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Issues about abundance and prosperity are Universal. Many, if not all of us, spend a great deal of time worrying about it, fearing we won't have enough or will never be able to afford the things we really want in life or thinking about how we might be able to attract more of it. Myths and misconceptions about money and it's function are handed down to us from our parents and from their parents to them, going back further and further into history. By the time someone decides to step out from the mass consciousness and explore the true meaning and availability of money, many of those beliefs are so deeply ingrained and may even be deeply buried in the subconscious, that they fly up into the consciousness at moments when one thinks one has the problem solved! This also explains why one may use a tool to enhance prosperity and sometimes the tool works very well and yet other times the result is not what one had hoped for. It's not that the tool has stopped doing it's job, it may in fact be trying to trigger a realization within us that we have another block around money within that we need to push through.

The basic fact is money is energy. It is fuel just the same as the petrol one puts in the tank to make a car run or food in our bodies to keep us alive from day to day. And like any other fuel, there is money energy that is helpful and nurturing, and money energy that can be toxic to someone. Money can be toxic when a person works at a job day in and day out that is not in their best interests for example. The person may complain mightily about how much they hate their job, they dread the ring of the alarm clock each morning and can't wait for the weekend to be able to do something they really enjoy! Yet if our little friend here does nothing to find a job they might enjoy, or does not have a plan of action to use the money he/she is earning to acquire better job skills in an area of interest, then the money being earned " to put food on the table" becomes a toxic energy that runs the person down on all levels. Financially they may feel they never have enough to make ends meet, no matter how many hours they work. Or the may find they are spending money on trying to correct physical problems that have arisen due to stress and the ongoing flow of "I really hate my job" that will at some point be expressed through the body and not in ways that one might find enjoyable! Other areas of their lives will also be impacted in negative ways, relationships with a partner, friends or family can become strained and weakened. The car might break down on a regular basis creating a need for even more money. Appliances too may malfunction. Poison in Poison out. Round and round the cycle goes. Obviously one cannot just up and quit one's job without another source of income, but if a person chooses to start looking around for something they might really enjoy as a career, decides to use some of their income towards training in something they already love doing and seeking ways to turn a hobby into a career, then the energy of money at that point becomes transmuted and healthier as long as the person follows through with the plan! Other opportunities to increase one's income in more joyful ways are also likely to appear. The intent has been sent and action taken on our own behalf means the Universe has a channel to bring more good to us! This point is so important I will be going more in depth with it later on in this article.

Money energy can also turn toxic when someone is doing what he or she loves and yet they are also attracting people that are not in their best interests. This seems to be especially true of Healers and other alternative occupations such as Astrologers. The tendency here is that there are folks who seem to think that the healer should be giving their work away for free or that they are somehow entitled to freebies and no thought is given on their part as to the importance of proper energy exchange. First off, it can be extremely draining to be constantly asked to give and give and give and receive nothing back from the people you are giving to. It also sets up the vibration that the work you are doing is not worth being paid for. It also sends the message that likewise, others in your field are not worth being paid for their services either! Would you go to a restaurant and expect that the meal should be given to you for free? How long do you think that business would stay afloat if they served free meals all day? Most healers and others I have known also have families to support and bills to pay just like everyone else. Start giving way your week for free and what you soon find is you have a heap of people who expect nothing but free service and you should be on call for them 24/7! If you allow it to continue, you will soon be drained, exhausted, burned out and looking for a "real" job just to get by. Trust me, when you decide that your work is worth being paid for, when you begin to trust that people can afford your services and the Universe will provide them with ample funds to do so, then you will begin to attract those folks who are truly appreciative of your work and will greatly benefit by it. Your income will also increase dramatically because you are now constantly affirming through your actions that you are now open to positive money energy!

The second problem many of us face is clients/customers or employers who are needy, demanding, no matter what you do it is ever enough or nothing is quite good enough for them. Let them go! Again, if you are willing to release the fear that tolerating negative behaviour is the only way you will attract enough clients or money to pay your bills, then you will attract people that are an absolute joy to work with! Tolerating negative or yuck behaviour only says to the other person that it is okay for them to treat you and other people in ways that are not appropriate. It creates negative karma for them and you. Send them love and light to use any way the wish and then let it go. Start asking for an employer or clients that really appreciate and honour the valuable person that you are! Affirm that you are worth being treated with respect and be sure that you are also treating others in the same way as you desire.

As a side note, in an email to a friend I mentioned how I had noticed that those folks who cheerfully expect to pay for services on a metaphysical level always seem to benefit much more than those who are always looking for a hand out or expect that others are here to take care of them and their needs. Stop and think about it, how many times have you joyfully paid for something and received not only great benefit from it but the money returned to you multiplied as well! Here again, you are not doing anyone any favours by giving your work away for free or tolerating negative behaviour. Money coming to you from yuck type sources also pollutes the other funds you earn, keep your money energy clean by paying careful attention to the sources and channels it is coming through to you.

