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Affirmations For March 2017

Welome to the Affirmations of March page! There is an affirmation that you can work with for each day of the month or you can select one from the list below randomly to use for each day. These Affirmations are more of a general nature than on a specific theme so you can use them along with any other Affirmations you are currently working with.

However you choose to work with these, Affirmations work when we work them! So be sure When working with these or any other Affirmations to put as much Energy into them as you can muster! Really try to feel the Truth of them and allow them to become a part of your overall thinking from day to day. It is not just the thought that counts, but the Energy we put into what we are thinking about that makes the magic happen!

March 1st - I can feel that I am at the beginning of many positive changes in my life

March 2nd - My energy is flowing in the most positive of directions this day

March 3rd - Its okay for me to allow better and better things into my life

March 4th - I am enjoying the process of allowing positive changes into my life

March 5th - The energy in my life is accelerating and moving in many joyful ways

March 6th - I am attracting ever more that is for my highest and happiest good

March 7th - I have already started to see many amazing changes in my life

March 8th - I feel wonderful about all the fabulous changes that are occuring in my life

March 9th - I go with the flow of each new day, trusting that its always leading me to better and better things

March 10th - I take the positive actions I feel guided to take this day

March 11th - I am attracting more and more people who can benefit from what I have to offer and who also have gifts to share with me

March 12th - I Am a powerful force for positive changes in my life

March 13th - I am totally guided and protected today as I move towards the new

March 14th - I see the manifestation of that which I love and desire all around me this day and everyday

March 15th - I open my heart to allow even more good into my life

March 16th - Everywhere I look I see evidence of positive changes in my life

March 17th - I embrace those things that bring me joy and as I do, I see how quickly more good manifests for me

March 18th - I share my good with others, knowing that all energy returns to me multiplied

March 19th - I allow time and space for fun changes to occur rapidly in my life

March 20th - I allow myself to be open to receiving an abundance of blessings today

March 21st - When things seem to be moving too quickly, I challenge myself to open to receiving even more good

March 22nd - I openly embrace positive changes this day

March 23rd - Its okay for good things to manifest quickly for me.

March 24th - My vibration is speeding up and so is my spiritual evolution and joy

March 25th - I flow easily from one task in my life to the next. In each moment I am finding joy in all that I do

March 26th - The more positive changes I allow in my life, the more I can help others make positive changes in their lives too

March 27th - I love the acceleration of positive changes in my life

March 28th - I love this new day for I know many more wonderful things are on their way to me right now

March 29th - I am directing my life in new and ever more joyful ways

March 30th - I ride the tides of positive changes easily and joyfully

March 31st - There are no limits in how fast I can create positive change and good in my life

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