Jaguar Medicine

Totem for November: Jaguar/Six of Pentacles What a wonderful omen for the owning of one's own power as well as reaping the fruits of one's labours! Jaguar is a powerful totem for this month, its energy indicates that if one has been working hard for the past several weeks that the result of all that hard work and effort is going to become apparent now. Jaguars are stalkers, they move slowly and cautiously towards their prey and at just the right moment they spring without hesitation. This indicates that we too need to use patience, perseverance and caution, waiting until what we seek is right before us and then to spring upon it without hesitation or procrastination. Opportunities are likely to come fast and furious at this time so we also need to use discretion and discernment for not all will feed us or our dreams and goals. It is also very important that we keep what we are seeking under wraps for right now, sharing what "prey" we are after can weaken one's ability to pursue the prize. Jaguars are solitary creatures, they hunt alone relying only on their own ability as expert hunters to catch their prey. The old cliché "too many cooks spoil the broth" is apt here for this month. In other words, input from too many other sources is likely to be more confusing than helpful! By going it alone at this time one finds that one's own self-confidence and trust in their higher guidance and abilities is apt to be greatly increased. This also fits well with the energy of Scorpio/Pluto that seeks much time alone and often works best alone! There is a need for great intensity and focus this month if one is to achieve the most that this month has to offer. Relying on others may be fruitless, as they too are likely to be feeling the need to focus and intensify on their own goals and dreams. Jaguar to the Cloud People of South America embodies great mystery and magic. Some of the most powerful Shamans carry Jaguar energy, they have the ability to move into realms and realities where others cannot follow and at this time Jaguar is also offering those whom do not carry its medicine to experience more of the "great beyond". It is a fine time to work on developing further one's intuition, bonding more deeply with guides and totems through meditation and action upon guidance received. It is also a time of synchronicity, magic fills the air and for those that feel resonance with the Magical Arts, there is no better time than the present to either start the study thereof or to broaden and deepen what one has already learned. Magic appears in many ways and forms, how it may express itself to you depends on your own "bent" or inclination. An example: a few days ago I was walking along and I noticed what appeared to be a cat ahead of me. It seemed to be acting oddly then I saw it was in "reality" a black plastic bag that was being blown by the wind. For those of you who have read the books by Carlos Casteneda, think of when Carlos thought he saw something, then found it was a dry twig being blown by the wind. He tried to deny what he had seen originally by claiming well, it was simply a dry twig when Don Juan told him for a time Power had blown life into that dry twig. I too had to remind myself that for a time Power and Magic had blown life into that plastic bag and as I turned the corner, there sat a Black Cat who Meowed at me as I walked past. It hit me that the Universe was in fact showing me that it could blow life into anything and it was only if I relied on my physical limited perceptions that I could not see the potential of how this energy can be used. If Power chose to blow life into that plastic bag, why could it not also blow life into my dreams if that is what I ask it for? My perceptions and understanding of the Universe and the magical world we inhabit began to take a shift that day, it reminded me that in order to fully experience the power within I needed to go forth each day with my inner site and knowing too, not just my physical site and rational understanding if I was to see more of what this world really has to offer! I also understood that I too have a tendency to want to rationalize things and experiences in my own life, which for me leads to "well, I want this but obviously that just isn't possible". On my own in my normal, rational state of mind it might be, but not when one is working in conjunction with the power from within and from the Universe! Power brought me the lesson. Now it is up to me to put it to the best use I can! Some things to watch for this month include: Debts owed to you or debts you owe others are likely to be paid off much more easily at this time. Usually when this card appears it indicates that extra money is on the way! Promotions and bonuses of all sorts are likely at this time. Pentacles deal with earthly matters such as business and finance as well as manifesting any resources are required at this time. The 6 of Pentacles indicates that others are likely to be especially helpful or generous in some way (and it is always good to pass this energy along when we can!) so at this time it is especially important to ask for help and support with any undertakings that fall into these categories. There is also likely to be many opportunities for us to give to someone else in some way unexpectedly and if we follow through on the impulse to give, we are likely to see an even greater increase in all the good that is coming our way at this time. This is also a good time to start an exercise regime, make needed changes in one's diet, seek out appropriate supplements if needed, all that sort of thing. The more fit the body, the more energy the Universe can funnel through it! Hard work is likely to reap big rewards at this time and many of us are bound to be busier than normal so be sure to take enough time to eat properly and get adequate rest. Keep in mind that anything to do with wealth, the body, even our perceptions of the earth and earthly life, be they positive or negative are likely to be coming to the forefront now. We have the opportunity to shift many of our negative perceptions and beliefs in terms of what the "reality" of life is all about this month. Synchronicity is likely to be running higher than normal and manifestations occur more rapidly at this time so be careful what you ask for, you are more than likely to receive it! to examine carefully the placement of Neptune by sign, house and aspect in their natal chart which can help them understand other ways of working with their own emotions so they do not deny them but give them a fuller range of expression that can be more beneficial.

For the most part, Lynx is a totem one is born with and I have yet to hear of anyone who gained Lynx as a totem later on in life though of course anything is possible! Yet a Lynx may come to work with someone for short periods of time if the person is truly open to hearing what this medicine has to communicate to them. Usually the Lynx will appear when people or things are not as they seem and it takes a great deal of discernment in order to get to the truth. Sometimes as the truth becomes known it can be very painful and yet the Lynx also knows that it is even worse to continue to be blinded by another person or situation that will only lead to one being pulled off their right path.

If Lynx has appeared for you as a temporary totem, it would be wise to pay extra attention to people and things that are around you at this time for it is likely that things are not what they seem! You may have to dig deeply and play "detective" to get to the truth and yet if you are truly wanting to know, Lynx will insure that you are able to see it.

Essences that are helpful for Lynx people are:

Rabbit - which is the balancing medicine of the Lynx. It also helps the Lynx person to feel fed and nurtured when others shy away or appear to be having trouble accepting the Lynx person.

White Lynx - Helps to balance and reinforce the positive aspects of Lynx medicine. Sugar Palm - for the times when the Lynx person feels bombarded with people wanting to share their secrets and issues.

Champagne Topaz - Helps the Lynx person to understand their Highest Destiny and the purpose for the energy they carry.

Black Opal - A strong shamanic essence that helps the Lynx person to recognize their true worth if they have been shamed or rejected by others.

Raspberry - For the times the Lynx person doubts their own knowing because others do not see things the same way.

Green with Perlite Obsidian - This essence may help ease feelings of rejection and isolation.

Due to the enormous amount of email I receive each week I cannot go over specific totems with people on an individual basis, but I am happy to include on these pages as much information as I can about working with and understanding totem energies. I wish I could answer all the questions I receive but time and energy wise it is truly impossible.If you would like more information, please read the Totem Faq page. There are also numerous sites on the net that you may also find very helpful and I hope to add some links to my links page where people can find more information soon! Thanks for your understanding!

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