Morningstar FAQ

On this page I hope to cover at least some of the questions I receive in regards to Morningstar and my role within it, other questions related to the website, and questions we have not actually been asked but I thought to cover anyway, so there is truly a hodgepodge of information here. If you have a question you would like to see covered here, email me at: Please do go through the Faq page first to make sure it is a question I have not already answered. Questions and other information in regards to our order policies and most frequently asked questions can be found first, more general questions and information is included below. UPDATE: We are now listing some of the newer questions first.

Q. I was reading some of your web pages and was wondering if you could answer some quick questions for me or if we could email back and forth.

A. I am sorry but no. I receive many emails all asking this same thing and there is simply no way that it is humanly possible for me to keep up. If you have questions that you are serious about receiving an answer to then I am more than happy to set up an appointment time for you when we can speak via phone. I have a broad fee range that goes from $20.00 to $95.00 so hopefully I am able to offer something that shall fit your needs. "Quick questions " are never quick or easy plus I need to consider the amount of time it takes away from filling orders and serving customers as well as working on the website and other projects.

Q. Speaking of the projects you have in the works, when do you expect _____ to be completed?

A. The good news is that all projects are moving forward! I have had to find a new way of working as I am needing to restrict my typing as much as possible but it is going better than I had hoped. When will some of them be completed? That I cannot say for certain but I will be announcing when any are completed both through the newsletter and and on the website. If you would like to sign up for the newsletter, there is a box where you can do so at the bottom of the index page here -
Morningstar's Home Page

Q. I need a custom blend. Is this possible for you to do for me?

A. Yes, I do this quite a bit so it is not a problem. The first 3 essences in a blend are the same price as a single essence. For more than 3 essences, there is a charge of $2.00 per additional essence. For SE blends, there is a charge of $8.00 per additional SE. To order, you would need to email me a list of the essences you are wanting in a blend and I will total the cost plus shipping and then send you a request payment through Paypal.

Q. Can you tell me a little about the Essential Oils that you use in your Essence Oils and Mysts?

A. All of the EO's that we use are the best quality that we can get. We only purchase from suppliers that we have done business with for some time so that we are assured that the oils are consistently of high quality. Many are organic and while we would prefer that all be organic, unfortunately that is not always possible. If there is an essence oil or myst that you want but you dislike the scent of one or more of the EO's that we use, please let us know. We can either omit that EO entirely or use a very small amount of it though please do be aware that the scent will change somewhat as it is blended with other EO's. The oils for the most part are not as strongly scented as the Mysts as it takes much more of an essential oil to scent an essence oil than it does for a Myst. Many of the EO's we use are extremely expensive (for example, the price of Sandalwood has been skyrocketing and some such as Jasmine and Rose are always expensive) and we don't want to rise the prices on the essence oils so we prefer to use a lighter hand with these. Also please be aware that as EO's are created from organic materials, sometimes the scent of one bottle that we receive from our suppliers will be slightly different than another we receive from them later on. There is no way they can guarantee that each bottle of say Neroli, is going to smell exactly the same as the previous. Sometimes too, an EO will not be available for a time or may be discontinued altogether. Unless we can find another supplier who offers the same quality as the suppliers we do business with currently, we do have to reserve the right to substitute another EO for the one that is no longer available.

Q. I need to add to my order, should I use the shopping cart?

A. No, we are now asking that people please email us with any additions that they would like to make to their order and then we shall re-calculate any additional shipping charges if needed and send a request payment through Paypal for the additional cost of the essences and shipping. Otherwise if you use the shopping cart again and are only adding one or two more essences, you will be over-charged on the shipping. We used to offer people a credit for the over-charge on the shipping but keeping track of this and reminding customers from time to time that they have a credit coming has been taking up more and more time that we need to free up for other things.

Q. I was wondering if I could order a 4 oz/120 ml size bottle of an essence. How can I do this? Also, do you offer essences in sizes larger than the 4 oz./120 ml size?

