Just Feeling Good!


There are two “updates” to this article, this being the second. It was written some time ago and I had intended to complete it and get it up on the website yet never did. Considering that Mercury is currently retrograde now seems like a good time to complete this. This is a long article and there may be a page 2 in its future. But for now it feels complete and I hope you find it helpful.

This series of articles actually started life as a book I had thought of writing but never got round to. Then early one morning as I was searching through my files to find another article I had written and needed to upload I came across this. Grateful I Am.

The book idea began originally as ponderings to help myself and a few friends find more joy, happiness and success in our lives. Then I felt that with all the information I normally had flowing through my mind and that I handed out through newsletters and emails to list groups and private emails, for some reason really needed and wanted to be typed out in a more cohesive form. I had been studying Lynn Grabhorn's book excuse Me, Your Life Is Waiting and knew that there was even more to be discovered. Then one morning as I was doing the breakfast dishes I started to just go with the flow and allow my mind to wander. What wandered through my mind was the following: "What do you think life would be like if each morning when you awoke you felt excitement and anticipation at a gift coming your way from the Universe? If you really knew and deeply felt that today something was going to drop right into your life that would bring you exquisite pleasure and joy, how would you feel? Run with that feeling!"

Well that felt good and of course I wanted more of that sort of feeling. Then I heard clear as a bell "Go type it up and do it now!" I did thinking okay maybe I should print this out and plaster it to my forehead, maybe then I could stick with the program. Yet that didn't feel right and so I saved it to my hard drive and went on about my day thinking that was all there was to that. Oh yes and that maybe I should pass it along to a few people that I knew would probably resonate with it. What I didn't expect and would have thrown up my hands in horror had I known, that "they", meaning my guides, your guides and your second cousin's guides and every guide in between would suddenly start giving me more and more bits of information and things to ponder, always with the instructions to "stop what you are doing and go type this up". It happened when I was in the bath, it happened when I was getting ready to race out the door, it happened when I was hoovering my home. Usually they managed to get through to me when I was doing the washing up, which I am sure gave them no end of amusement watching me run to the computer while drying my hands and usually carrying along for good measure what ever I had been in the process of washing. Yet when I sat down thinking okay, this time I am ready and waiting for them. Nothing happened. Nada. Zilch. The only thing I would get was a gentle reminder that there were several other things I wanted to be doing as well and to just get up and go do them.

So to make a long story much shorter, this series of articles was really written in bits and pieces. I wrote when I felt the urge and stopped when the energy started to feel flat. Sometimes I would write for hours and other days only for 10 minutes. Yet each day I seemed to be making far more progress than I have ever had before. It all just flowed easy as easy.

I am also a technique, hands-on kind of woman and I wanted simple, efficient, techniques that I could use and then teach to others that would help me get to where I wanted to go faster. They gave them to me, one after another, bless them! The best bit is that these techniques do work if one is committed to doing one's level best with them.

I have often had glimpses of a future for others and myself where we would simply think a thought and it would manifest with no muss and no fuss. Thought, boom! Instant manifestation! And why not? Spirit gave us every part of itself to create as we see fit, to live in joy not sorrow. If there are any lessons to be learned here at all I personally feel it is to finally, really, truly get that we are not here to suffer but to create effortlessly and joyfully! That we don't have to learn things the hard way unless of course that is what someone chooses to believe. Being a rebel at heart I have long fought against the mass belief that we came here to struggle and suffer and learn lessons based on struggle and effort. Somehow I have a hard time believing that any Higher Power that could create such a wondrous world and Universe would really want any part of creation to be in pain, to feel fear or to believe that one is not worthy of having the absolute best in life. Yet because we have the precious gift of free will, we can choose to believe in and thus manifest anything we feel to be true for us. If someone truly begins to believe that they can learn any "lesson" without having to directly experience it then that person can get the message and thus bypass having to live it out in ways that many people choose to experience.

