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Opening The Prosperity Valve

The idea of working with the concept of an Inner Valve comes from Lynn Grabhorn's Book - "Excuse Me, Your Life is Waiting"

Sit comfortably or lie down, which ever feels better to you. You may listen to music you especially love while doing this meditation or you may simply lie or sit in a quiet room. As you relax and focus on your breathing for a few moments, you then start to say to yourself "Inner Being". You may also use the words Higher or Expanded Self. Repeat these words while continuing to relax until you start to feel a warm, glowing energy moving through your body. (If you do this often enough, trust me, you WILL start to feel the energy of your True Self stirring within you and it feels glorious!)

Continue basking in this energy for as long as you like and then when you feel ready, feel the energy concentrating on either your Heart or Solar Plexus Chakra. It may even feel as though the energy is concentrating itself in between these two chakras and this is fine too. By this time you will probably begin to feel a pulsing sensation in the chakra where the energy is concentrating, don't try and do anything with it yet, just allow it to pulse for a minute or two. Usually people start to feel so good at this point that there isn't any feeling of a need to rush through it! If there is, then you are trying too hard and need to go back to the beginning and just relax. You are not trying to MAKE anything happen, you are simply relaxing and ALLOWING the energy to be.

As you continue to relax and bask in the feelings of joy and bliss, you will also begin to feel as though a valve within you is suddenly starting to open, gently, but certainly noticable. Allow this valve to open at a pace and a degree that feels good to you and continue to allow the energy to pulse within you as it begins to move towards this valve.

When it is ready, the energy will suddenly begin to feel like it is pouring through this valve and out into the world. It may start as a trickle at first and then become more like a stream or even a river flowing through your valve and out into the world. Don't try to make it any greater than what it is, you are only focusing on just allowing the energy to flow as it chooses to do. As time goes on and you do this more frequently, you will find that the flow becomes stronger and stronger of its own accord.

You may feel that your Inner Being is adjusting this valve for you in whatever ways are perfect for you. Continue to be with this energy and know that what you are really doing here is allowing the Prosperity Energy that is rightfully yours move through your valve unimpeded so that it may now manifest for you in the material world. Instead of focusing on how the money and prosperity is to come to you, affirm that you are willing to allow it to flow into your life in perfect ways for you.

When you feel ready, stretch and begin to feel yourself grounding fully. Thank your Inner Being for helping you and affirm to yourself that you have made a positive difference in the amount of Prosperity/Money that you are now allowing into your life. Now go on with the rest of your day and don't wonder or worry about how and when you will begin to see the results. The more time you spend focusing on what you already have in your life that is Good, the faster the results from this will come!

You can do this as often as you wish though I recommend no more than once a day. The reason for this is if you try and do it several times a day in hopes of speeding the process up, you will only end up blocking the flow because this shows that you don't trust your own process. Affirming to yourself that this valve is now open and the energy is moving through it at a pace that is perfect for you is what you want to focus on.

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