A. We have a special page set up for people to order any essence in this size bottle though unfortunately we are not able to offer larger bottles than this. You can find the page to order 4 oz size bottles of essences here -

Order any Essence in a 4 oz./120 ml size bottle

Q. When are the books you are working on going to become available?

A. I am working on these as I have time available but honestly, it has turned out to be a much longer process than I had hoped. Orders always take priority over everything else, we do do feel it is important to ship orders in as timely a manner as possible. Often times people do need something in a hurry and we also have orders coming in from our distributors as well and often their customers are in need of something straightaway as well. So while the books have been slow in coming which I do regret, I do feel it most important that people are receiving their orders in as timely a manner as possible. Also sometime back our computer crashed, taking many of the files on the Shamanic essences book with it. So that one is going to have to be completely re-written.

Q. How are Morningstar Essences Produced?

A. We use a number of different methods from the traditional to crystal grids to creating an altar for a specific essence to be produced, including on the altar items from crystals to bottles of essential oils that the Deva and our Guides suggest is appropriate for that essence. There are so many ways that an essence can be produced and we do go with what the Guidance we receive suggests that we do. We don't tend to go into detail in regards to how each of our essences is produced because A: I do teach others from time to time our methods and B: by giving that information away for free, I feel it is cheating those folks who have paid for me to teach them how to produce essences themselves. Currently I am not accepting new essence students but I shall include an update here when more slots become available.

Q. Do you use any parts of animals to produce your shamanic animal essences or the butterfly essences?

A. No. We do get this question from time to time and so I thought it best to include it below the above. No animals, birds or other creatures are in any way harmed through the production of these essences!

Q. I cannot tolerate alcohol. Is it still possible for me to use essences?

A. Absolutely, and there are a number of ways you can go about this. First, some essence producers offer vinegar as a preservative instead of alcohol and we are happy to substitute that for people upon request. We also offer no prservative at all, simply using spring water and that has worked very well for many folks. Some have had bottles with no preservatives for well over 7 years now and have never had problems with anything "yucky" growing in the bottle. If basic hygiene is followed, there shouldn't be any problems. Another method is to dilute the essence until no taste or scent of alcohol remains or adding the essence to a hot beverage as this will cause the alcohol to evaporate. Adding essences to a misting bottle and then spritzing yourself and your home is also extremely effective. For recovering alcoholics, I do recommend that they either go with a Vinegar preservative or use the essences externally instead of internally. Essences can also be added to body lotions or massage oils and applied to the skin.

Q.I need a specific essence that I do not see listed on your site. Do you have it or if not, can you produce it for me and is there any extra charge for this?

A.We receive requests like this frequently and yes, most likely we can produce it and no there is no extra charge for this. Please email me and let me know what you need. Chances are also that we do have it and it has not been listed on the site yet.

Q. If I place an order, how long will it take me to receive it?

A. Unless there are speciality essences involved such as the Soul Energy Essences, I try and ship within twenty four hours. Often I am able to ship the same day if I receive the order before 10 AM, otherwise it will most likely be shipped the next day. I ship priority mail in the US and airmail abroad, so if you live in the US, you will normally receive your order within 2-3 days and abroad, 4 -10 days. I also notify people by email when an order has been shipped so they will have some idea of when to expect it. Of course if your order is a large one, it may take up to one week for me to process and ship it. One thing I should have included here sooner and forgot to mention, is that I do not have dozens of stock bottles sitting about waiting for an order to come in. I produce the Mother essences in very small quantities so that the essence stock bottles you receive from me are as fresh as possible and have not been stored for long periods of time. When I receive an order for a particular essence, it is only then that I make the stock bottle so again, I do not have stock bottles sitting about for long periods of time. This I feel helps me to insure that the essences you receive from Morningstar are as high a quality and vibration as possible.
UPDATE: Orders are shipped Monday through Friday only. Orders placed after 10 AM Pacific time on Fridays will not be shipped until the following Monday.

