The Daily Seed Word

Welcome to the Daily Seed Word! Seed words are like garden seeds that we plant in the soil only these we are planting in the soil of our minds. When we repeat a word or series of words over and over in our conscious minds they become implanted in the fertile soil of our subconscious minds. The subconscious then goes into action to bring into Manifestation for you that which you think about and reflect upon most.

Seed words are just like using affirmations though for many it can be easier to remember a single word rather than an entire affirmation when unwanted thoughts come to mind. You can say No to the unwanted thought and go right into using your Seed word for the day. The more you use it, think about, find ways to use it when writing or speaking, the more powerfully it will work for you.

It takes some time to start seeing the outer Manifest in accordance with the new thoughts you are holding. However, the more determined you are to change your thinking the faster positive words and phrases will work for you. We get out of what we put into things so give it your best effort! Above all, have fun with this! Find creative ways that you can use your Seed Word for the day. See how often you can use it in a sentence or create several affirmations using it. Write it down on a card in colored ink, maybe even using a different color ink for each letter. The sky is the limit! You may also want to keep a journal of your Seed Words and just note which if any seem to come up for you with the most frequency. These are words that are especially important to your Inner Growth right now and will bring many Positive changes into your life if you use them frequently.

You may also wish to just sit with your Seed Word for the day and see what springs into your mind as you contemplate it. Write down what the word means to you personally. Just allow aything that comes to mind flow, don't censor anything. This is important because you may find you are holding subconscious beliefs that tell you that you cannot have what this word means in your life. Know that negative beliefs are false beliefs taught to us by others who didn't know any better themselves. Know that the Love and Power of The Universe is flowing through you right now, washing those old untrue beliefs away. Cross them out in your journal and below them write "I now know and believe that this _______ is the real Truth of me and The Universe" or something along those lines. You will know what to do, just trust in yourself and the Love that brought you into being.

Blessings to you and know that you are Deeply Loved By All That Is and you deserve to live a wonderful, Joy filled life!

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