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I Am Grateful For The Money Energy In My Life

Never underestimate the power of Gratitude as an attracting force in your life! Feeling a sense of Gratitude for the Money Energy you already have present in your life sends a signal to the Universe that you are now ready to allow and embrace more of this energy into your life. It says that you recognise the Money Energy you already have present. And where you put your focus is what is going to expand for you.

Too often many people make the mistake of focusing on how little Money Energy they feel they have. They focus on what a struggle it is to pay their bills or how they never seem to have enough for the fun things in life. Yet if someone were to choose instead to feel a sense of gratitude every time they are able to pay a bill or walked round their home and felt a sense of gratitude for all that they already own that is fun and enjoyable, they would soon find that they do indeed have more Money Energy for the fun things, more Money Energy that they may easily pay their bills when they need to. A consciousness of gratitude makes one aware of just how much many of us really do have in our lives that is good! For example, if you are reading this page right now chances are you either have a computer in your home, place of work or through another source. Or perhaps someone has printed this page out for you to read. You have been given access through Money Energy that has allowed you to access information that hopefully is helpful for you. If this is true, feeling a sense of gratitude for this opportunity will begin to stimulate more Money Energy flowing to you! It is a simple recognition that you have more than you thought you did.

It is so easy to look around you and think of all the things that you have not manifested in your life (yet). Or to feel envious of those who have more than you do right now. It is just as easy however to look round and notice what you have manifested that you have really wanted! If every time you looked at something that you own that you love and enjoy and thought to yourself "I am so grateful that is in my life! Thank you Universe for bringing it to me!" you would soon find that you are surrounded by more and more things that you love and feel grateful for. It is Law of Attraction that where we put our focus must expand and grow in our lives. Feeling gratitude helps to insure that what you are attracting is positive and joyful for you. It tells Money Energy itself that you love and appreciate its presence in your life, that you feel positively about it, that you welcome its presence. It gives you a sense of upliftment everytime that you feel gratitude for something that you have manifested. And the better you feel more of the time, the easier it is to attract and manifest all manner of wonderful things in life.

As an example, the next time you see someone driving the sort of motor car you desire for yourself, send a thought of gratitude to the Universe that this is also being shown to you as being available to you as well! That you have noticed it is in fact a signal from the Universe that it IS possible for you to have the car of your dreams too! Feeling gratitude for its presence in your life before it actually manifests speeds up the manifestation process. Gratitude is the fuel that makes it possible! My partner and I have a game that we now play. We have been wanting a Mini Cooper for some time now though it has been more of a "wouldn't it be lovely" sort of thought rather than a serious focus for us. So we decided that everytime we were out somewhere and saw a Mini, we would point it out to one another. Now its not unusual for one of us to suddenly pop out with "MINI!" oh look, there's another one! And another! We have been seeing Mini Coopers all over Los Angeles and each time I affirm that when the time is right we too shall have our Mini and I feel grateful because I know it IS on the way to us. And we also bless and feel gratitude for our current motor car too! It has been a faithful and very reliable (for the most part!) mode of transportation for us for a number of years now. Feeling gratitude for what is already present that is good helps to attract that which may be even better. If we didn't feel gratitude for our current motor now, when we did manifest our Mini it might not serve us in ways that we had hoped because our focus would have been what was wrong with our old car and we would have carried that energy forward into the new one. Gratitude helps to cancel out what one may feel is not quite right or good enough and instead helps to set the vibration and tone for that which we can feel ever more gratitude for!

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