Jupiter Transits

No doubt about it, transits of Jupiter through the houses and to natal planets can be some of the best times of our lives. Jupiter is the planet of expansion, success, and growth. He encourages us to go beyond our normal framework so we may become more of who we truly are as well as bringing us some goodies along the way! No wonder Ancient astrologers referred to him as "the Greater Benefic". Which house Jupiter is transiting right now in your chart is where you can expect expansion, good fortune and feelings of optimism. However, it is easy to also feel lazy under Jupiter transits, to not take advantage of the opportunities he's bringing you right now thinking that there will always be more. And there will be for about a year, as Jupiter takes approximately one year to transit a sign. But he will move on and so will the opportunities so take advantage of them as they arise. Besides the more you accept, the more the universe and Jupiter will be inclined to bring you. Jupiter can also make you feel so optimistic that you may tend to overdo what ever area he is currently influencing. So make sure before you put your checkbook, heart or health on the line that the opportunities are the right one's for you then go for it! So grab a copy of your natal chart and an ephemeris, ( as I write this Jupiter is currently in Taurus ) and look to see where Jupiter is in your chart right now to start taking advantage of all the good stuff the Universe just can't wait to send your way!

Jupiter Through The First House:
When Jupiter crosses the ascendant, it's a time when dreams can come true, our popularity soars and people in general just seem to smile upon us! This is considered to be one of the luckier transits of Jupiter and I have seen this same luck occur when Jupiter aspects the ascendant from another part of the chart. Now is the time to be open to meeting new people who can help us reach our goals in some way, as well as receiving more support from those we have known for years. If you want to make changes in your appearance , a new hairstyle, diet, exercise program, now is a great time to do it! Others are also likely to support and encourage us in these areas, and may offer the extra funds to help make it happen! Of course you have to be willing to get out there and accept the help, and allow the changes to occur, but as you do, you will find that at least in this area of your life, things just seem to get better and better. Be open to having your horizons broadened and let the adventure begin!

Jupiter Through The Second House:
Hang onto your wallets folks, Jupiter here can bring you lots of cash or an overextended checking account depending on how you play your cards. Just because you are feeling so good about money right now does not mean you need to apply for 26 credit cards and max them all out. Yes I know, I have my Moon in Sagittarius here ( Sag is Jupiter's home sign!) and it's soooo easy to feel optimistic about the cash flow. And with Jupiter transiting here it's very likely more is going to come your way. BUT do yourself a favor and make sure you have the cash in your hot little hands before you blow it all on a day at the races or the mall. Better yet, make your Saturn happy and invest that extra cash in worthwhile ways and watch Jupiter expand it! Pick up some stock in a company that puts the environment and People ahead of the bottom line. Heck, stick it in a savings account, pay a little more on your mortgage each month or pay off those old credit cards. This will certainly save you a few dollars long after this transit has passed. Pay attention to opportunities that can expand your checking or savings account, maybe a better job or even winning the lottery are all possibilities ( especially if Mr.Bountiful is also aspecting natal Uranus ) but use common sense! Use your extra cash flow wisely and think ahead. If you are feeling really generous, throw a little in the path of your favorite people or causes. Bread cast upon the waters with Jupiter here is more than likely to return 20 fold!

Jupiter Through The Third House:
Luck here will tend to come from neighbors, siblings, ( also those close to you that are like brothers and sisters ) and paying attention to what's going on around home base. Take a class at the local college, you will probably meet some neat people who would just love to help you reach your goals. Hang out at the local bookstore or library, you might learn something that can take you further faster than you ever thought possible. Jupiter here wants you to expand your thinking and examine your belief systems. Any negative thoughts or beliefs you are carrying around may also get blown out of proportion, so now is a great time to get those in check through positive affirmations, reading spiritual or inspirational literature or working with creative visualization. Short trips around town, lots of them, are likely so make sure your wheels are in good working order. Better yet, take up cycling or walking, not only are you likely to meet some new and fascinating people and help the environment to boot, but you will also help to expand your mind instead of your waistline!

Jupiter Through The Fourth House:
Home sweet home, that's the feeling you'll be seeking with Jupiter here, so if home is not all you want it to be, now is the time you are likely to start looking for new digs that are more in line with who you really are deep down inside. This is a good thing as the more you express who you truly are, what you desire in support of that will also begin to blossom and grow. But whether you move on to a new place ( even the possibility of moving to a new country with this transit) or love your home now, in some way it will grow and good luck will grow right along with it. So take a look around and ask yourself what would make your home a happier and more satisfying place to be for all concerned and get to it! What we surround ourselves with is what we tend to receive more of into our lives so anything we do to positively change our surroundings right now can pay off in big ways through good luck in other areas of our lives.