Again - What do you think life would be like if each morning when you awoke you felt excitement and anticipation at a gift coming your way from the Universe? If you really knew and deeply felt that today something was going to drop right into your life that would bring you exquisite pleasure and joy, how would you feel? Run with that feeling!

There is a simple and effective way to do this. Opening your heart is the fastest and easiest way to attract more good into your life. Just sitting quietly and feeling your heart open to the Universe automatically raises your vibration and starts the flow of all good things to you. As you begin to sense the joy flowing through you, imagine it being amplified - 5, 10 even 20 times, allow it to increase at a pace that is right for you, don't try to force it! Just allow the feeling of joy to begin circulating and moving through your heart and body. Feel it reaching up into your mind and relax into all the positive images and thoughts that begin to flow through it. Now feel yourself reaching out with all this delightful, feel good energy into the Universe. Allow the feel good energy and joy to flow out and see it matching up with other notes of happiness and joy. See these begin to merge and clump together, forming stunning patterns that move and dance with the happiness and joy that you are infusing them with. Now see this energy returning to you, filling you up and then flowing back out into the Universe, attracting even more notes of joy, happiness and wonderful things. Notice your breath, as you breathe in feel all these wonderful merging energies come flowing back into your body and with each out breath, allow them to flow back out into the Universe. It's about flow, the in flow and the outflow, with each breath you are pulling in more of the sweetness and good of life and with the out breath you are blessing everything and everyone with your joy which attracts even more joy to you.

Sometimes the things that we know would make us truly happy we have a difficult time seeing as manifesting in our lives. We can't see how it could possibly come about or we don't feel we are talented, worthy or capable enough of having those things what ever they may be! There is a simple way of getting around this obstacle and that is to just focus on opening the heart chakra and feel the feelings of joy and sheer delight and love that come when we open up. Then we can send love to those things that we dearly wan and yet are afraid we can't have. Everything responds to love! When the love is pure and from the heart, the attraction/magnetism factor is increased many fold! By focusing on sending something love, of just loving it for the sheer pleasure it gives us to feel that love, then we are automatically attracting it into our own energy field. If someone continues to simply send love every time the wish or desire pops into their mind, it MUST manifest! The person has created a safe and sacred space for that energy; it has been welcomed and cherished. Think of how you feel when in the presence of someone that adores and loves you. You want to stay there, right? You want to be a part of that person's or energies life because it just feels so good! Well the same is true of all that you desire to manifest. Everything, and that includes our desires and wishes are an energy/entity form that has its own consciousness and vibration that is seeking to be loved. It is attracted to the love vibration like a bee to pollen so when you are sending forth that vibration, what you are really doing is sending the signal for the wish or desire to come find you and believe me it will!

Higher flow

Feel what it means to you to be in the "Higher Flow" - the Higher Flow is the joyful flow of the Universe that lifts you up and carries you easily and joyfully along to your next destination. Feeling of being in the Higher Flow means you don't have to struggle or try to figure out how you are going to manifest something, it means that you have asked for something to manifest and now you are going to simply allow the Universe to take you there effortlessly. This doesn't mean that you don't have to do anything at all to get there, your intuition for example will suggest that you do different things, but it does mean that you are not acting from a space of trying to force something into place or having to work hard to make it so. You just flow from one moment to the next, focusing on what your guidance says to focus on.

Feel yourself being lifted up into a space of which to you means the Higher Flow. You may feel excited, happy or blissy, you may feel a sense of freedom or deep peace. You may also feel that your energy is moving very quickly, as though the vibration around you is speeding up and indeed it is! However it feels to you, if it is a good feeling, then you know you are in that higher current.

Pay attention to the signs, omens and gifts the Universe sends you each day! When desiring to manifest anything it is important that you acknowledge any signs that what you desire IS in the process of manifesting. The more you acknowledge and thank the Universe for sending those signs your way, no matter how small or slight they may seem, the more the Universe can respond by sending you even bigger signs! Pretty soon you notice a snowball effect where it seems every where you look, there is another and even large indication that what you have asked for is indeed on it's way! I know that often when we ask for something we wonder why it seems to take so long for the Universe to start bringing us what we want: and yet it does begin with these small signs and signals, and this is so we have a chance to really think about what it is we desire so we can fine tune it. That way when it does manifest, it is much more in keeping with what we really want. We can bypass so many obstacles and potential problems by simply watching for the signs that the desire is being manifested and then expand upon what it would be like to have it, to really get into the dream of having everything being EXACTLY as we would like it to be.

