Quality In, Quality Life

This article goes hand in hand with Ideal Self – Ideal Life. I hope you have really truly burned into your brain that in order to experience what you really want in life, you have to allow yourself to become that first. And the way to become that is obviously to figure out who your Ideal Self is, what He or She wants and then proceed from that point forward.

This is where a lot of folks get stuck, how do we do this? Where do we begin? We start first by examining what is in our lives that is Quality and what is garbage. Your Ideal Self always seeks Quality in every single aspect of Life. And before you start saying things like “I can’t afford Quality, I don’t have access to Quality in some area as much as I would like, many things in my life feel more like garbage than Quality right now so if I throw all of that out, what do I have left”. Just stop for a moment. These are excuses that you have told yourself and have nothing to do with your capabilities to create and attract more Quality into your life. You just need to figure out where you want to start first and proceed from that point. I think you will be happily surprised at what you already have available to you that is Quality, much of which will not cost you a penny and yet will support you in reaping great rewards.

So let’s start with the things you can do today, with no outlay of Money, that can help you to begin to attract more Quality anything into your life. Who are you surrounding yourself with? What sorts of people are in your life? Are they uplifting, Joyful, have great Integrity, truly supportive of you and all that you are striving to Be? Or are they critical, judgmental, negative, constantly complaining and whining about their lives? It is so important from time to time to step back and really look at the messages the people around us are sending us. I have had people in my life that on the surface appeared to be supportive of me and my goals yet they were also constantly slipping in the “cutting joke” about something I do, or even my appearance. They talked behind my own and others backs, even after I asked them repeatedly to stop. They gossiped, betrayed confidences, continually bombarded me with negative stories about their own lives and the lives of others, flat out lied or withheld information purposefully (which to me is the same thing as lying) or refused to accept that I am simply not wired in the same way as many other people and that doesn’t make me bad or wrong, just different. They constantly asked for advice and not once ever accepted or acted upon the advice I was able to give. They didn’t want help, just someone to whine and complain to, making them feel better and me feel like I had been run over by a Panzer.

Even worse, I accepted this behaviour from these people in some cases for many years until the final remarks - incidences came that made me wake up and say “enough”. Learn from my mistakes. If you have these sorts of people in your life, let them go now and don’t look back. They are keeping you stuck right where you are now because at some level, it makes them feel better about themselves and their own lives. Blunt but Truth. You deserve better and the time and energy you have spent on allowing people like this to remain in your life could be far better spent reflecting upon and working towards the goals that have real value and meaning for you. And trust me, there are people out there in the world who will be the Quality Folks that you need and deserve to have in your life. They will come, when you make the room for them! Going solo for a time if that is what you need to do won’t be nearly as painful as you may think either. If anything, it will open up tremendous energy reserves within you that you can now apply to every other area of your life and as you do this, Life will respond. Your Ideal Self will respond and begin to lead you in the Right Direction for you.

How are you treating your body? You don’t need to sign up for a gym membership to get in the best, most fit shape of your life. I don’t have a gym membership, I lift weights right in my own home and have slowly acquired the equipment I have needed over time. Sure, there are still things I would love to have! Yet what I focus on is what I can do with what I have. It is amazing what can show up when you put the word out to Life, The Universe and other people that you are seeking something specific. My husband recently acquired a very expensive, top of the line bicycle from someone he did some work for in lieu of payment for his work. A few hours of work resulted in a very nice bike and some great exercise for him. Exercise that he will actually do and this has also resulted in him biking along the same streets where I walk. He goes off on his bike, loops back to where I am and then off he goes again. Both of us are happy doing what we enjoy doing (he hates walking, I love it) and we get to spend some Quality time together happily doing things that we both enjoy.

Yet you can easily take better care of your body by walking or even just by doing some stretching. There are literally thousands of exercise videos on Youtube that you can work with, truly something for everyone. If you like to waqlk yet the area you live in has few sidewalks or safe areas for you to enjoy, check out the walk at home videos by Leslie Sansone. Some can be found online for free and they are fun, easy to do and very effective. Sometimes it is a matter of exploring new neighborhoods where you live in order to find the best walkin or biking areas for you. Our town has few sidewalks and yet we have found some great areas that are very safe to walk and bike in. Find an activity you enjoy and be consistent in the doing of it. Living a quality life means having as a healthy a body as you can. There is almost always something we can all do to improve our health and thus our enjoyment of life.

