Lynx Medicine

Lynx medicine is strongly related to the planetary energies of Neptune, Uranus and Pluto and thus one must reach very deeply within to understand both the messages that this medicine brings and the people who carry Lynx medicine. The bottom line is that neither the Lynx person nor the messages will be easy to figure out especially as the energy itself is well known for being extraordinarily tight lipped!

Lynx medicine is that which empowers and gifts an individual to have amazing powers of intuition and clairvoyance. Just the same as there are great masters in music, literature, the arts and healing to name a few areas, so too are there great masters who can effortlessly pull from the ethers the intuitive and psychic messages that one needs at any given point in time. The Lynx person may not understand themselves why they have this ability for it simply pours through them. "Something turns on" within them and suddenly the person just knows what other people cannot or perhaps I should say are unwilling to see or hear.

Yet the Lynx person sees it all too clearly though they are normally less than willing to share all that they know! It is simply part of the Lynx person's nature to keep things under wraps for they have also learned the painful lessons early on of trying to share what they see only to be shunned or even abused for their powerful abilities. Many people simply don't want to hear the messages that the Universe is trying to send them until they get themselves in a right pickle and then wonder what happened! At times the Lynx person may be blamed for not "warning" the person ahead of time though along with the knowing of what lies ahead there is often too a sense that no matter how often the Lynx person tries to pass the messages along, some folks just won't get it until they walk right into a quagmire. Its not that the Lynx person wants other folks to get into trouble, it is simply that they understand better than most people that the ways and means of the Soul are vast and incomprehensible to the rational mind. It is not up to the Lynx person to "save" others from their own creations but to pass along the messages that they do feel inclined to share, again being guided by the same Universal force that has given them these abilities to begin with. The Lynx person can watch someone walk straight towards an open manhole and sensing that to try to warn the other person would be fruitless, they must sit back and allow the other to carry on as they will, even if that means the person ends up going straight into the hole!

Yet because of Lynx's watchfullness and higher awareness, they also have the solution to getting the person back out of the hole and on their way again IF the person is willing to hear and act upon the messages/solutions that are being given. The Lynx person knows that sometimes we all create bizarre or even painful situations in our lives to trick ourselves into getting our lives back on the right path for us as individuals. Sometimes it does seem awfully that humans have such a knack for learning things the hard way! Yet for those who are ready to move onto the path that is much more effortless and joyful, the Lynx person/totem shall be right at hand to help them make that shift and can be counted upon to bring a seemingly never ending bounty of messages that lead directly to the treasure one is seeking! Again, it is not that the Lynx person doesn't want to help it is simply that they know some people need to get into and out of their own problems in order to grow and develop.

Lynx medicine people can see that which is hidden and even though others may think that things are on the up and up, the Lynx person knows better or if they don't they shall soon find out! Nothing escapes Lynx's watchful gaze for long. A Lynx's eyesight is excellent and they are always watching people to see what they do rather than relying on what they are saying. The Lynx person knows that what people do is the real expression of where they are really coming from! If you ever wonder whether someone can be trusted ask a Lynx person. If they know you well enough they may give you an answer! Often though the Lynx person will look at you as though to say "If you have to ask me, well don't you think you ALREADY know the truth?!" It is the rare soul however that ever asks a Lynx person for their "seeing" as to what they may be hiding from themselves. This is the real purpose of Lynx medicine, to assist those who truly want to understand why they keep creating the same problems in their lives or why a situation happened to them when they believed they were working so hard inside only to have things blow up in their faces! It can even be highly frustrating to a Lynx person to see what is happening so clearly and yet they know to divulge what they see will lead to nothing good but may even make the other person more intent on their own self-destruction. At those moments, the Lynx person may find they simply need to move on in their own lives, allowing the other person to do as they see fit. It may also behoove the Lynx person to begin examining what they too might need to be looking at in their own lives as the contrary medicine of Lynx may be at play. Fortunately, many Lynx people are good at admitting to themselves where their issues and problems lie, even though they may not be prone to sharing these bits with others. Yet they will if they honestly feel it might help someone else take a closer look at their own circumstances and creations.

