Prosperity Affirmation Page

On this page we are offering Daily Affirmations and Quotations in relation to Prosperity for you to work with and enjoy. Some days we will use an affirmation that relates to one of our essences and other days we will offer an affirmation that someone has shared with us or that we have felt guided to write ourselves. Our hope is that you will find these affirmations to be helpful, comforting, uplifting and consciousness enhancing. When working with an affirmation, allow the energy of the words to filter through your consciousness and watch for insights and synchronicities that you may experience throughout the day. Writing the affirmation several times in a notebook or tucking a copy in your handbag or wallet to carry with you can also attract the energy you need to manifest greater and more positive things in your own life.


I Prosper When I Value The Contributions I Make To Others

Even when we don't always enjoy the work we may be doing, if it is leading us to something better, then it is something that IS worth doing. And when we honor and value it, then others will as well and we will be Prospered in the ways and means that will lead us to the better we are seeking.

Every thing we do is of Value to someone. Every thing we do can contribute to the Happiness and Well Being of others and when we look at all that we do in this Light, we see that the Universe Itself must also seek to reward us for doing that which is of Service to others. Because that is the whole point of our Being. Each is Intended to contribute, to offer that which only we as individuals can contribute in our own unique way. No one can do the same things in the same way that you can.

Prosperity may not always come through the work that we do. The Universe has an Infinite number of ways and means that we can be Prospered if we are open to it. It may come from people and situations that we never would have dreamed it could come and yet come it does. As long as we offer the best that we know how and Value it, recognizing it as something that needs to be done to make Life better for others, then we shall find that Life Itself will become better for us too. And that which is our Life's Work or True Place, will also establish itself with greater ease and Joy when we Value all that we do.

If we do not value that which we do, we are sending a subtle but distinct and clear message to others that what we do is of unimportance and they shall of course respond in kind. We can never look to others to validate nything we do, but must always come from that place within us that knows that all work is "Good Work" to someone, somewhere and thus is also of value to Spirit.

A BIG Thank You to all who have shared how much they enjoy my writing, either through donations or kind emails! While I am no longer doing as much email in an attempt to fit in more writing time, I do want you all to know how deeply your words and support has touched me and how grateful I am to each and every one of you! Spirit Bless!

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