Prepare! (For What You Desire To Manifest)

When you get up tomorrow morning I want you to plan to do at least one thing that will help you prepare for something you desire to Manifest in your life. It can be something big or little, doesn't matter as long as it is one thing that you can do that day to help make your dreams and goals a reality. What that might be depends on what it is you are seeking to Manifest but there is always something any of us can do to become prepared for what we are seeking. Things Manifest not through luck or happenstance but through the time and energy one puts in preparing for the Manifestation. When opportunity comes knocking at your door you want to be ready for it so you can seize it with both hands. You have most of what you need to already in place and though of course there are always adjustments you may need to make on the fly, within and without you have done what you know to do now to be ready for the Good to come tomorrow.

For example, someone dreams of going to Europe for a month. To prepare that person could get their passport in order if it isn't already. Always wise as it can take weeks and sometimes even months to get a new passport or have one renewed. They can collect travel brochures, books, visit travel sites and forums on the internet, learn a bit of the languages they will encounter, set some extra money aside. They may even want to exchange some of their own currency for Euros ahead of time, depending on the current exchange rates. As the person begins to prepare with what they know to do now, new ideas will pop in as to what else they can do. Maybe they need some new luggage or to shop for clothing they will need if the climate in the area they are travelling to is radically different from their home climate. Even if they don't yet know how this trip to Europe wil come about, it will Manifest if they are sincere in their desire and they begin to prepare before they know how it is to happen.

Life Itself will take care of the how, we just need to show that are desires have Value and Meaning to us by preparing for them to be born into our Lives.

Someone else may want a new relationship. Perhaps that person needs to prepare by reflecting on what they are really seeking in a partner, and if them themselves are doing all that they can to be the best person for the other as well. It amazes me how often people seem to focus on what they waqnt the other person to be but never asking themselves what sort of person THEY THEMSELVES need to be in order to bring their best self into that relationship. Maybe the person needs to work on their communication skills, or maybe they need to be a little less self-centered and more aware of another's needs and desires. Maybe they give too much of themselves and need to learn to expect more from the other person. They can begin to prepare now by looking at themselves honestly and clearly and seeing where they need a little "fine tuning" and then begin to practice this with the people currently in their lives. Otherwise all one ends up doing is taking the same baggage and issues into the new and that is what one does not want!

Another way the person may prepare is by clearing some room for that person to come in. If your days are filled to the brim with rushing here and there, there simply isn't any room for someone else to come in. Freeing up some time to be alone with yourself though it sounds contrary to what you are wanting is in fact one of the best ways to prepare for the new person. It gives you some breathing room to reflect and think about who and what you really want in your life as well as creating space for someone to be able to enter. Someone can also prepare on the physical level as well by clearing space in the home so that the new person will feel welcome to come in and have some room for their own things, Releasing things from past relationships that have been unhappy or by storing things away that you may desire to keep also sends out the message that you are preparing for someone new. But if you really want the new to happen, you too need to become a "new you" and any thing you can do to prepare for that on both an inner and outer level IS going to make a huge difference in the quality of the relationship that you attract. Look to see what patterns may have been operating in previous relationships that have caused you grief and reflect as to what you need to change within you so that you can cease and desist from having those issues in the future. The answers will come when you are ready and again if you are sincere they will come quickly.

If you approach anything you desire to Manifest in your life from the point of view that you are preparing for it to Manifest, you will be astounded at the ideas and ways that you can begin to do so. Even if it seems impossible to you right now, there is a way for you to do this and the one thing you really need to do, the only thing you really need to do is to begin to prepare and keep at it until what you desire marches right in your door! if you want something strongly enough you will choose to begin preparing for it in what ever way works best for you. And in fact, this is a great acid test to make sure that what you think you want is something you really do want. For if you really truly desire a thing, you will find ways to begin preparing for it and you will be consistent and persistent in your preparing. If after a few days or weeks you realize that the last thing you feel like doing is continuing to prepare for something, it may well be that it isn't a True Soul Desire for you and you need to look to see if something else is trying to get your attention instead.

