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I was re-reading a wonderful book by Jane Alexander titled Spirit of the Home even though I thought I was "supposed" to be doing some work on my own prosperity issues. Little did I know that in essence I was in fact headed down that road! I read through the exercise on drawing one's childhood home in order to sort through what home means to one and instead of bypassing it as I have done several times in the past, I found myself setting the book down to focus on it. When I did the exercise in my mind, allowing my Inner child to choose a colour and begin drawing what her and I thought of as my childhood home, my Inner Child drew it in Red! Now from my studies of Feng Shui I know that Red is often associated with Wealth. To me it also speaks of fire, stress, tension a colour that makes one STOP! and take stock of what is going on around one or in my case, inside. It so caught my attention that she drew the house in red I started asking why and the answer that came back truly startled me!

My family purchased a home in a posh area through sheer stroke of luck. The previous owner was a rather eccentric elderly lady with no family of her own and apparently some rather interesting ideas when it came to money in general. She sold the house for a very low sum and my parents were thrilled to be able to afford such a nice home! On the surface it seemed this was a very happy event indeed, and yet it was to start a trend towards the fear, at least for me, that I would never be able to measure up financially. The children I went to school with were the sons and daughters of highly successful business owners, doctors, and a few were the products of inherited wealth. Needless to say, my family income was no where near the level of what these other families experienced. I didn't have the posh clothing that the other children wore, my parents were not able to throw lavish birthday parties like the other parents did, and certainly the family car was no where near as nice as the Bentley that sat across the lane from us! I was surrounded by material wealth on all sides and yet I never felt that I fit in but was always on the outside looking in at things I believed I could never have.

Now as an adult, I had to start wondering just how much of this I still believed, how much of my early experience with money and wealth was still running my life! For many years I had old myself that money didn't matter, only snobs had money, nice people didn't. I didn't need or want nice things or posh, trendy clothing like my schoolmates were able to afford. I didn't want to be like those people who scorned and snubbed others simply because they didn't have the financial flow that someone else had. And so I pushed money away at every opportunity, even giving much of my work away when I truly needed to be paid so I could make the rent and put food on the table. I was very effectively stopping the flow of money and energy in my own life through pain and fear, not really because money didn't mean anything to me or that I couldn't do good things with it.

The turn around came when things in my own life became so desperate, single mum with two children, no financial help from their father, that I pleaded with my Guides to help me correct what was stopping the flow! Knowing what I do now about my own personal relationship with money, I do feel it was simply an act of will that was able to override my previous programming, for certainly my Guides could not do for me what I was not willing to do for myself. I have known all along that there was still more work to be done but again I wanted to push it aside, pretend that it was all taken care of but I expect the Universe had other plans for me! I "happened" to do the exercise in this book even though I have read the book several times, looked at the exercise and thought oh, I don't really need to do that! This time though, the image came into my mind so easily and the red so vibrant, I knew it time to begin again, to dig a little deeper and clear out some more of those old blockages.

Money is energy just the same as electricity, the blood that flows through our veins or the petrol that goes in the motor car to make it run. When something is blocking that flow, what happens? Well, what ever we are trying to power won't run properly at best and at worst may explode in our faces! If the block has been cleaned out even a little things run better for a time, but then we must get down to the deeper work of understanding what the block is, where it came from and what tools we might need to clean it out completely! Yet first, we need to start at the beginning, to look back at where our earliest ideas and concepts about money were formed if we are to truly understand what the block is really all about. So try the following exercise only intending that it show you where you may be blocked because of early conditioning around money. Grab those crayons or simply pretend in your mind that you are drawing your own childhood home. What colours first jumped into your mind? The colours you choose can tell you an awful lot about your feelings on money, and don't just assume for example that if you drew a green home that money and you are doing okay! Really stop and think to yourself what that colour means to you personally. Do you love it or hate it? If you drew a green home and yet you hate all shades of green, that is telling you something about how you are relating to money! What emotions or sensations are coming through to you from your body? Talk to those feelings what ever they are and ask them what messages they have to share with you. Take your time with this, sometimes answers can come quickly, yet if not, allow yourself what ever time you need to fully explore what these images, colours and sensations are bringing up for you. Jot them down and set them aside for the time being if needed, Just allow the energy to be what it is for right now.