Jupiter Through The Fifth House:
The urge to gamble be it with the checkbook or the heart can take center stage here. Tis true that when He Who Loves To Shower Us With Good Stuff arrives in this house, these areas are likely to take on a special shimmer and glow. Just don't get too excited at all the possibilities but check in with your inner guidance to make sure it's real luck and not wishful thinking that is leading you down the garden path. The good news is, you are likely to end up with not one but several new heart throbs, ( I know, decisions, decisions, but isn't it grand?) and maybe even a pregnancy ( twins perhaps?) that has been long awaited. Just make sure that if you aren't in the game to have a child yet, that you take adequate precautions. Seriously. This is a wonderful time to have a second child hood, to reopen yourself to the innocence and bounty of the Universe. Learn some new games that are fun to play, audition at the playhouse for that role you know was just written for you. Be playful and creative, you just might uncover a talent or gift you didn't know you had that could be turned into a great career later down the road!

Jupiter Through The Sixth House:
Our health and daily details via our work is covered by this house. So when the Big Guy transits here, it's a great time to look after our physical health as well as the way we relate to co-workers and handle the day to day aspects of our lives. Those around us here are likely to be more helpful, friendly and responsive to our needs and us to them. We get as we give so go out of your way and do something nice for someone today as tommorow it's likely we will get it back multiplied! Daily schedules are likely to be verry busy, so plan your time carefully and do be sure to take a break now and again to enjoy the view. Spruce up your work area with plants or pictures of those you love, affirmations that have meaning for you ( especially those that relate to being noticed for the excellent job you do by higher ups and being rewarded for it!). Now is also a great time for checking out those want ads if your job really isn't what you want to be doing day in and day out. Make a list of all the things you would love to do with your days if you were: A: Independently wealthy B: About to receive a Large inheritance or marry a wealthy spouse C: Suddenly had the heavens open up and be showered with gold coins D. Could do any blessed thing you wanted to do if you just had the chance Now after you have it all listed, give it up to the Universe asking that it be made manifest and be OPEN TO RECEIVING IT!!!! You can't have it if you won't receive it when it's offered. Jupiter will open the door, but you are the one who has to walk through it! I can't remember who said it, but the quote goes something like " Opportunity knocks, it does not open the door , pick you up out of your chair and carry you off to the land of milk and honey ". Also be aware that anything you do in this house is going to be noticed by others big time, so do mind your manners and put out what you would like to get back in return!

Jupiter Through The Seventh House:
Great news guys, you are about to have many special moments with your special other. Of course if your special other at the moment happens to be a large stuffed version of Tigger from Winnie the Pooh, ( like me ) this may not be such great news! But with Jupiter barging through this house, hope springs eternal! Actually, it is very likely you will end up having to choose between several potential partners as Jupiter never does anything in small bits. No, he likes to go for the whole enchilada with a couple of tacos ( okay, make that a dozen!) and a gallon of guacamole on the side please! This can extend to other committed partnerships as well, including a business partner or two, maybe even one with more than a few bucks to spare to really get that small business off the ground. Jupiter rules foreign countries too, ( this does include New York City by the way!) so you may find yourself hooking up business or personally with someone from another country. Don't hide your light under a barrel, but shine for all to see and see what goodies Jupiter brings your way. If you don't get out there and let people know you are available, you may be spending more than a few evenings with Tigger in front of the Telly. ( For the record, I happen to LOVE NYC. I still say Port Authority should be billed as a major tourist attraction. Of course, when visiting foreign countries, South Carolina springs to mind, be sure to load up on provisions to take with. Really. You know what they say about SC - "Too small to be its own country and too large to be an insane asylum". (All joking aside, I adore South Carolina! It is Beautiful and Charleston is fabulous!)

Jupiter Through The Eighth House:
Traditionally this is the house of sex, death, inheritances, taxes, and the occult. So what do you get with Jupiter here? Do you really want to know? Well, only because you asked.... Yes it's quite possible that you may have more sex than normal or with more than one person. Please, please also remember this is the age of AIDS and take all appropriate precautions! Of course if you are happily involved with your other, this is a dynamite time to learn some new things in this area. And no, I am not going to give you any suggestions, that's something you will need to figure out on your own or with him/her! It's also quite likely that you may receive some kind of inheritance, if you have been expecting one and it has been delayed for any reason, now is the time it should come through. This applies to positive karma as well, for what we send out is what we get in return. So when does the negative karma show up? Under Saturn transits of course! Then it is a rather sticky wicket! This is also an excellent time for those so inclined to begin exploring the realms of metaphysics and magick. Just keep it clean and don't do anything you don't want your Mum or Saturn to find out about. It's not terribly common to have many physical deaths occur when Jupiter transits this house, but those that do tend to be very peaceful, often a blessing for the person involved. You may also find that things are dying in your life that NEED to die, that hold you back or limit your growth in some way. Let them go, as Jupiter will then bring you more than enough to make up for any "loss".

