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The Magic Path of Intuition by Florence Scovel Shinn (Author), Louise Hay (Introduction)

Hardcover – December 2, 2013

Florence Scovel Shinn was the much Beloved author of books such as “The Game of Life and How To Play It” and “The Secret Door To Success”. She had a very down to earth writing style that not only made it easy for New Thought students to grasp the message, it also made her books an absolute Joy and Pleasure to read.

The Magic Path of Intuition was an unpublished manuscript that was found tucked away by a rare book dealer who then contacted Louise Hay at Hay House and asked her if she would like to buy and publish it. Obviously she said “yes!” and many who have read the book are glad she did and for good reason.

In a word, it is Wonderful. Written in her usual easy to understand style, it nonetheless makes the Principles of Spirituality in regards to understanding and following the Intuitive Path quite clear. This is not a book as to how to develop your Intuition, but more alone the lines of the importance of following your “hunches” and nudges to do or not do, to go even though the end result seems less than assured and that The Universe is always speaking to us and Guiding us through the “still small voice within”.

For Florence, Intuition was also about preparing for the Good that one has claimed from The Universe. For example, she would often tell her own students once she had spoken the word for them to do something that would show Faith that their Good would indeed Manifest. And that their own Inner Guidance would show them what to do and how to do this. One woman wanted a new home as she was living in a hotel room. The word was spoken on her behalf and as usual, she was instructed to “dig her ditches” or in other words to do something that showed she had Faith that she would Receive. She went out and bought a carving knife, something for which she had no use for living in a Hotel but sure enough, her Guidance led her to the correct item for her to purchase and she had her demonstration.

As with her other books, it is filled with stories of how others have used Truth and always there are an Abundance of Affirmations that have not been published in any of her other books. For example; “The power within sweeps out of my mind, body and affairs everything not divinely planned and puts my house in order, now and forever more”. Another favorite of mine is “The tide has turned to stay, for God has the right of way”.

This book though short does cover a lot of ground. Chapters include “How to break up old thought forms”, “Bringing your future into the now” and “Infinite Intelligence, the Great Magician”. She believed that the Spiritual Path was truly a “Magical Path” and I think many of us who have studied and greatly benefited from her work would certainly agree. Though we understand that we are working with Spiritual Principles and Laws that are unchanging and eternal, it does seem rather “magical” more often than not how our Good comes into Manifest form.

If you are familiar with “Aunt Flo’s” works, then you will probably Love this book too. As for me, it has also led me to hope that there is still another yet to be discovered book from her. Truly her words of Wisdom are priceless!

The book is available through Hay House and of course Amazon. If you live near a small indy bookseller, why not have them order you a copy. It’s always a good idea to support small, family owned businesses when ever we can.

A few remaining words from Florence herself and I can tell you from personal experience that yes, this does work! - “Follow your intuitive leads and prepare for the blessings you have asked for, regardless of adverse appearances”. True Prayer means preparation”. If you will think about this and a bit further on her message "If your demonstration lags, you haven't dusted it", it is sure to kick start your own Intuition and you shall know what to do!

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