The Prayer Of Jabez


The Prayer of Jabez is a very simple and yet powerful prayer that within its few lines when spoken or written with consciousness and awareness can invoke an Abundance of Miracles and Blessings in a person’s life.

What is fascinating is the story of Jabez himself. He was not considered at all remarkable or important until something within him caused him to call out to Spirit for assistance. His name translates along the lines of “he who causes pain” and it is said his mother named his Jabez because his birth was so painful for her.

It doesn’t appear that Jabez had much to look forward to in life. He himself felt that there was little he had to offer or that the world had to offer him. So he did the wisest thing any of us can do and he turned to the Majesty and Love of The Universe and cried out “help me, make something of me. For I cannot do it on my own but I know You can.” And The Universe moved on his behalf.

The prayer of Jabez is found in what I used to call the book of “the begats”. You know, 1 Chronicles. Yes, that one. The one I used to laugh hysterically at when I was a child which drove my mother crazy. I couldn’t understand why on earth anyone would feel the need to include information on all the ‘begatting” that was going on in those days. Of course now I understand it can be read as “this thought created that thought which created that thought and thus a given experience”. Kind of gives you a different perspective, does it not. One of these days I am going to sit down and see if I can find the translations for all those names. Maybe someone already has. I suspect it could make for some interesting insights.

First though, here is his prayer;

“And Jabez called on the God of Israel, saying, Oh that you would bless me indeed, and enlarge my border, and that your hand might be with me, and that you would keep me from evil, that it may not grieve me! And God granted him that which he requested.”

So here we have Jabez who from what is known by his name alone probably wasn’t feeling overwhelming Joy in regards to his Life when he decided he was going to do something about it. And herein is the first lesson. He didn’t start his prayer by saying “God, right out of the starting gate my own mother gives me this terrible name and then when I was 4 my elder brother knocked me down and then…..Ad infinitum . There are people who do. There are people whose lives are ones of constant complaints and playing the blame game. Jabez however decided he wasn’t going there. He trusted that the Creator must have had a purpose in bringing him into Being or he wouldn’t be in existence at all. He seemed to understand that blaming others for what ever problems he may have had at that point in his life was counterproductive and could never lead to anything Good. And it doesn’t it just attracts more of what someone doesn’t want.

So he decided wise man that he was, that Spirit having created him must think something well of him so why not ask for a Blessing. And not a little blessing, not a “could you possibly see your way to bless me” kind of blessing. Nope, he wanted a Big BLESSING! Bless me INDEED! Here was someone who wasn’t afraid to stand before The Universe and make a claim on the promises he had been told Spirit had given to all, himself included. He must have understood that it made no difference at all what the rest of the world thought of him and with a name like Jabez, he must have felt his life expression could have been stinted from the start. Yet the only consciousness he needed to have the ear of was his own and Spirit’s. Having that, it made no difference what the rest of the world thought for things would always come right for Jabez. And they did.

Now I am certain there are many folks who probably have felt as Jabez did and maybe some of you still do. I know I did. Some days I still do. My start in life was not a happy one by any means and yet even through all the adversity something in me was also Blessing me because it continued to rise up and say “I CAN & I WILL”. I AM going to make something of myself and no matter what the rest of the world thinks of that making, who cares. I AM going to find a way to make a Blessing and Great Good from every seemingly horrible thing that ever happened to me. “I CAN & I WILL”.

I am not saying it is always easy, it isn’t. Some days I really struggle with what goes on in my own consciousness and I feel that when any freely admit that, it does help others to know that there isn’t anything wrong with them or that they somehow can’t get it in the same way others seem to. We all have our own strengths and weaknesses and comparing ourselves to others is as fatal as trying to conform and act as everyone else does without thinking it through first. And I am certain if our friend Jabez were here today he would also say that no, things didn’t suddenly change for the better for him either. Yet as he continued to pray and affirm that Good was meant for him just as much as it was for everyone else, his own consciousness grew to the point where he was able to accept the gifts that were given to him already by an ever Loving Spirit “from the foundation of time”.

