What Others Have To say About Morningstar Essences

We have received numerous comments and compliments for our essences and services we thought it would be nice to share them here. As you read through these, we would also suggest that you visualize yourself receiving the same acclaim and success for what ever project or dream you are building within your own life. Then extend that to everyone else across the world who is also seeking to have more abundance, success and love in their own lives. In this way we will through our focus, uplift all others!

Life altering- thatís the concise way to describe Morningstar essences. Iíve had such astounding experiences and such accelerated growth using these essences, I wouldíve previously found it unimaginable! A few highlights: Akumon Red Diamond is amazing for all of those barely conscious primordial fears that cause perpetual low-grade feelings of dis-ease, or for any doubt that lurks underneath the mental chatter and self-sabotage.

For Saturn transits and feelings of inertia and frustration, Akumon Amber is both uplifting, putís one in a positive mindset and does seem to shift life back into forward motion again. Green Gentian is excellent for discouragement feeling there is no possible solution, and I drop my negative attitudes within a day of taking the Chlorite essence. Chlorite is also excellent for purification of any other negative influence.

For external protection and chord cutting, Archangel Michael is without compare. I take this essence in a blend with Tibetan Double Terminated Black Quartz several times daily and I generally donít feel the fatigue, nausea, dizziness and depletion that I used to feel from picking up othersí negative feelings or thoughts.

To jump start or turnover any status-quo issues in my life, Grasshopper or Crow Labradorite surprise me with delightful happenings that I thought would be three, six, nine months in the future like a sudden trip, finding the perfect new car, or having that important conversation with my bosses I planned to put off.

For matters of the heart, one friend uses a blend I got him with Proustite, Rose Pink Tourmaline and Pink Optical Calcite. He exclaims that love energy is just flooding his life after a long drought. Iíve personally had great experiences with Black Crowned Night Heron, Akumon Ruby and Akumon Vortex of Soul-Mate Relationships for rekindling magic and romance and owning and dropping my baggage and projections.

Finally, Lynx is not only an incredible and compassionate person whose intuitive healing gift is palpable to anyone who has a reading with her, she is also the consummate professional. Iíve had many issues unfortunately with self-owned holistic businesses or even independent standard health practitioners who donít return emails promptly, make mistakes in orders (or prescriptions!) or take an extremely long time to ship etc. It is such a blessing that with Lynx I know I can rely on getting the order I placed in a short period of time, no issues. Thank you so much Lynx, I donít have words to express my gratitude!

K. - California

I was guided to Morningstar essences a few years after qualifying in Vibrational Medicine. As I added them to my attunement blends clients commented on the unusually powerful reactions they were having. This has enabled me to offer a new level of support with change and healing. Thank you so much for your love and dedication in making these essences available.

Nikki Wyatt - The Karma Coach.

Wish you could see some of the magic your essences work on my clients - just awesome!

N.W. - England

We're new to your site and my husband and I both tried the Essence Guidance page. First, I determined what I 'thought' my foremost issue was, but I couldn't seem to relax and let it happen. When I let go of that and asked my inner self to show me the issue I needed to work on, and then clicked on one of the links without over-thinking, I was stunned. It zeroed me in on a major issue that I've had for a long time but wasn't currently focusing on. My husband used the method next and was amazed at how accurate it was for him also. Thanks for creating this page. It really aids the intuitive process of choosing an essence. Not only that, it's fun! - M.T and B.W


I just wanted to let you know how well the Chlorite was working for me. I usually have a hard time keeping negative thoughts away, and getting up in the morning, that is when it is the worst!! I used to think there was something wrong with me or that I was depressed because the negative, heaviness I felt in the morning was abnormal.

Ever since I have been using the Chlorite, I tell you, those negative thoughts are just not there!!! I take it before I go to sleep and after I first get up in the morning and several times through out the day, always 8 drops. What a God-send!!!!!! Everything is really turning around for me, mentally and I KNOW, I just know it's because of the Chlorite!! Thank you!!

L.M. - USA

I LOVE your essences, your website, descriptions, everything and buy your essences the most. I've bought one or 2 of another brand but ALWAYS come back to yours because they are most powerful and effective, and your love is evident in them. AND you offer the choice of no alcohol which is good.

