New Customers Please Read Before Ordering

If you are new to Morningstar or Flower and vibrational Essences in general, welcome! Please read the following and if you decide to order, do let me know via email at or in the message section of shopping cart while checking out that you have read and understood the following.

Recently there have been some issues with people ordering products from my website and then claiming upon receipt that they have not received what they had ordered thinking flower essences are essential oils which they are not and which is clearly stated on my website. Twice people have ordered flower essences and then claimed they ordered essence oils which is not what was ordered by them. This even though I have started emailing all new customers to try and insure that they understood what flower Essences are and that is indeed what they thought they were ordering. Unfortunately this has not solved the problem so I am taking it to the next level. I apologise if the following is rather blunt, but I do want to do everything possible to try and make sure that everything is clear.

The following is what I have been emailing to new customers-


Thank you for your order! Due to occasional misunderstandings as to what Flower Essences are, we wanted to make sure that you had seen the following notice on our website: Flower Essences are NOT Essential Oils. We do not sell essential oils. If you are unclear as to what Flower and Vibrational Essences are, please do read our FAQ Pages here -Have A Question? Please Read Our Faq Pages If what you are wanting was an essential oil, please let us know as soon as possible so that we may cancel your order and refund you via Paypal. Thank you!

With Abundant Blessings and Joy,

Morningstar Essences

Here is the link directly to the FAQ page -

FAQ - Using Flower & Vibrational Essences .

You can also Google flower Essences and a wealth of information will come up. If you are familiar with Homeopathy and like working with those sorts of products, chances are good you will like working with Flower Essences as well. And the difference between Flower Essences and Essence Oils is that Flower Essences are used orally, Essence oils can only be used externally. If you want the product that has the essence, a carrier oil (I use Sesame Seed Oil) and drops of the essential oils listed with that product name, then what you want is the Essence oil. Also, if you do not like one of the essential oils listed for that Essence Oil, please let me know so I can omit it. If you forget, please do not ask for a replacement or refund. Remember, I can only go by the information you submit to me upfront, there isn't much I can do once your order has shipped though I can suggest doing things such as diluting the product which is fine to do, no loss of potency, or adding in any other Essential Oils you may have on hand to help mask the one you do not like.

Now, on to other important matters!

First and foremost, Flower Essences / Essence Oils are NOT Essential oils and I do NOT sell essential oils. if you are looking to buy essential oils, I recommend Googling either Nature's Gift or the Essential Oil Company. If there is an essential oil you are looking for, one of these two companies will have it. If they don't, it more than likely does not exist.

Please check your order carefully! Make sure that the quantities are correct, you have placed the correct product in your shopping cart, your address is correct, etc. If you order a flower essence, it will appear as first the name of the essence followed by the word essence. If you are ordering an essence oil, it will have the name of the essence first and then the words essence oil. Essence oils are also priced higher than regular essences so please do check the amount listed to doubly make sure that you are ordering the correct product. If you do have any problems getting the correct product into your shopping cart, please email me so I can look into the problem.

There are some other issues that I would like to address here as well.

From time to time I will get a very irate email from someone asking where their order is when in fact the order has not actually been placed though they believed it had. They may have hit the cancel button or it may not have gone through for some other reason. So far as I know, Paypal does send the customer a receipt when an order is placed successfully. If you do not receive a receipt the same day you have placed an order, please contact me so I can check to see if you order has in fact been placed successfully. I will warn you, if you are rude and obnoxious as some folks have been, I will politely respond that no, I did not receive your order and have been to the Paypal website to verify that it was not placed. But if you try to re-order and it does go through, I will cancel it. I will not tolerate being treated rudely because someone failed to place their order properly.

When an order ships, I do send out a notification email to let the customer know it is on the way and when they might expect it. Sometimes an email address is incorrect so of course bounces back to me. Sometimes though more rarely, an email is lost in cyberspace. You can always email me (nicely please) to ask if your order has shipped and I will be happy to respond. Please note that sometimes the postal service does take longer than expected to make a delivery, even with Priority Mail. I don't know why and believe me, I have asked and I don't like it either. International orders normally take about 7 - 10 days to be delivered but here again, it can take an extra week or even more longer.

If you place an order and do not let me know that you have read this, I will email you to verify that you have looked this over and have understood it. I must have an email back from you confirming that you are ordering exactly what you want before your order will be processed and shipped. If I do not hear back from you within 24 - 48 hours, I will have to cancel your order. Sorry folks, but those people that order products after I have made every effort I can to verify that they understand what they are ordering and it is the correct product for them, then complaining that it isn't what they wanted and demanding a refund including the postage, that is beyond the pale. In essence, these people are what forces many businesses to have to raise their prices to compensate. I do not feel that is something that is fair to my customers and is not something I want to do so I am hoping this will solve the problem once and for all.

If you do place an order, receive it and I have made a mistake, please let me know and I shall correct it, absolutely! Its very rare Thankfully, but being human I have made mistakes on orders in the past and I have taken full responsibility for that. All you need do is say hey, I ordered this, I received that, and I will take care of it. However, if the mistake is on your end, then please take the responsibility for that. I am more than willing to do my job if you are willing to keep your end of the bargain. And a big part of that is making sure your order is correct before you send it.

Truly, my only desire is for customers that will honor what I have to offer and who will benefit by these products. If they are not for you, thats fine, I do hope you do find what you are looking for! But please do take some responsibility for what you choose to order or purchase from any company.

Thank you so much for taking the time to read this! I do regret that I have had to put the policies I am in place, I do understand your time and energy is valuable too and I respect that! My time and energy is very valuable to me as well and I would much rather put both into serving my customers the best I can than dealing with the above issues.

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