Q. I was expecting a parcel from you two days ago and it still has not arrived. What should I do?

A. Sometimes post is delayed due to Christmas or bank holidays so that may be the reason for the delay. What can also happen is that if you were not home to receive it, the postie may have forgotten to leave you one of those little slips to let you know you have a parcel wanting delivery. They are human too and it does happen. So check with your post office to see if they are indeed holding a parcel for you. If not, please contact me so I can ship you a replacement. It might be that somehow, the parcel was lost or stolen during transit. Thankfully, this doesn't happen but once in a blue moon, so always check with your own post office first.

Q.I am new to essences. I was looking at several different producers sites and noticed that all of them have a no returns policy. Do you accept returns?

A. No we do not which is standard for this industry. Because of the nature of these products, we cannot re-sell them if they are returned to us. Most companies that do accept returns are able to turn around and sell that product to someone else. My thought on this is would I want to purchase an essence from another producer that had been previously sold and returned to them? No, I really wouldn't. Nor would I feel okay about doing this to my people. What I do suggest is that if you are new to essences and are not sure which lines would be most suitable for you, is to test a couple of brands by purchasing one or two essences from each over time. It may be that you find you don't resonate with essences and other tools are better for you. Or you may find one or two producers whose work really helps you. If there is a producer who really seems to resonate for you, that you get a good feeling about as you look over their site, that would be the one I would go with.

Q.Why won't you and most other producers accept returns?

A. The reason is quite frankly, once an essence is out of our hands we cannot guarantee its potency should it be returned to us. It is possible for someone to tamper with the bottles once they have reached their destination. It is not that difficult to purchase the safety seals we and other producers use, so we choose to err on the side of safety and not accept returns, full stop. We also have no control over how essences are stored once they reach a customer, so again, we cannot vouch for the purity or potency of those essences. If you wish more information on how to store essences, please see below.

Q.I made a mistake and ordered the wrong essence. What can I do?

A. If you noticed straightaway that you made a mistake and can contact us via email immediately, (we do check emails frequently!) and if we have not yet packed down or shipped your order we will be happy to make what ever substitutions you need for us to make. Obviously, if it is already in the post and on its way to you, there is little we can do. We do not accept returns (please see the above faq) so please check your order over carefully before submitting it to us! *Please note* Obviously if we make a mistake, do let us know as we will certainly do what we need to correct it!

Q.Can I order from you by post and pay by cheque or money order? I don't like using a credit card online.

A. No problem! You can go to our order page here for all the pertinent details -

How To Order

You can notify us by email that you are ordering by post and we shall have your order ready to ship by the time your payment arrives. If you need your order fairly quickly, you can send payment priority mail which will take 2-3 days to reach us, depending of course where you are posting it from. It can be a bit quicker but if you don't want to spend the extra money on it, then just send it by normal post.

Q.Can I place an order over the phone using a Credit Card?

A. Sorry, we only accept Credit Cards through Paypal. However, if you wish to use your CC via phone, you may contact Healing Waters at: 1-877-455-8859

Q.Do you give refunds?

A. No, I am sorry but we do not. Obviously, if there is a problem with an essence such as a bottle breaking or leakage while in transit to you, we will certainly replace it but only if you contact us first and follow instructions that we give you on returning the bottle and packaging to us. Do NOT return any bottles before contacting us first! We will not replace or issue you a credit if you do. Update - Right after I uploaded this, someone did email to comment that we tend to package everything up like Fort Knox so that it seemed unlikely we ever had a bottle break! It happens very, very rarely, so rarely in fact, that I almost didn't mention it on the faq at all. We also check bottles over carefully as we receive them from our supplier to make sure no defective bottles slip through. We make every effort to parcel up your order carefully so that it reaches you in pristine condition!

Q.This is not a question that we have received and yet I know there are bound to be people wondering why if they order an essence and don't like it, they can't return it for a refund the way some other business's will accept returns for a refund and why we can't make exceptions.