Thank you Lynx!!!! L. - USA

The work you are doing is absolutely brilliant! Your suggestion that I work with the Rose-Pink Tourmaline and Dolphin Prosperity was spot on. My life has changed dramatically and I thank you ever so much for your wonderful essences!

H.T. - UK

In regards to Allowing More Joy Myst - I must say I positively LOVE that spray, and want to beg you never to stop making it. I'm planning on gifting the mysts to friends for Yule, and if it were up to me, every person on the planet would have a bottle. And while I've got your ear captive, I just want to tell you again how grateful I am. the work you do is so magical, and I feel blessed beyond measure to benefit from it. thank you, thank you, thank you!

D.W. - USA

ďI just thought I'd take a moment to comment on the efficiency of a few Morningstar essences I've been taking lately.
First there's Eastern Pine Elfin Butterfly - which has helped a great deal over the past few weeks, there has been a lot of unsettling business of "breaking ties" or at least repairing the connections with certain people in my life. I'm not sure of exactly what I am doing on a psychic level, but it feels like I have been disconnecting my "cords" from EVERYONE, in order to re-evaluate who I should continue to relate to, and for what reasons/and if it's mutually beneficial. I'm no shaman yet, but I do get the impression that this de-cording is what I have been doing, deliberately - both consciously and subconsciously. This essence has been a great aid in the process. There is still loneliness, but there is less anxiety/more freedom - mentally as well as physically.
Another is Heavenly Vibrations. This one is great for plants too I discovered! If you put 3 drops to a pitcher and water the plants, it not only benefits them but permeates your space. My plants & HV have been happy and helping me through the "dark night of the soul".
Pan - this one's great :) I love Pan! This essence lately has really helped when there is that Neptunian fog going on - without any motivation or direction. It helps to combine it with other similar essences, for example I've been using it with Forest Fairies and Irish Fairy Tree, in my blend of 'Tree Fairy Trips', LOL There's a greater chance of noticing positive omens with this one too.Ē

- I.Y

By the way, Indigo Capped Hummingbird Myst have an instant effect! I made it using essence, and often spray around me. This essence has a lively time, especially at this season every year. I mean that this season is called "Bon(or Obon) in Japan. The Buddist All Soul's Day, on which rites are held to greet the souls of dead family members. Both the rituals and the dates of Bon vary according to region, but it is generally observed August 13-15. Bon is particularly important as a time for the family to reunite. My flatmate and I experience some rum go at this term. For example, we hear the sound of knock with peopleless, we smell the hint of someone in the air...etc. When I use Indigo Hummingbird Myst, all negative energy clear up! I love this essence, thank you for creating it!

S. Japan

The Wayshower essences are simply......... brilliant. There are a few of us on them right now. Sea of Bliss and Vibratory Elevation are being used alot. What movement!!!! We have as well been experiencing deep, deep, deep sleep. Awakening feeling heavy in physical form but light in spirit. Really interesting experience.

A. Canada

Now, the primary reason I emailed you this morning. I woke up feeling kinda confused, confuddled and not too thrilled with the world. I was thinking to myself that I didn't want to feel that way all day, I had too much to catch up on after being on vacation for a week. I heard to go and take some Sacred Well. I did. My attitude did a 360 and I am tackling some of my less than exciting projects (read procrastinate) and getting them out of the way. I have a smile on my face an enthusiasm to face the day as well as a warm feeling about the future. Thank you. Thank you for bringing this stuff into the world. I will continue to thank you til I can't thank you anymore....:) I have been promising you testimonials for awhile now and every time I sit down to write one, I can't put it together. I decided to put this particular experience down quickly before I lost the feeling of it. Please feel free to use it and I will send others as I put them together. I certainly have had a lot of breakthroughs since taking your essences and want to help you let others know that they can too.

