Sacred Geometry Essences

These essences have been a fascinating journey into the realms of mind expansion and greater understanding of Universal Law, cause and effect. The study of Sacred Geometry takes us back into the primordial beginnings of all that ever was, is and will be. It is the understanding of how one shift changes the pattern of the whole, even those shifts that appear to be very minor on the surface. They cause a rippling affect that impacts how the whole is able to function and evolve, often in surprising ways. When I first began work on this project thanks to the suggestion of a friend who felt these essences could be an important adjunct to the work I was already doing, I began to notice a Higher Presence, more of a group of High Energy Beings actually, who seemed to have an intense interest in what I was exploring. These Beings have not only helped in the production of these essences, they also began giving me information as to the energy intent and purpose of each essence.

The indications listed for each essence is theirs, not mine. I noticed when I started to allow my own rational mind to step in and dictate what each essence "should" be for, they pulled their energy back until I was ready to step to the side once again and allow them to lead the way. I realize these essences may not resonate for everyone and yet I strongly feel that those who are drawn to them are at some level seeking a quantum leap forward in some area of their lives, from the mundane to the spiritual. One may not know exactly what it is one is seeking. Yet the intent to move towards that which one is yearning for, even if one cannot put a name to it, insures that it will be found. These essences, perhaps more so than any others, do need to be selected not so much through the words as trough a strong feeling of resonance and intuition. Words in and of themselves can be very limiting and therefore it is important to "feel" your way through each essence. My understanding is that if there are one or more that would be beneficial, there will be a sharp knowing or awareness, a sense of coming home or an intense feeling of joy and excitement. One may also work with the essences in any order and they may also be combined with any other essence.

The Square Root of Two
Affirmation - I Now Recognise The Truth Of Me, That I Am A Powerful & Magnificent Being

The whole is more than the sum of its parts. Integrating and expressing the essential truth that you are far more than simply "human", as most people think of being human, but are instead a complex and extremely powerful being who has entered the earth plane to express the truth of yourself and see it in manifest form all around you. Shifting from one frame of reference to another, generating great power and energy through the unification of all parts of your being. The Golden Ratio Tracing your lineage through both the earth plane and other realms of existence. Helpful for Star Seed people who feel little connection to the earth plane or wonder what their purpose or mission is here. This essence helps them to define who they are and receive validation for this awareness in abundance as well as understanding one's Soul Purpose and destiny.

Vesica Piscis
Cooperation within large bodies of groups, both planetary and interplanetary. Understanding the importance and true nature of resonance and how it both feeds and maintains the Soul while supporting the ultimate unfoldment of one's personal and galactic destiny. .

The Merkaba (Flower of Life)
Affirmation - I View The Akashic Records With Ease & I Use This Information To Heal & Uplift My Life

Attunement to the Akashic records, accessing information for other realms and lifetimes that is pertinent to you current life challenges and issues. Clearing old karmic energy through the raising of the auric vibration so that all accounts are automatically brought into balance.

Increased flow of communication between the Self and Universal Mind. Supports individual understanding of spiritual/metaphysical concepts and principles which in turn allows the person to more easily release problems and challenges through thought forms rather than always needing to take direct physical action that may not produce the results one is seeking. When physical action is required, the individual will know precisely what action to take and no more, thereby keeping in reserve more of their physical, mental, and emotional energy that can then be channeled into evolving further on all planes.

The Platonic Solids

Ability to successfully navigate the higher dimensions, obtaining the maps and information required to make successful forays into the unknown.

Hexahedron (cube)
Alignment of those from one's particular family, both planetary and interplanetary.

Practical use of metaphysical/spiritual principles so that the earth/physical plane may be elevated along with the personal. Attraction of those who can further support one's overall development as well as those whom one can also serve in like manner.

Universal wisdom, accessing the matrix of the Universal mind so seed thoughts may be implanted and brought forth into manifestation.

Balancing one's energy fields, especially the first 12 layers of the etheric body and all the chakras/meridians.

The Thirteen Archimedian Solids

Truncated Tetrahedron
The beginning of a new cycle, changing from one resonant form to another that is more aligned with the Soul Purpose, Desire and Destiny.

Truncated Cube
At this intersection what one has focused upon begins to take form and yet it is easy at this stage to make needed changes that are more suitable for the overall life expression.

Rhombicube Octahedron
Energy is stabilized and more mass is attracted to the whole. The focus at this time becomes much sharper and easier for the individual to visualize. Other individuals may now become attracted to the first individuals vision, thus lending their power and energy to the first.

Snub Cube
The primary stage has now been completed. At this point in the cycle the individual must decide whether to carry on with what they have chosen or to terminate the cycle of their own free will and begin anew. What may appear to be "flaws" to the individual are in reality molecules that are not in resonance with the over all vision or destiny and the individual may choose to 'spin out' those molecules through visualizing their release and new molecules are then attracted that are in keeping with what is actually desired.

Rhombitruncated Cuboctahedron
Alignment of paradox, understanding how seemingly conflicting desires/energies can be merged to create a unified force that acts as a springboard to move one up the evolutionary scale.

Cuboctahedron (Dymaxion)
Supports the shift of the DNA structures that allow old patterns and thought forms to remain embedded in the cells. Once these thought forms and patterns begin to clear, the DNA is brought into closer alignment with one's Soul purpose and desires.

Truncated Octahedron (Mecon)
Greater Spiritual awareness and purpose of the physical plane and the energies contained within it is obtained and understood.

Truncated Dodecahedron
Operating on the level of the Higher Self, accepting responsibility for what is manifested in one's life while stepping up into a higher realm of being where challenges can be dissolved more rapidly.

Activates the grids of the body that correspond to the grids of both the earth plane and the 4th and fifth dimensions. Awareness of an activation of these grids allows the physical to vibrate at a much faster and higher rate. This in turn bypasses many of the challenges that may occur when one is evolving rapidly on the spiritual levels and yet neglecting to work at evolving the physical at the same time.

Snub Dodecahedron
All levels reach a stage of completion so one may stop and take stock. At this time Intuition and Guidance is highly active and one finds that it is extremely important to follow one's own guidance from moment to moment. Creative visualization is also enhanced and strengthened, one finds that it is especially important to keep ones thoughts and feelings slanted towards what is really desired and this essence makes it easier for that focus to occur and be maintained.

Truncated Icosidodecahedron
Transmission of Light and Healing to others is accomplished with greater focus and intensity. Those who are working as healers are recharged and their own work takes on Higher Evolutionary skills through the development of new methods and modes of transmitting healing.

Feeling in the centre of the Universal Flow so that one may be carried easily to one's next destination. Drawing upon the support of ones Guides and Master Beings for greater wisdom and understanding of the true nature and purpose of being in a physical body at this time.

Truncated Icosahedron
The vibrational alignment of all the talents and wisdom that one has learned from this as well as prior lifetimes so that it can be put to use in the current expression. Some may find that they also become aware of future lifetime potentials and they are then able to integrate those into the current life expression as well.

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