Morningstar Lily Essences

Consider the lilies of the field, how they grow; they toil not, neither do they spin. And yet I say unto you, That even Solomon in all his glory was not arrayed like one of these. - The Gospel Of St. Matthew

While working with any of these essences, we do suggest that you meditate on the quote from the gospel of St. Matthew above. Species or wild Lilies begin to push through the ground in early spring, before the ground is fully warmed and friable. They are not only harbingers of the spring that is coming, but also bring us the message that we too can easily push through the "frozen ground" of our own lives by focusing on a positive future.

All Lilies represent the qualities of peace, purity, of being rather than doing, and allowing the Universe to provide us with all that is needed to live a joyful and abundant life. The ancient Greeks and Romans associated the Lily with Motherhood and the flower is sometimes said to be sacred to Juno or Hera, the Goddess of marriage and motherhood. So too can Lily essences help us to "marry" on many levels, be it with our own Higher Selves or an actual physical partner. Or, if we have people or projects that are in need of "mothering" including ourselves, these essences can be especially helpful.

Lilies are sometimes associated with the energy of prosperity as well and certainly many cultivars have become "goldmines" for the florist's trade. Again harkening back to the ancient Greeks and Romans, they often adorned brides with both Wheat and lilies, Wheat also being sacred to Juno. This represented abundance and fertility, as well as nourishment. For those who feel that money and prosperity is "wrong or evil", these essences (especially the Gold Band Lily) can help the person shift their viewpoint to one where they see money as a positive energy that nourishes good in the world and their own lives.

Flower Essences Are Not Essential Oils. New Customers Please Read Before Ordering. Thank You!

Alpine Lily

Affirmation - I Am At Peace & In Balance With All The Changes In My Life

This essence is very helpful for the Inner Feminine. It helps one to feel at home within a female body as well as helping to soften the energy of the male side in those who are overly aggressive/dominant. This is a wonderful essence for girls who are just beginning their blossoming into womanhood and can help them to feel more at ease with all the changes their bodies are undergoing. This essence is also very helpful for women on the other end of this spectrum, who are undergoing menopause and also want to feel more at ease with the major changes that are happening within their bodies and their lives.

Amazon Lily

Affirmation - I Live In A State Of Purity & Grace

This essence helps to purify both the conscious and subconscious minds of negative thinking and fears. It opens us up on the Spiritual and emotional levels so that we may live in a "State of Grace" through which we are elevated above past Karmic conditions. This essence also attracts Miracles and yet we also understand that Miracles are really the end result of opening to Living and Being in the Higher Flow of Life. For those seeking to be in the world yet not of it, this essence is invaluable.

Gold Band Lily

Affirmation - I Now Simply Allow All Of My Good, Including Prosperity, To Flow To Me Easily & Naturally & It Does!

The essence of allowing prosperity and abundance without feeling that you have to become "more worthy, deserving, work harder/longer" Accepting that the Universe desires to flow abundance and prosperity to you freely and without limit because that it its nature and the nature of life itself. Seeing money and abundance as energy that is exchanged as an act of love, both for the giver and the receiver.

Himalayan Lily

Affirmation - I See Clearly The Changes I Need To Make Within Me

This essence helps us to see where we need to grow so that we can move forward in our lives. It is so easy to see where other people may need to grow and change in order to manifest their desires or to be happier in their lives yet much more difficult for us to see what needs to change within ourselves. This essence helps to make one more aware of the areas that are calling our for growth and also helps us to be more willing to allow this growth to occur.

Lilium henryi

Affirmation - Divine Energy Can Only Change Form. It Lives On As Do I

This Lily is known for being "almost indestructable" and thus it too serves to remind us of the eternal validity of the Soul. This can be a very important essence for those making any sort of major transition, including the physical transition of releasing the body, with greater peace and support.

L. Wilsonii

Affirmation - No Matter What, I Am Still A Beloved Child Of The Universe & Thus Spirit only Wants Good For Me

For those who feel because of mistakes they have made they are afraid of asking the Universe to help them with a problem or challenge because they feel unworthy or undeserving of Universal support and assistance because they have "brought it on themselves" and thus must tackle resolving the situation on their own without outside help or assistance. This essence helps the individual to understand that the Universe does not judge what "mistakes" they may have made in the past or present, it only seeks to bring each person up to a higher level of joy and happiness. All are worthy of Universal love and support.

Martagon Lily

Affirmation - I Am Readily Able To Access What Ever Information I Need To Evolve & Thrive In This World

This essence is for uncovering information that we need that will truly help us to grow and evolve more freely and easily. It is wonderful for helping us to understand what may really be blocking success and a greater abundance of joy in our lives by leading us to an "aha!" experience where we can see clearly what the actual problem really is and what we need to do to heal and release it.

Morning Star Lily

Affirmation - Today The Universe Showers Me In Abundance With Love & All Good. Anything Is Possible!

This is a lovely essence that reminds us that the dawning of each new day is one of new opportunities, new potentials and that all possibilities are present. When you awake in the morning you can affirm that "today is a brand new day. I have never lived this day before and thus I am willing to allow it to unfold in ways that bring me the greatest joy and happiness. This day can be unlike any I have lived before and I am willing to allow this to be true for me".

Nodding Lily

Affirmation - I Have Turned The Corner & Life Is Getting So Much Better For Me Now!

For those who feel bent or broken by circumstances in their lives. Helps one to carry on with the expectation that life is taking a turn for the better and nothing can defeat them.

Panther Lily

Affirmation - I Easily Assimilate Higher Vibrational Energies & This Is Sheer Delight For Me!

This essence helps to create a powerful boundary of protection and safety within and around you. It helps to shield the Aura from negative influences and aligns it with Higher and Higher Universal energies. The steps upward in vibration are gradual yet this allows for greater ease of assimilation of the Higher energies so one is not thrown off balance.

Stardust Lily

Affirmation - I Am My Higher Self In Physical Form

For those who are seeking to live more from the space of their Higher or Expanded Selves, wanting to be more in resonance with the sense of complete bliss and knowing that all is perfection in the present moment. Understanding that the best way to serve others is to live the most joyful and happy life that one can for it is through this that others can learn how to live more joyfully as well. Also for being able to more easily turn problems and worries over to the Universe for resolution, trusting that the Universe has already created the perfect solution.

Tiger Lily

Affirmation - I Know I Have Nothing To Fear For My Life Is Centered In The Highest Of Universal Energies

For overcoming fears of a known or unknown origin. This essence can be especially helpful for those who are seeking to break free from family/ancestral conditioning that has been deeply ingrained and creates a sense of panic or fear. Helps the individual to feel more attuned to the Universal note of spiritual courage and strength.

Trumpet Lily (Moonlight)

Affirmation - It Is Okay For Me To Acknowledge & Express My Divinely Given Talents & Abilities

For those who intuitively feel they need to "blow their own horn" to move further ahead in life but are fearful of appearing conceited or vain. Acknowledging your talents and capabilities and allowing others to notice them allows you to be of greater service by making others more aware of all that you have to offer. This essence can also be very helpful for those who are seeking the right ways to promote or advertise their services/products.

Wood Lily

Affirmation - I Am Able To Keep My Passion & Focus Strong For As Long As I Need To Manifest My Creative Visions & Life Goals

This essence is for those who have wonderful visions and ideas that they become very excited and passionate about yet they tend to lose those feelings of excitement and enthusiasm very quickly and thus are unable to bring their visions into form. This essence helps these people to take as much enjoyment in the process of creating the foundations for their visions and dreams as well as to enjoy the day to day activitity of building upon them.

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