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We are always making affirmations about all the areas of our lives through repetitious thoughts and feelings. Some of these thoughts and feelings may be positive, others not. Yet they all contribute in one way or another to our experiences of life.

As Louise Hay mentions in her wonderful audio tape 101 Power Thoughts, we all want things and other people to change yet what we must understand is that in order for our lives to change, we ourselves must change within! If we wait until someone else changes or some "miracle" occurs before we allow ourselves to feel happy and fulfilled, we may have a mighty long wait. The same is true if one is wanting to experience more prosperity and abundance on all levels in one's life, including the greater flow of Money Energy. Notice the first letters of both those words: ME. In other words, the flow of money energy in my life begins with what is going on within ME, MYSELF, just the same as your experience begins with what is happening within YOU! Try saying to yourself "The flow of Money Energy in my life begins with what is going on within ME". How does this feel to you? Are you feeling angry or resistant? Do you feel your problems with money energy are due to bad luck or other issues? It is so easy to try and blame someone else or outer circumstances for one's feelings of lack. I have done it. Everyone I have ever known and discussed this topic with has done it. Yet this can be changed and here is where affirmations can be so helpful.

Each one of us vibrates energetically. And it is through our own personal vibrations that we attract what happens to us in life. Changing what we believe, what we think and feel about Money Energy, changes what we experience of it in our lives. Affirmations are a wonderful way of changing our thinking patterns as well as our emotions so that we may begin to attract greater wealth and abundance on all levels of our lives. Affirmations can be a key to helping other tools that we may also choose to work with work better for us. Let's say that someone is using an Essence for prosperity. Using an affirmation along with the essence can more firmly anchor the energy of prosperity for that person. Or creative visualisation, again using an affirmation can help make that experience feel more real. And what begins to feel real for us is what we manifest!

Using this page is simple. Quiet your mind for a moment and then select a link below at random to click on. This will take you to a page where you will find an affirmation that you can use for that day or even a week or longer. You can use the affirmation as it is or tailor the words until they feel right to you. Listen to your own Inner Guidance on this! It knows all about you, loves you unconditionally and is always seeking to bring you up into higher and higher levels of vibrational flow. Trust in its wisdom and use these affirmations as guidelines only.
Along with the affirmation there is a sort of "thoughts to ponder" or meditate on as you are using your affirmation and going through your day. Take what resonates and leave the rest. Or even write your own thoughts down to meditate on while working with your affirmation. This can be extremely powerful because it is coming from within you! It is giving your own Inner Guidance an opportunity to speak to you and for you to strengthen your own connection with it.

Finally there are several Essences listed that you might also find helpful working with as you use your affirmation. Here again, listen to your own Inner Guidance! It may be that none of the ones listed feel right to you yet a completely different essence does. Go with what you truly feel is right for you and you can't get it wrong! I selected each Essence based on my own intuition so some may not make much sense to you yet if one does resonate and strike a chord, it may indeed be the right one for you at the present time. Remember, there are an abundance of tools available, go for those that best resonate for you.

When working with affirmations it is important to remember a few key points:

Always state affirmations as happening in the present moment. For example "Money flows to me NOW!" is much more effective than "Money will flow to me". The latter puts the experience in the future which of course never arrives for the present moment is all that we have.

Writing your affirmation down several times a day or placing a copy where you can see it frequently is very helpful and effective. Just saying it once and then going straight back into your old thought patterns isn't going to change anything in your life. You need to have a sense of being committed and focused in order for any affirmation (or any other tool for that matter) to be effective for you. Affirmation "Guru" Ruth Fishel suggests writing an affirmation down 10 times for 21 days. If you skip a day, you then start over as day one and continue until you have been able to write your affirmation for a total of 21 days in a row. This does indeed work wonderfully or you may prefer to do as I do and write your affirmation nine times a day for 27 days. Being keen on Feng Shui, this works especially well for me. Yet here again, your own Inner Guidance may be wanting you to do it a bit differently. Experimenting is wonderful way of finding what does work for you.

Make sure that however your phrase your affirmation that you always use positive words. Its amazing at how often I have had people share an affirmation with me that was actually rather negative. For example," my bad luck with money has now ended". On the surface it looks okay and yet what the person is actually focusing on is their perceived bad luck with money! Basically the person was affirming that they have always had bad luck with money. And thus they attracted more problems with "bad luck" and money to themselves. A better way of phrasing this would be "I always have wonderful luck with money!" This second affirmation simply feels better! Try saying both for yourself and you will understand exactly how each one has a completely different vibrational quality. The first one tends to bring to mind thoughts of all the times one has had problems with money. The second brings to mind all the times that one has had something very fortunate happen with money. And that is exactly what you want to be focused on!

When first working with affirmations it is also important to use ones that feel belivable to you. For example saying "I know have millions of dollars (of what ever your own currency is) in the bank may not feel real to you. It may bring up all sorts of fears and doubts that immediately cancel out the affirmation you are using. Instead it may feel true and more comfortable for you to say something along the lines of " I now pay my bills and other expenses much more easily this month." As this feeling and experience becomes more true for you, you can then expand upon it to say "I now pay all my bills and other expenses easily and have money left over for fun and enjoyable things too! This also helps to expand on your belief system that it is easier and easier for you to attract more money energy into your own life.

There are several wonderful books available that go into the study of affirmations more deeply than I am able to here. Ruth Fishel as I mentioned has several brilliant books available. Patricia J. Crane's book "Ordering from the Cosmic Kitchen" is brilliant and one of my personal favourites. The books authored by John Randalph Price are another wonderful resource, as are the books by David and Cornelia Addington. They express different ways of using affirmations that I personally have found to be very powerful and life changing. If you commit to using those tools and books that resonate the most for you, doing your level best, then you will see results, that I can promise you!

One final thought:have you noticed that ME or Money Energy also indicates that Money Energy IS YOU! YOU are the prosperity and total abundance of the Universe! It IS what you are, it IS your birthright, and all of the Universe celebrates when you allow yourself to experience more and more of this as being true for you.

You may also use these affirmations as an Oracle of sorts to help you better understand what you need to be working with in present time to help increase your ability to attract more and more Abundance and Money into your life.

Have fun with all of this! It is meant to be fun and enjoyable, not a chore that you "have" to do. Get really creative with it all, seek out other tools and resources, experiment, play, ENJOY! Embrace the process with a sense of fun and play and I know you will begin to experience many wonderful, positive changes in your life on all levels!

There will be additions to the links below as time goes on so please do check back from time to time!

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