bogged down by it.


Affirmation - Things Are Moving More Rapidly In My Life In Ways That Delight Me & Bring Me Success In My Endeavours

For new opportunities to develop that will not require a lot of effort on your part, but flow seamlessly with the flow of your own life as it is now. Also for knowing when to make your presence known and when to ease up, back off and just allow the Universe to act on your behalf. Antelope can really help to speed things up in your life when you need to get something moving more quickly. If you feel held back due to fear or self-sabotage, it can help you to recognise the patterns involved and gives you a good hard push to get you moving.

Australian Black Swan

Affirmation - I Am Transforming My Life Into One Of Beauty & Grace

The story of the Ugly Ducking and its transformation into a beautiful Swan is certainly applicable with this essence as well. Yet the Black Swan also represents something mysterious, the ability to connect with the deepest and most unknown depths of one's self in order to bring forth more light and beauty into the world. Taking the parts of yourself that you feel are dark and ugly and transforming them into beautiful gifts for the world.

Australian Eagle

Affirmation - I Have Found My Special, Sacred Place In Life & I Am So Blessed By It!

Agility, finding and filling a niche. Flexibility. This essence is extremely helpful for those seeking to change careers or moving from being company emploted to being self-employed. It helps to stimulate awareness of one's unique talents and gifts that others will find of great benefit. Several people have shared that this essence also helped them to find a new home or create their home in a new way that was much more supportive for them in all areas of their lives.


Affirmation - I Am Patient & Persistent As I work Towards Achieving My Goals. Nothing Can Stop Me Now!

The energy around Badger is one of simply digging in and getting down to it, being patient, persistent and aware, very focused and determined. Those who choose to work with Badger when he/she appears will find that they have less time for those things and activities that may have been nice on the scenic route yet now they find they really want to get the energy moving on goals and projects that have great long term value. Badger carries the energy of Saturn, the great taskmaster who pushes us to set goals of value and then to work like the dickens to make real! The foundation for the future is built in the present moment, through our day to day actions and activities. Both Saturn and Badger ask us what we would like to leave on planet earth once we depart from the physical realm: do we want to look back and see how we have frittered and wasted our time on sitting and waiting for something or someone to make our lives all we know they could have been or do we simply want to get on with things!

Bald Eagle

Affirmation - I Rely On The Universe To Provide & It Always Answers My Prayers In The Affirmative!

This essence is for Independence, Courage, Pioneer Spirit, Freedom and Liberation, and like all Eagles, it also helps to carry our prayers to Heaven. For those seeking to become more self-reliant and free from outside systems that they do not resonate with, this essence is extremely helpful. It helps one to see what steps and actions need to be taken, and in what order, as well as helping to attract needed resources and opportunities.


Affirmation - I Do What I Know Is Right For Me To Do & Allow Others To Go Their Own Way As Well

Awareness, honesty, holding firm to your ethics and principles. Developing strong family ties that are a stable foundation upon which you can rest when problems or challenges arise in your life. Also helps to release family squabbles and feuds, brings in the energy of greater understanding and compassion for all those you call "kin".


Affirmation - When I Release What Was, I Make A Sacred Space For Wonderful New Beginnings!

Bat represents both the Shaman's death when the old self dies to make way for the new and yet is also a representative of great good fortune and auspicious energies entering a person's life. Working with this essence can be of great support for those who are grieving because their old way of life is dying or who feel they need to initiate their own death/rebirth process before outside circumstances forces them to do so. It also teaches us that by gracefully allowing the old to leave our lives, it can be replaced with an abundance of positive new energies.


Affirmation - If I Go Within, I Never Have To Go Without

This is the powerful energy of the cave, going deep within Mother Earth to renew and heal the self or to transmit healing to another. Bear is a powerful ally who offers protection and guidance during stressful situations or to resolve long standing problems in which you feel locked in and can't find a way out. Bear teaches us how to be silent and still so that we may receive higher guidance and inspiration. Bear also teaches us how to meet all of our needs from within so we never have to go without. Through Bear, we learn to access the guidance of Shamans who have walked this path before us and have many gifts to share if we will but receive them.

Bear's Golden Salve

Affirmation - Powerful Healing Is Now Happening For Me In My Life On All Levels

This essence was given to me during a spontaneous OBE while in the grip of a physically painful, traumatic experience. My Grizzly Bear totem (Rumi), handed me a bottle containing this essence and instructed me to apply it all over my body. As soon as I came back into my physical body I noticed an immediate change for the better. Rumi then walked me through the process of creating the energy he had given me in essence form. This for me was a huge turning point in my life and since then the feedback on this essence has been that it can be used to support the healing process of anything that troubles a person, from the Spiritual to the mundane. Children especially seem to find this essence very appealing and of strong resonance. It brings great comfort when one is feeling low or in need of rest and rejuvenation, and I currently am testing it as part of a cold/flu energy release essence blend. This essence is also a powerful booster for other essences. It can also be used to restore essences to full strength and purity when they have been x-rayed as when a parcel goes through customs or airport security. For those who have concerns on this topic (I have been asked about this numerous times in regards to a wide range of essence lines) this essence can be simply set near the exposed essences and need not be added to any of the stock bottles. Or if preferred, 4 drops of this essence can be added to the dosage bottle along with any other essences.