Lynx people can be very much like the Cheshire Cat. Frequently they disappear and then reappear when least expected which can be very confusing to those who are close to such people! Lynx's are solitary creatures though and so are the folks that carry their energy. They need to have much space and time to themselves so they are not flooded with other's energies and thoughts or beliefs. To step away from others from time to time helps the Lynx person to keep the waters of their knowing flowing clean and pure so that when they hear the call to step in and help another, the information that comes through them will be of true service and not clouded by the mass consciousness. In this way too the Lynx person carries the energy of Pluto which also requires much time alone to navigate the deeper labyrinths within. The Lynx person understands the need to step back and do their own deep inner work if they are truly to be of service and that does require a solitary approach to life for no one can do that for us.

This is not to say that Lynx people cannot form strong solid bonds with other folks for in fact many do! It is simply that it requires much time and patience for the most part, unless the Lynx person remembers the other person on a soul level. These folks know beyond a shadow of a doubt who belongs to their true soul family and who does not! It is very important that the Lynx person heeds this inner knowing for if they do not, they may find themselves being badly damaged by someone they have given their trust to only to have it abused which can leave the Lynx person feeling absolutely gutted for quite some time and unwilling to trust anyone new until they jump through many hoops to prove themselves! So much of this can be avoided though if the Lynx person can keep reminding themselves to step back and LISTEN to their own knowing!

At times Lynx people become confused as to why others do not seem to be able to see their own problems quite as clearly as the Lynx person does. Many Lynx medicine people don't realize that they were born wise beyond their years and what comes so naturally to them doesn't always to others. Often times Lynx children are shamed for saying what they know to be true thus enforcing their need through life to keep quiet about what they know. yet when the truth of a situation does come to light and the Lynx child or adult does speak up and say "see, I knew this all along!" others may become quite angry or defensive with the Lynx person and wonder why for heavens sake didn't the person speak up before! This is what confuses so many Lynx people, others say they want to know when they really don't and become angry when the Lynx person does speak up and yet they also become angry when the Lynx person stays mute until others finally "get it'! No wonder these folks are so secretive! They simply have had this need to be this way so heavily reinforced by those around them that it takes them much time and trust to be able to share what they see with others.

Lynx children especially need to feel that what they have to share is valuable and important, otherwise many become depressed and withdraw from peers or other family members. Many may become fearful as well if they are having psychic or clairvoyant experiences that family members discount or ignore thus leaving the Lynx child with no one they can share these things with. The Lynx child may then wonder if there is something "wrong" with them and as an adult may even fear they are going mad! These folks more than most truly do need others of like mind with whom they can share their experiences and knowing with! Yet because of past experiences of being shamed or ignored, it makes it that much more difficult for the person to truly open up.

Lynx people make fabulous confidantes and counselors as they are unlikely to "spill the beans" to others and because of their highly secretive nature, they often do attract many people who feel they can really trust the Lynx person and share their innermost thoughts and feelings with them. If there is a "sin" to a Lynx person, it is the sharing of secrets or other information that another has shared with them. Many Lynx people feel they will be "punished" somehow for sharing what they know and this can be a carryover from past lives where they were indeed punished or singled out because they tried to share information with those that were not ready or able to receive it. Yet this instinctive need for staying quiet can be such a gift for other people who desperately need a safe space to share their secrets and innermost feelings with! They know that because of the Lynx person's ability to interact with the Higher Planes and bring forth wise wisdom and guidance when the time is right, that the Lynx person is also less likely to be judgmental of others for they do glimpse the bigger picture.

Yet it is important that the Lynx person also find a safe space where they too can unload what has been shared with them though it is rare, if ever, that they will share it with another human being. This is why Guides and Totems are so important for Lynx people in general and why they must learn to work hand in hand with them for it is with their Guides and Totems that the Lynx person can release all that they know and all that has been shared with them. Lynx people in fact may have many Guides and many other totems aside from having the Lynx itself as a primary totem. These folks have come here to watch, to listen, to observe so that when the time is right, others can benefit from their knowing and not have to make the same mistakes as others have done in the past. So much is handed to Lynx people that they need the extra support that so many Guides and Totems can give them.

