Mariposa Flower Essences

The following essences are all of the Calochortus genus. These are undoubtedly some of the most beautiful flowers in the world. These plants are most commonly known as Fairy Lanterns, Butterfly Lilies (Mariposa is the spanish word for Butterfly) Globe Tulips, Sego Lilies, Pussy Ears and Star Tulips.

Please Note that Flower Essences Are NOT Essential Oils.

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Beautiful Mariposa

Affirmation - I Recognise The Beautiful Being That I Truly Am

Seeing the beauty that is in all of life, deeply appreciating and respecting all that is good that is in your life and being more open to receiving greater and greater levels of your good. Loving and appreciating the beauty of yourself both inside and out, understanding the importance of caring for and loving your own physical body because it is a vehicle of Divine Love and Expression here on the earth plane. This essence is especially helpful for those who have difficulty taking good care of their physical bodies or feel that they are not attractive or worthy just as they are.

Blue Star Tulip

Affirmation - I Am In Alignment With Universal Consciousness & Wisdom

This is a wonderful essence for aligning with Universal wisdom and consciousness, opens both the third eye chakra and throat chakras and helps to relieve psychic congestion and stress. This essence has also been helpful for some people who are learning lucid dreaming and is also helpful in better understanding disturbing dreams and quieting them.

Catalina Mariposa Lily

Affirmation - Synchronicity Flows In Abundance & Its Guidance In My Life Grows Ever Stronger

For a stronger awareness of the flow of Synchronicity and how it may be used to live a more joyful and fulfilling life. Becoming more sensitive and aware to the flow of Higher Guidance and Information that is always available. Becoming better able to interpret signs and omens, including that of pet and totem behaviours.

Diogenes Lantern

Affirmation - The Light Of The Divine Eternally Lights My Way To Pure Joy & Happiness

Supports the search for a life and spiritual philosophy that is true to who you are as an Individual. Developing practical wisdom that helps you to live a better life. This essence strongly resonates with the energy of The Hermit of the Major Arcana. Developing a strong inner sense of being your own Guru/Spiritual Leader, bringing one's Divine abilities and strengths under greater control and focus.

Doubting Mariposa Lily Essence

Affirmation - I Am In Total Alignment With What Is True & Right For Me

Helps to release doubts in regards to your own ability to asses a given situation as well as doubting your own ability to make choices that are more in alignment with your own Soul Purpose. Also helps to clear regrets and guilt over choices and decisions you have made in the past that were harmful to yourself or others. Understanding that life is a process of growth and change, that we all do the best we know how in the moment.

Fairy Lantern

Affirmation - I Know The Purpose For My Life & I Embrace It Joyfully

This is a wonderful essence for Indigo Children as well as Indigos who are now moving through adulthood. It supports the process of helping Indigos understand why they chose to enter the current life (especially for those Indigos who are now adults and incarnated during a time when there was very little understanding or support of who they were) what their own unique life purpose is and how they might best express their own spiritual talents and abilities in ways that are truly of service to themselves, other people and the planet.

Goddess Mariposa

Affirmation - I Am Abundantly Creative & It Fills Me With Zest & Passion For Life

Opening up to your own Divine creative ability, allowing yourself to sing, dance, sculpt, paint, write, etc. with a greater sense of playfulness and joy. Creating for the simple sake of being creative, expressing your own Divine spark within and not being concerned how your creations will be received by others.

Green-banded Star Tulip

Affirmation - Money & Prosperity Flow To Me Freely As A Gift From Life Itself!

This is an excellent essence for prosperity and abundance, very helpful for those who fear receiving from others/ the Universe because of the possibility of "strings being attached" to the giving. This essence is also excellent for those who fear attracting abundance and prosperity because others might be jealous and want to take it from them or that it will in some other way cause them harm or pain. This essence supports the process of embracing that all prosperity energy flows directly from Spirit, it allows one to merge with the Divine Truth of abundance in any form that one wishes for it to manifest.

Long-bearded Sego Lily

Affirmation - I Am Now Free To Follow My Bliss & I Do!