Affirmation - I Am Building A Home & Family Life That Is Wonderful, Beautiful & Joyous! I Am Blessed!

For problems and challenges regarding family and or the home. For those trying to find a new home, this essence can be very helpful in leading one to the right home. Excellent for DIY enthusiasts as well, this essence helps to make one more aware of what needs to be tended to within the structure of the home, both inside and out. This essence may also help to stimulate dreams that are both prophetic and problem-solving, as well as helping to balance turbulent emotional waters.

Black Eagle

Affirmation - I Am A Powerful Co-Creator With The Universe. Its Love & Light Guides & Uplifts Me All Of My Days

Unity, cooperation, dispels confusion and chaos, navigating through the darkness. This essence also helps one to step back from a situation or problem, soothes and clears the energy round the situation and within one's self so that one may be better able to see the right actions to take.

Black Legged Kittiwake

Affirmation - I Travel Freely & Joyfully Both Within Myself & the World Around Me To Manifest My Goals

Freedom, astral travel during conscious and dream states. The ability to go the distance and reach the goal, especially when what we desire seems far away. Knowing that nothing is out of reach if we truly desire it.

Black Mamba

Affirmation - My Life Is A Dance Of Joy, Abundant Blessings & All Good!

Grace, rhythm and movement. For dancing a new paradigm of pleasure, bliss and ecstasy into our lives. Connecting deeply with the rhythms of the earth.

Black Panther

Affirmation - I Am Now Embarking On A Quest Filled With Power & Magic

This essence is for reclaiming one's Soul Power and expressing it more fully in one's life. It also helps one to become Clairaudient and also greatly enhances all intuitive abilities. Black Panther helps us to more easily navigate the mysteries of Life and The Universe and also helps us to embark on our own personal Great Life Quest, the Quest to become who we truly are and to express this throughout every facet of our lives.

Black Wolf

Affirmation - I Clearly Hear My Inner Guidance & I Have The Wisdom To Understand All The Messages That Flow To Me From Spirit

This is an excellent essence for developing intuition in those who feel they have strong inner blocks that prevent them from hearing their Inner Guidance clearly. It also helps one to better see and understand signs and sychronicity so that one may also use those as a positive reference point.

Blue Jay

Affirmation - I Let Go & Allow The Universe To Bring What Is truly Right & Good For Me Into My Life. (And It IS Always Better Than I Had Expected!)

Using your personal power wisely and with great care and awareness. Blue Jay can appear when one is trying to use their will to force a situation into Manifestation with no regard to the possible consequences of doing so. This essence helps us to let go of the personal will and instead affirm that what is truly wanted is that which is for the Good of all. This attracts something much better and happier into one's life. Blue Jay also helps those who still feel pain from having been bullied in the past, helping the person to release this old energy and move forward with strength and confidence. It also helps to deflect energy from those who are trying to bully one in the present.


Affirmation - I Am Capable & Focused. I Rely On The Universe To Supply Me Abundantly With All Good Things

Great strength and power, learning how to manifest Prosperity and Wealth through a Higher sense of Purpose and Spiritual Wisdom, including a better understanding of Universal Law. Understanding that relying on "the world" to provide can fail you, but relying on The Universe to provide will see you through every time.


Affirmation - I Listen To & Completely Trust In, My Own Intuitive Guidance

Strong psychic and intuitive awareness, mysticism and sexual/creative magic are some of the things that Bobcat can teach. Also being able to see that which is hidden, learning to trust your own instincts no matter what other people seem to think is true at the time. Learning how to be a wonderful counselor or therapist, one who can really be of service to other people. Knowing when to share and when to keep silent, learning that there is great power and wisdom in silence.


Affirmation - I Trust In The All - Providing Source Of Life & In Doing So I Prosper Beyond All Measure

Among it's many attributes, this essence helps us to get moving on clearing the channels for our success and prosperity, it allows us to get back into the expectation that the Earth IS a good place to be and the Universe is always providing us with everything that we are open to receiving.

Buffalo Warrior Kachina

Affirmation - There Is Always A Wonderful Way Forward & I Am Finding That Path Now

Spiritual protection and faith. For when life's experiences seem overwhelming and there appears to be no way out.>

Bumble Bee

Affirmation - I Know My True Career Path & As I Pursue It, Every Other Aspect Of My Life Also Blossoms

I have long found it interesting that many people when asked what Spirituality means to them they say things along the lines of " having to give something up, make sacrifices, ignore what I really want because damn if I can see how that could possibly be spiritual! What if through bee we could see the whole realm of spirituality in a whole new way? Bees as are all of Spirit's creatures highly spiritual. They form cooperative networks with one another and certainly they are experts at communal living. When one discovers a food source, it returns to dance to tell the others where this source is. The following I feel is most important to keep in mind: In serving themselves through the collection of pollen, they also provide a service to the plants and flowers they are pollinating! Because they are doing what is right and good for them, what is natural to them by instinct, they insure that life continues on for all other species.