A. And the answer is: again, business's that do this will often try and sell the item to someone else and we don't feel comfortable doing that with essences. In order for a business to stay in business, they have to make a profit. They are able to accept returns for a refund because they know they can re-sell the item to someone else. We don't do that. I also know from experience in retail shops and so forth, that people will sometimes purchase things thinking they can always return it if they don't like it instead of thinking their purchases through to begin with. But this also drives the cost of doing business up and guess who pays for it in the end. Yep, you and me and all the other consumers out there. My own feeling is if I purchase something, I need to take responsibility for it. There have been times when I have purchased something and then regretted it, didn't really like or love it and thought what was I thinking, but that was MY fault, not the business's. I also learned from those mistakes and have tried to make better choices about what I purchase because of this. I also don't want to make my customers pay for someone else's choices by increasing the cost of essences to cover the cost of returns, that doesn't seem fair to them. While obviously I do want people to be happy with the essences, and if there is a genuine problem I want to be correct it to the best of my ability, I also would prefer that folks who don't really resonate with what we have to offer find those products and services that do resonate for them through someone else. 99.9999 of all of our customers are absolute stars and I truly value them and their business! Therefore, these policies are in place because it is the most fair for both them and us.

Q.Do you ever stock boxes for sets of essences and if so, can I order these from you?

A. No, I am sorry but we don't. Part of the reason for this is that they add to our expenses and mean that we would need to raise our prices, something we don't wish to do. The second reason is, people have a tendency to want to lie the boxes flat and over time, a rubbery taste may develop from the essence making direct contact with the dropper top. While this is harmless, needless to say, it doesn't taste all that wonderful either.

Q. How should essences be stored?

A. They should be stored upright, away from any source of heat or light such as sunlight, a fireplace or a radiator. I would also avoid setting bottles of essences near candles. Basically, if it feels warm or hot to you, it will feel that way for the essences as well. For the record, and this is also on our Essence Faq page but I do feel it bears repeating here, if you drop the dropper top or touch it to any portion of your mouth, you need to wash the dropper thoroughly in hot, soapy water before replacing it in the bottle. Not doing so can result in contamination and of course we are not responsible for essences that are contaminated through improper storage or handling on the part of the customer. We will only offer a replacement or credit, at our discretion, if the bottle in question is returned to us *PLEASE email me first before shipping a bottle back to us* with the original safety seal and labeling intact, and if it has been thirty days or less since the essence was shipped and received. Properly stored and handled essences very rarely have problems however.

*UPDATE* Recently I spoke with someone who shared with me NOT to store bottles of essences in plastic containers of any sort. Apparantly, there can be a build-up of heat within plastic containers that may cause essences stored that way to go off as though they had been "cooked". This person also shared that the vibrational quality and purity of an essence can also be impacted by the energy of the plastic. Never having stored bottles of essences in plastic containers before, I did not know this so am passing it along as an FYI.

Q.I dropped the dropper top to a brand new bottle of an essence in my car and had no choice but to replace it back into the bottle. Do I really need to toss the essence out and get another bottle? Help!

A. Oh dear, well, in all honesty your best bet probably is to go ahead and toss the bottle. There are some things you can do such as refrigerating the bottle (even then I would watch for any signs of contamination most carefully) and of course washing the dropper thoroughly once you return home. That is rather like shutting the barn door after the horse has escaped, but it is worth a try. Mind you, if you dropped it on the floor of your car, I would just go ahead and toss the bottle. If it was on the seat and normally your car is VERY tidy, then I would go ahead and try the above ideas. One thing I do is to have a spare, clean dropper top in a sealed plastic bag (one of those ziplock type bags is wonderful) and keep that in the car at all times. Or, you can use a "travel bottle", adding some of an essence to another bottle that you can keep in your handbag, car, etc. If you take only a small amount with you, then if this should ever happen again, you won't be losing an entire bottle of an essence that way.

Q.If I have a healing crises while taking an essence, should I stop taking it?