Supports the prcess of dis-connecting from energies as well as their sources that are not life enhancing or supportive of your own life process. For putting space both on an energetic as well as physical level between you and other people or situations that have dragged you down and hindered you from making the sorts of choices in your life that you feel would be the most joyful and fufilling. Grasping the truth that you do have choice as to what you are willing to allow in your life and what is not for your own highest good and life expression. Being able to walk away without looking back or feeling guilty.

Lyall's Mariposa Lily

Affirmation - My Positive Thoughts Are Growing & Expanding With Ease & Joy. They Attract An Abundance Of All Good!

For becoming more aware of one's positive thoughts and beliefs so that they may be strengthened and utilised more fully within one's life. Negative thoughts and belief patterns then become "crowded out" when then mind is more focused on thoughts that are life enhancing, fun and joyful.

Oakland Star Tulip

Affirmation - I Am Totally Open To Transforming My Life For The Better

This essence is a catalyst for transformation and change, helping us to embrace needed changes and experiencing the Blessings of the Universe that can them come our way as we continue to open to positive changes in our lives. It soothes anxiety round allowing change to happen and also for some people it has stimulated dreams that showed the person why they were fearful of change at deeper levels as well as comforting dreams that have helped the person to know that the changes they were embracing were truly right for them.

Pink Star Tulip

Affirmation - Joy & Bliss Is Abundant In Every Area Of My Life

This essence helps to consciously activate the Soul Star, the chakra that functions as the alignment point above the crown chakra. It is through this chakra that all Higher Energies are relayed down through the remaining chakras, the subtle bodies and the body physical, mental and emotional. As an individual becomes more aware and attuned to this chakra, it attracts greater and more powerful spiritual energies and frequencies that support a greater unfoldment of more joy and bliss in every area of life, from the most mundane to the most spiritual. This is a wonderful essence to use first thing in the morning to help set the tone for the day as being abundantly joyful and fulfilling.

Plummer's Mariposa Lily

Affirmation - I Know What I Can Do Today To Improve My Life & I Do It

Staying focused in the present moment, not worrying about the future but instead looking at the choices one is making in the here and now that will directly affect what is manifested in the days to come.

Rose Fairy Lantern

Affirmation - I Am Surrounded By My True Soul Family Who Totally Loves & Supports Me

This is a very helpful and supportive essence for those who felt mis-understood or rejected by their family and peers during childhood. For those who were adopted as children and not allowed to ever foget that they were adopted and thus "owed" their adoptive family, it can help them to release the "ties that bind" and allow them to express who they truly are as individuals rather than feeling they must sacrifice their own lives due to the needs and expectations of their adopted parents/family. This is not just for children who were adopted but anyone who felt this way growing up and thus has brought this energy/expectations with them into their adult lives. This essence is also very helpful for those who felt they never had a childhood due to adult expectations that were placed upon them due to parental illness/issues.

Sagebrush Mariposa Lily

Affirmation - The More I Clear From My Life, The Clearer I Can See My Life

This essence is for people who need courage and strength to move from their present life expression to one that better reflects their growth and true potential. It is also for those who feel a strong urge within to move in new directions and yet are not quite sure where to begin, what to carry on with and what to release. When things have become stagnant and stale in your life this is an excellent essence to use to clear away the "undergrowth" so you can see more clearly what you have to work with.

San Luis Mariposa Lily

Affirmation - All The Changes In My Life Flow With Great Ease & Joy

This is an excellent essence for those who are becoming more attuned to their Soul Purpose in life and thus find that they are going through many rapid and dramatic changes. This essence helps to bring a greater sense of peace and calm as the individual moves through the life changes, knowing that what is being cleared and released was no longer of benefit to their lives and embracing the new levels of energy and higher flow that are taking the place of the old. There is a much greater sense of trust and faith in the process, a deep inner knowing that the Expanded or Higher Self is walking with one through the changes and that there is nothing to fear. If desired, this essence can also help accelerate these changes through a conscious request that the change and the new move into one's life more rapidly and freely.

Shasta River Mariposa Lily

Affirmation - I Am Now Living In My True Home & Feel Wonderfully Rooted & Supported By It!

