Prosperity Affirmation Page

On this page we are offering Daily Affirmations and Quotations in relation to Prosperity for you to work with and enjoy. Some days we will use an affirmation that relates to one of our essences and other days we will offer an affirmation that someone has shared with us or that we have felt guided to write ourselves. Our hope is that you will find these affirmations to be helpful, comforting, uplifting and consciousness enhancing. When working with an affirmation, allow the energy of the words to filter through your consciousness and watch for insights and synchronicities that you may experience throughout the day. Writing the affirmation several times in a notebook or tucking a copy in your handbag or wallet to carry with you can also attract the energy you need to manifest greater and more positive things in your own life.


I Prosper When I Plan Ahead

We cannot plan for every contingency in life, yet we can do the best we can to plan ahead in many areas that will help us to Prosper more and more in the long run.

For example, we can stay on top of what food items we consume on a regular basis and note when they are getting low so we can shop at the stores that offer the best prices on those items rather than waiting until we are out and then having to buy them where ever we can and at a higher price.

We can mark a calendar to remind us when bills need to be paid so as to avoid a late fee. Attending to car maintenance on a regular basis, starting a savings fund before appliances start to age out, and shopping around before they give way, all these kinds of things will help us to better manage the Money we do have and thus we will have more to create an "Opportunity Fund" so when the Right Opportunity appears, we can grasp hold of it.

Most important of all though is how we manage our time. We can plan ahead so that we will have more time for Prayer and Meditation, to do our Affirmations, to Visualize, study Spiritual books and ideas or what ever works best for us. When we plan ahead and manage our time as well as our Money better, we will have the energy and resources we need to to act on our Goals and Dreams.

All of this may mean giving something up and this is good! For much of what we can commit to giving up in order to better plan ahead are the things that only waste our time and energy, giving us nothing of value back in return. Planning ahead is Planning to Receive greater and greater Value for our Life Energy and when we have that, Money and All Good will be able to flow to us in ever increasing Abundance!

A BIG Thank You to all who have shared how much they enjoy my writing, either through donations or kind emails! While I am no longer doing as much email in an attempt to fit in more writing time, I do want you all to know how deeply your words and support has touched me and how grateful I am to each and every one of you! Spirit Bless!

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