If you are seeking services from one source or another, giving something in exchange, even if it is just a little, can reap big dividends. The next time you ask for something, anything, from any source, pay something in some fashion. For example, when asking a totem animal for help put out some food for the animals in your area or even place actual money such as a few pennies in a jar or outside. If you use the jar option, add a bit more when ever you can and then donate that money to a cause that is especially important to you or even to a person who has given you much over the years. When you give to something or someone just to say Thank you or to help support the growth and evolution of the planet, this creates a very positive money channel so that more good can flow to you! Try it, it really does work!

Another thing to keep in mind is before you ask something of someone, to think to yourself "would I be willing to pay this person for his or her time and service?" In Feng Shui it is a tradition that when asking a question or for the services of a Feng Shui Master to pay that person placing the money in a red envelope. Not doing so can cause problems for both the Master and the person asking for the service. Believe me, I have seen this happen to me and to others I have talked to that are into Feng Shui! Yet I think too that following this tradition does result in a more positive outcome, and probably in part helps to explain why Feng Shui works so well! The Universe is based on energy exchange, give and receive. Not flowing in this way upsets the balance in all things. Your time and energy is precious. So is the time and energy of others! Respecting and honouring yourself and others in this way helps to insure that the money flowing YOUR way is also positive and nurturing!

Clearing your money:

Have you ever given yourself or your home an energy cleanse? Probably so! Yet have you ever given your MONEY or pocketbook/wallet an energy cleanse? Most of us don't even think about the importance of cleansing our cash on a regular basis and yet when you stop and think about it, just how many channels did that money flow through before it came into your hands? If you have been going along, money flowing in nicely, business or your career going well and then suddenly things take a dive, it's time to start cleaning up your money energy! This is also important and even more so if you have been "dry" money wise for a long time. Money as energy is meant to flow. It needs to flow in and out, in and out or as Deepak Chopra says, it becomes clogged and clogs up other areas of your life as well! The money currently in your possession may have recently been in someone else's possession that had very negative beliefs about money or who earned that money in ways that was not conducive to their own well being. Energy of all sorts becomes imprinted into the possessions we own and money is no exception. It also magnetizes more of the same type of vibration to you. So here is a quick and easy way to cleanse all the money in your possession: First imagine as best you can all the money you have. Write the sum down if need be or if that scares you because your bank balance is low, just focus on piles of money in front of you. This way too you can begin to cleanse all the money that is on it's way to you! Pretty nifty! Next, begin to visualize white light, rainbow light or any other colour of light you like coming from Spirit, the Universe, what ever you choose to call a Higher Power. Call in the Angels if you desire, Totem animals or Guides. The more the merrier, call in them all if you wish! Now see this energy moving through the piles of money, cleansing it of any negative vibrations, bestowing upon it only goodness and joy, pleasure and happiness. See all the yuck vibrations melting away until your money is glowing brightly. Do the same for the money in your bank, change jars, wherever you have money stored, see it being cleansed and renewed. You can take this a step further by seeing this clearing energy going all round the world, clearing and elevating the money energy of the planet. This too helps to insure that any money coming to you will already be in a higher energy state. I do this about once or twice a week, more often if it feels needed. Over time you can learn to do this so quickly that you can even do it several times a day if you wish, and each time you will be elevating your own vibration which in turn will attract all manner of good things to you and not just money!

If you want to add even more oomph to this cleansing, there are many essences that can be used to help cleanse Money energy by using them internally or misting them in a circle around where you will be sitting to do this meditation/cleansing. A few of my faves are:

Gold Sheen Obsidian

Green Sheen Obsidian

Black Tourmaline

Green Tourmaline

Saint Martin de Cabellero

Angelic Roots

Angelic Protection

White Sage


Asteroid - Mony (more on this in a few as well!)

There are others that you might resonate with more so keep in mind that these are just a few suggestions.