I once tuned into to the consciousness of a Bumble Bee and what I felt was this sense of pure joy in collecting the pollen, feeding off the nectar and not one whit of worry as to whether what it was doing was spiritual or not in the grander scheme of things! The bee's consciousness was focused on one thing only, that which gave it pleasure. In doing what came naturally to it, it was buzzing at a very high vibration and the intensity of it's energy left me feeling most uplifted. Now what if we could simply tune in to that which gives us the most pleasure for our own lives, what comes naturally to each one of us? What gives us the most joy as we go through our days, that is what Bee is trying to remind us of here.

Bees are also for doing the impossible. According to physics they should not be able to fly at all and yet they do so quite well! Could it be then that Bee is here to teach us that not all we have been told about the world is correct? That we are only as limited as our beliefs say we are and we too can manifest the seeming impossible if we are willing to step aside from all we think we know and just allow the Universe to teach us some thing new? Try this exercise for one month and see what happens: Choose one thing that you would love to create in your life that you feel right now is impossible. I don't care what it is or how far out it may seem! Write it down on paper. Now for the next thirty days you are going to ask each morning upon rising for the Universe to send you signs that your desire is possible to manifest as well as giving you any tools and information you may need to make it so. Hold the paper in your hands and feel the energy of the Universe flowing through you a nd into the paper. Then set it aside and go on about your day but keep your eyes and ears open! Every evening write down everything you can think of that pertains to your desire that happened to you during the day. Within a week you should be noticing things happening that help make the desire more believable for you. And of course if you choose to create a symbol for this and share it with a group, expect a miracle hands down for surely you shall receive what you desire as LONG AS YOU CONTINUE TO BELIEVE IN IT AND FEED IT! And that is how the milk got in the coconut!

This Bumble bee Essence is available for those of you who would like a little extra help in manifesting or believing that going for pure joy in every moment of your life is truly what you came here to do for in fact I know with all of my heart that is truly what we came here for! So pickthe most outrageous, delicious and exciting thing you can think of and go for it!

Burrowing Owl

Affirmation - I Know I Am Completely Safe As I Express The Truth Of Who I Am. I Am Loved & Accepted

Burrowing Owls are one of the most observable of all Owls because of their great tolerance for the presence of humans. Because of this, this is a very helpful essence for those who are fearful of letting their true selves be seen by others because they feel they will not be accepted or those who are simply quite shy. Instead of hifing themselves away, the person can come out into the light and feel safe enough to express their true beauty and potential in the world. This is also a very grounding essence and allows one to both remain both feet planted firmly on the ground while reaching for the stars. Taking practical action as one higher guidance dictates allows what is desired to manifest more quickly and enjoyably.


Affirmation - With The Help Of The Universe, I can Accomplish & Manifest Anything!

Accomplishing that which in the surface appears to be extremely challenging, even impossible. Knowing that nothing is impossible to The Higher working through you and an Abundance of resources and people will appear to empower you to create "a beautiful garden in the desert."

Canadian Lynx

Affirmation - I Go Beyond The Gates of My Current Consciousness Brilliant New World Waiting To Come Forth From Within Me

Keeper of lost secrets, the one who watches. Initiator of those who would travel beyond the edge of the known. Gate keeper to the timeless dimensions.


Affirmation - I Move In New Directions As I Am Guided To Do So Easily & Effortlessly

Speed, ability to respond quickly to opportunities, allowing yourself to quickly change life direction so as to grab hold of the Destiny that is meant for you. Those who tend to speak also benefit from this essence. It reminds one that what we say and think does return to us (and sometimes sooner than expected!) so it behooves us all to pay attention to the energy we are sending speeding forth into The Universe. This essence also helps when one is facing a deadline of any sort and needs to speed up their ability to complete one ore more tasks. Yet it also reminds us that we need to be focused and self - motivating, and that procrastination is really nothing more than self- sabotage. For those who tend to try and do too much all at once, this essence teaches them how to better pace themselves for the long haul.

Clouded Leopard

Affirmation - I Am The Living Bridge That Connects This World With The Higher

The Clouded Leopard has an incredible ability to climb and thus, this essence also helps one to climb high above one's own life for both a greater perspective as well as to sight new opportunities that may be in the making. This is also a highly mystical essence, one that can be very helpful for those who feel they are wanting to live more in the Higher Realms and less in the physical world. Understanding that their true purpose in life is to bridge the illusion of a gap between this world and the other realms and how to do so, is part of the wisdom that this essence can bring.

