Prospering Affirmations For Money

Welcome to the Prospering Affirmations for Money page! When you click on the button below, it will take you to the page with a Prospering Money Affirmation that The Universe has for you to work with at this time. There is no extended writing on these pages, just Affirmaations themselves for you to work with and think about.

When working with these or any other Affirmations be sure to put as much Energy into them as you can muster! Really try to feel the Truth of them and allow them to become a part of your overall thinking from day to day. It is not just the thought that counts, but the Energy we put into what we are thinking about that makes the magic happen!

Some of these Affirmations are ones I have created and some by others. Those created by others will have the authors name included. However, regardless of who created them, I pray that you find them to be very helpful in creating the Prosperous Financial Life that you are intended by Spirit to live!

If you have found the information here to be helpful, please consider making a donation in support of these pages. Keeping this section of my site up and running does take a lot of time and energy, and as one person has written on their site, these pages are free for you to read, but they are not free for me to maintain. Each donation received helps me to be able to put more into these and other pages. It also attracts more of what ever support and energy you need so you can do what you have come into your own life to do. If you live in another Country where Paypal is available, Paypal can convert your currency into American Dollars. You can now send donations for this page to: Morningstar - Divine Change, 209-A Hill Street NE, Wilson NC 27893. You can also send a donation through Paypal directly to

A BIG Thank You to all who have shared how much they enjoy my writing, either through donations or kind emails! While I am no longer doing as much email in an attempt to fit in more writing time, I do want you all to know how deeply your words and support has touched me and how grateful I am to each and every one of you! Spirit Bless!

Your kind support is truly appreciated!

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