A. Unless it is severe (and of course, only you can determine if is really too much for you to cope with) I would continue taking the essence but diluting it further if you are using a dose bottle. I would say 1 drop to 1 oz water, and then taking the essence only once or twice a day for the next three days. Usually a healing crises is not so severe that someone needs to discontinue the essence for a time completely, though I do understand that it can be very uncomfortable! The good news is with a healing crises, is that it usually lasts only for around 24 hours or so, for some people a bit longer, yet it usually passes very quickly. A healing crises sometimes happens to make someone more aware that a change really IS needed, and understanding this can help make it easier. I routinely go through a healing crises when I adjust the Feng Shui flow in my home so its not that I don't understand what it feels like. I do! Yet the difference it makes in my life makes it worth it to me. If someone does have a healing crises, it also often indicates a need for some heavy duty self-pampering for a few days. Many folks who work with essences tend to be very kind, loving, gentle people who are brilliant at doing all sorts of things for other people, but often tend to neglect to take the same kind of care for themselves. Remember, you are just as worth being served, loved and cared for, as anyone else! So use this time for you.

Q.Once I have finished a bottle of an essence, do I ever need to work with that essence again?

A. It really does vary from person to person. It's like the old Onion adage. Often, people may find that they have peeled off so many layers during the first round and then later on, they feel the need to go back and peel off a few more layers. Or they have a "signature" essence that they feel they need to work with either each day or frequently, no matter what other essences they might be using at the same time. A signature essence is one that really resonates for an individual, a feeling that the essence and the person are "one". For me, it is Akumon Sacred Well. Another person I know feels hers is Dolphin Protection. Yet another, Crystal Black Pansy. Any essence can be a signature essence for someone and the person just seems to feel and do better day to day if they have that essence on hand. The best advice I can give on this is to always follow your own inner guidance. If you feel you do need another round of an essence at a later time, then that is most likely appropriate for you. If someone else says they think you do and you really feel you don't, trust your own guidance! No on can possibly know better than you what is really right and appropriate for you.

Q. Is it okay to transfer the entire contents of a bottle of essences to another container?

A. Well, you certainly can, but I wouldn't unless you have properly sterilised the second container first. Otherwise, you might risk contaminating the contents. With alcohol based essences this is extremely rare, and yet I do feel it the better part of valor not to. I am not sure why anyone would want to do this, but I have been asked this question several times so felt it might be important to include here.

Q.Do I need to sterilise dose bottles before adding essences to the water and should I also use alcohol?

A. Yes on the first bit of your question! I certainly do, though I have known people who don't and never had any problems. Still, I think it a good idea myself, and especially if you are making a dose bottle for someone other than yourself. As for the alcohol, again I would include it, especially if you are making the dose bottle for someone else, or if the bottle might be exposed to heat or light. Now, if you really hate the taste of Brandy, you can also add drops of essence to juice or coffee to mask the taste. What it so often comes down to though on the latter is personal preference.

Q. I received two bottles of one essence from you and am missing another. Should I send the duplicate back to you?

A. No, please keep it as a gift from us! While this happens very rarely thankfully, being human from time to time we do make mistakes. We will promptly ship the missing essence to you at our own expense.

Q.I have just a few drops left of an essence. Can I add more water and preservative to make a new stock bottle?

A. I don't recommend it and neither do most producers I know of. What you will end up with is a dose bottle, not stock strength essence.

Q. Do Essences help with physical problems such as arthritis?

A. By law we cannot make any medical claims for any of the essences. If you have a physical, mental or emotional illness, please seek out qualified medical care. Essences are not intended to replace sound medical care and therapies nor should they be relied upon to do so. While there are many alternative therapies available today, it is always best to check with your own doctor if you have any concerns or problems.

Q. Do you have a handling charge? Is there a fee for rush orders?

A. No, to both questions. Shipping costs are expensive enough without me adding to it, VBG! I also believe in doing my level best to get orders processed and on their way as quickly as possible. I hate waiting for things and I know other people do too! And I truly do appreciate all the support that Morningstar and I have received so this is one way that I can say "Thank You!!"