What Jabez appears to have done and no, we can’t say for certain because his story is a short one in the Bible, yet it would appear that he chose to have Faith that the Creator must have had a purpose for his birth and that perhaps he could find a way to start right where he was and grow himself, with Spirit’s help, into that which Spirit intended for him to be. When we grasp the Divine Idea that first we are indeed more than we appear to be and second, that we have a purpose in this life that is far greater than we could ever imagine, we are on our way. It is the taking of this first step, that calling out to something Greater than ourselves that gets the ball rolling. Jabez himself must have had Faith to begin with, otherwise he would never have asked Spirit for help! Stop and think about this for a moment. So often we feel we just don’t have enough Faith and yet by the very fact that we ask The Universe for help, to Guide us, to Bless us, to provide all the Good It has promised us, that is Faith! If we didn’t have our Faith pointed in that direction we would never have called in the first place. Always remember, your words have great power, greater than you may now realize so never say “I don’t have” or “I Lack” (unless it is something you want to get rid of, more on that in another article) Because these words are as much a decree as an affirmation that you do have something.

Always say “I do have Faith. I have Faith in that which Created me, which birthed from Love and with Love and since I know and believe that Love is the most powerful force in The Universe, then I also know and have Faith that there is something I AM here to do, that only I can do. I already know what that something is even if I have managed to bury it deep within me. Yet it shall start to spring forth now because I want to experience it. And because it IS mine to do, the Love that Spirit is, is even now moving on my behalf so I must succeed. I am already a success because Spirit is forever successful in all things. So there is no possible way I can fail!”

Isn’t that a wonderful way to think? We can move mountains when we open our minds to the Higher Possibilities for ourselves and others, when we choose to follow the example that Jabez set forth. We call and Spirit answers. We affirm that we are worthy of all the Good that Spirit has promised us and then we realize it isn’t just a promise, but a fact.

There is another important point here that needs to be made. Jabez asked for Spirit’s Blessings in a big way, and then he also asked to be kept from “evil” or negative thinking and expressions (which is what that word in the Bible really means). Jabez may have felt a little irked that he didn’t seem to have been given as much as some others when he came into his physical life. He may well have looked around him and thought, “well, that one and that one has so much, and I appear to have so little. That doesn’t seem terribly fair now does it!” It is a very human thing to look around us and wonder why some seem to have so much more than we do. And to also wonder why some appear to have so much less than we do.

So perhaps Jabez on impulse, or because his own Consciousness was sufficiently developed, knew he could both ask for the Good that was his by Divine Right and yet in order to keep it, he also needed to pray for an ever expanding consciousness. For when we pray or ask to be kept from “evil” what we are really saying is “Okay Spirit, let me see the Truth in this given situation. Help me to see beyond the illusion and to know that the Good is here and I can reap the harvest of it now. And once I have reaped the harvest, help me to continue to expand my own thinking and awareness that I may keep what I have and grow it”.

If you have ever wondered why some people attract great wealth through inheritance or a windfall such as winning a lottery or sweepstakes only to lose it all later on, this is partially why. One can have the Consciousness of attracting Money, even great Wealth, and yet not have the Consciousness of keeping it. We have to have both if we are to prosper and grow as The Universe intended for us to do.

If you really want to see some major, positive changes in your life I suggest you meditate on this prayer for the “usual” 30 days. Some people see changes earlier than that and some may see results a bit later. I can guarantee you this though, no prayer or meditation ever returns to you unfulfilled! It may take a while if you cease to do either for a length of time and yet it is still there within your subconscious mind and because what ever is Positive is strengthened and supported by The Higher, it will continue to grow and eventually it will begin to come forth. I have had this happen in my own life numerous times when I realized that new Good that was appearing was the direct result of prayers I had been saying months, even years before and had completely forgotten about. Until they started manifesting.

Also, keep a journal and just jot down any insights that come to you after your prayer/meditation time or even later in the day. Pay close attention to your dreams during this time, and again write them down even if they feel especially confusing! As you ponder over them they will begin to make sense. I have had some dreams that seemed very negative on the surface and yet when I sat with them for a few days, I saw that they were extremely positive and were in fact encouraging me to continue on the path.

A word of “warning”: if you sincerely want your life to change, it will change. It may not always change in the way you thought you wanted it to change however. And there may be days when it seems that everything is coming apart at the seams. This is known as Chemicalization and I hope to be doing an article on this soon because many people go through this and not understanding what is happening, shut down the very process that would help expand them into greater Good than they have ever known before. It is nothing to fear, though having gone through it myself, I know that it can appear as though everything you are doing is wrong and nothing will ever change for the better.

It will, and what you will find is that what you really truly do desire to be do and have in your life will make itself known so powerfully that you will be compelled to pursue these things, no matter what obstacles appears to be in your way. For there is that within you that is Divine, that knows what it is doing and knows precisely how to get you to where you really desire to go. And if you listen and trust in the Guidance that is within you, you will get there. The Universe cannot fail and it is always moving on your behalf. Sometimes we just need to get out of the way and let that happen!

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