L.T. - Detroit, Michigan

Oh my god Lynx, I just got the essences I ordered... I spent a little while holding each one, and I was totally blasted open! I have seriously never felt that before, to that extent. I became so aware of how much fear I am holding, and how when I let the fear go, I am able to become this strong 'vessel' through which energy can enter the world. And I had this vision of the whole world waking up one 'morning' and shaking their heads to dispel a bad dream, and looking around and seeing everything and the world family as they really are... I definately feel like these essences have initiated an important segment of my journey. Thank you *so* much for making them available :) I hope you are having a super weekend!

J.- Seattle, Washington

Raphael helps my father very fast! When he took the essence, he could sleep well after a long time. Thank you so much!

S.I - Japan

Well two good thinsg to report. First off I just received an order of Morningstar essences today (even though today is Sunday!). I took a few of them "neat" (straight out of the stock bottle) and got my first essence hit (yeah me! about bloody time!) LOL. One of them was Hare's Foot Fern and another was Heavenly Vibrations, which leads to the second story. I went over to my folks place this afternoon and when I was passing by there garage I noticed that their car had a major flat tire (pancake time!). Now it was 3pm on Sunday so what are the chances to get it fixed today (my dad needed his car first thing in the morning to pick some other people up)...well with Hare's foot fern I think the chances were great and we found a garage that fixed it within an hour. there was so much luck and timing involved in the whole thing and although it may not be a "Stop the presses" type story I was pretty happy and grateful. have a good Sunday night

R.O. - Canada

Well, as usual, when we have a big course coming up, friends ask me to make up a dosage bottle to help them in their process and in preparation for the forthcoming ceremonies. And that's when the magic red box comes out with your essences in it. The animal essences always want to be involved when there is big ceremony coming up! Also Archangel Gabriel is real comfort in a bottle, you feel the strength and support of Gabriel but you are also aware that Gabriel is helping you to remain open to receiving messages and not missing what message/s may be on the way.

E.K. - Wales

The blueberry seems particularly attractive to me to help me reprogram my whole "I can't afford it" syndrome. The apple, apricot, grapefruit and raspberry get hits too. I have been using some of the garnet essences with amazing results. I can't say enough about them.

L.T. - Detroit, Michigan

I have used the peyote essence for journeying. It has really helped me to get in contact with my spirit guides. :)

W. - California

Lynx, I thought I would share my interesting blend with you. I am currently taking Celestial Gateway, Pink Quill and Dolphin Protection. It is just delightful. I am thoroughly enjoying it's effect on me. It is really allowing me to take care of my needs first. :) I need that right now. Thanks as always for such great essences and just being you! (I thought you actually needed to hear it again)

W. - California

"I love your Essences, they have supported me through some very difficult times and I know without them I would not have worked through my issues so easily and joyfully. Thank you!"

K.W. - Seattle, Washington

"You and your essences are a marvel! Thank the Devas you work with for me also, you have all been such a bright light in my life".

G.N. - Los Angeles, California

"I loved your Otter Essence. It really has shown me what "I Otter be doing"! I am know moving along that path with more confidence and a deep feeling of grace and bliss!"

C.T. - Portland, Oregon

"Yours are the most powerful Essences I have ever used. I have noticed that I use yours more than any other, they shift things for me much more easily. Thank you!"

G.I. - Portland, Oregon

"My dogs love your Essences! They literally come running when they see me pull them out of my bag! I have never seen them react so strongly to any other Essence before. The Archangel Michael is one they seem to be especially fond of and so am I!"

M.J. - Elizabeth, New Jersey

"Thank you, Thank you, Thank you! Both you and your Essences have been such a blessing to me. Keep up the good work!"

T.S. - Los Angeles, California

"I love your White Winged Dove Essence! It soothes my heart and Soul, making me feel more peaceful and whole."

A.G. - Santa Monica, California

"I was in a serious car accident recently and although I was unhurt, was seriously shaken up. As soon as I reached home, I pulled your Wolf Essence and began taking it immediately. It was so helpful, I didn't need any other essence!"

J.T. -Surrey, England

"I love your Butterfly Essences! I have seen so many things shift for the better in my life because of them, Thank you so much for making these available!"

L.M. - Toronto, Canada

"Your Bear Essence has been so helpful for me, thank you for being you and producing all of those wonderful essences!"

