The Mystical Power Of The Number 15

Some time ago I was reading a book by Catherine Ponder and she mentioned that the number 15 could be used to break up “hard conditions’ and establish Divine Order in a person’s life. She also mentioned that people entering the waters at Lourdes were encouraged to recite the Lord’s Prayer 15 times in succession while immersed. This got me to thinking and being of a rather curious nature anyway, I decided to try this with a situation in my own life that just did not seem to want to budge. But first I wanted a better understanding of why the number 15 was so important for this as it is not something I have come across much before or so I thought. Looking back now, I realize that actually this number had been coming up repeatedly for me yet I just wasn’t seeing the significance of it. And while I had read that book of Dr. Ponder’s many times before, it wasn’t until that last reading that the message finally penetrated my own Consciousness.

It was when I came across mention of the 15 promises made in the book of Matthew and also remembered Emmet Fox in his book Power Through Constructive Thinking mentions 15 points that if you follow each of them is a sure way to know that you are on the Spiritual Path, and that I wanted to write a short article at least on each of those 15 points because they are very helpful, that it dawned on me that there was more to this than I had first recognized. And perhaps you may wish to try an experiment of your own using this number which I will outline further on.

The number 15 is comprised of the numbers 7 + 8. The number 7 in Spiritual terms represents Covenant or an agreement with make with The Divine. Covenants are intended to shift our own Consciousness in a deep and profound way and all Spiritual Paths do have some form of Covenant. We make a Covenant with The Divine when we willingly agree to adhere to certain Spiritual Principles no matter what the Spiritual Tradition may be. It is really an agreement to live our lives the best we can in ways that work for us as individuals and in return we are standing on the Divine Promises that The Universe has given to each of us. The number 7 also represents Mysticism, Divine Completion and also rest as in the Sabbath. It also symbolizes seeking Truth and putting Spiritual Truths above all other things and as a result one gains all things, the Material as well.

The number 8 represents Infinity, Eternity and also Resurrection. It promises that our Good and Well Being is never lost to us but is always in the process of being Resurrected in our lives when we hold firmly to the Divine Promises of The Infinite. It is not up to us ourselves to make this happen, we are to do what we are Guided to do and then allow The Universe to do what is actually required to bring our Good forth. Our job as it were is to open the doorway within ourselves so that Spirit may move through us. It can be quite helpful to visualize a doorway within yourself that is now wide open and to feel the energy of Divine Love moving through you and it, then out into the world.

3x5 also makes 15 and here we have the Trinity (Father, Son and Holy Ghost in traditional Christian Theology.) This can also be seen as The Creator, Ourselves as individuals and the Divine Spark – Power within each of us. We ARE in Truth the Trinity itself.

The number 5 can be seen as a hand, the five fingers representing our ability to build up or destroy as best suits one’s purpose. Destruction can bring about Great Good when what is being destroyed is negative thinking and behavior. And certainly invoking the number 15 for Healing and Positive change is a means by which we can destroy the patterns of behavior and thinking that have caused us grief and misery in our lives. We are wiping the old patterns out and starting anew as Resurrected Beings. So of course our lives cannot possibly reflect the past! It no longer exists in our minds so it cannot continue to exist in our lives and the world around us.

The number 5 itself also represents change and in order to change the outer world, we must first change our Inner world. People try to change outer conditions all of the time thinking that will bring about what they are seeking but it is only when we go within and change the patterns within ourselves that have created the outer conditions will we see the changes we are seeking made Manifest around us outwardly as well. Now it is true that changing our environment to a degree can also help us to make the Inner changes as well. This is why practices such as Feng Shui can be helpful for many. Yet if the person only makes an outer change and does nothing or very little to also work on changing within, the Good that is attracted will tend to dissipate as quickly as it came.

So here we have the number 15 as symbolizing the Covenant or Holy – Spiritual Sacred Agreement we make with The Divine. I AM willing to change within myself. I AM willing to understand and apply Spiritual Truth and Law within my own life as best I can and to the best of my own current understanding. I AM also willing to allow this Spiritual Understanding to grow within my own mind as I recognize that there is far more for me to know and understand and as I reach for Higher and Higher levels of Consciousness, my life will and must change according to the Divine Promises that have been made unto me since before the beginning of time.