Jupiter Through The Ninth House:
Long distance travel, higher education, religion and philosophy are all highlighted when Jupiter transits his natural home. This is the Big Guy's digs and he wants you to get out there and experience something like you have never experienced before. Now is the time to plan that long distance trip to another country or just across town if you have never been. Hey, when you live in places like L.A., going across town IS a long distance trip! Take some classes on foreign cultures, brush up on your French and get ready to go! Teachers abound in all forms so pay attention to what types you see on the way to the airport. You just might learn something. Hob nob with the locals at that British Pub up the street and don't forget to take Rover along for the ride. Course if the pub is actually in the States, you will need to leave rover outside but you just might meet someone with a charming accent who proves to be very lucky for you! If you have ever wanted to see your name in print, now's the time to get cracking on your writing skills for when Jupiter moves into the tenth house of career, chances are good something like that just might happen. In the religion department, I did have a client once who wanted to start his own religion while he was under going this transit. Seriously.

Jupiter Through The Tenth House:
This is a good one kids, when Jupiter, Old Mr. Wonderful himself hits your M.C., amazing things can happen, especially if you have been working hard to get yourself noticed by those " who must be obeyed"! Authority figures in other words, your Boss to be exact. Now's the time to go for that job promotion, or to look for a better career, one that's more in keeping with your life philosophy and values. You are likely to connect with many helpful people at this time, who like guardian Angels, swoop down on you from nowhere to lift you up to a higher level of living. You may even be offered a job in a foreign country, or make some important career ties with others abroad. Keep your ears and eyes wide open, you just might pick up on the chance of a lifetime! For those who are self-employed, Jupiter's transit here can open the door to fantastic new opportunities to expand both your business and your good reputation, so be open to making new contacts, even those that may not seem like much in the beginning can lead to great things later on.

Jupiter Through The Eleventh House:
Groups and organizations of all kinds are indicated here and you may find yourself involved with one ( well okay, we are talking about Jupiter here) or dozens the choice is yours and what a wide range of choices you are likely to have! You may find yourself bouncing like Tigger from one to another and each will offer you a new way of looking at life and the universe among other things. Of course some discretion is advised, after all this transit won't last forever and at some point you will be wishing the train would stop so you can make a quick exit. Like when Jupiter moves on to your twelfth house. But in the meantime, you will find yourself connected with an amazing variety of people, all of whom you will learn from as well as teach. Your social life is bound to improve by leaps and bounds, although not all you meet at this time will hang in for the long haul. Of course if you sit in front of the Telly all day waiting for someone exciting to ring you, you may have a mighty long wait. Get out there and attend your old roommates party, check out that new jazz bar your co-worker told you about and have some fun! Course if we have waaay too much fun, please leave your keys with the bartender or the nearest Capricorn.

Jupiter Through The Twelfth House:
The house of seclusion, meditation, chanting and all kinds of new agey things. Ohhh, I love this house! Of course in the old days this was also called the house of " Self-undoing" and tis true we are able to do ourselves in like no other in this area of our lives. This is because it is also the house of the subconscious but with Jupiter transiting here, we are able to tap into our intuition and gain insights that prove to be very fortunate for us if we are willing to take the time and heed the inner voice's prompting to slow down, kick back and let the energy flow. This is also the house of visions and second sight so don't be alarmed if you suddenly have a vision of a lorry full of chesterfield sofas appearing in the middle of the Thames. It COULD happen, but only if my brother happens to be anywhere in the area at the time. Long story. At any rate, many people tell me that under this transit they feel like they have a whole herd of angels following them about, throwing positive feelings, experiences and people in their path. And because what we expect is what we get, now is the time to reprogram your subconscious with as many positive beliefs as you can.

So, did you find a house transit you especially liked, but Jupiter is no where near it? Take heart dear one as when Jupiter makes contact with a planet in that house, to the ruler of the house cusp or to the cusp of the actual house by easy or hard aspects, I often see similar affects. So keep your chart and a copy of an ephemeris handy and watch where Jupiter roams. This also gives you plenty of time to brush up in those areas you really want the luck in so when Jupiter does enter that house, you will be ready to take off on a marvelous adventure.

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