Q. I am having trouble with the shopping cart, can you please help?

A. We will do our best, just let me know which page the malfunction is occuring on and as soon as I hear from you, I shall check that page and reload it to the site. I will then email you to let you know that we have corrected any errors we have found that might be causing the problems. While from time to time some browsers don't seem to work very well with the shopping cart, more often then not things go fine unless there is a problem on Paypal's end. If you are still experiencing problems, please let us know and we can offer you alternative ordering procedures.

Q.I emailed you several days ago and have not had a response, did you receive it?

A. Normally, business emails we answer as quickly as possible, usually the same day and often within a half an hour to two hours of receiving them. If you send us an email and I have not responded, either I have not received it, or I received it and sent a reply yet it might have been lost in cyberspace. If you send an email and it is not answered within 24 hours, please re-send it. The exceptions to this is when someone emails me asking for free readings (yes, people do this quite a bit) or to explain what a totem animal's behaviour might mean for them personally. Since on the Totem pages I do state that I cannot answer those sorts of emails, I don't.

Q. Do you have a printed catalog?

A. No, I am sorry, I don't! Printing costs are simply too high to make it affordable though I have considered downloading the entire essence portion of the site to disk or CD though I would still need to charge a small fee for it. This is also a long term project though as all the information would need to be reformatted, yet if there is enough interest in this instead of a printed version, I would be happy to undertake the task! It is totally acceptable to me though if someone wants to download and print out information from my site, as long as it is not reproduced elsewhere without permission from me.

Q. I was using an essence from another producer and it didn't seem to do much for me. How can I be sure that your essences will work better for what I need?

A. In all honesty, I can't guarantee you that you will resonate more with mine than you did with the other. The essence producer you did name in your email which I am not including here, has been producing essences for a number of years and the quality of the work is well known, so I do know it wasn't that you purchased an essence from someone who didn't really understand what they were doing. That said, I will also say that every Producer's work is different. It might be that you really love one Producer's essences and not like any others. It happens. It might also have been the way you were using the essence (please see our essence faq page here for more information -

Flower & Vibrational Essence FAQ

What I would suggest, is to slowly test some of the different essences available until you find a Producer that you really resonate with. And always listen to your intuition which will guide you to the right Producer for you!

Q.How did you first get involved with essences?

A. I was first exposed to Gem Elixers as a child. A friend of my Grandmother's would always place a small Emerald in a glass of water and set it in the window so it could catch the energy of the sun and the elements. After an hour or so, she would remove the Emerald and drink the water, saying it was her "daily tonic". I didn't think too much more about it until 1985 when a colleague mentioned the Bach essences to me and was saying how helpful she found them. I thought it was all rather daft myself, but being curious by nature, I decided to conduct some experiments of my own. I had recently found a beautiful Rose Quartz sphere and that was used in the first essence. Much to my surprise, that essence did precisely what I needed for it to do for me at the time and since then I have had a love affair with the essences!

Q. Why do you have so many essences?

A.To be honest, I never intended to. I do love the creation process of essence production so much though and and get terribly excited when the Devas and Grandfathers, who guide me and my work with Morningstar, step in and gently suggest that I at least think about expanding the line even more. That is when I stumble across a new plant or gem stone or people will begin emailing me and ask me if I can produce a particular essence. Often when I am at this stage of the process, if an essence truly is asking me to be produced, there is much synchronicity and I will often see the Devas or Nature Spirits associated with that essence. I also get a certain type of energy hit when it is the right time to produce new essences, it is unmistakable in it's sensation and that energy I have found must be channeled into something positive or else it does tend to create bizarre problems in my life. I would much rather go ahead and just produce new essences! I don't feel "forced" into the process however, I know that at any time I can say enough is enough and the Universe will honour my wishes. Yet I so love the process, and as long as I do, there will be new essences.