Lynx people can also make wonderful teachers for those who truly seek to be empowered through the teachings and are willing to try things out for themselves to see what truly works for them instead of just buying into what ever anyone else says is the right or correct way to do things. Lynx teachers never hand out all the answers on a silver platter but expect the student to figure it out for themselves. They can help to point the way and yet they will never try to force their own thoughts and beliefs on others. Because of their ability to work so closely with the higher planes, they understand that what is true for one person may not be for another, that there are many truths and many realities that exist side by side. They will do their best to help the student find the doorways to these different truths and realms yet they also know that if the student is not ready that handing them the map so to speak would only do them more harm than good. When one is truly ready to know more, the Universe wil find many ways of bringing the teachings and information to them!

Some people fear Lynx medicine people for they sense that this person is able to see straight through them into their heart and soul. This can also cause the Lynx person to feel rejected or unwanted as from their perspective, they so rarely judge others and cannot understand why others would want to reject them outright! It is then important for the Lynx person to remember that others may not understand that they don't feel the need to share all they see with anyone else.

Lynx medicine people tend to have large or wide feet just the same as the actual Lynx itself has feet built like snowshoes that they may traverse snowy ground and catch prey with greater ease. Because this ability to manuever is so important to the survival of the Lynx it is also important that those with this totem take good care of their own feet as well. Shoes that fit properly and are comfortable are a must and many Lynx people I have known prefer not to wear shoes at all (myself included) because they feel shoes interfere with their ability to stayed earthed and grounded. Because Lynx people are always some how involved with the receiving of information from the psychic realms (it is always "on" though the person can learn to shift the energy into neutral so they do not feel so bombarded with it) it is extremely important that they feel that sense of groundedness and support from the earth itself. Unlikely to become space cadets yet it can be easy for a Lynx person to feel drained or overwhelmed by all the information coming through and being in contact with the earth helps them to sort things out and also earths the incoming energy much the same as electrical energy need to be "earthed" in order to be used with safety.

These folks often have quick reflexes as well and often find in their own lives that they need to "change directions or gears" so to speak at a moments notice in order to manifest what they desire in their own lives. This too can be confusing to some folks who wonder why the Lynx person suddenly hares off in another direction and may think the Lynx person is not terribly stable when in fact the Lynx "sees" the "rabbit" (the Lynx's preferred food) they are chasing has in fact changed direction and if they are to catch it, they too must move in that new direction. Because of this it is so important that the Lnyx person trusts the information and guidance they are receiving for themselves and not be swayed by others who do not see things as clearly as the Lynx does. Some Lynx people do go through a process whereby they allow others to cause them to doubt their own knowing and then live to regret it deeply. Yet the Lynx person must also remember that this is part of their own learning process and to start again, this time making a commitment to only following what they know to be true for them!

Because of their ability to navigate on ice and snow, the Lynx person is also able to help others become more aware of where they are "frozen" especially on the emotional level. The Lynx person may be drawn to those who are emotionally frozen only to realize that they too may be freezing out many of their own emotions. The reason some of this occurs for the Lynx person is that they see and hear so much throughout their lives, starting at such a young age, that they feel the need to shut down or distance some of their own emotional energy lest they walk round as an open wound in response to others suffering. If this is the case, it would behoove the Lynx person to examine carefully the placement of Neptune by sign, house and aspect in their natal chart which can help them understand other ways of working with their own emotions so they do not deny them but give them a fuller range of expression that can be more beneficial.

For the most part, Lynx is a totem one is born with and I have yet to hear of anyone who gained Lynx as a totem later on in life though of course anything is possible! Yet a Lynx may come to work with someone for short periods of time if the person is truly open to hearing what this medicine has to communicate to them. Usually the Lynx will appear when people or things are not as they seem and it takes a great deal of discernment in order to get to the truth. Sometimes as the truth becomes known it can be very painful and yet the Lynx also knows that it is even worse to continue to be blinded by another person or situation that will only lead to one being pulled off their right path.

If Lynx has appeared for you as a temporary totem, it would be wise to pay extra attention to people and things that are around you at this time for it is likely that things are not what they seem! You may have to dig deeply and play "detective" to get to the truth and yet if you are truly wanting to know, Lynx will insure that you are able to see it.

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