Declare that your Good is Permanent!

Right here and right now, declare to yourself and in the days to come “My Good is ever expanding and it is Permanent! My Good can only continue to increase and become richer and fuller as each of my days passes. Spirit can never and shall never withhold any Good thing from me and I affirm here and now that my Good can only continue and increase for it is permanently perfect and it is Divine.”

Even in the New Thought movement a lot of us forget that we need to claim, to declare through both the spoken and written word that the Good that is in our lives now and the Good that is to come, is a permanent and stable flow that comes to us through Divine Love. That Spirit intends for us to have only the Good, ever the Good and it is intended to increase in wonderful and Joyful ways. The reason that for so many there is more of a roller coaster of Good one day and challenges the next is that subconsciously many hold the belief that for every day of Good some rain must fall. That for every day of Joy and Happiness, there must be days of sorrow or even misery.

This is not what a Loving Creator intended for us! Spirit can only give forth Good, Only Good, Ever Good, unceasing Good for Spirit cannot and will not pour forth sorrow, misery, sickness or poverty for “a fountain cannot pour forth both sweet and bitter water”. Spirit never experiences these things and it is only through our own misguided thinking that we can and do. I do it, sometimes my own thinking is misguided, though I am focused on changing my own thinking each and every day, and I know sometimes your own is as well or you would not need to read these words for you would already have your own mind centered in the Perfect Flow of Divine Good in every moment.

There is perfect Balance in The Universe but it does not include pain and suffering. The Divine Balance is a function of Good coming in and then that Good is passed along to others when the time is right for that to happen and then we ourselves move ever onwards and upwards into Higher and more expanded forms of Good. Think of it as being similar to moving from one grade in school to another. You finish one level and then next year you move up to the next. Then the following year you move through this same process again. You don’t have to go back and repeat the level you graduated from 5 years ago. You have grown and evolved since then and it would serve no good purpose for you to repeat the lessons of the past.

Yet this is how we get ourselves out of Divine Balance. We are constantly comparing what has gone before to what is now, we spend time focusing on regrets instead of affirming that we have learned far more than we are sometimes willing to recognize and thus keep repeating the cycle of some Good and more not so good. We expect that for every Good thing that happens to us that the storm clouds will surely cover us and may even take away the Good we have gained this far, leaving us right back where we were before or even worse. In a very real sense we are trying to re-enroll ourselves back into a grade level that we have long outgrown. We wouldn’t think of going back to the school we attended at say age 8 or 9 and insist that we be allowed to take that level over again. Yet we do this in other ways. Yet this is exactly what people do when they experience Good in their lives and then expect the hard times shall come again. Doesn’t it happen this way for everyone?

No, not for those who have reached a certain level of consciousness and less and less for those that are determined and focused to reach those Higher levels of thinking and being.

We need to release these sorts of beliefs from within our own subconscious minds and how we do this is by using the above affirmation until we really feel it deep down into our Souls. When we can actively embrace it, think it and have the response from within that wells up and proclaims loudly and boldly “YES, this IS Truth” then we know we have succeeded in overcoming the false teachings of the past. We free ourselves when we decide to think for ourselves instead of blindly accepting that the world works a certain way because someone else says it is so. Never accept what another says to you whose own life is a litany of complaints and problems. For they have been misled and they are surely misleading you too.

Instead follow the lead of those who are actively affirming the Good that is in their lives and actively affirming that it can and is getting even better everyday. There is far more Good in this world than many of us have been led to believe and yet no one will see all there is to see until they choose to open their minds to it. Then shall the Good that is sought come rushing in Abundantly.

From this moment forward every time some New Good finds its way into your life Rejoice in it, give Thanks for it, Praise it and affirm “This Good is Permanent Good!” Affirm that you expect the Good, you allow the Good and that you shall only have the Good. Your Good is for you, your Good seeks you and it wants you in the same way that you desire it for you are its mode of expression in the world. Declare that it is yours now for in Divine Mind it is and then declare “It Is Permanent!” And so it is!

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