We can play with the images and symbols in our minds, which in turn can alert us to other things we may need to be aware of. For example, let's say that part of your dream is to travel more and yet you also have children or pets that require your care. If you do not acknowledge that you have these other things to consider, a part of you may attempt to slow down the manifestation until you have factored in the right person or persons to care for your dependants while you are away. Or perhaps you have friends or family that you fear will object to what you are manifesting. By focusing on them being as happy for you with what you are creating as you are for yourself, you have paved the way for everything to fall into alignment with your higher hopes and wishes. You are also providing them with a vibrational expansion that will allow them to pursue more of their own heart felt hopes and dreams.

Often times doubts and fears arise during this process as a means to get you to look at some things you may have overlooked. So often however we take those feelings of fear or doubt and use them to convince ourselves we can't possibly do, have or be what we desire. By noting these things we can begin to move with the process of examining what other areas of our lives also need to be included in the manifesting process instead of viewing them as obstacles to our success.

Go with the flow of your intuition, even if it doesn't appear to make sense on the surface!

Your intuition is always trying to guide you straight into what you desire. That’s its job! Yet because your intuition sees the whole picture and not just pieces of the puzzle the way our rational minds do, it will make every effort to encourage you to do what it sees as integral parts of bringing your desires into form. For example, you may get the intuitive feeling that you need to re-arrange your furniture or to clean out closet that is piled high with old clothing you haven't worn in years or boxes of stuff that has long outlived it's usefulness. In order to have something new, at some point you have to release some of the old or there is simply no space for the new to come in. Those old clothes may have been a part of your journey during a time when you didn't feel good about yourself or were having many difficulties and sadness in your life. Holding onto those things means you are also, at some level, holding onto the old energy and vibration that attracted those things into your life in the first place. The fact that you have stuffed those clothes away can mean one of two things: You need to go back and release those old feelings consciously so you never need re-create them in your life again or it may mean that you have recognized that you are past that stage and giving those clothes to charity or tossing them into the bin says that you are now ready to step into a whole new way of living and being.

Once you follow through on what your intuition is saying to you, then it will give you the next step to complete and then following that the next. There then comes a feeling of simply tacking and flowing with the current of the Universe, much like boating where your sails catch the wind and off you go! The other wonderful feeling comes when you realize that the Universe, your Guides and your Expanded or Higher Self is at the helm while you chart the course through your heart felt hopes and desires. You allow the Higher to chart out the actual course itself while you simply flow with what you feel guided to do from moment to moment. Even and especially if it does seem to make sense! You will know it is right for you to do because it will FEEL good to do, you will feel a rush of energy, you will feel your heart opening and you will feel a sense of exhilaration that is so joyful and so blissful, you will feel to the depths of your Soul that you are on target! If you feel your energy starting to drop, stop what you are doing and move on to what you feel guided to do next. (More on Intuition Below)

Have you ever stopped to Thank YOURSELF for all the good that is in your life today?

While it is always right and appropriate to thank our Angels, Guides, Totems, Spirit and all others for all of their love and support we too often forget to Thank ourselves for all the good we have allowed into our lives! We are all part of everything that is, seen and unseen, manifest and etheric. When we Thank ourselves, we are also thanking all those who have also contributed to our joy and success in life! Thanking ourselves further boosts our energy and vibration because we recognize that we too have the power within us to make a difference.

Just allowing yourself to be.

