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I Am Completely Worthy & Deserving Of Money Energy

You are completely worthy and deserving of Money Energy in what ever amount you desire to attract into your life. You are worthy and deserving because you exist. Spirit in all its Love and Wisdom created YOU because Spirit loved YOU just as YOU are in this and every other present moment you have ever had! There has never been a moment in your life, no matter what you have done, where the Universe did not think of you as being totally lovable, totally worthy and totally deserving of having every good thing in your life, and this includes Money Energy! Think about this... isn't it delightful?, isn't it delicious? Can you sense just how wonderful, how yummy, how perfect the Universe feels that you are? The more that you can focus on sensing how the Universe really feels about you, the more Money Energy and all manner of good you will automatically attract to you.

You do not have to do anything to become "more worthy". And certainly not having the flow of Money Energy that you might desire in your life is NOT an indication that you are not worthy of it. Instead, it is an indication that you yourself do not feel worthy of having more Money Energy! Can you see and feel the difference here? The Universe knows you are worthy. Your belief system says you are not. Therefore, the Universe can flow as much Money Energy as you can possibly imagine to you and yet if you are not allowing it to manifest because you don't feel you deserve it, it can't manifest. It basically sits out there close to you as it can get, waiting for the day when you finally understand that you ARE worthy, you have BEEN worthy all of this time and the only thing you NEED to do, is allow yourself to accept that you are worthy!

Admittedly, this can be a somewhat challenging affirmation for many people, including myself. Yet the more one works with this, the more one intends that it IS true for one, the more accepting of it one does become. Its not a matter of trying to force yourself to adopt this new belief for yourself. Instead what you may want to do is say to yourself "I am trying this one on for size. I am going to pretend that I do feel worthy and deserving and in that way I shall find that I really do feel this way!" Pretending that something is true for you is extremely effective. Try it and see for yourself! Pretend that you feel beautiful inside and out for one day, even a few hours and see how others respond to you for example. It can really be an eye opening experience! One day I thought to myself that I was going to pretend that I felt truly lovable and that other people enjoyed being round me. I set off for the post office and to do some other errands with this in mind and people responded to me in precisely this way, including people that had formerly acted stand-offish or cold towards me. And those people that had already been friendly towards me seemed to be going out of their way to be even friendlier and kinder. I was amazed and very pleased at how the rest of my day went! It worked for this and it works when we use this same technique for feeling more worthy and deserving of Money Energy too!

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