When you feel ready, you are going to "call in" the energy of Money, the Over-Lighting Deva or Higher Self of Money (yes it does have one!). You can do this simply by focusing on the energy of money and seeing this being coming towards you in whatever form you feel it to be. Don't judge or censor, just go with what you are seeing and feeling. Now talk with this Being, ask it what messages it has for you, ask it to show you the real truth about money and financial flow! You are likely to find, as I have, that the true energy of money and what we all THINK of money to be are widely different. Ask this being to be a part of your daily life, spend time connecting and communicating with money energy from this Higher Level and just see what happens in your day to day life! I knew the energy for me was kicking in when I started finding coins on the ground almost every time I left my home. As I acknowledged and thanked the True source of financial wealth and abundance I started to note an upturn in my own financial flow. It really is about learning how to step aside from the mass beliefs that we have all been handed from generation to generation and to find out what is really true about money for us as individuals. That the only way that a certain sum of money can make us worse individuals, not better, is if we continue to believe in what we have been taught about money to begin with and instead ask to be shown all the joy and beauty that it can bring not only into our own lives, but the lives of others as well!

Ametrine for Financial Flow:

This is one of my all time, favourite techniques for bringing more of anything good into my life and not just money! For those of you who are not familiar with Ametrine, it is a combination of Amethyst and Citrine that grew together giving the stone flashes of gold within the purple. It truly is a lovely crystal and energy! To do the following technique you will need either the stone itself or a bottle of Ametrine gem essence, either works well. A small, tumbled stone works fine but if you want to invest in a larger stone, that's good too! Now, hold it against your solar plexus while thinking of what you would like to have manifest in your life. You can tape the stone there if it is small enough, sprinkle a few drops of Ametrine essence on your solar plexus or even hold the bottle there, how ever you want to do this will work. (For an even longer lasting impact add 9 drops Ametrine gem essence to some carrier oil such as Jojoba or Sesame seed oil. I prefer sesame because of the words "Open Sesame" to get to the treasure within the cave!) Leave the stone if that's what you are using in place for as long as you feel it appropriate. This could be 5 or 10 minutes or up to an hour, what ever works for you! Doing this morning and night is also an excellent way to help establish a continuing flow of energy into your life. It is very important that you state an Intent such as "The flow of money energy into my life is becoming more abundant right now" or "The Universe and the World are working together right now to bring the flow of Money into my life!" I often prefer to include the word "World" because the Universe works through the world to bring us what we are asking for. By acknowledging this, we are also giving thanks and making ourselves more aware of the connections we all have to the larger tapestry of life. Intentions and affirmations must also be used in the present tense, it is important to think in terms of the energy moving towards you in the present moment rather than in the future because otherwise what you are always asking for will remain in the future which of course never arrives! We are always in the present so that's where our focus needs to be, no matter what we are intending or asking for!
Now while I use this technique for financial flow, there is no reason that it cannot be used for other things such as attracting a loving relationship, right career, a new home, boosting your creativity, attracting positive, loving friends and helpers into your life. Amethyst greatly raises one's vibration so we are standing in the Higher energy flow of the Universe and Citrine links our will with the Divine Will which desires only the absolute best for each of us, no exceptions! Ametrine helps us to bypass negative thinking, past programming and blockages that keep us from creating the sorts of lives we desire. Of course we must each follow our inner guidance, doing those things we know we need to do to be active co-creators, yet Ametrine certainly does make the process so much easier and joyful!

And if you want a real energy boost, add 44 drops of Ametrine essence to your bath water for 7 days and see what happens! Use it in a mist bottle and mist your home, your car, and your workspace frequently. The more a tool is used, the more powerful it becomes for us. I also have a light box for crystals on which I have a larger piece of Ametrine placed on top of my computer and I have found that then I switch the light on not only foes it elevate and purify the energy of my home it also attracts many wonderful things to me! I think of Ametrine as a sort of "wonder stone" and use it in as many ways as I can think of. Try placing a piece in a cash register or money box, I also place a small tumbled stone on top of the box of parchment paper I use for my labels. Use the oil combination as a dressing for candles as well as anointing yourself. And if you would like to give someone else an energy boost, try placing some on some coins or money and give it to the other person. Ditto for affirmations and written intentions. Get creative with this energy and I hope that it serves you as well as it has served me!


Focusing On Opportunities For Success:

Not too long ago I read the following: "Any successful person will tell you that there are unlimited opportunities in life. Interestingly, the unsuccessful individual will insist that this is untrue."

It really started me thinking about how many opportunities seem to come my own way when I follow up on those I have already been given and how the flow slows or even dries up for a time when I ignore incoming opportunities! Every opportunity, no matter how small it seems on the surface, is the Universe's way of saying "Here, you have asked for something and now it is being given IF you are willing to receive it and act upon it!"