Copperhead Snake

Affirmation - I Easily Transform Negative Energies Into Healing Vibrations

Transmitter of Sacred Knowledge and Energy. This essence also helps to transform negative/toxic energies into beneficial forms that can be used for a powerful healing boost. Copper is a wonderful conducter of energy and so too does the Copperhead Snake teach us how to conduct large amounts of energy without blowing a fuse or feeling overwhelmed by the flow. This essence can be very helpful for someone who is experiencing Kundalini rising and several women have noted that they found it helpful for Hot Flushes whilst going through Menopause. Copperhead's can teach how to become more sensitive over-all to energy flows, the energy that other people and we ourselves carry that we may have been unaware of before and how we can use that energy if it is positive or transmute into something positive if this is what is needed. The Copperhead can also teach one how to stand one's ground, to demand that others be respectful and give us our rightful space.


Affirmation - I Am A Powerful Being Of Light & Love. I Use My Power Wisely To Transform My Life & The Lives Of Others

An amazing essence that helps us to stand in our own power and express it wisely. To harness our power to transform our lives and also supports one in finding one's proper "territory" or niche in life rather than "Jumping on the bandwagon" that may not be going to where we really want to be.


Affirmation - As I Lighten Up & Laugh, I See All That Is Available To Me Right Now & It Is Good & Abundant

Working with the energy of the Divine Trickster, learning to work with others cooperatively in order to accomplish larger goals, seeing the wisdom within yourself and life's events and experiences.


Affirmation - I Concentrate & Focus Easily. My Life Is Balanced & Harmonious

Focusing on one thing at a time rather than scattering your energies. Helps to bring the Etheric bodies into vibrational balance and equilibrium.

Crescent Moon Bear

Affirmation - I Follow My Heart For It Knows The Way

Recognizing illusions, using compassionate rage to break free from what binds you, following a heartfelt quest.

Crested Serpent Eagle

Affirmation - I Relax Into The Higher Flow Of Enlightenment

Eliminates toxins, negativity. Bringing forth higher wisdom from within. This essence some people have also found to be very helpful during Kundalini Rising. It helps one to feel more balanced and grounded during this process and also helps to ease the fear that is sometimes associated with Kundalini Rising.

Crimson Crowned Fruit Dove

Affirmation - I Am Clear, At Ease & Joyful In Everything I Undertake

Clarity, clearing away muddled thinking and emotions of grumpiness. Helps one to feel motivated to complete tasks and to take joy in doing so. Attracts information that helps to clarify what one really thinks and feels about money and prosperity so that appropriate changes can be made.


Affirmation - I Am Able To Easily Understand & Use Higher Teachings To Transform My Life

This essence can help us to understand and share with others complex metaphysical topics and concepts (The language of Crows is very complex itself), to take latent potentials and give them life/manifest them as well as increasing one's ability to connect with others of like mind for support and friendship. Crow essence helps us to enter the void of Spirit where seeds may be planted to transform our lives. This essence also helps one to work through prosperity issues and fears as "Crows know how to make an excellent living for themselves!"

Crown Of Thorns Starfish

Affirmation - I Now Clearly See What Needs To Be Released & I Allow This Process To Happen Peacefully

Eats away at what needs to be destroyed so that new growth can occur. This essence also helps one to gain more clarity in regards to what exactly needs to be removed from one's life and the highest and best way for you that this needs to happen. It helps to cut the cords between people and things that are no longer serving the highest good for the Self or others.


Affirmation - I Am The Only True Power In My Own Life

Learning how to defend what is rightfully yours, not allowing other people or circumstances to get the upper hand. Recognising that you have greater strength and resources within and that even the small can be mighty!

Dipper Bird

Affirmation - I Now Call Forth The Spiritual Power That Lives Within Me To Receive The Answers I Am Seeking

For accessing subconscious and emotional strength and information. Lifting the hydra's head from the innermost recesses of the psyche and bringing it into the light of consciousness to bring about life changing transformation.


Affirmation - My Life Is Filled With Unconditional Love, Loyalty, True Companionship & Joy

Loyalty, unconditional love, true companionship and uniting with one's "Soul Pack" are what Dogs can teach. Also about being true to yourself, respecting and honouring fully the person that you are. Dog also helps us to create deeper friendships with others that are more equal and balanced. It helps us to Love all others as they are and not as we might wish them to be. In so doing, we also find that we are better to Love ourselves as we are right now, not waiting until we have solved an issue, reached a goal or overcome some perceived 'defect" within ourselves. Dog essence also helps you to become more aware of what is truly right and Good for you, and what is best left alone.

Double Danburite in Matrix

Affirmation - I Believe That Life Is Meant to Be Fun, Positive & Joyful & This Is What I Experience!