Taking Action on Your Own Behalf:

This is so important that I have recently produced an essence of this energy ( this can be ordered at the bottom of this page). What it boils down to is being willing to do for yourself what you want others to do for you. It means that you are not sitting on your bum waiting for good fortune to arrive but are actively asking for guidance, actively ACTING on the guidance you receive and doing what ever you can to improve your life in some way. It means that if you want a new job, you are out there looking for one or exploring ways to start your own business to help fill a niche. It means that you are open to trying new options to attract more business your way or to achieve a goal in any other area of your life. Sometimes as guidance comes through it may not make much sense. For example, lets say you are wanting more money or business and the guidance comes to change and improve your diet or get a bit ore exercise. Keeping in mind that money is energy, why do you think someone would receive this guidance in relation to money? Money is both of Spirit and the earth plane, taking care of ourselves and our bodies means we are also open to other forms of energy manifesting on the earth plane that are god for us. Perhaps the person feels they are over weight or not in very good shape, therefore they feel uncomfortable attracting new people to them. Getting into what they feel is a better physical state also gives them the confidence and thus the eagerness to meet and connect with new people and financial flows! It all goes together hand in hand.

Or perhaps the guidance says hey, you know all those broken bits and bobs you have lying round? Clear them out! In Feng Shui leaving broken items sitting round or stored says that other things in your life are not working as well. Ditto for clutter! Get rid of what you can now and replace with the best you can afford right now. If you do this bit by bit, you will soon find that new resources and financial well being will also take root in your life. Bottom line is if you are willing to do something for yourself to the best of your ability right now, so too will the Universe respond with more and better resources, including people, who can help you achieve your goals. There is always something one can do to make things better around and within us, even if it just clearing out a cluttered drawer or working to examine one's beliefs about money and energy and seeking more positive beliefs to replace the old with. Yes, indeed this can all take some amount of work and doing, but if you are not willing to do it for yourself, then you are not providing the Universe with a channel to flow more good to you. Find one thing you can do today to help increase your financial energy. Tomorrow find one more thing you can do. Keep going for as long as it takes, things WILL change and the more you do holding a positive focus in mind, the faster the situation will change.
Holding a positive focus is so important that it is here that I would like to mention a book that has not only changed my life dramatically, but also the lives of everyone else I know that has taken it to heart: Excuse me, your life is waiting by Author Lynn Grabhorn. Buy this book, check it out from the Library, borrow it from a friend. READ it and USE the techniques she suggests! Read it often, as often as you can spare a moment or two, it is so well worth it! I guarantee if you really apply the principles of this book you will be amazed at how fast and how brilliantly your life changes as well as your overall state of mind. Positive energy attracts more positive energy and it's all stored in your thoughts as you go through out your day. Start thinking in negative ways and watch your life take a nosedive. Start thinking in positive ways and watch miracles happen! Lynn also has such a fabulous sense of humour and is such a fine writer that this book is an absolute joy to read, which brings us to our next topic.

Laughter can increase your income!

Yes indeedy, even as some folks have cottoned on to the fact that laughter can cure all sorts of diseases including cancers, so too can it attract wealth and prosperity to you. If you pay close attention to how you feel when you laugh you will note a strong note of joy underneath. This joy makes you feel that everything is right with the world. When you feel things are going right for you, this sends out the intent that everything IS flowing well to you and this includes money! Laughter also breaks up and release tension and stress, it clears blocks from the subconscious and is sure a lot more fun than moping about all day! Have you ever noticed that people who are upbeat and cheerful, that find many reasons to laugh throughout the day also seem to have the best luck, heaps of friends and all round good things happening in their lives? The reason is they have found something to feel good about and everyone prefers being around someone who is smiling as opposed to frowning! Well, Money and other forms of energy feel the same way! Money has consciousness just the same as you or I. It may not be consciousness as humans understand consciousness to be, but that doesn't make it inert none the less. Money is attracted to those who smile, who are generous, loving and kind. It is attracted to those who can find something, anything in life to laugh about or appreciate, who are open to feeling the joy of just being! Just the same as we are attracted strongly to those people who can make us laugh, or make us feel good about ourselves, so the same is true of Money. Make some time each day or each week to find something to laugh about. Rent some funny movies, read things that make you laugh or smile, find reasons to laugh as often and as hard as you can and watch your life in all areas improve!

There are also essences that can help you feel more joy and attract more laughter into your life including:

Calypso Bulbosa

Rose-Pink Tourmaline

Wombat Berry

Akumon Sacred Well (Many of the Akumon essences do seem to have this effect)

Angelic Connections

Dolphin essences - many of these too bring a spring to your step and lighten your day.

The Asteroid Mony

This asteroid can help show you thought forms and beliefs you have brought in with you this lifetime in regards to money and prosperity. Look at what aspects it is making in your natal chart, especially to any planets in the 2nd, 6th or 10th houses (the money houses in the chart) or to the Sun, Venus or Jupiter. These are just guidelines as truthfully any area of the chart can be a money area for you. But these are a good place to start especially if you are not well versed in astrology. And hopefully too this may motivate you to learn at least enough to understand your own chart! I also plan on doing an entire page on this asteroid in the future.

Taking Action on Your Own Behalf

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