By allowing yourself to take "mini-breaks" to simply sit with your energy and be, you will find that answers, ideas and new doors open for you in ways you may have never dreamed could occur. It is in the being not the doing that allows the Universe to light the way and even sort things out for you. When you take a moment to relax and re-focus, the Universe steps into the gap you have created between activities and shows you the next step to take. The Universe always sees the fastest and easiest way to get anywhere we want to go! You can test this for yourself by choosing a small goal that you would like to manifest in the next day or two. Make it one that is exciting enough so you can really put your heart and soul behind it yet not so big that the "inner critic" or "doubt maker" steps in to start saying "oh how do you think you could accomplish that in a short span of time!" Think of something that makes you feel good when you think of it, a happy sort of event that would help further validate for you that you have the power within to create good within your life. Now, after you have this goal in mind, for the rest of the next two days or until your goal manifests, which ever comes first, take a short pause between everything you do and ask "what do I need to focus on or do next to make my wish a reality"? When the answer flows in and it will if you expect it to, that’s the next action or step for you to take, again even if it does not make any sense to your rational mind! You do what ever the Universe has guided you to do. Then you pause once more, ask to be shown the next feel good thing to do and so on until what you have wanted to manifest is right there in front of you.

Each time you use this technique ask for something a little bigger, a little more exciting and joyful. Note in your journal what you have manifested what steps you were guided to take and how long it took you to the reach your goals. Then when the Inner Critic or Doubt Maker begins to try and butt in as you reach for a large goal, you have this journal to go over and fall back on. This is usually enough to quiet that part of you down but if it persists, listen! Perhaps the timing is not quite right yet for what you are wanting or there is a step you have missed somewhere. Go back and re-focus, asking if this new goal is really something you want or if there is something even better that you need to ask for instead.

Use the things that bother you the most to make yourself feel better!

This occurred to me while doing the washing up and listening to a neighbors car alarm go off for the umpteenth time that just maybe there was a message for me that I needed to pay attention to. First off, I reminded myself that my intent for the day was to feel good and to find the good in everything. As the car alarm went off again it hit me: I could use such "irritations" to stop myself and ask what I had been thinking about or focusing on that was bothering me so I could turn it around instead of attracting more stuff that didn't fit with my intent to feel good and at peace. As soon as I got the message the alarm which normally goes on for several minutes stopped!

If you want to have something new in your life, do something new!

So often we all say we would like to have this or that change in our lives and yet we continue to do the same old same old day and in day out. Rarely do we vary our routine, finding great comfort and what we believe is safety and security in doing things the way we always have. Yet stop and think about the vibration this is sending forth: While a part of ourselves may be crying out for some much needed change, the majority of our time and energy has been handed over to doing things in the same way. We are in affect, telling the Universe "no, I don't think I really want any changes, thanks all the same!" and then we wonder why our lives seem at best drab or boring or at worst, full of the wrong sort of drama and excitement. Change is not comfortable for most humans. Even when the changes could be of a highly positive nature, it is easier for most of us to want to stay with what we already know hence the phrase "better the devil you know than the one you don't". Yet in order to have a better relationship, find a new, more exciting career or simply to feel more joy and happiness in life, we need to allow some change to occur and preferably before the wiser, higher part of ourselves decides to whack us with the proverbial 2x4! Keeping in mind that nothing comes into our lives unless we have invited it at some level to be there, is the first step in understanding that we do indeed have the power to make any change we desire. We can start small by saying "today I am going to eat at that Café on the corner I have been wanting to go to but haven't because _________ (fill in the blank). Who knows, you might have been asking to meet the love of your life, walk into that café and there that person is! Or maybe you meet an interesting stranger who says something that provides you with an answer to a pressing problem or inspires you in some way. Or perhaps like me, you decide to change your daily routine a bit, going somewhere earlier than normal and meet an honest to goodness Angel in human disguise.