This one does require a certain sum of money obviously but money can usually be freed up by dropping something else that isn't a life requirement. Quality food is important. Most processed food is quite frankly garbage though from time to time some is fine. We don't eat out but once every 6 months or so if that. I cook from scratch and I buy few processed foods at all for myself or my family. Yes, we have given up some things in order to be able to afford better quality food, such as cable TV. Watching TV is not a priority for any of us and frankly I am glad not to have to listen to the constant chatter of it in the background anyway. Watching TV not only gobbles up huge amounts of time, time that I could better spend doing other things that I find of greater importance, cable anymore seems very expensive to me, and we would simply rather put that money into better food for the 4 of us. We do live in what is known as a "food desert". Fresh fruits and vegetables are simply not available in our immediate neighborhood. We did have a Piggly Wiggly a few blocks from our home but they have since closed down and merged with another store several miles away. Bad for the neighborhood though we are praying that a better store will go into that space and soon (The Pig was awfully expensive but still it was good to have access to a wide range of fresh foods). What we do have right now is a Dollar Tree and they do have a fair amount of frozen fruits and Veg which is helpful, better still their prices of course are far better than what we would pay for those same items in a Piggly Wiggly, Sav -A - Lot or even Aldi's (I do Love Aldi's!) I can walk to Aldi's easily enough though the distance makes it a 2 hour round trip minimum. But it is one way I can combine both exercise and grocery shopping in one go. I do have a shopping trolley that I used in Los Angeles, a $50.00 investment years ago that is still going strong and allows us to to forgo the use of a car.

We also have, God Bless them, a Salvage Store one block over from us and they stock all sorts of Organic items as well as the usual things one would expect to find in such stores. All sorts of supplements such as vitamins and even protein bars from time to time, all good quality and very very cheap! We have been amazed at what we have found in our little Salvage store so take a look in your own area and see what might be available for you. If you have a store such as that in your area, do check back frequently as these stores tend to have frequent changes in stock from week to week or even every day or so. Also bear in mind that while Organic can certainly be a better, healthier way to go, our food is only as good as the soil it has been grown in. Food can be grown organically but if the soil is lousy, the food will not be anywhere near the quality it could be. Obviously the only way to be sure is to have your own garden patch and if that is possible for you, go for it! Great exercise, better food, more time spent in Nature which is always Quality time. Whats not to love!

Don't forget things like skin and hair care as well! Taking care of every part of you is Quality and Quality is what is going to lead you right into that better Quality life that you are seeking! I use Honey to wash my face, cheap and very effective! To remove make-up when I do wear it, I use Coconut Oil which is wonderful for the skin. Test to make sure you don't have an allergy to it of course but also bear in mind that any Good oil such as Avocado, Grapeseed, Jojoba, can also be used. We use Coconut Oil for cooking, skin care, hair care (I have very thick, very long curly hair and Coconut Oil is one of the best things I have found for conditioning.) If you Google uses for Coconut Oil, Honey and so forth, you will find an Abundance of wonderful websites to peruse that will help you determine what will work best for you. You may find that Quality for you doesn't come from the department store, but from Mother Nature herself.You will also save Money that you can invest in other things that are Quality for you, not to mention saying "No Thanks!" to the toxic chemicals that are in many hair and skin care products. Even so called "green products" may still contain chemicals that are not good for you or the earth so if you do go that route regardless, make sure that you read the labels! Speaking of skin and hair, it has never ceased to amaze me how many women I have known who spend hundreds of dollars on all sorts of hair and skin care products and then eat a junk diet. Clean up your diet and many skin and hair issues one may have will clear up as well.