As we grow in Consciousness we are “delivered from evil” or the negative circumstances of our lives which are bound to be dissolved under Divine Law. Our Good must then be made Manifest under the Law as well and what is yours by Divine Right must then be restored to you in some form or another, even if you had believed it lost and gone forever. Yet of course you must also be willing for this to happen even if you can’t see how it possibly could right now.

Five is also the number of Divine Grace and the number 3 also symbolizes Divine Perfection or Divine Order. Grace is the rising above of Karma. It is that which frees us from the Law that we must reap what we sow. Now of course the Higher one goes in Consciousness the less apt one is to make mistakes that would lead to a unwanted harvest. Yet Grace is intended to lift us up and above our mistakes of the past so that we do not suffer for them. It doesn’t means that someone can continue to do awful things to others and get a free pass, that isn’t how it works though certainly there are those who have tried to invoke the Law of Grace and do just that. The Law of Grace states that if we are making a genuine effort to improve ourselves from within, that when we do make mistakes or “sin” for a sin is really just a mistake or error in judgment, it has nothing to do with what many seem to think it does, then the Law of Grace will insure that we are “forgiven” or the error is wiped out. Many have been Healed through Divine Grace whether that Healing be of the physical body, unwanted negative thought patterns, difficulties in relationships with others, financial, you name it, the Law of Divine Grace is here to support us in releasing and moving past what has been.

So here is the experiment. Think of something you want released from your life, any sort of challenge or difficulty that you feel mired in. Remember though, that you are not to remain focused on the challenge, it is just to get clear in your own mind that you are letting it go and allowing The Universe to bring you something much better to take its place.

Now you can do the following for 15 days to start or you can go for multiples of 15 days such as 30, 45, 60 and so on. If you miss a day, I highly recommend that you start over from day one because otherwise the break dilutes the energy that you are building from within. Also, keep silent about what you are doing. It is perfectly fine to speak of it to someone who may want to do this with you or will support you in this process. But if there is anyone who says “it’s all nonsense”, well, that is fine for them and absolutely their right to think however they choose! Yet you don’t want to allow someone to short circuit you before you have a chance to see whether this works for you or no.

Select a short prayer or affirmation, passage from a Spiritual text or Inspirational book that has deep meaning for you. It can be anything as long as it really resonates for you on a Soul level. It also needs to be something that you are willing to repeat 15 times each day. You can try this in one session or break it down into repeating it 5 times 3 times each day. What ever works best for you! I personally prefer to go the full 15 each time and you could also do the full 15 times 3 times a day if that is what you are Guided to do.

Personally I like using the Lord’s Prayer for this and I also say it as an affirmative Prayer (for example that Spirit has delivered me from evil and that Spirit has given me my daily bread). Again though, any affirmation or inspirational passage is also wonderful. It is a time of absolute Positive Expression and that is the only thing that matters here!

You can speak it aloud, say it silently to yourself, or even write it out. Many folks seem to benefit most from speaking or writing though if your best option is saying it silently to yourself, you do what works for you in your own situation. The most important thing is how you feel when you are doing this! It isn’t just that we are saying or writing the words, we are feeling the meaning, the Spiritual Energy behind the words as best we can. Don’t be concerned if some days you feel little or nothing. There are days when you probably won’t and yet if you are giving it your best effort regardless, again this is what counts.

You may start to see changes straightaway or it may take a little time. Do not be concerned either way or how your Greater Good shall come about, simply keep affirming when it pops into your mind when you are not in your 15 session that all is well, The Universe DOES know what It is doing and if you do your part, The Universe will move on your behalf. You may want to keep a journal during this time to note any new thoughts that come to mind, any Intuitive nudges you receive or symbols that start to appear for you with greater frequency. Pay close attention to your dreams as well and especially any that seem negative or frightening! They usually indicate that something is being cleared from your consciousness that has not been healthy for you and thus they can be a very good sign that you are on the right track!

Keeping a journal also helps you to become more aware of changes on a subtle level. Sometimes it is easy to think nothing is happening and then one day you realize that you really have changed within yourself and it feels wonderful!

Know too that you are on the Spiritual levels connecting with others of Like Mind and this too shall help you to achieve what you are seeking. We are all here to help and support one another and we do this on the Spiritual levels as well as the physical!

And keep going! Keep in mind that at times the longer it takes for the Manifestation to appear, the Greater and more Glorious it is! Spirit always seems to give us a “Bonus” by sticking with it and being persistent, one that is Truly of Overflowing Measure!

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