Another change could be wearing clothing or colours that you normally wouldn't wear. Obviously these things should be colours or styles you like but for what ever reason (you felt it wouldn't look good on you, someone would think you too old/young to wear that colour or style, it's too expensive for you to dress like that all the time, etc) you just didn't take the risk and go for it. Why not take the plunge now? It might open some doors for you in other ways that you had hoped/wished would open but you just couldn't see how it could come about. Can such small changes make such a big difference? Absolutely! The Chinese have a wonderful saying "If you want your life to change, move 27 things in your home". It works like a charm, especially if you set the intent beforehand of what change you would like to see occur. But don't just take my word for it, test it out for yourself! And by the way, if you find when moving some of these 27 things you are coming across things you don't really like or leave you with bad memories or feelings, get rid of them. NOW! Give them to charity, give them to your neighbor down the hall, toss them in the bin. It's best to recycle as much as you can (and you will get a nice "Thank you" in some way from the world) but the point is to let them go. All those things are doing is holding energy in place that is not good for you. I don't care who gave them to you or how much they may have cost. They are costing you far more than you realize to keep them in your energy space.

Let them go to someone who will love and appreciate them. This clears the way for something new to come to you that you can really love and appreciate as well. You can take this a step further if you feel guided to do so and do 27 new things over a set time span, say one week to one month or longer if you need to. Don't start looking for big results right away, do however keep a journal of how it felt to you to do those new things and what, if anything, you noticed in terms of what happened in your life the rest of that day or week. Sometimes the indications that we are on the right track are subtle at first and keeping a journal helps us to note things we might otherwise have missed.

The important thing to keep in mind is that by allowing yourself to do something new each day or even on a weekly basis, you give space and energy to allowing other new and positive things to enter your life easily and joyfully. A side benefit to all of this is as your energy begins to expand with feelings of fun, joy and pleasure, it automatically attracts even more good to you for you are vibrating at a higher level with no strain or struggle. Life then begins more of an exciting, fun filled adventure that makes you greet each new day with enthusiasm and pleasure.

Your task then is to find something new that you can do as soon as possible. This may mean taking an alternate route to work, stopping to explore the new shop that just opened down the lane or taking up a new hobby that you have longed to explore. Learn to belly dance, take a class on Yoga, buy and use an ethnic cookbook, drink your juice or water out of a posh wine glass. Read Dickens or Voltaire. Try eating your lunch or dinner at a different time than you normally do. Do what ever new things you can think of that makes you feel good inside, even if they seem a little scary at first, that’s okay, and the Universe will always respond with sending you even more good to feel happy about. Soon you will find yourself inviting and welcoming change into your life and the changes that occur will fit with the person you have always dreamed of being because they are being orchestrated by you, the only real conductor in your life!

When you find ways of honouring the information and Guidance you have already been given, more will appear.

So often when I have worked with clients and students I hear the same words repeatedly: "I just can't seem to get any guidance on this issue" or "what I am getting I don't know how to apply!" One of two things is usually happening when I sit down with them and ask them to think back over the prior two weeks. They have been getting guidance but not recognizing it as such because it didn't feel like an epiphany or because the guidance seems so subtle and unimportant, they chose not to act on it.

Inner Guidance does not always come in with bells and whistles! Sometimes when it appears it feels more like a gentle nudge, go there or do that, ring this person up, go buy that book or magazine that you have been wanting, it is important. I had this happen recently when I was in a bookshop. I saw a book that I thought looked interesting, flipped through I a bit and placed it back on the shelf thinking "well, it's something on a topic I already have so many books on, it's hardback and therefore more expensive, I will get it home and then be disappointed so no, I won't purchase it." Now, earlier in the day my intuition sent me the message "let's go to the bookshop today" and I had such a feel good feeling from the message that I put down to my love of shopping for books. Trying to rationalize what I was hearing, I thought oh the Universe is just honouring my request to feel really up and happy today, nothing mind blowing in store, just feeling good as I had asked for. Yet every time I tried to move on to other books, it seemed that someone had placed yet another copy of the first book in different areas of the row. I found 10 copies of the same book, most of which were not were they were "supposed" to be! I continued to ignore the message and left the shop without the book.