K.M. - Miami, Florida

"Dear Lynx,
Thank you for the obvious love and care you put into your essences. I appreciate how well packaged they were, and made some dosage bottles to take with me. I should have ordered every one that resonated for me ( which was just about all of them), I'm sure next time I'll hit the wholesale mark. I'll be sharing your work with a metaphysical store I've been invited to teach and ( light) work, I'm sure they will want to feature your essences. I even made a dosage bottle for a friend I was meeting yesterday; I was going out the door and was guided to mix two essences for her. ( I don't question much anymore!) Thanks too for the great emails; your energy comes through them! Thank you again Lynx for bringing these in --and getting them to me so quickly! I know I will enjoy them. Much Love and Blessings of light.

J.S. - Minneapolis, MN

"You made a wonderful Apricot essence for me a couple of weeks ago. It is incredible! Thank you."

M.J. - Amboy, Washington

"Just got it. Applied to wrists. Like, wow! Even higher, finer and stronger than Wild Woman. I have a feeling it's going to help a great deal in the work I'm doing. Them Grandfathers, they're really something. Do you do distance readings?"

F.L. - Washington D.C.

"Dear Lynx,
What, pray tell, did you put in the Quantum Quatro Silica?! I put a three drops in a glass of spring water and got immediately - within seconds - hit with a feeling of centeredness, grounding, calm and what I can only describe as a feeling of heart centeredness. Everything is right with the world! Does that make any sense?! I'm still trying to come up with words here!! Obviously you have silica gem in it, but what else put its energy in there? Awesome!!"

J.L. - Northampton, Pensylvannia

"Wow, this will be very exciting! Thanks so much. If it is anywhere near as powerful as the Twinkle essence that you made me, this will be really something. I would think a remedy could be made from anything or anyone who emits energy, and one from someone who is filled with such positive vibrations, could only be great! Looking forward to it."

L.N. - Weirsdale, Florida

I had him hold the bottle of Bear and he said he saw a river in a forest, lots of trees, mountains in the background, then his body got all tingly and he felt like his eyes and face were scrunching up and that something entered him and was looking through his eyes.

M.S. - New Mexico

I can't say enough for the Lavender Phlox...you know I've been babbling about it! LOL!! It is truly an essence I can't imagine being without...it feels like my personal Rescue Remedy...but much better!! Thank you for the suggestion about adding the Archangel Michael, I do have some left!!

J.L. - Pensylvannia

Thank you so much for the Akumon Essences! These are such powerful essences, already I have seen significant changes in almost every area of my life.

K.L. - Washington

I have been taking the Akumon-The Sacred Well for two weeks or so now and I love it. My mind seems clearer and I noticed that people are so much nicer now. Almost everyone seems to get alone really well around me and when I go into stores the clerks are extra pleasant. For me, it has been like I stepped into a world where everyone seems to be happy and nice to everyone else. The grandchildren are all playing exceptionally well together and not fighting over the toys. Things are coming to me easier without any extra effort. This could be very addicting.I have other people using it now, and everyone I have had feed back from so far absolutely loves it. Lynx did a great job with this one.

C.S. - Co

I have only been spritzed with one of Lynx's essences and it was sure powerful. (The combo you sent to K, lynx) I am very much looking forward to trying her essences and you have just made me a bit impatient to try them now! It sounds wonderful.Keep us updated on your experience. What a great way to break into essences, with Lynx's power!

W.J. - CA

I find the Morning star essences to work quickly - I have often found one to two doses to really change how I feel and to have a lasting effect on me. Thank you Lynx for your wonderful essences.

C.V.D.M - Australia

I did want to say that I got my first order of Morningstar Essences from Healing Waters yesterday! Immediately, I am now a big fan of the Vanilla Rum preservative Lynx uses. It is so delicate and doesn't have that overpowering presence that brandy seems to take. I love love love the special blend of Follow Your Dreams, Follow Your Bliss with the Wild Scotch Violet! I felt the connection to it before I even opened the bottle. I'll give you a more complete review of everything I got once I've had a chance to work with them a bit. My thanks to Lynx for offering such a magical line of essences and to Mindy for the excellent service she gives at Healing Waters. Opening the box to have little petals of flowers drift out from among the packing material was simply beautiful!


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