I have talked with so many people about the concept of limitless opportunities and often what I hear is "Yes, I believe this is true too and I am just waiting for someone to come along and offer me_____ (fill in the blank). The problem is the other person is sitting there waiting for a Santa in disguise to come along and hand them all the goodies, it doesn't occur to them that there just might be something they need to do themselves to help bring their desires into form! I used to work as a model and actress and I can't tell you how many times I listened to other actors talking about how they were just waiting for the right person to come along, notice how talented they were and hand them their lucky break. But it's the actors that pounded the pavements day in and day out, who went to "cattle calls" even when it wouldn't appear they had a hope in heaven of getting the part, who rang their agents day after day and scanned the papers and trade magazines for any bit parts that made a successful living at it. They saw each of these things as yet another opportunity to make it in their chosen field. And the funny thing is, none of them saw all the hard work and effort they put into it as hard work at all! All or at least a good portion of it they saw as rather Jolly, it gave them the opportunity to meet new people, to get their face out there that much more and for several, it added up as auditions for other roles that were even better than what they had originally been going for! Many of these same people were also very helpful and kind towards others in their field, especially fledging actors. They offered to keep their ears open for any parts for which the person might be suitable. Trust me, this energy then returned to them threefold and more! Likewise those that took a more cutthroat approach also reaped what they had sown.

Every successful person I have ever met has said the same thing as the words above: opportunities are everywhere and one just has to keep ones eyes and ears open so when they appear one can act upon them! I have also heard many say that they ASKED to be shown the opportunities that could come their way each morning that would help them reach their goals and then they set about their day keeping that thought firmly in mind. If they met a new person, they would start asking what sort of relationship might develop that could be beneficial for both parties not just themselves. If they read something in the morning papers that might be useful to them in some way, they found ways to act upon it. Perhaps it was that XYZ company was looking for new employees so they applied for the position available because they knew it would help them to reach an even greater goal. Even if the job being offered was not precisely what they wanted, they still saw it as an opportunity to get their foot in the door and that's what counts! An excellent example of this is my flatmate whom, when reading in an online newsgroup that a Recording studio here in LA was seeking employees applied for one of the jobs. It wasn't his exact dream job, but it got him in the door where he can learn the "tools of the trade" so eventually he can become his dream. And all the while he is also making useful contacts!

The other day I was watching the telly and I noticed a program about folks who trade homes with people in other parts of the world as part of a holiday scheme. It saves both parties a lot of money and they also have the benefit of being in a nice home and for a longer period of time rather than an inn or hotel. It made me wonder how many other folks were watching this same program and thinking "gee, if only…." Who knows, maybe there are some people out there who would like to trade flats with me for a few weeks! The point is, it was an opportunity for me to ponder, to look into and see if it would be feasible for me to trade flats with say someone in London who would love to visit LA so I can go to London and see my family and save some money to boot! An opportunity that appeared because I "happened" to be tired that day and decided just to sit and relax for a half hour or so!

The magazine that you just happen to notice and really calls to you at the newsstand might contain some fabulous opportunities for you to explore. Chance meetings, even taking a different route to work could also open up some possibilities. I know the Universe operates on the principles of abundance and plenty: Therefore how could opportunities be in short supply? Even what looks like to be a disaster on the surface could actually be a blessing, an opportunity in disguise, a chance to do something radically different in your life that you might never have allowed yourself had not the "disastrous" event occurred. We can make opportunities happen for ourselves as well! If you want to work for a certain company or have a certain sort of career, you can take it upon yourself to begin exploring ways of making that dream a reality. Asking to be placed on a mailing list, visiting Websites of folks that are already doing what you would love to be doing can be extremely helpful. Using the metaphysical tools you are already working with but intending them towards specific goals instead of just asking for "what ever". Be specific! Read any trade magazines that are available or books. Take classes if that relates to what you are seeking. Start looking for folks of like mind that you can join forces with, always keeping in mind that you too must also contribute to them in some way to keep the energy flowing and balanced. Begin to formulate a game plan, asking the Universe to send you the right opportunities to make it happen and go for it! The more you put into it (and if it is something you truly want you will find you enjoy expending the energy) the more opportunities WILL come your way to make your dreams a reality!

We hope that you found this article helpful, next time we shall be covering - Anything you can dream you can have! as well as including more manfesting techniques, essences and some astrology as well! Until then, dream your dreams and trust in your ability to make them real!

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