Fast forward, it's a week later and I am headed back to the bookshop because I could not get that book out of my head! The whole time I was thinking oh it's just a waste of money, it won't tell me anything I don't already know, just a rehash of an earlier book this author had written I am sure. I was so very wrong and I am so glad that my intuition kept at me until I went back to purchase that book! It sparked a round of new ideas and ways of thinking that showed me yet another piece of my own life's puzzle. Yet it started off gently, just a nudge to do something I find especially joyful and fun and that led me smack into exactly the information I needed to find. I also needed to honour the intuition and guidance I had received by going back to purchase that book. The money returned soon after, in fact it came back multiplied as I had used some of the techniques suggested in the book. It also revved my energy up higher than it had been before and has continued to serve as a source of inspiration for me. Not bad for a $20.00 investment!

Since I purchased the book I noticed a new flood of other ideas and guidance flowing in. When we act upon the Guidance we have already received, it sends the message back out into the Universe that we are now ready for more. When we ignore our guidance, or try to rationalize it away, what we are really doing is saying we don't trust in the Universe, we don't trust in our own Spirit given ability to find the answers easily and efficiently, we are not willing to allow change in our lives. It brings the entire process to a screaming halt so if you feel stuck and don't think you are getting any guidance, think back to at least the past two weeks. Chances are very good you got the "hit" to do something and ignored it! Follow through and see what happens, give it a go and you are likely to find that a flood of guidance and synchronicity finds its way to you.

We also need to learn how to be more creative when it comes to honouring our inner guidance and the messages we receive. I often counsel folks to find some way of honouring a night dream they had that felt especially important to them. Painting, sculpture, writing a poem, introducing colours that appeared in the dream into one's wardrobe or home décor, acting out different parts of the dream alone or with others, doing a tarot reading on the dream, these are just a very few of the possible ways to honour a dream! Many people have told me that when they have done something, anything to honour a dream, not only do they gain tremendous insight and answers in their lives, they also find future dreams to be more helpful and supportive. So too is this true of intuition and guidance.

While going through a rather chaotic and unsettling period career wise when I knew I had to make some major adjustments in my work, a very dear friend got the message to pull a Osho Zen Tarot card for me. The card was Travelling and it so fit with what I had been healing and feeling in my life at that time. To honour both the message and the friend who had so graciously taken the time to do this for me, I started asking "how can I honour this message right now". What popped into my mind was to purchase some Triloka Feng Shui Incense for the career gua. The name of the Incense turned out to be Journey. Something so simple and basic yet here again it felt so right! Now every time I look at that tube of incense, not only does it serve to remind me that we are all on a fabulous journey of discovery and wonder, it also reminds me of the love and support of those whom I also cherish and of The Universe. Is it any wonder then that not only does my energy soar to new heights every time I think of it or see that tube of incense but also that synchronicity and guidance also abounds!

At the time this section of the book was being written, I was suffering from severe pain in my right wrist that made typing for any length of time almost impossible. I was concerned that it was far more serious than I had initially realized and was contemplating giving in and seeking medical care as it was not healing though I was making every effort to cut back on typing emails which seemed to be making it worse. I knew I needed to let go of trying to help everyone who came to me via email and yet was finding it difficult to let go. Knowing this was forcing me to do just that, I did, finally, draw a line in the sand and said enough! I thought that should do the trick, now that I have that out of the way, my wrist should start to heal. It didn't and I was starting to panic more than just a bit as so much of my work does depend on my being able to type. Another dear friend who knew of my situation sent me an email saying "I got the feeling that there might be something happening in the gua that relates to the hand, have you looked into that"? BINGO! Yes indeed, I had some boxes stored there waiting to be taken to a local charity and as they sat and waited, more was being added to the pile.

What started off as one box, turned into three within the space of about a month, about the same time I started having trouble with my wrist. Now all along I had been hearing "you need to get those boxes over to the charity, do it today" but I ignored it. My intuition was trying to say to me that keeping those boxes on hand was literally keeping the problem with my wrist (and problems in my career as that gua overlapped with the career gua as well) stuck well in place. The following day those boxes were delivered to the charity and the day after that I noticed a tremendous change in both the pain I had been experiencing as well as the flexibility in my wrist. What a relief as well as an important reminder that intuition and guidance are always "on" even if we don't always heed the message.