The Creator meant for us to live in joy and bliss at all stages of our lives. The journey we are all on now is to remember this aspect of the divine plan. When we remember that we are all one with the divine source, miracles occur, and our lives become filled with more joy and abundance than we have ever dreamed possible.


Affirmation - I Now Recognise My True Potential & I Express It Fully In My Life

Dragonfly embodies a stripping away of all the beliefs that say we cannot do this or that, achieve a dream or goal, it is to remind us that anything is possible when we really get the understanding that we are part of Spirit and as such we have the power to manifest anything that we desire. Dragonfly is the keeper of dreams, the knower within that sees all of our true potential and ability. Dragonfly strips away the illusions that say to us we cannot achieve our dreams and goals, that we are not worthy or capable when in fact it is our birthright and our true power to create anything we choose!

Dream Time

Affirmation - I See The Reality Of My Positive Dreams & Because I Recognise The Truth Of Their Being I Easily Manifest Them

Use this essence to understand that we are both the dreamer and the dreamed. This essence helps us to hold a positive focus so that we may dream a new reality into being. It helps us to drop the busy "doing" in our lives, and rely more on our divine ability to be-come what we desire.


Affirmation - The Drumbeat Connects Me Into The Power & Majesty Of The Entire Universe

The heartbeat of the Earth, use this essence to travel safely between the worlds to access higher guidance, receive healing , connect with your allies to create a strategy for the manifestation of goals or to ease the initiation of yourself or another onto the path of Shamanism. This essence is very grounding for the body so that your Soul is able to move freely throughout all the levels of the universe as you are ready to do so. When the journey is over, this essence guides the Soul safely and gently back into the body, so that the body may also assimilate the wisdom of the higher planes and thereby increase it's vibrational level. This essence is especially helpful when combined with Bear to attract higher guidance and practical solutions. Our knowing is already right within us; we just need to remember that we already know the solution.

Eagle Dancer Kachina

Affirmation - I Recognise That My Prayers Are Always By Spirit In The Most Perfect Of Ways

Carries our prayers to heaven where they can be answered. Remember to accept what the Universe sends you in response to your requests.

Eagle Owl

Affirmation - I Let Go At The Deepest Levels Of My Being, Knowing That I Am Safe & Guided Through This Process

Probably the most powerful and largest of the owl species with a wingspan of 5 to 6 feet, this essence is for powerful and deeply cathartic shamanic and plutonian descents into the underworld. Not for the faint of heart, but for when deep inner cleansing is called for.


Affirmation - I Am Focused, Patient & Persistent. Nothing Can Stand In The Way Of My Determination & Faith In The Universe

Patience and persistence, carrying on regardless of how outer circumstances appear for you know you will win the reward in the end. Trusting in where you are being led, even when you are not certain of what lies immediately ahead but knowing deep within youself that only Good awaits you when you let go and trust.


Affirmation - I Now Find That All Obstacles In My Path Are Removed With Ease & Joy

Strong connection with the Earth, the ability to move obstacles out of one's way and to achieve greatness are some of what Elephant represents. Like the Hindu God Ganehsa, Elephant can help you to achieve great things in life when you allow it to walk before you and clear the path ahead. Telepathy, the ability to communicate via the mind over vast distances is another attribute that one can learn from Elephant. Those working with aromatherapy can find Elephant to be of great assistance and a source of wisdom.


Affirmation - I Am Aware Of How My Energy Affects Others & I Express My Energies In The Highest & Most Positive Of Ways

Elk have strong sexual energy and this essence also helps to balance that energy in those who feel they are overly sexual or under sexual in their expression.

Ergot Fungus

Affirmation - I Am A Multidimensional Being, I Am An Expansive, Unlimited Spiritual Being & I See The Truth Of this Now

Expands consciousness, opens doors to other levels of reality. For walking from one reality into another for the purpose of journeying or completely changing one's life. People who have used this essence told us that they no longer felt they could keep living their old way of life and felt compelled to act upon the visions they received while using this essence.

Fairy Penguin

Affirmation - I Relax & Allow The Universe To Sort Things Out For me While I Focus On My Desired End Result

Learning how to lighten up, releasing mild states of depression or fear, having a tendency to worry incessantly. Finding it much easier to move towards those things that give you joy. Helps workaholics who fear that if they take time off, everything they have worked so hard to build will fall apart. All Penguin medicine helps to move in and out of body at will such as conscious astral projection and supports those who are going through any sort of "death or dying" process be it an actual physical death or mental/emotional/spiritual. This is a wonderful essence for dark nights of the soul!


Affirmation - The Path Of Life Before Me Is Broad & Smooth

Learning how to navigate through tight situations.


Affirmation - I Am Following The Light Of My Guiding Star

This essence helps us to find great inspiration and hope even during the darkest of times. The gentle light of the Firefly helps lead us to that place of peace and understanding within no matter what we may be facing. This essence also gives us the gentle nudge we may need to follow our own "star", to pursue our highest destiny with faith and trust, to allow ourselves to be guided by the Universe so that we may reach our destination safely and rapidly. It also attracts to us friends and helpers along the way, both seen and unseen, that can help us to develop our own gifts more fully so that we may shine our own light ever more brightly in the world.