This isn't to say that there won't be moments when you feel like you would rather just throw up your hands because what you desire is "impossible" or no matter what you do, you don't seem to be moving forward much at all. We all feel like that from time to time but a True Soul Desire will always re-assert itself, it will nag at you and nag at you, there will be something within you that will tell you to just keep going, that you are going to make it! It won't leave you alone and it will continually find ways to keep you motivated if you will just listen to that "still, small voice within". Listen to your Heart, what is it saying to you? It will always lead you True if you listen to it. Though at times that can be the hardest thing for us to do because we have all been taught to listen to everyone and everything BUT our own Hearts. We need to be the ones willing to say NO the the voces outside of ourselves and listen instead to the Voice of Life within us.

I Know it isn't always easy to carve out some time to prepare for what you want in your life, some days it feels to me that the entire world is conspiring against me to keep me from doing the things I need and want to do to prepare. Things go on the fritz, family members having "special moments", I try to run a quick errand and end up seeing someone I know who always feels the need to talk and talk and talk......... Two things have helped. The first was that I have learned how to get a bit "bitchy" from time to time as in "If I don't get some time to myself someone is going to die" or "Right now I don't have time for that, maybe tomorrow I can attend to it". The second thing that has helped is an idea from Donna Andrews Meg Lanslow Mystery books (which I adore. They are the bomb) Meg always has at the ready her list that tells her "when to breathe". Anything and everything gets jotted down on to her list and when she manages to get one thing accomplished, it gets crossed off. I started doing the same so I don't lie awake half the night thinking of all the things I forgot to do because I got distracted by something else someone else wanted/needed from me. This way too I can point at my own list that tells me when to breathe when someone comes up with something more for me to do.

This has been invaluable for someone like me who for the most part, really doesn't mind looking after things and people. I enjoy doing the housework and while I don't much care for grocery shopping (and I don't think I have ever met anyone who does) it doesn't bother me to do it if I can go early and get it done. I can usually come up with solutions to problems though I realize now that many folks just want to keep their problems and thats fine. I am willing to listen to said problems 2 - 3 times and then after that, I am done. That was a hard one for me to learn and yet it has sure freed up some time for me to write, to prepare for the things I want in my own life, to learn new things or just read the latest Donna Andrews book from the local library.

One thing that has been crucial though is on that list I always include things I can do daily to prepare! Those things now go straight to the top of my list along with other things such as my exercise schedule for that day. I also include grocery items I need to pick up, when a bill needs to be paid, sundry items of all sorts go on that list and yet it has really reduced my stress levels because that notebook is always with me. Even ideas for new articles or things i would like to research go on that list. Its all there day by day and helps me to insure I do manage to get the things accomplished that I need to both for myself and everyone else.

For those who have spent much of their lives looking after everyone else and putting their own needs and wants last, this can be such a wonderful tool to help you put yourself first! When you can see how much you are really doing for others it can push you to start stepping back, delegate things to someone else or just say no to those that take up your time and energy without giving anything in return. You can show your list to others as I have done and there in black and white is the time you spent going to the grocery store, doing the laundry, paying the bills, working, making sure everyone else has everything they need. This isn't to guilt the people in your life but to make them aware of how much you do as much as it is to make YOU aware. If you don't start carving out that time for yourself you will spend your life doing and doing but never accomplishing what you are really here to do. And that would be a huge loss not only for you, but for the world that needs you to do what you are really here to do.

Prepare and take Joy in your preparations! If you want to be a musician, practice and prepare! If you want to be a writer, write and prepare! If you want to be a parent, practice with the children already in your life and prepare! Preparing is really half the fun on the way to our Manifestations and it also allows us the time we need to fine tune things as we go along. We can make adjustments within our own minds long before the Manifestation occurs so that we really do receive the very best of the Good that is seeking us even as we are seeking it. This means less wasted time and energy having to correct something and more time and energy going into the enjoyment of what we have prepared for when it does arrive. And the more enjoyment we receive from the process itself, the more enjoyment we shall receive from the Manifestation as well!

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