There are many ways of honouring intuition. The best way I have found is usually to do something fun, something you normally enjoy doing or have wanted to do and experience. Perhaps you have been having a sort of running dialogue with yourself about something: You may want to start your own business for example. You think originally you would like to do this sort of work or that, and then your intuition kicks in and you get the feeling to surf the web. Not really sure what you are looking for (what I do when I get this feeling is to run a search for the first word that pops into my mind, it works amazingly well) but feeling that something is giving you the nudge to relax and have some fun, you find yourself stumbling across a site that has exactly the information you are looking for. You find yourself getting excited about some new product or maybe it's a concept on healing or helping other people achieve greater wealth and prosperity. Then you suddenly know that your intuition was leading you to precisely the sort of business you really need to start. It took you out of what you thought you were "supposed" to do, and lead you right into what you would love to do!

The next thing to honour what you are receiving is not to focus on how it can come about, The Universe will handle the details if you allow it to, and instead focus on gathering as much information as you feel guided to on how you can start this business for yourself! Have fun with it, play with it, this is not serious lets put our noses to the grindstone sort of business, this is lets play with the feelings we are getting, lets enjoy this journey we are on right now! Let’s get excited and enthused and willing to act on the hunches, gut feelings, inner voice. This is what really kicks the door to intuition wide open and helps you to dis-cover your own unique way of honouring the information you are receiving! This is what shall lead you directly to the people, things and resources you need to make your goal a reality. Not worry, not stress, not fear, not how shall I ever pull this off. It is a simple flowing from moment to moment, stopping and asking what do I need to do next, what feels good when I think about it, what makes me feel passionate and aroused and excited.

Several years ago I remember reading about a lotto winner who insists he purchased the winning ticket because he had a "hunch" that would not go away that he needed to get into his car during a terrible rain storm and drive to the nearest ticket outlet and purchase a ticket. He did well to heed his intuition and honoured it by purchasing the ticket even though his rational mind was saying it was madness! The important thing is not what you do to honour your inner guidance but that you do SOMETHING to acknowledge it and thus you make it relevant to your life in some way. The key is to remember that if it feels good when you think of following through, then you know that you have found the proper way for you to honour it. Then you will find that the information and guidance just keeps flowing and will continue to flow as long as you honour what you are getting.

Intuition so often is subtle. You may get the feeling that you need to adjust the position of a plant for example and then things start moving in some area of your life that previously felt mired in cement. You may not have associated the movement of the plant with the change at the time and yet later on someone introduces you to Feng Shui and a light bulb goes off in your head! Or you get the urge to take a different route to work and then later hear that there was a serious accident that you might have been involved in had you taken your normal route. You may get the feeling to ring a friend and that person has some important news or information for you. One wonderful story I heard years ago was of a woman who had the feeling to take a "mental health day" from work. Even though previously she had always been a reliable employee and excellent at what she did, she had been feeling out of sorts in relation to her work and was seeking new challenges that she felt would be more fulfilling. As she was lounging around her home, a friend phoned to tell her about a great new position that had just opened up where the friend was employed. Applicants were already lining up for the job within the company and yet her friend just "knew" that this woman was the perfect person for the job. A few hours later, this woman was indeed hired for it and found it was just what she had been looking for! Because both women honoured the guidance they were receiving, one was able to walk with little effort into the perfect job for her.

This is how intuition and guidance works, even when the results are not quite as mind blowing as the above examples, it always leads us to that place where the cumulative results are pretty mind blowing! We find that when we took this step based on guidance it led to this, which led to that which led us right into where we wanted to be. And it was easy, effortless and joyful to boot!

One last thing that I always do after acting upon and honouring my intuition: I affirm that as I have completed this step, that more guidance is on the way and sure enough, there it is. Amazing!

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