I Have Positive Beliefs About Money

Many of us were taught to have very negative beliefs about money, beliefs that have hindered our ability to accept a greater flow of financial wealth into our lives. And some people choose to cling so tightly to their negative money beliefs! Usually this is because they feel deep within them that they cannot be prosperous for any number of reasons and so instead of choosing to reflect upon their beliefs about money and changing them for more positive ones, they have made Money Energy the scapegoat. They blame the lack of money for their lack of happiness and feelings of fulfillment. They think to themselves repeatedly every negative, unloving thought they have ever been told about money and sadly, do not understand that what they are really doing is perpetuating the very thing they say they don't want in their lives.

Positive thoughts and feelings on anything attracts positive experiences and not only in regards to what one is feeling and thinking positively about! So if someone chooses to shift their beliefs to more positive ones in any area of their lives, other areas will also start to improve for them. Positive thoughts and feelings are always far more powerful than any negative beliefs one may have! For example, you may be sitting here thinking to yourself that you have some very positive beliefs aout your friendships or other relationships. You may ponder how much you love and appreciate your children or the smile that someone shared with you today. As that energy moves out from you into the Universe, it begins a powerful attraction for all manner of good experiences to begin flowing to you. And this also includes the experience of more Money Energy in your life! I remember one time sitting here thinking how much I love my home and my children, how blessed I am to have these wonderful young men in my life, how much they have taught me and shared with me over the years. As I sat here, almost in tears because of all the heartfelt gratitude I was feeling, I suddenly got the intuitive hit to check my email. Sure enough, I had attracted a very large order that helped to pay for some much needed car repairs! My thoughts and feelings of love and appreciation, my feelings of being totally blessed, helped to insure that I would also have an experience of feeling totally blessed in the area of Money Energy as well. Now think of how powerful this can be as you focus on Money Energy in positive ways! The possibilities are endless!

This does not mean that you have to try and ferret out every negative or misguided belief you hold in regards to Money Energy. By affirming that you have positive beliefs about Money you will automatically begin to think in more positive and expanded ways about money. In fact, you may find over time that you are unable to dredge up negative thoughts about money as easily as you once did! This is because what you think and feel is attracted unto you. By affirming that you have positive beliefs about Money Energy, you will begin to attract more and more thoughts and beliefs that are positive about Money Energy. You will attract people and experiences that also help you to feel more and more positively about Money Energy. When a negative thought, feeling, belief about Money Energy does pop into your awareness, you will feel better able to gently and lovingly remind it that you now only think in positive ways about money. You are choosing of your own free will to focus on positive thoughts and energies, loving beliefs and experiences and that is what your intention is to create in your own life. Soon the old, limiting Money Energy beliefs will be more of a thing of the past than you ever thought possible and you will continually experience greater and higher levels of Money Energy!

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