Q. Life must be quite interesting in your home, with all those Devas and the Grandfathers about! What is it life to have so many energies around you all of the time?

A.It really is a delight to share my home with all of these wonderful beings! Though I have been told it can be rather unsettling at times for visitors who happen to catch a glimpse of "something"! My children often do see the Grandfathers, the Devas, the Angels and all the rest, both being apprenticing Shaman's themselves. I find it quite comforting to know they are always there! Yet I would also want people to know that they too have all these energies and Beings around them all the time as well! The Universe does not single any one person out to be the receipient and no one else. I might be more aware of them in some ways and yet I also know that if someone truly wants to feel and see their presence, this is something that can be developed. And before I get loads of emails asking how one does go about developing this, there are loads of books, audio tapes and websites devoted to this and again running a search on the net for say developing psychic vision or intuition will also yield good results. Just take what resonates and leave the rest of course! Everyone has their own way of developing their intuition and "sight", no one method is the only proper way to do it. And of course there are an abundance of essences that one can work with that are also extremely helpful!

Q. I know you have said before you were going to have a page where people could see what essences are good for say relationships or health or money, when might this be available?

A.This has been a very long term project and as I am basically a one woman show, this is why it has taken me so long. I do regret that I have not been able to do more with this sooner, but I promise you it is coming! I do have a word search on my website, however it has not been fully completed either as I am having difficulty getting back to the place where I left off. When I do finally complete the essence directory, I will have each essence linked to it's proper page though which will make it much easier for people to access further information about that essence. In the meantime however, I am working on an Essence FAQ page where I will have some of this information available.

Q. I have really enjoyed many of your articles and information on the essences and wanted to know if I could include some of it on my site or newsgroup.

A. Thank you! I am glad to hear when people have enjoyed and benefitted from something I have written (writing is another total passion of mine!) As long as someone notifies me that they wish to do this and includes all the copyright information and a link back to my site, I am fine with this.

Q. Do you do essence consulations? I am having difficulty choosing what I really need.

A.I do essence consults via phone only for a fee of $20.00, penduling and working with the Grandfathers and Devas to determine which essence stock or blend to suggest based on the information the person shares with me as to their immediate needs or challenges. However, I do strongly encourage people to heed their own intuition and guidance first and foremost. You know yourself far better than I ever shall and while often what I feel would be a good choice does dovetail with what the person was getting more often than not, I prefer that regardless of what I think is helpful, that the person knows they are completely free to disagree based on their own inner knowing! I also have an article on alternative methods for selecting essences here:

Alternate Methods for Selecting Essences

Q. Is it okay to give essences to an adult without their knowledge or consent? My partner/friend/family member has some things that I think he/she needs to change.

A. My opinion is no. Think of it is this way, would you like someone to do this to you? Nothing can "force" another person to change if they don't want to. And while I know it is tempting and often the intent behind asking this sort of question is the desire to see the other person live a happier life, it really isn't good form and can result in negative karma for the person trying to slip essences to someone else on the sly. What someone can do is to use that essence for themselves. Why? Because there are reasons that you may have attracted this person to you and working with the essence appropriate for the situation/behaviour can help you understand what is really bothering you about it and what constructive steps you can take for youself to change your feelings in regards to it. What often happens, is the other person DOES start to shift as well. Or, it may be that a parting of the ways between the two of you will come. A third possibility is the situation/behaviour will no longer bother you and thus this too leaves the other person feeling less pressured at a subconcious level to change and because of that, might well decide to shift at that level. Think of it this way; when we feel that someone needs to change, it sets up resistance in the other person because they feel there is something "wrong" with them and no one likes feeling that way! By taking your focus off of them, and putting it on yourself where it really belongs, then you have the chance to make inner changes that will leave YOU feeling much happier and more peaceful! You have taken your own power back because you are no longer saying that in order for you to be happy, peaceful, prosperous or what ever, that the other person has to change first. Work on yourself and often the situation with someone else will start to clear up too. Another reason not to give essences to someone else without their consent is that the essence could bring up a healing crises for that person. Not knowing what is happening, the person will not know that there are steps he/she can take to work through it and you may end up making things worse for that person.