For Light Workers who find that they are catalysts for great change and movement in other people's lives and yet find that they can never seem to find a place of "home" or "rootedness" because they are always being called upon to change jobs, homes, relationships in order to reach those new groups of souls who are calling them into their lives. This essence helps these individuals to feel more grounded and rooted in the greater reality of their being, to support their need for greater flexibility and movement in their lives and to assist them in helping others to understand that their Soul Purpose is to help others initiate changes and then they need to move on. It also helps the Light Worker to build a network of supportive friends and relationships that assist them in their life's work as well as re-defining what an appropriate "home base" is for them as individuals.

Sierra Mariposa Lily

Affirmation - The Door To My Past Is Now Firmly Closed & I Am Free!

For those seeking to liberate themselves from the chains of their past, making a fresh start in life that is authentic to who you are as an individual. For those who are seeking to release their old baggage and yet find that through guilt or spitefulness they can't seem to let it go, this essence can be especially helpful. This essence is also helpful for those who feel (whether correctly or not) that others seek to bind and chain them and instead of projecting this outwards, it encourages the person to examine their own inner being to find what aspects of themselves are truly responsible for the energies that are seeking to bind or constrain them.

Siskiyou Mariposa Lily

Affirmation - The Possibilities For My Life Are Endless!

Seeing greater possibilities for your own life, expanding your ideas about who you are as an individual and what you are capable of being and doing. Taking charge of your own life by imagining the most fun and exciting possibilities you can think of and then choosing to create a "game plan" that will help you achieve those goals through both the application of spiritual tools and resources and also through taking practical physical actions as your Higher Guidance encourages you to do.

Smokey Mariposa

Affirmation - I Now Lovingly & Gently Release All Connections That No Longer Serve Me & Others

This essence is for the gentle and loving release of bonds that are no longer appropriate to one's life. The bond can be between the self and another person, place or thing. If the bond is no longer at all appropriate for you as well as any others that may be involved, the release will be gentle and yet complete. All parties are now free to move on to create new bonds as they see fit to do so. If the bond can be recreated at a higher level which truly serves all those involved, this can be established with greater ease and joy.

Splendid Mariposa

Affirmation - I So Love & Enjoy All The Aspects Of My Life. My Life Truly Is Splendid!

This essence helps to increase one's overall enjoyment of life, appreciating and enjoying the simple treasures as well as relaxing to allow in greater and more abundant joys. Feeling that there is a purpose to life and that purpose involves joy and fun, playfulness and time to bask in the beauty and grace of the world. Understanding that a well lived life is filled with moments of love, appreciation and recognition of the simple things such as the song of a bird, the beauty of a sunset or the laughter shared with a friend. When one can truly love and appreciate the most simple of life's joys, then one is far better able to attract and manifest larger heart felt desires and wishes.

Tiburon Mariposa Lily

Affirmation - As I Embrace All That I Am & Have To Offer, So Too Does The World!

Enhances one's sense of individuality and awareness that one has many important contributions that one has come into this earthwalk to express. Supports the development of spiritual gifts and talents as well as mundane gifts and talents.

Tolmie's Mariposa Lily

Affirmation - The Only Energies Impacting My Life Are The Ones I Send Forth Today

This essence helps to clear past life beliefs, expectations and decisions that may be impacting and determining the course of the present life in ways that are not life enhancing. Helps one to extract the benefits and positive expressions of past lives while releasing any pain, suffering or trauma that has been carried forward into the present life.

Yellow Mariposa Lily

Affirmation - My Will To Achieve What I Desire Is Powerful & Strong. I Am A Success!

For those who are weak willed, unable to see projects and goals through to completion because they give up at the first indications of obstacles. This essence helps an individual to look at obstacles in a new light, seeing them as a temporary break in taking action so that one may fine tune one's vision and purpose for pursuing the project/goal. This essence is also very helpful for those who pursue a goal not because they truly desire it, but they feel compelled to do so because it will "make someone else happy" (A parent, spouse, friend, employer) or that they have a "duty" to set their own needs and desires aside and to live only to serve and support others leading them to " a life of quiet desperation". This essence allows these people to see that true service can only occur when one is being authentic to themselves.

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