I Bless You & Bless You With Divine Love, Prosperity & Success


In light of what has been happening during the past week I wanted to share something that I found truly remarkable and really expresses the power of both Blessing and acting upon Inner Nudges and urges that will harm no one but can only ever bring about Good, for you never know until it Manifests what wonderful results will follow.

I have three Blueberry plants on my front porch though while sheltered, still went through a rather challenging winter here. Our temperatures were well below normal and stayed that way for weeks on end. Of course I did what I always do and said prayers for them and my Strawberry plants and while the Strawberry plants had green leaves on them all throughout winter, I really thought the Blueberries were done for.

Then last week I noticed that it appeared that one of the Blueberries were making a bit of a comeback and so after examining it and the other 2 closely I suddenly felt a strong urge to repeat the following for them – I Bless and Bless you with the Power of Divine Love, Prosperity and Success. Now I have said this for people many times but never thought to do it for plants before. Yet it certainly felt right and every time I left I would repeat this Blessing to them 3 times, and upon returning, another 3 times.

Exactly 3 days later you can see from the above picture the result on one of the plants. I was astonished as there had been no noticeable signs of anything even resembling buds at all, just a few new leaves and yet there they were, those lovely little flowers! The other 2 are also making more and more progress though not as remarkable as this one plant. And yet I couldn’t help thinking that this is often how Demonstrations appear in our lives when we have asked for Spirit’s help.

We often receive the first part of the Demonstration / Manifestation and not realizing that there is more to come we may think well, at least I have received some of what I have asked for. What we can’t see yet is there is much more coming that is still in the ethers and yet it IS poised to come through when the time is right. So we must understand this and KEEP GOING! We need to continue on with our prayers, affirmations, visualizations or any other practice that we are comfortable using so that the full demonstration can occur. “First the blade, then the ear, then the full corn in the ear”. If we fail to do this and think that what has been demonstrated so far is all there is going to be, then we shut down the process through which we bring things forth from The Universe and indeed that is all we shall have.

If we are Grateful for what we have received thus far and give Thanks for it and say “I am Thankful for this and I know there is more and I am Grateful and Open to Receiving the Greater Expression of my Good” then this does two things. It helps us to relax, we know our Greater Good is coming and thus we are free from the worries, cares and concerns that we might otherwise entertain, and it allows Spirit to free flow our Good to us unimpeded for Spirit can only give to use what we are willing to receive. It is never Spirit that hinders the process, it is always our own thinking and expectations of what Spirit can do in our lives. If they are negative or we expect only a little good, that is what we shall receive. If we expect much from Spirit and continually stretch ourselves to receive ever more, that is what we shall receive. The more we receive, the greater things we can do in service of Spirit and all of Life.

For many of us, and especially those on the Spiritual Path, we often think that it is somehow bad or wrong to receive and that we should instead constantly give. Yet we can only do this for so long under our own power for when we hinder the process of receiving by thinking this way, we have effectively “unplugged” ourselves from The Universal Flow. We are meant to draw in what ever Substance and Energy we require from Spirit and then we are to flow it outwards into our lives and the lives of others. We receive from Spirit, we retain what we require for our own Well Being and then we flow the remainder out in what ever ways are Right and Good for us to do. We repeat this process over and over again and all of Life benefits. The Blueberry plants certainly didn’t think to themselves as I was Blessing them “This is very nice and all, yet if I totally accept this Blessing, then the other Blueberry plants won’t have what they need so I shall only accept a little”. That would be absurd for a plant to do and it is absurd for us to do and yet it is exactly what many of us tend to do, myself included and I know better!

We must practice the art of Receiving from Spirit for it is an art and with practice we shall become Good Receivers as well as Good Givers.

The Blessing itself was created by Catherine Ponder (whose work I have long loved) and as I say, I have used it many times to Bless others who have asked for assistance. You can also use it for yourself, your business or career, your home, your car, pets, and just send it out as a Blessing to the entire world, seeing everyone rising up in Consciousness and Awareness. You can hold your wallet, checkbook, debit card and so forth in your hand and use this same Blessing. Bless every penny when you pay your bills, spend Money at the grocery store and so forth. What you Bless in your life will increase and anything that isn’t to your liking, if you Bless it anyway, will also begin to mold itself into the Divine Pattern. And that can only be Great Good!

For sometimes the things that seem the most challenging and painful to experience can be launching pads for the Greater Good that Spirit desires to give to us. It is never that we must go through “hard times” or “painful experiences” in order to receive our Good. I know it often seems that way and yet what so often has happened is that we have in some way shut down the flow from Spirit and the “evil” that we sometimes experience is the result of that. Not punishment from Spirit, it is our own ignorance that gets in our way. Spirit is Love and through Divine Love we are also healed, receive our answers and prosper beyond our wildest dreams. When we are open and receptive to the Divine Flow in our lives what we will find is that when we begin to veer off course, we will hear our own GPS kicking in and saying “steer to the right”. Back on course we happily continue on our way and we soon see that like my Blueberry plant, there are things suddenly blossoming in our lives in wonderful and amazing ways.

To all reading this, I Bless You and Bless You with Divine Love, Prosperity & Success!

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