Q.I saw an article on your website that appears to no longer be available. Would it be possible for you to send me a copy?

A. I will be more than happy to as long as I still do have a copy on my hard drive or on disk! We have had two computer crashes in the past few years that did wipe out some of my files. While I normally do try and back everything up, sometimes things do get lost anyway. I strongly urge anyone who wants a copy of anything on the site for their own personal use, to go ahead and just download it to your own computer straightaway.

Q.I have a number of empty bottles, if I send them to you can you recycle them?

A. We cannot re-use empty bottles for other orders. However, what we can and are more than happy to do is recycle them for you if you have problems finding a bottle recycler close to you. You can ship them back to us third class mail which is relatively inexpensive and also do your bit for helping the environment!

Q.Can I re-use stock essence bottles after they are empty for making up dose bottles instead of having to buy new bottles each time?

A. In my own opinion and mind you, there are those folks who will disagree with me on this, it is okay to re-use bottles this way as long as they have been thoroughly washed and sterilised and are for your own use. Some folks suggest adding a pinch of sea salt to help further cleanse the bottles of any "left over" vibrations from the essence. Of course, if someone is an essence practitioner, they should be using new bottles for their clients each time.

Q.I really dislike packing peanuts, are there other packing materials that can be used to ship my orders?

A. Absolutely and we agree with you, we are not keen on those peanuts either though do be aware that there are those that are said to be eco-friendly. We do often use newspaper as packing material because it is easily recyclable. We do not purchase packing peanuts ourselves, the ones that we do use come from our bottle supplier. So we are basically recycling them as well. Of course, if you wish to ship packing peanuts back to us for re-use in your orders, we are more than happy to accept them.

Q.Can you please send me information in regards to wholesale ordering?

A. Absolutely, as long as you include the name of your business, Tax ID and if you have a storefront or website.

Q. Where is your prayer request page? Someone mentioned it me but I cannot find it.

A. Unfortunately, I had to discontinue that page though I still do receive a vast number of prayer requests. I do go through a large number of candles, incense and other supplies in doing the prayer rituals for people (not to mention the time it takes) and I had hoped that at least some people would send a donation to help cover those costs and I did include information on that page as to why I was willing to accept donations and how they could be sent. Not one single person ever donated anything and frankly it just became too expensive for me to continue. To date I have received well over 8,000 prayer requests just from that page alone and that is an awful lot of candles! This is why the whole concept of donations or Tithing is so important. It allows those who are willing to offer their time and energy to help others do what they came here to do without being a burden on the society they live in. For many healers, it has come down to being on the dole in order to continue their healing work or working at jobs that leaves them little time to do what they came here to do. As a single mum of two boys, there is only so much I can offer to do for others unless there is some sort of equal energy exhange involved and I had hoped that some people would be willing to send something, even just a dollar or two, to help cover my expenses not to mention the time I put it into it. I certainly was not trying to make loads of money off of that page! I am very grateful though for what I learned through this process and I wish I could have carried on with the prayer page, I was very sorry to have to remove it.

Q. And just so you know.....

We do not share or sell your email or personal information with anyone. I don't like spam any more than anyone else does and I too value my privacy highly. In fact, I am rather obsessed about keeping my personal life and information, well, personal. Any information shared with us in regards to the essences or anything else, is kept completely confidential unless we have permission to post feedback on the website or newsletters. If you wish to share feedback and have it included on site or in newsletters, we will not use your name or location unless you let us know we are free to do so. Otherwise it will appear as "Name and address supplied". We do not as you probably have already noticed, include any information at all on the FAQ pages as sometimes questions that we are answering can be highly personal. I do value your right to privacy as much as my own and do all that I can to insure that anything shared with me is kept confidential!

There is more to come so check back soon!

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