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Rainbow Rays

While working with a wonderful Nymph of Havasu Falls named Irena, she guided me into creating a group of Rainbow, Halo and Glow essences. Intitially I thought it would just be rainbows but there were others also clamouring to be included that while technically not Rainbows, are certainly Heavenly Energies that exist to remind each of us of our Divine Heritage and of the Love and All Good that The Creator has for All. They remind us that as we continue to "Look Upwards" we are filled with Positive Energies that attract All Good and Joy into our lives.

Each essence will work its own magic differently for each individual that works with them. For example, 22 Degree Halo may help one person increase their Prosperity while for another it will help them to Heal or attract a perfect relationship. While I have included an affirmation for each essence, I also strongly urge everyone to create their own affirmations if the one I have included does not fit with their experience or Intuitive understanding of what an essence may do for them. It is important to select an essence based on what you feel most strongly Guided towards and simply allow it to lead you into your own next phase of Good and Spiritual development. These beautiful and wondrous Gifts from The Divine were given to all of us with Love and these essences are offered to you with Love!

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Prices are as follows for our Standard Essences:

1/2 oz - $9.50
1 oz - $14.00
2 oz - $25.00

And for SE's

1/2 oz - $29.00
1 oz - $36.00
2 oz - $55.00

Circumhorizon Arc

Affirmation - Joy, Beauty, Magic & Miracles Flow Freely & Bountifully Into My Life Now

Corona with Iridescence

Affirmation - As I turn Inward To The Divine within Me, I Am Blessed In All Ways Beyond Measure

Fog Rainbow

Affirmation - I See The True Path Of My Life & I Embark On It Joyfully & Freely

Heiligenschein (Holy Light)

Affirmation - I Now Affirm That I Am of Divine Origin & Deserving Of All Good

Ice Crystal Halos

Affirmation - The Source Of All My Good is Within & Around me At All Times, Everywhere Present & All Powerful

Lunar Rainbow

Affirmation - My Inner Guidance Is True, Leading Me Directly To My Desired Good

Primary Rainbow

Affirmation - I Have Now Found The Pot Of Gold That Is Mine By Divine Right

Rainbow Wheel

Affirmation - I Am Moving Through My Life Into Ever Expanding Cycles of Positivity & All Good

Red Rainbow

Affirmation - I Am Filled With Divine Strength, Courage & Zest For Life. Nothing Is Impossible TO The Higher Working Through Me!

Sea Water Rainbow

Affirmation - My Cup Of All Good Overflows

Spider Web Rainbow

Affirmation - I Am Free To Move Forward & To Claim The Life That Is Rightfully Mine
Created when sunlight hits dew on a spider's web.

Supernumerary Rainbows

Affirmation - I Live a Life Filled With Joy, Success, Peace, Love & Prosperity

Twinned Rainbow

Affirmation - All Of My Relationships With Others Are Harmonious & Happy, Filled With Love & Appreciation

22 Degree Halo

Affirmation - My Spiritual Understanding & Growth Now Takes A Quantum Leap Forward

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