Fossilized Bison Bone

Affirmation - I Believe In And Affirm To Myself Frequently The Truth Of Plenty Plenty Plenty!

This bone came from the North Sea. It is a leg bone that helps us to support and do more for ourselves and to also feel more support from the world and the Universe. It also helps to get down deep into the very roots of lack and belief in scarcity, especially if those beliefs are very stubborn and crystallized and other tools or essences seem to be ineffective in releasing them. This can be a very powerful kick up the bum essence so I would suggest anyone working with it to go slowly with it, no more than 4 drops twice a day until you see how you react to it. It can be combined with Rose Quartz for a more gentle impact but for those who are ready and willing to confront their deepest issues at this time, this essence can really clear those channels!


Affirmation - Only Good Can Find Its Way Into My Life Experience

Fox essence is for being the keeper of the power of invisibility and camouflage, of knowing how to move between the light and the dark, from this world to other realms of existence. This essence is especially helpful for those who feel "invisible" to others no matter how they try and attract attention and thus unable to make as much headway in their lives as they feel they should be.

Fruit Bat

Affirmation - I Always Express Myself In The Most Appropriate Of Ways & In The Right Moments

Also known as "Flying Foxes", Fruit Bats can be extremely noisy creatures who tend to scream loudly at one another. Thus we too can learn through working with this essence how we may best communicate with others in order to get our messages across loudly and clearly. Yet because of their knickname of Flying Foxes, these bats can also teach us when we need to remain quite and "hide away" until we know it truly is safe to go ahead and express ourselves. These Bats live almost exclusively on fruit and have a tendency to scatter seeds over a wide area. Here too this essence can teach us how to scatter the positive seeds of our dreams and goals over a wide area in the knowing that this will give them the best chance for "germination" and development.

Ghost Bat

Affirmation - Good Luck Now Comes Flying Into My Life, Bringing me An Abundance Of All Good In All Things

In Feng Shui, Bats represent great good fortune! Bats on an energy/essence level also help us to develope our own inner radar more fully so we may navigate through the "dark times" much more easily. This essence also helps us to uncover blocks within that have been so deeply suppresed that one is unaware they even exist. This is especially important to take note of if you have been doing much inner/outer work and yet your life still feels stuck or stagnant.

Ghost Dance

Affirmation - I Am Connected With The Ancient Wisdom Of All Life & I Use It To Create A Better Life For Myself & Others

The Ghost Dance was visioned by the Shaman Wovoka to assist his people in remaining connected with their ancestors after the coming of the Europeans to Turtle Island. This essence assists us in connecting with the wisdom of those who went before us, as well as clearing dysfunctional family patterns and belief systems.


Affirmation - All The Energy That Comes My Way Is Beautiful, Uplifiting & Supportive Of Me

I actually had a dream about Giraffe shortly before producing this essence. Or rather, Giraffe appeared in the form of a dear friend who was quite tall in the dream, much taller than in real life. I realised it was Giraffe sharing with me that its medicine in part is the ability to stand above all of life and detach to see what is really happening. Giraffe also represents the bridge between "that which is above and below", connecting us with Higher Wisdom and Knowledge that we may live more joyful lives. When Giraffe appears in a person's life it is important for them to begin looking ahead to the future. Spending time in meditation or just by being quiet and asking what lies ahead that you need to know about can be very helpful in charting your life course. Often Giraffe indicates that many changes lie ahead and you have the power now to decide which of those things you wish to move towards.

Goanna (Lizard)

Affirmation - I Open My Mind To New Thoughts & Beliefs For I Know That To Change My Life I Have To Change Within First

To often many of us go through life on Autopilot, tuning out anything we don't think "fits" with our beliefs about life and reality. This essence encourages us to be awake, aware and alert so we do not walk right past the signs and indications that life holds so much more that we have been taught to believe.


Affirmation - My Navigational Skills Are Excellent, I Always Find My Way Easily

Navigating skills, better understanding myths and stories. Issues around bonding and loyalty to either other people or one's own dreams and goals.

Grandmother Spider

Affirmation - My Mind Is Highly Creative & I Use It Positively To Create The Best In Life

Weaving the web of one's own choice and design, catching what is needed or desired in one's energy fields via magnetism. Using one's resources wisely and with discernment. Knowing when to actively flow one's energy into the World and when to remain silent and still.


Affirmation - I Am Now Taking A Quantum Leap Of Happiness Forward In My Life

Grasshopper is for taking great leaps forward with joy and ease. When Grasshopper makes it's presence known in a person's life it is an indication that one needs to get moving in a big way, there are often goals and plans the person has been "sitting on" for some time and now is the time to take action on those things. Grasshopper can also teach you what is really right for you, what methods and tools will make the most positive difference in your life. Even if it is something that is radically different from what others are doing, it will more often than not work for you. Grasshopper says it is time to move forward, leap into something new and be open to the wisdom and guidance of others who have trod the path long before you and can help you see more clearly what you are leaping into (Guides and Intution are also often associated with Grasshoppers so trust your Inner Wisdom!)