Another way to bring more Quality into your life is to be prepared and think ahead. Stress leads to all sorts of problems including issues with your health, your finances, even your Spirituality. You can greatly reduce stress in your own life by taking some simple steps such as making an inventory of all the things such as milk, bread, what have you, that you and your family use during the week and then stock up a reasonable amount of those things. For us, running down to the corner if we do run out of something is not an option. Our nearest grocery store is a mile away, a two mile round trip on foot or by bicycle which is fine, but not late at night. So every morning and evening I do a quick check in the kitchen to make sure that we have all that is needed for the next day. I also keep a pad and pen in the kitchen so that if an item is running low, I can jot it down and take the note with me the next time I go shopping. It only takes me a minute, helps me to stay on top of running our home efficiently and I don't have the stress of hoping to make it to the store before it closes. (Things close early here). We also have a supply of bottled water and food that can be easily prepared in case of an emergency such as a power outage due to a storm. We got lucky with Hurricane Joaquin deciding to meander out to sea but many areas of the state did flood because of weather patterns in the South at that time. South Carolina was hit hard and unfortunately, many folks were left without potable water. So not only did they have the stress of dealing with the flooding and severe weather in their area, they had to go in search of water and none to be had easily asd in many areas it had sold out. Or areas in winter where Snow can be a real issue, same thing, one sees it all the time. Plan ahead and be prepared! It doesn't take a lot of money either. Buy some extra water or food that you know you will eat, rotate it so it doesn't just sit and go bad, have an emergency medical kit on hand, those sorts of things. If you buy a little at a time, it won't take long to have all that you need when you need it. We also try to stock a little extra as we have neighbors who are elderly or have small children or pets. Thinking of others is Quality too and will surely return to Bless you!

Think of how you spend your time each day. Are you doing things that are Quality for you? For some, it may be learning something new such as another language or researching something that greatly interests you. The Internet can be an amazing tool for finding out about all sorts of things but don't forget your local library as well! Our local library isn't huge by any means but it is truly wonderful, I am constantly amazed at how they do so much with so little space and money. They offer all sorts of courses for free, on a wide variety of topics, plus they have had a local artist come in with several of his parrots as well as his art. That was great fun, time well spent and we were able to chat with another Bird Lover and to interact with his birds! The staff at our library are the best, truly wonderful folks who care deeply for what they do and are able to provide to our community and I am so grateful that they are there. (And yes, I have told them this, many times! (This is Quality too, acknowledging those people and things that bring more Value and Good into your life)

So what is in your home? Do you have many items that have great meaning and Value to you or do you look around and think "Yuck!". It all counts, every bit of it, if it isn't Quality to you, then it needs to go to a new home. Or out to the curb or into the recycling if it can be recycled. If you need to, you can release a little at a time but before you buy something new, take the time to stop and ask yourself "Is this truly Quality to me? What does my Ideal Self say about this item? Am I just making do or can I wait and find something better"? I have frequently gone "without" something for very long stretches of time because I knew what I wanted and it was not easily affordable for me or I wasn't finding what I really wanted. By waiting it out I was able to save the money to go towards the item I really wanted when I did find it or I found it at a much lower price somewhere else. In some instances, I found that what I thought I wanted really wasn't "me" at all, and instead I came across something that suited me much better. Or I received an item for free, out of the blue and it was perfect for me.

Same thing with clothing. If I can't find exactly what I want, I don't buy anything, I just wait until the right thing shows up. I have found wonderful clothing in thrift stores for example, some of it with the price tags still on it, I love to knit and I have found pure wool sweaters that I was able to take apart and knit into something new. Quality time doing something I really love to do and I was able to do it for a fraction of the cost of new wool. I certainly do not object to buying new, yet I have also noticed that the Quality of many new items is not nearly what it once was. If I can find items that were made years ago and were well cared for, they simply hold up better and cost less money. To me, this is Quality. I also prefer things such as glass food storage instead of plastic. This to me is Quality and I can find many such items in thrift and second hand stores for a fraction of the price plastics would cost me.

Now obviously someone else may feel that if they can buy new and find it easily at any big box store, that is Quality for them and that is totally fine! What is Quality for you or someone is else is Quality no matter what someone else thinks about it.

What you are aiming to do here is to go over every single aspect of your life over time and ask "is this Quality to me?" Those things that aren't, then you start the process of deciding what would be Quality for you and go from there. Some things may take you longer to find or obtain than others, but don't give up! You have put the ball in motion and Life will take care of the rest if you keep your focus strong and steady. The more you think in terms of Quality and what this means to you, the less you will find yourself wasting time and energy on things that have no strong value or meaning for you. It is so easy to get caught up in a "herd mentality" where we are all encouraged to read the latest book or buy the latest gadget. But if those things don't speak to your Heart and Soul then they are not Good for you in the way something else would be. All those things do is lead us further and further away from the Quality Life we are seeking to live.

The most important thing to remember here is that each of us has a choice; we can choose to consciously examine what Quality is for each of us and make Quality choices accordingly or we can say we "don't have the time". That is a choice too and totally valid as any other choice.

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