Green Anole

Affirmation - My Home Supports & Nourishes Me So I Can Accomplish All That I Came Here To Do In My Life

An excellent essence for attracting peace and harmony into the home. When our home life is supportive and peaceful, it allows us to feel rejuvinated and to feel a greater sense of stability and support from within. Our homes should be "Sacred Spaces" because we all need a space where we can recharge and withdraw from the world. Home should be a place where we feel safe, nurtured, loved. When people have this, and it can be created no matter what size or type of home one has, it allows them to not only experience greater success and ease in the world, but it can also become a haven of Healing and Restoration of Mind, Body and Soul. This essence also helps one to navigate over difficult terrain with grace and ease. Brings good fortune and success to both personal and business relationships.


Affirmation - My Life Is A Beautiful, Joyous Dance!

Sacred Dance, learning how to use dance and movement to bring great Joy and Manifest desires in your life. Movement helps to break up old, limiting, stagnant energies and releases them so something new and better can enter. Excellent for those who are studying dance or are professional dancers.

Hairy Nosed Wombat

Affirmation - My Nightly Dreams Support & Nourish My Life's Goals

All Wombats are talented at digging and are extremely strong. The Hairy Nosed Wombat is a nocturnal feeder, eating primarily roots and grasses. This essence helps one to dig through one's nightly dreams in order to nourish and support daily life. Healing dreams are not uncommon when working with this essence and several times people have shared with us that they dreamed of a particular herb that turned out to be helpful for their own healing process. Because the Hairy Nosed Wombat loves digging in the dirt, so too can this essence help us to dig through our own soil that it may be made ready for the planting of positive new seeds.

Harris Hawk

Affirmation - The Entire Of The World & The Universe Is Loving & Supportive Of Me

This Hawk and essence represents cooperation and support from others. Libra or Venus may be strong in the horoscope or Venus in Aquarius or in the 11th house. A more Mercurial/Virgo aspect is also prominent with this medicine, also the North Node in Virgo or the 11th house. This Hawk essence helps one to spread the word about goals or projects to those people who can be helpful for you. For those who use music to help them soar high above, this is a wonderful totem to be working with as it helps to integrate music and sound as a healing modality.


Affirmation - I Always Allow Myself To Just Go With The Flow of My Life

This essence may be helpful for those who are nocturnal and find it difficult to function well during the daylight hours. As hedgies are so adaptable themselves, this essence also helps one to be more adaptable and flexible as well, flowing better with the energy of one's life and the Universe rather than trying to fight the flow every step of the way. When one relaxes and simply allows something to be without trying to change it, often times the Universe is then able to find ways of resolving something for you in the best and most joyful of ways. This is also a very powerful essence for protection. When threatened, Hedgies roll up into a ball trusting that its spiney coat will protect it. For those who go about with the proverbial "chip on their shoulder" this essence can help them to relax and feel more trusting towards life and other people without diminishing their defenses should they truly be needed.

Honey Bee

Affirmation - I Allow Myself To Move On When I Know The Time Is Right

Fosters cooperation, being able to pick up and move on when one knows the time has come to do so without regrets or fears. Being able to attract "one's Honey" as well as attracting more sweetness and good in one's life over all. For much more extensive information on Bee please see our totem page here - Totem Animal Medicines

Hoop Dancer Kachina

Affirmation - I See My Place Within The Circle Of All Life & I Rejoice In Its Expression!

Life, death and re-emergence, trusting that the Universe will provide us with the necessary experiences, possessions and people to help us fulfill our destinies.

Hopi Rainbird Kachina

Affirmation - I Am Prepared & Eager For New Growth In Every Area Of My Life

Cleansing and releasing in order to promote new beginnings and new growth. Allowing yourself to grow and evolve naturally in any area without feeling the need to "push the river".


Affirmation - I Am Completely Free To Move In Any Direction That I Desire To Now

Horse is for travel, movement, bridging the gap between the worlds. Horse also represents power, freedom and movement. It indicates that a new time of movement is at hand and we do have say in what direction we want to move in while working with this essence. It helps us to harness our energy, to get all of energy and focus pointing in the same direction and keeping a tight hold on the reins so we can achieve greater success in any area of life now. Horse helps us to keep our minds disciplined, to focus on the matter at hand rather than scattering our energies. We may also find we feel the need to work with this essence if there are those that are trying to rein us in! Heeding our own inner guidance is the most important thing we can do above all else and if you pay attention, Horse will show you the route to freedom. Now is the time to roam free, to explore and see what is over the next horizon. Think of the energy of the Sun in Sagittarius for example, the wise teacher who is willing to go beyond the edge of the known to expand his/her horizons. This is what Horse is all about, to free ourselves from the mundane and see what new, adventurous paths we can embark upon at this time!


Affirmation - I Am The Magical Creator Of My Own Life

The Ibis is a sacred bird who is related to Thoth, the Egyptian God of Healing and Magic. The Ibis can teach us how to create more sacred space within ourselves and our lives, to transform toxins and negative energies into new forms that can bring about great healing and positive change. Those who are pursuing a metaphysical/occult path will find the Ibis to be especially helpful in knowing what teachings are appropriate for them and how to fully embrace the wisdom and knowledge those paths have to offer.

Inland Taipan

Affirmation - I Am Willing To Shed The Old & Emerge Renewed

When any snake medicine appears in our lives in some way it is indicating that we need to shed the old so we may move on to something new and even more positive. For those who have recently or are currently undergoing a major life transformation, this essence is especially helpful if those around you are trying to pull you back into old habits and patterns that are not for your higher good. It is important to remember that when we make a major change it can feel threatening to others because they may then feel they too must change and grow in some way or they will lose you and your love! Yet by standing firm in your decision to take a quantum leap forward, you can help all those around you feel more empowered and inspired to make bigger changes too.


Affirmation - I Am Completely Supported & Guided As I Journey Through My Physical & Spiritual Life

The Jackal is sacred to Anubis, the Jackal headed God of the Underworld. As such, the Jackal can help us to navigate through times of darkness, death, transistion and rebirth. Anubis also represents Guardianship and so too does the Jackal offer protection and support. Travel and journeys of all sorts are under the protection of Jackal, especially those involving spiritual pursuits and yet Jackal can be called upon to help guide and protect one during any mundane travel as well. Jackal can also help us to know who will act towards us wih fairness and honesty, those whose hearts are "lighter than a feather" and those whose true intentions are dark and heavy.


Affirmation - I Recognise My Spiritual Power & Use It To The Fullest To Manifest All Good

Re-claiming one's innner power, embarking on the Hero/Heroine's quest, bringing more energy, adventure and excitement into one's life. Keeping silent and still about our plans but going about them with intensity and focus. Enhances mystical abilities, intuition and clairvoyance.


Affirmation - What I Have Visualised For My Life Is Now Manifesting With Great Joy!

What appears to have been delayed in your life will now start moving quickly towards fruition if you keep the Faith and listen to your intuition. Prepare for a bountiful harvest!


Affirmation - I Prosper & Succeed Because I Do Right By Others

For those who feel frustrated and held back because they have taken a slower and more ethical route to reach their goals rather than trampling on the rights and needs of others. Success built on integrity and concern for the well being of others lasts a lifetime! This essence is also helpful for creating a warm, nurturing home for yourself and your family, or to welcome in someone new, be it a new life partner or even preparing to have a baby. For those who do not enjoy being held or cuddled due to abuse or neglect in infancy/childhood, this essence can help one to open up to enjoying the intimacy and love that can be expressed through heart felt physical connections.

Lady Beetle

Affirmation - I Am Surrounded By Good Luck & Good Fortune In All That I Do!

Lady Beetles (also known as Ladybugs and Ladybirds) bring good fortune and good luck, helping wishes to come true! This essence can also "eat away" at the pests in your life, allowing you to move forward with fewer distractions and niggling problems. Lady Beetles are avid eaters of garden pests such as aphids and thus are valuable friends to the Gardener. So too if there are thoughts and beliefs in the "garden of your mind" that are eating away at your hopes and dreams, this essence can help you to rid yourself of them.


Affirmation - I Am The Royal Divine Child Of A Loving Universe!

The Lion represents Royalty and the dawning of a new day with the rising of the Sun. Lion can teach one how to be more accepting of one's true inner beauty and is very helpful for feeling worthy of having good in one's life. Lion also represents community and how one fits in with the community and groups one is associated with. Lion can help direct you to those people that will be willing to work with you and will honour your place within the group.

Lion Fish

Affirmation - I Stand Firm because I Know I Am Always Supported By The Universe When I Trust In My Inner Truth & Wisdom

This essence helps you to stand your ground and not back down in the face of opposition. Especially helpful for when you feel one part of yourself is trying to sabotage what you really desire to be, do and have in life. Helps to "chase away" from the subconscious mind limiting, negative beliefs and thoughts that have hindered your forward movement. Knowing that The Universe is always on your side, it is for you, and is always seeking to help you Manifest your All Good. Moving forward with Faith causes obstacles to vanish when we refuse to allow them to have power over us. When one is determined that one shall succeed, one shall!


Affirmation - The Dreams That Are My Destiny Now Come Forth To Be Made Manifest

Retrieving lost or buried hopes and dreams so that they may be fulfilled. Releasing the past. Assists in dream recall and interpretation of same.

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